The Meaning of a Dream About Having Triplets

Generally speaking, the birth of any child or baby carries a meaning of positivity.

A lot of people may have stress, worries, and concerns about their ability to provide for their baby or child or how their lives are going to change once they start having children. Still, seeing that baby with all its potential fills one, at least momentarily, with a sense of meaning and possibility. How much more if you have three babies all at one time? Indeed, a dream about having triplets can be quite concerning.

Not surprisingly, the typical triplets dream interpretation is a good sign. A baby is a blessing, and giving birth to three at a time can mean abundance. If anything, the triplets dream interpretation possibly foretells success that’s tripled.

When you dream about having triplets, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to have a similar experience and have a baby or, even more remotely, triplets in the future. Instead, it’s a dream symbol of the things that are going on in your life and your best-laid plans.

When you have worked for any kind of goal, it’s very easy to feel defeated the very moment you encounter failure. You wait and work for so long, but whatever it is you’re planning for never seems to come to pass. It’s as if it’s just as remote today as when you started putting your goals into writing.

To dream about newly born triplets suggests that your subconscious is telling you that you have quite a bit of abundance in your life. Again, this dream image might be in sharp contrast to your frustrations, disappointments, and feelings of resignation and failure.

When you experience this type of dream, pay attention. Your subconscious or your less-than-fully-awake mind might be telling you something through the dream world.

Never underestimate our human ability to fool ourselves through outright denial or, more commonly, simple lack of awareness. We don’t quite get the full picture.

The human mind is very powerful, and it picks up a tremendous amount of signals in a very short period of time. Sadly, we’re only conscious of and try to make sense of a tiny fraction of this information. This stored info has to go somewhere, and this is where your dreams come in.

dream about having triplets

General Dream Interpretation and Symbolism of Having Triplets

To dream of triplets means that you are hopeful about the future.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been disappointed nor how bitter you have become about a failure in the past. There’s a part of you that is hanging on to hope. There’s a part of you that knows it can see through the pleasant termination of your struggles, challenges, and traumas. It tries to speak to you in a number of ways, but part of you simply doesn’t want to listen.

When you have a dream of giving birth to triplets or holding triplets in your arms, the meaning can point to the part of you that still believes in you and your ability in terms of attaining success in every endeavor, no matter the challenges you face.

Generally speaking, according to the typical dream dictionary or website, having dreams of triplets tend to happen to women. It often involves an image of a young woman, but these are usually woman dreams. It can be a young woman or a slightly older woman holding triplets with a big smile or a look of relief on her face.

But whatever the dream means, the image of those three young infants can’t help but give the viewer a pleasant feeling. It doesn’t matter what kind of trauma you’re going through or the bitterness you feel in the pit of your heart. Once you see the smiles on those babies, at least for a moment, you feel okay. This is a big deal—kind of like seeing a small stream after years in the desert.

Meaning of Dreams About Giving Birth

To dream of giving birth means new beginnings. It can also indicate that you sense some amazing news coming your way soon. A lot of people would interpret this set of events as good luck.

It doesn’t matter how you label it. You have set in motion, based on your past decisions, a chain of events in the future that is positive or that foretells success. Allow yourself to enjoy that. Give yourself permission to look forward to these important undertakings about to take place in the near future.

Babies can signify hope, wealth, happiness, as well a successful family life. No matter how you slice and dice it, there is something definitely positive in the offing if you dreamt of newly born triplets.

If you imagine yourself in your dream as the one who gave birth to triplets—as if you’re going through the experience yourself—this points to the possibility that you will succeed in terms of your dreams.

Common Dreams About Having Triplets and What They Mean

The symbolism of triplets, as well as their dream interpretations and dream meanings, vary from each other depending on the context. It’s not enough to be simply aware of your triplets dreams.

Not only should they be the central focus of your dream meanings, but you should also be on the lookout for certain details in the background. In fact, it is these details that steer the direction and intensity of your dream interpretations.

Even a small detail, depending on the positioning of the triplets or the circumstances surrounding the birth, can lead to totally different interpretations. While they’re all generally positive, you want to be as accurate as you can so that you can plan ahead as far as looking out for things in your waking life that you may have overlooked.

What Does It Mean for a Man or a Husband Having a Dream About His Wife Having Triplets?

