What Does It Mean to Dream About Smoking Weed?

A dream about smoking weed, just like with other dreams centered on specific symbols, depend on context for their meanings. Still, doing something that has historically been criminalized or, at least, discouraged gives a certain color to your dream.

The direction of the interpretation of your dream, though, depends on what’s going on in your life. If you dream about smoking pot or cigarette sticks when you were 18, the meaning is maybe going to be different than when you wake up from a similar dream at the age of 35.

dream about smoking weed

Physical Effects of Smoking in Real Life

While it’s true that smoking a cigarette, tobacco, or marijuana can have negative health effects because you are ingesting smoke into your lungs, there are also medicinal benefits to smoking pot. It’s a question of balance.

Maybe you see, in your dreams about smoking weed, that you are smoking too much or too frequently—like you’re trapped in some Cheech and Chong movie—then you might want to take stock of your daily habits.

Now, just because you had dreams about smoking weed doesn’t automatically mean that you smoke pot in real life. Again, just like with other dream symbols, it provides a set of signals for things that you’re doing in your life that you’re unaware of, you’re less-than-fully conscious of, or you’re actively denying.

None of these situations are positive. You have to circle back to the fact that a smoker will have difficulty quitting any smoking habit.

Developing the Habit of Smoking in the Waking Life

While it’s true that it’s very hard to get addicted to pot, it does happen on a psychological level. It is not physically addicting, like opioids or other substances, but people may develop a mindset where they feel that they can’t function without it. This reality behind weed also can color your dream.

Still, it is less addicting than smoking cigarettes. Nicotine, according to some studies, is more addicting and habit-forming than heroin or opioids. Imagine that!

Usually, no matter how much they want to quit, a lot of smokers simply feel like they can’t control their situation. They go through nicotine gums, patches, and even some type of shock therapy, and they still have a tough time letting go of their habit. Again, this has an impact on the contextualization of your dreams about smoking.

Dreams About Smoking and Their Impact on Real Life

Smoking is a habit that operates on many different levels. Don’t think that just because you have cut out nicotine from your daily routine that you are free and clear.

Usually, many smokers remain smokers because of the psychological benefits of their habits. They feel relaxed. Some smoke to take care of anxiety and depression issues. This is definitely true for nicotine, and a lot of people smoke pot for the same reasons.

The fact that pot is increasingly becoming legal in the United States doesn’t really change the ultimate meaning of a dream about smoking pot. While there is an illicit subtext to it that may indicate some form of defiance against convention or personal rebellion in life, the definition behind this act goes much deeper.

Keep in mind that when you engage in any kind of activity or situation, and it’s the central focus of your dream, you have to view it from many angles and on many levels so that you—the dreamer—could get a fair chance at grasping its ultimate meaning.

General Dream Meanings and Dream Symbolism of Smoking Weed

To dream about smoking weed is a sign that you are a person who thinks off the beaten path. For the longest time, smoking pot was illegal in the United States. In fact, a lot of people spent long times in jail just for the mere possession of this substance.

You are highly motivated to stand out from the crowd. This makes you more likely to question authority, as well as to look at a situation from a different perspective. While this attitude and mindset make you a welcome addition to any team, you probably already know that you tend to step on others’ toes.

Human beings have a tendency to view agreeableness as an indicator of likability. We have this tendency to like others who are like us. This goes beyond appearance, accent, language patterns, religious beliefs, or other external indicators in life.

We tend to be drawn to others who have the same values. So if you are in the middle of a crowd, saying “no!” or going against the grain, you best believe that some people will not take too kindly to that.

A Dream About Smoking Represents Self-Confidence

Smoking pot in a dream means, possibly, that you are someone who is comfortable in your skin.

You’re not trying to pretend to be another person or someone else. You don’t have anything to prove. When it comes to others, you prize authenticity before other indicators of status and success.

Dreaming of Being a Smoker Can Signify Repressed Affections

Dreaming of smoking pot or a cigarette may also have a personal meaning in that it can point to hidden feelings you have towards other people. When you’re smoking pot in your dream, it possibly signifies that you want to be close to someone or, at least, be emotionally intimate with them, but you’re afraid of revealing your true character.

You may sense that they like you, and you have certain things in common, but you are afraid of going all the way and revealing your true feelings for that person. A lot of this has to do with the fact that you don’t want your heart broken. Welcome to the club!

But the problem is for you to gain, in any area of your life, you have to go out on a limb. It is because you stand to lose out that victory tastes so sweet. Can you imagine gaining the love of somebody without any risk? You’ve been missing out on a lot. In many cases, you probably won’t value that person’s affections as much.