If you’re dreaming that your wife is having triplets, it can indicate that you’ve been having relationship issues. Maybe you don’t see eye to eye. Maybe somebody is having a hard time forgiving the other party. Maybe things are rough, and you guys are—for lack of a better word—blaming each other.

Whatever the case may be, when you have triplets dreams involving your wife or partner, the meaning can be that you are rediscovering the reasons why you’re with your partner in the first place. Put simply, this means that whatever issues you’re going through will be resolved soon enough.

What Does It Mean If A Woman Dreamer Has Triplets Dreams?

If you are the one giving birth in your dream, and it takes place in a first-person view, it can indicate that you feel that you don’t have much luck in love.

The good news is that you’re able to birth real things. You’re someone who could take inspiration and succeed in turning them into things that you can touch, hear, taste, and smell. In other words, you turn ideas into reality. This can take place in the context of business, school, or your relationships.

Viewed from another perspective, this same dream imagery can also mean that your recent love affair has ended amicably. Consider yourself lucky.

A lot of romantic relationships just blow apart: there’s a tremendous amount of negative emotions coming in, and this reflects into a possibly traumatizing breakup. You don’t go through all of that.

The truth is that a lot of whatever negative-willed actions and conflicts between you and your lover have been resolved through your relationship. Now, you walk away from each other as friends.

To dream of a friendly, painless separation remains a fantasy for a lot of people. Because of the strong bonds in romantic relationships, when couples suffer loss, they almost think that they have to break up in the most emotionally crippling way. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

So this is a victory as far as you’re concerned.

Triplet Dreams Can Point to Signs Involving Your Marriage

Dreaming about having triplets’ birth also signifies disagreements between you and your spouse. If you are the one who had the triplets, and—in your dream—you’re feeling a heavy weight after the initial euphoria has passed, this is a warning sign.

You feel that your relationship is one-sided. You’re the one carrying the load. Maybe you’re the female, and you’re providing for the household. Maybe you feel that you’ve been so forgiving, but your spouse or significant other simply doesn’t want to learn or is just too stubborn.

There’s a sense of abandonment that comes over you after the initial positive feeling that you get when you see that dream image of your three infants. You feel uncertain because you’re going to be the one standing up to everyone. You’re the one who’s going to be providing for them and possibly even protecting them because you’ve dismissed your partner.

Now, dreams like this don’t necessarily give an accurate view of your partner. Maybe this is just how you think. Perhaps that person never really measured up to your expectations. There are two ways to resolve this.

Either you have to adjust your expectations, or you have to cut loose, nice and clean. In other words, if the person really doesn’t measure up, let them go and move on to the next chapter of your life. If the former situation is true, then you’re being unfair to your partner.

A lot of daughters idolize their fathers. It’s as if Superman was their dad. So they meet this guy, and the guy will never ever measure up to Superman. That’s not possible. Whatever stress happens in your relationship because of this comparison is on you—not on your partner.

What Is the Dream Interpretation of Triplet Babies Crying?

When the main image of your dream involves triplet babies crying, this signifies disagreements in your family that are deep and profound.

Dreams like this don’t necessarily mean infidelity; they don’t mean that your partner refuses to do their fair share. Instead, this disagreement usually involves a clash of ideas about where you would like your life to go.

For example, a lot of women want to have their man around 100% for the sons or daughters while, at the same time, providing for the household. Obviously, this is unrealistic. But thanks to the work-from-home and internet economy, this has become a reality for a lot of families.

But maybe it isn’t the reality for your own household. Maybe the kind of job your man has requires him to be physically present at the job site. A little bit of expectation adjustment is in order. Your expectations don’t have to put all that tremendous strain and pressure on your relationship.

The good news is that when you see infants crying in your dream, the meaning can be that whatever issues you’re facing can be fixed with just clear communication. Be completely honest with each other and trust each other to understand. It can be hastily reconciled.

Depending on how emotionally honest you are with each other, it can be hastily reconciled or resolved.

What Does It Mean to Dream About a Woman with Twins or Triplets Crying?

To dream of a woman who’s not necessarily you crying about twins or triplets is not what you think. Don’t jump to conclusions. Usually, when you see this dream image, you automatically think that there’s some wrong with the newly born babies. Maybe they’re perfectly normal except for the fact that she’s going through postpartum depression.