Among the signs, meanings, representations, and interpretations about smoking pot in your dream, you have to pay attention to the action and the substance being smoked. Dream context is everything.

Dreams About Smoking and Their Meaning Involving Beliefs

Another sign to look out for when it comes to this type of dream motif involves your personal ability to believe. We all have a built-in capacity to believe what others tell us. This enables social bonding as well as working towards common goals.

But there are others who try to lead in an underhanded way. Instead of getting you to sign on to their program because you clearly understand what they’re up to, they try to manipulate you. In many cases, they pull the wool over your eyes and give you half-truths.

Another trick is they use their influence with other people or the influence of those who are already on board with whatever it is they’re trying to do and use that to change your mind.

When you have dreams about smoking pot or cannabis, it’s a good time to reconnect with your ability to believe in things. How much evidence do you need? How suspicious are you of other people’s motives? Are you naturally skeptical? Do you use logic and reason when making a decision? Or are you swayed mostly by emotions?

There’s really no right or wrong answer here. What’s important is that you know how you are convinced, and you have put in place certain key questions you need to ask so that you don’t get taken for a ride.

There’s nothing wrong with being convinced, so don’t go overboard and be super skeptical and, ultimately, cynical. That’s not what this is about. Instead, pay careful attention to how you come to conclusions.

In many cases, others are simply lazy. They just look for certain pieces of information, and they let their emotions take over. Sadly, emotional decision-making can be costly. You probably already know this.

Smoking Pot in a Dream Indicates Vigilance

On a more positive note, smoking or ingesting pot in your dream means that you are observant. You’re taking in information, and you’re questioning premises.

Remember, generally speaking, those who smoke cannabis are those who buck the trend. They’re the ones who stand as an alternative to and try to break away from conventional thinking. Part of this means calling into question commonly held assumptions. This enables you to pick apart a situation where you might get taken for a ride or lied to.

This is a very important alternative dream interpretation because cannabis- or marijuana-related dreams involve the centrality of someone’s influence on your emotions. This could be someone in the family, someone from your past, a close friend, or even an authority figure.

Dreams About Smoking Can Reflect One’s Habits

Generally speaking, when you have dreams about smoking, you have certain habits that you need to be aware of. Again, these habits don’t necessarily have to involve obviously negative or physically destructive habits like drinking, drugs, or alcohol.

When you dream about smoking, it may point to mental and emotional habits. Do you automatically feel like you’re the victim? When opportunity knocks, do you automatically assume that you don’t have the money, skill, or luck to take full advantage of it? These types of habits can also cause you harm.

Usually, habits like these manifest themselves in the form of other dream symbols, like the Biblical meaning of a kiss in a dream or crooked teeth dream meaning.

A Smoking Dream Indicates Introspection

Another common interpretation of this type of dream is related to the fact that most smokers smoke cigarettes, cannabis, or tobacco because smoking calms them down. This requires self-knowledge.

Some people who smoke weed actually become paranoid while they’re under the influence. Similarly, those who smoke tobacco for the nicotine get too jittery. While a lot of people claim that smoking relaxes them, in terms of your body’s biochemical reaction, it’s actually a stimulant, and it restricts blood vessels.

Common Dreams About Smoking Weed and Their Interpretations

Dreaming of Being a Smoker

Seeing yourself smoking cigarettes in your dream indicates the level of your intuition and how you deal with stress. Your subconscious is sending you this dream image because it detects that you have emotional issues, and your way of achieving calm, perspective, and inner peace is simply not working out.

Much like watching someone chain-smoking nervously, maybe whatever coping mechanisms you have in place to deal with issues simply aren’t doing the job. You might want to be honest and do an audit of how you cope. This way, you could get close to the answer.

Dreams About Watching People Smoking

Dreaming about other people smoking cigarettes suggests that you can vicariously get pleasure in connecting with a lot of people. This dream means that there’s a part of you that wants to improve on your social relationship and engage with others to see the world from their eyes.

Dreaming of Smoking with Someone Else

Dreaming about smoking with other people around means that you will be receiving some sort of message or news soon.

This dream could also involve a level of interpersonal intimacy or relationship. Just like how a cigarette or a light is shared by one person because another person doesn’t have one, it indicates that you’re willing to be open to the news you’ll be soon receiving.

Dreaming of Smoking Weed with Your Friends Signifies a Spiritual Awakening

Smoking cannabis is one of the most social activities people engage in because you are sharing something that costs you money. It is not a drug that people instinctively use up just for their own pleasure.

There’s something about it that has a communal effect because people who smoke pot or cigarette sticks tend to pass around the bong, pipe, or joint. It is in this context that your subconscious, through your dreams, suggests that you are in the search for or you desire some sort of spiritual experience.