You have to understand that during birth, a mother goes through a tremendous hormonal rollercoaster. Always factor this in. Don’t automatically assume that she is unhappy, feeling guilty, or doesn’t want to be a mom. Respect the fact that she’s in a very emotional state, and just be there for her.

What Does It Mean If a Pregnant Young Woman Is Dreaming About Triplets Crying?

We can see from this dream imagery that she’s having anxiety about her pregnancy. Maybe it’s about her health. Maybe it’s about what she will do after they’re born.

Please understand that having kids is a big responsibility. If the dream image shows a young woman, then it’s going to be a completely new experience for her because she loves her new babies. She doesn’t want to drop the ball. She doesn’t want to be a bad mother. So all these thoughts go through her mind.

Another one of this image’s dream meanings can indicate that your house is not in harmony. There may be a lot of fights between you and your partner or between you and other relatives. What’s obvious is that it seems that nobody wants to compromise: “it’s my way or the highway.”

When you see this image of a pregnant woman with triplets in the dream, the meaning can point to the fact that somebody has to make the first move and open those channels of communication.

The crying triplets in the dream can also mean that there are going to be new beginnings in your relationship, especially if the dream imagery takes place at night. You may have experienced dead-ends, misunderstandings, and miscommunication, but your dreams are telling you that success will eventually come if you allow yourself to be patient.

All told, the vision of a pregnant woman dreaming about triplets crying in your dreams signifies that she will have a happy family and happy kids.

What If You Dreamed About Triplet Babies or Children?

If you, yourself, dreamed that you had triplet babies or multiple infants, it can signify that you are going to have a fairly happy life.

It can also mean that a certain aspect of your life, particularly finances or wealth, will be well-taken care of. Now, please understand that it’s not necessarily going to come from other people. You may have to work for it and build that sense of financial security and wealth for yourself.

What Does It Mean If You Suffer Loss After Giving Birth to Triplets in Your Dream?

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, “what does a dream about farm scenes mean?” or “what does a dream about childhood home scenes mean?” you’re in for a surprise when you find out that these certain dream interpretations involving these symbols share similarities with this particular triplets dream.

To dream about this imagery means that there will be struggles up ahead. This dream doesn’t necessarily point to financial or material struggles—that’s the easy part. You probably would be able to handle that with the necessary effort.

The bigger issue is some sort of spiritual or emotional struggle. Now that you have “triplets,” you have to prepare your emotional world for them. This is not always easy, especially if you’re carrying around baggage from the past, like past traumas or frustrated personal dreams and aspirations.

Maybe someone did something horrible to you in the past, and it’s colored your relationships and the way you view people. Well, something has to give. The last thing that you want to do is to pass that on to your kids.

Related to this is a dream of pleasant termination of conjoined twins. The meaning can be related to moving on from the past and letting go.

Now, that sounds positive, but it all depends on you. Sometimes, for that to happen, you have to go through a divorce or separation. It is what it is. Pick the path that makes the most sense to you.

Dream Example #1

It is now the dead of the night. Ghost-quiet except for the rhythmic snoring of the farty old dog. I can feel everyone else in the house is in deep slumber. “Everyone” counts me, the dog, and the houseplants I put in because NASA said they clean the air.

My back still feels sore from the tiredness of the day that went by, while my feet feel cozy from the old dog’s fur.

My mind was ready to drift somewhere else when I heard a faint sound like that of the old dog’s cry when he was a puppy. My body sits me on the bed, my eyes wide open, my ears twitching, waiting for the next sound.

The old dog was already upon his four paws. Then there’s the shrill cry. Then another. Then another one.

Three tiny shrill cries in the middle of the night?! My half-awake mind cannot process what is going on. I stormed out of my bedroom, straight to the adjoining bedroom, the second most livable room in the house.

As I opened the door, not only the animals and trees on the wall welcomed me but also the white crib. I walked toward the crib and saw these three little human bodies, giving those shrill cries. My heart skipped a beat. It hurt that I grabbed my chest.

That’s when I noticed my shirt was wet. My breasts were leaking.