Ultimately, a deep connection with your friend or among people represents their ability to overcome stress, fear of the future, and the anxieties of daily waking life. Usually, this connection is something that goes beyond online interactions or passing conversations. It’s something deeper and more profound.

You feel a deep desire or need for that, and it manifests in your dream. So even though you don’t smoke weed in real life, the fact that your subconscious is using something like this as a dream message should be a wake-up call for the true state of your life.

Just as you need to eat, you also need to reconnect with your search for the infinite.

To Dream About Seeing Someone Smoking Weed Denotes Insincerity

Seeing friends or someone smoking pot or cigarette sticks in your dream may symbolize that your partner is not being sincere to you about something.

This dream image of friends or others smoking is a sign that you need to trust your instincts more. It can be dream imagery that leads you to a thorough search of your subconscious to be more aware of your thought about your relationship’s real health.

Dreaming about quitting smoking denotes the fact that you are letting go of the past, as well as negative habits. This may be a past relationship, a desire, or an old way of thinking.

Dream Example #1

I was smoking weed with two friends of mine at a roadside stall-like shop. There was a man making tea & cooking noodles in a pot. We were bitching about our toxic close relatives while smoking weed. I was enjoying the gossip.

We all were exaggerating things and saying toxic things & experiences. It was giving us weird happiness somewhere deep down in our hearts.

After a while, I noticed that the guy, making tea & noodles, was listening to our talks. He was showing his anger & hate silently as we were gossiping. I found it mystified but ignored it and continued bitching with my buddies.

As time passed by, one friend of mine started to feel hungry. He ordered 1 noodle plate from the stall guy. He nodded yes. I sensed something unconventional in his behavior. I shared the thing with two of my friends.

They found the things to be okay as they weren’t experiencing a strange thing. One friend of mine convinced me that it was just a delusion of mine. I also got convinced, continued smoking, and spoke ill of toxic people.

While he was cooking noodles, our gossip turned into an other-worldly thing. We were expressing our frustrations & anger. We were feeling nice as our deep-rooted bitterness was finding its way out.

A few minutes passed and we sensed a sharp peppery smell. It was the smell of spices coming out of noodles being prepared. The fiery-spices brought tears to our eyes. I looked at the stall guy and tried to instruct him to make it a little less spicy.

The stall guy was not listening to what I was saying. He kept on adding spices & cooking the noodles. I find it unreal & other-worldly.

I turned back in the hope of continuing gossip with my beloved friends. I was shocked to see that no one of my friends was present there! I was alone at the place. I sensed a creepy thing. Suddenly, the stall guy patted my back.

I turned back in the hope that he would help me analyze the spooky things.

He looked normal but was forcing me to eat hot-spicy & chili noodles. His eyes seemed to be greedy & gluttonous. He forced me to slurp noodles.

My tongue got inflamed & swollen. My eyes were constantly pouring the tears down. I was horrified. He kept on forcing me to gulp all the noodles. The man grabbed my chin and continued kicking the noodles in my mouth.

I was gagging and gasping for air. It was worsening as time was passing. I was failing to interpret what was going on. I felt a heavy burden. It felt bizarre. At one point, it became so intense and dreadful that I opened my eyes and figured out that it was a dream.

Dream Example #2

As I sat at the edge of the crane, I looked at my blunt and said, “I am grateful for you.” I took a large puff and let the smoke into my system, tangling with my lungs and feeling the blood rush with energy throughout my body. I knew that the chemicals rushing through my veins were giving me this feeling of euphoria, the feeling that you wish for after a tough day.

I took another puff and lay down on the steel frame of the tall crane to admire the night sky. I let the feeling consume me as I watched the stars. “The city sky is beautiful when you are at the top of the world,” I thought to myself. There are no street lights between you and the sky, no light to provide a cover between you and the stars. I let my mind and eyes start drifting from one constellation to another.

As a child, I knew a lot about stars and constellations. But as a sad and lonely high adult, they all seemed funny to me.

All the major constellations were visible in the sky, including Aquarius. The legendary water carrier looked like a rat figure to me that night. But my eyes shifted to the constellation Aquila, a Greek eagle. But it only seemed like an arrow to me. As I scanned through the night sky, the air filled with my uncontrollable laughter.

“How on Earth can a sane human name stars?” I asked myself as I continued laughing. As my eyes shifted to Ares next, it felt as if the constellation itself came up to me. “Don’t you have a morning to wake up to, you peasant?”

Just as swiftly Ares changed my mood, my mind shifted from laughing at stars to having a bad trip and remembering about my job tomorrow. I stood upon the steel frame, feeling like I was at the top of the world. As I walked towards the control room of the crane, I felt as if I was floating on a cloud.