My body sits me on the bed, again. My eyes, wide open again, scan my dimmed bedroom. I found the old dog, unstirred, still sleeping by the foot of the bed. This time, I pinched my arm to make sure I was awake.

I grabbed my chest, again, as my heart was beating three times as fast that it hurt. I felt my breasts, they were dry. It was all but a dream. With that realization, I cried.

Did I cry because I felt relieved it was only a dream? If it is a dream, it means that I can continue living my life with only myself, the old dog, and the houseplants to take care of. If it is a dream, I can continue working long hours every day.

If it is a dream, I can still go out on a date to find a suitable partner.

Did I cry because I realized it was a dream, not a reality? If it is not a reality, it means I still only have myself, the old dog, and the houseplants to take care of. If it is not a reality, my work still takes up a lot of my time every day.

If it is not a reality, it only means I have not found the suitable partner I am hoping for on every date I go out to.

I wiped my eyes dry and lay down on my side, keeping my knees close to my chest. It was only a dream, after all, a product of my wishful subconscious. A dream does not translate into reality, right?

Dream Example #2

I am always excited when I see couples that have twins or triplets. I keep wondering how it feels to have triplets.

On a cold winter night, I was watching my favorite family show on Television. I fell asleep and dream about having triplets.

I saw myself pregnant and standing in front of a maternity hospital. A nurse motioned me to cue up for an ultrasound scan and I heard someone calling my name. It was Doctor Peterson. He said, let us go in and see how your babies are doing.

I lay back and watch the screen while he examines me. He told me there are three babies in my womb. I was overjoyed and dashed out of the hospital to share the good news with my husband. He was truly happy, excited and couldn’t wait to see this bundle of joy.

Over the next couple of weeks, we waited anxiously to welcome these babies into our home. Shopping for the babies were fun for us because we get to purchase three of every baby item. The 3 in 1 stroller will be perfect for our babies. There was discount given to us at every purchase for clothing, laundry items, toys, bedding, etc.

I went back to the hospital for another ultrasound, a nurse escorted me to the delivery room, patted my shoulder and said, you will soon have your babies shortly Immediately my water broke and within a few minutes I delivered triplets. I was amazed at the sight of these cuties that tears began to roll down my checks.

When we got home, I quickly dressed the girls in pink dresses and put a pink and white bow on their hair. The baby boy was dressed in rich royal blue shorts and shirt. Everywhere I go, I went with the babies to church, mall, recreational parks, fun parks, etc.

Shortly, I became the talk of the town. People were spraying money for the babies, paparazzi kept following us around taking pictures of my triplets. It became news. I receive dozens of calls from celebrity magazines requesting for interviews and booking me in for photo shoots.

Money began to roll in millions. We bought houses, yacht, luxury cars, beach homes, opened new businesses. As a family, we began to tour the world. We started from Europe. Visited countries like France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, etc.

As the triplets grew older, I and my husband began to short down on all our appointments to really focus and raise them properly. Guide them weight and spend quality time with them. Watching them grew into toddlers, speak their fist words, climb and fall was a great treasure we could never trade for anything in the world.

No wonder parents of twins or triplets are exceptional. They get to have a full house in just one pregnancy. Our house was full of children that look exactly like us.

I kept saying, how lovely I woke up sobbing, smiling and wishing that everything I have experienced in the dream was real.

Dream Example #3

The orange-gold sky at the edge of the horizon framed the sunset elegantly. We sat on our balcony and enjoyed our free time with a bottle of wine. My husband and I have been married for more than a decade, but we don’t have any kids. You can call it lucky and envy us or sympathize with us just like everybody does.

Although within my heart, I still long for kids, we enjoy it.

Meanwhile, our closest neighbor has a frenzy in their home every day. This couple has 5 kids, the eldest is 17 years old, and the youngest is around 4 or 5 years old. We can hear them shouting at each other almost every night.

To be honest, this experience is one of the reasons we enjoy our time as a couple.

That evening, after the sun had completely set, we were still sitting on the balcony (on the second floor) before we had our dinner. Our neighbor’s kids fled out of the house and stood close to their front gate. A second later, the mom got out of the house with a big suitcase.

She shouted, “Mind your own business from now on!!!” Then, she and her three kids disappeared with their SUV.

The father was still standing at the front gate. I could picture his heart was broken. I could only predict how it felt if I were him. Feeling awkward witnessing this event, we decided to get in and continue our activities.

I remembered that I have a deadline for my freelance job. So, I entered my working room and started to scroll through some pages to gain perspective about a topic in my job. I guessed I had spent quite some time behind my desk because I felt so sleepy.

Suddenly, I woke up in my dining room with my mom and mother-in-law. They were smiling happily and holding folding paper in their fingers. I was wondering how I got here when I felt the extremely cool wind at my back. I looked back and saw my windows were still opened.

This could cause a cold if I didn’t close it.

As I was standing to close the windows, I found that my body was swelling. “Am I pregnant?” I asked myself. But, my belly looked too big for a pregnant woman. Then, I asked my mom, “Mom, why is my belly so big??”.

My mom approached me and said proudly, “You are with your triplets!”

Suddenly, I was standing next to my mom, mother-in-law, and my husband. Each of them carried one baby, and those babies started to cry. My mom lifted her head and stared at me, “I think they’re hungry.” I was shocked and tried to figure out how I would feed three kids at once.

My heart was beating so fast as I woke up from my short nightmare. Apparently, I nodded off for a while. I felt so terrified about that dream, and I didn’t want to get some sleep in close time, maybe later, after a couple of hours.

Dream Example #4

It was almost five years of my marriage to Amanda, but there was no child on the way. We started looking for children two years ago, and It has been a stressful journey. We have done many check-ups and were certified medically ok.

Although, I have not taken the issue seriously. However, Amanda has been moody for days, as she has been complaining bitterly of how her friends with children have been treating her. I felt for her and wish there was something I could do to change her situation.

I lay on the couch with so much thought about the situation in my head. All of a sudden, Amanda walked into the room, all pumped up around the stomach. I became surprised because we have all been on the issue of Amanda’s inability to conceive, and here she is before me with a protruding tummy.

In my confusion, I asked Amanda when she conceived, and her answer confused me the more. She told me that I have been aware that she was pregnant for the past eight months and wondered why I would sound that way. I lied by blaming it on stress-related issues, but in truth, I didn’t know what was going on.

Amanda made a request that we see the doctor the next day because she was having severe pains on the side of her stomach. She asked that I accompanied her since it was a Saturday. I obliged. Although, I wasn’t excited about going to the hospital.

I wanted to ask the doctor a few questions.

It was 7 am, and Amanda was already getting ready for the hospital, with a beaming smile, one I have not seen in a long while.

The road to the hospital was a smooth one, with Amanda chatting happily all through. We got to the hospital and into the doctor’s office. Everything was going fast. The doctor attended immediately and told us to expect the baby anytime soon. Soon? When I don’t even understand what is going on.

We left the hospital but still on the premises, and as if by prophecy, Amanda’s water broke, and she went into labour and was rushed into the delivery room. Amanda insisted against all odds that I must stay with her in the delivery room.

I watched her scream through it all, and I felt sorry for her. All I could do was hold her and say sorry while she screamed and pushed.

All of a sudden, a baby popped out, and before we could brace ourselves, another popped out. Wow, I couldn’t believe we are now parents to twin babies. As I was basking in the euphoria of becoming a father, the doctor announced that another baby was coming, and I was stunned.

I now have not one, not two, but three beautiful babies. I couldn’t even wait to carry them before running out in celebration.

I ran out with tears in my eyes. This time, it was not tears of sorrow but joy that I am now a proud father of three children. Even if it was not what I bargained for, I was happy that I am a father and Amanda would be a happy woman.

While I was still celebrating the birth of my triplet, I awakened to my sister-in-law telling me that Amanda was throwing up in the bathroom.

Dream Example #5

“Ma’am you have to push harder!” I heard the nurse say before I groaned for the nth time “Ugggghhhh!!” The pain and frustration of this repeated cycle are killing me! “It’s okay, honey! I know you can do this.” My husband whispered as he held my hand tightly as if he wants me to transfer all the pains I’ve suffered to him. That simple act alone is soothing agony as I’ve heard the doctor call out once again.