My head felt light. My steps were messy, but miraculously, I could make it back to the room. I sat there for a couple of minutes, admiring the last view of the sky tonight, as my mind slowly blacked out into the darkness.

I woke up on my mattress as the light of the morning hit my eyes just perfectly. I thought about the dream I had last night and how it felt pretty good. I got up from the mattress, changed my clothes, and without thinking, I packed a roll into my pocket and started my day.

Dream Example #3

There I was, sitting on the roof with my friends. It was a fine evening; the cold breeze and two joints were in our hands. As I inhaled the lit joint, I could slowly feel the chemicals flow through my blood, taking control of my feelings. After a few minutes, “I’m grateful for having you”, I thought to myself as I was smoking the joint.

Who knew the first time we all got high would feel this great?

The city never looked this pretty, the street and car lights, the weird silence, and the stunning moon with a sky full of stars; basically the perfect environment. Everyone was so ecstatic, and they were laughing like crazy and enjoying it like it was the last day of their lives.

The songs sounded way better than it usually does. I even started hallucinating. It was getting late, so we all decided to go back to my room. Fortunately, my parents weren’t home that day, and my friends were supposed to spend the night at my place. We turned our LED lights on and blasted music. We got hungry and ordered three pizzas and lots of soda.

We ate like we hadn’t eaten in days; the pizza tasted 10x times better. There were like 100 thoughts going on in my head, feeling light-headed and a little dizzy.

We kept asking ourselves, “what can we do to make our first time getting high more memorable?”. We surprisingly had way too much energy and were ready to do anything to make our trippy day better. We had another joint, so we lit it up and smoked that too.

Now, the only thing we could think about was going out and roaming around the city. So we went and did that. It was one of the most tranquil sensations I’d ever had. It was almost midnight, and surprisingly a lot fewer people were in the city. We roamed around and had fun like nobody was watching us, and we wouldn’t get into trouble, bought more food and ate those in the most beautiful place with the prettiest view.

We had a hill close to my home, so we went there. Nothing ever felt that good. Everything going on in my life at that moment was so great; this experience made it a lot better.

I heard from people that the first time people smoke weed, the experience isn’t usually good, but in our case, we absolutely loved it so much, which we hadn’t done in a long time. They say you never forget the first time you smoke weed; we won’t because we made it as memorable and exciting as possible.

It takes the right environment, good company and proper knowledge to make your first time getting high one of the best trips of your life.

However, smoking weed on a rooftop with a scenic view is actually a fantastic feeling; I would HIGHLY recommend it.

Dream Example #4

There was this dream I had about smoking weed, and here is how it plays out. In the dream, it was a typical day at school and very cool weather. Classrooms were as usual, full of jesters and teachers running up and down to attend their classes. It was around 2:14 pm.

It was a Friday because the students wore blue Lacoste with two white stripes with the school crest at the top left, right beside the bust, only that day. Usually, we wear it in blue or black jeans. The teachers wore either the red, yellow, green, or violet Lacoste with the white stripes.

Since it was Friday, I knew the bell would ring around half past 2 pm to close the school.

I was so excited. When the school closed, I wanted to take a shortcut home. The shortcut was not dangerous, but it can be creepy sometimes. I take the shortcut only on Fridays. Isaac, my best friend and neighbor who lives close to me, decided to take the shortcut that day.

The shortcut was a path through the back of the school, the school park, a few meters past the main street and a few meters past Ms. Beckerman’s house, and we will walk a few meters, and we will reach our destination. When Isaac and I got closer to Ms. Beckerman’s home, Ms. Beckerman called out from her window at the house.

Isaac didn’t want to go inside the house, but I told him that she wanted to send us on an errand for her. She was a middle-aged woman with no husband or kids, or so I heard. I knew she was alone, so I knew she wouldn’t pose a threat to me or my friend or something. After luring my friend to come with me, I opened the door, which was not locked.

She yelled from upstairs that she was coming downstairs and we should wait for her to come. While waiting in her living room, she came down the stairs wearing a short black skirt and an orange blouse. She brought out some weed from her pocket. She lit it up, smoked it, and exhaled the most disgusting and fuming air I had smelled in my life.

She then asked me if I wanted some weed, and I declined, knowing the demerits that could follow if I smoked it.

Moreover, my mum is a police officer, and I know that she very much knows what weed smells like. I wouldn’t want to face her music at all. Then Ms. Beckerman proposed that she would buy me a new laptop if I smoked the weed at least once.

I knew she was wealthy because the other time I had run an errand

for her, she gave me $1,000 to keep as change. After she proposed the deal again, I agreed, and without hesitation, grabbed the weed and smoked it. That’s how I ended up smoking weed in my dream.

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