“You only have to push one last time. Push in the count of three–one, two, three!” “Urrrgghhhh!” I forced all of my strength into this last push before I surrendered on the bed with my hazy vision. “Uwaaah! Uwaaah!” I breathed out a sigh of relief as I heard the cry of my angel. “Woah! thank you! Thank you so much for your hard work, my love!” My husband whispered lovingly with tears in his eyes.

He gently wiped the sweat off my face and gave a peck on my lips. His smile today is even brighter than any other days I’ve seen them. “Ma’am, here are your children.” The Nurses came towards me and place the triplets on my chest. I couldn’t stop the tears from falling off my cheek. Are they really my children? Are they the ones inside my stomach? “They look so beautiful!” I whispered in disbelief as I felt their soft heartbeats on my chest.

My husband wrapped his arms around the four of us as he cried in happiness. “Thank you for delivering them safely, Lauren. We have made our dream come true!” I leaned on his head as he gazed softly at the three angels with pinkish skins. “Hi babies! I’m your daddy! and you’re in mommy’s arms! Welcome to our world, little ones!” The three of them excitedly greeted us with loud cries of happiness.

“Honey, can you change Bella’s diapers? I’m still feeding Blake here and Blanche is sleeping beside me.” The man with neat black hair and white polo immediately entered the room with his glasses on his head. “Oh! I’m sorry I left you alone with the kids.

I was talking to a client and I forgot the time. I’m sorry” He kissed my forehead and rubbed the back of his neck. “Were you busy? Ah! did I get in your way of work? Im sorry I didn’t know!” He shook his head and kissed my forehead. “It doesn’t matter. My wife is having a hard time. How could I leave you alone in this battlefield? I must have gone crazy!” He looked for the wipes and soothed the crying Bella. I placed the sleeping Blake on the bed beside Blance and laid down next to them.

I got up and was about to carry Bella to sleep but my husband hugged me in his arms and kissed my head. “You must have been tired. You should go rest now with the kids.” “No it’s fi-!” He interrupted my rejection with his lips and softly pulled back. “You deserve to rest, my love.” He guided me towards the bed and placed the sleepy Bella beside her siblings. I laid down on the other side of the bed while my husband also did the same thing with our children in the middle. “Good night!” He whispered softly and placed a good night kiss to everyone before I closed my eyes.

I couldn’t help but smile before going to dreamland. Ah thank God I married the right man.

Dream Example #1

Last night I had a dream.

It felt so real and made me so happy that I wept when I woke up.

I dreamt about having triplets.

Yeah! Can you believe it?

Me! giving birth to triplets?


I can’t remember being pregnant, but I saw myself in a hospital ward, lying down on a bed and a doctor standing beside my bed.

“Congratulations Betty!, You just delivered a set of triplets”. Doctor Ben said smiling at me.

I was stunned, all I did was stare at him blankly.

He pointed to the left side of my bed.

I turned and found 3 baby cots with the most beautiful babies I have ever seen, lying beside my bed.

Tears of joy filled my eyes.

“Thank you”. I responded as I stretched forth my hand and picked up one of them.

I used my other hand to gently touch another and stared lovingly at the third as he slept soundly.

They looked so healthy.

I turned my attention to the baby in my arms and rocked him gently.

He stared at me for a moment and gave me the most adorable smile I have ever seen.

His eyes were as bright as a star, and his little lips looked so cute.

I felt blessed.

This has always been my desire.

There was a knock at the door. I raised my head to see my best friend Lucy walk in.

she rushed to my side and gave me a tight hug as she screamed “Congratulations girl!”

“Thank you, Lucy”. I replied.

“Your babies are so cute. I am now a godmother to three adorable cuties. Oh my God, what a blessing!” She exclaimed.

I watched as she fused over the babies.

A nurse came in to attend to the babies, and as she did her job, Lucy filled me in on all that happened while I was in labor.


“Your mum would be here any minute,” she said.

“Also, your Uncle Tom called to find out how the delivery was going”. She added.

I was about to ask her how she managed her work and being here in the hospital with me when we heard a voice in the hallway singing and coming towards my room.

That was my mum, always so dramatic.

The door opened, and as she walked in.

I saw my favorite Uncle and the love of my life behind her.

I was thrilled and sat up to welcome them. They hugged me quickly and went to gush over the triplets.

The nurse was done with her job and left them to my family.

It was a beautiful moment, having the most important people in my life in one room celebrating with me.

I wished this moment would never end.


Dream Example #2

In the dream, my nine-month-old pregnant mother was due for delivery. It was at 1:49 pm. My father and I were cooking in the kitchen when my mother screamed for our help. My father and I knew that instantly her water had broken.

We rushed to the living room where my mother was. My father decided to check his car in the garage to see if he could run it, but there was no fuel in it. I then went outside the house. I ordered a taxi cab to come right away.

When one came by, I told the driver I was coming, so he should wait for me. I went inside the living room and helped my father bring my mother safely and slowly to the taxi cab outside. We carefully laid her inside the back seat of the car, with my father comforting her in the back.

I took the front seat and told the driver to drive as fast as he could. He drove as if his own life depended on it. During the journey, my father gave my mother more water. She always has to stay hydrated. The Brockman Hospital was very far from us.

It was at least five kilometers from home. When we got to the main road, we met long traffic. The traffic delayed us for fifteen minutes.

After a very boring drive, we reached the hospital. My mother was in excruciating pain after paying the driver. My father held her legs while I took her arms. Together, we carried my mother to the hospital. When some two nurses noticed us, they immediately brought the wheeled stretcher.

Of which I later came to know as a gurney. The nurses took her to the maternity unit to be examined.

My father and I were allowed inside. I then saw a midwife coming into the room my mother had been placed in. She started examining her. One of the nurses who took my mother to the room was standing beside me.

I asked her what was going on. And she told me that the midwife was checking her pulse, temperature, and blood pressure. She explained that the midwife was also checking her abdomen to feel the baby’s position. This information is invaluable to childbirth.

After the examination, my mother was taken to the delivery rooms. This time around. They denied us access and told my father and me to wait patiently. I could not bear hearing the painful screams of my mother. So I informed my father that I was heading to the chapel in the hospital to pray. After four hours of waiting, a nurse came to my father and called him inside.

My father then came for me, and we went together to congratulate mom. I was elated at what I saw. According to doctors’ reports, she was supposed to deliver twins. But she delivered triplets instead.

My dad had tears rolling down his cheeks as he looked at the triplets in my mother’s arms. The midwife then told us that the Cesarean Section was thriving. The triplets were gorgeous. That’s how I dreamt about triplets.

Dream Example #3

I was at my sister’s house knowing very well that I came for a family dinner celebrating the fact that she is carrying triplets. She was very happy even though her husband seemed to be missing from the picture.

The night continued with laughter and naming the triplets. I felt myself smiling and opened my eyes but saw complete darkness around me. That’s when I knew that it was only a dream. A few moments later, my eyes dropped then my dream continued.

My sister was beside me in what appeared to be her living room. She had a worried look in her eyes, and I began to wonder where her triplets were. I turned my head in the direction of her room and saw three boys playing together. The kids were about three years old. My sister called my name, and I looked at her curious as to what had gotten her this worried.

Are her kids sick? Is she going away out of the country? What made her look so anxious to call me at this late hour.

She held my hand and smiled gently at me. “Kate, you always knew that I have always wanted kids. I love my triplets so much, and I want to give them the best life they could ever have. To do that, you need to take Michael with you”. I frowned at her and thought about how I could give Michael the life that he deserves.

What has gotten into her? Why would she think that she couldn’t give them the life that they deserve? I asked her what made her come to that decision.

She explained that she could no longer maintain the expenses of raising three kids at the same time. It was physically, mentally, and financially draining her. She must’ve known that I have more than enough for myself. Part of it was true because I only tend for myself and no other people.

While we were in the midst of our discussion, the triplets went to the living room where we were situated. They were all dressed in the same sleeping wear, and each of them was holding their favorite toy. Instantly, I knew that the boy who sat on my lap was Michael. I don’t know how I knew that, but I felt that he was the boy that my sister was talking about.

There were moments where we played together until the next day came. I woke up with Michael beside me. I went out of the room and checked where my sister was and the other two boys. I began to panic when I saw no sight of them.

I saw a note on the kitchen table from my sister. The letter explained that she and her other two boys moved out of town. She further stated that she was giving me her house so that Michael and I could live in comfort.

I was utterly confused about the situation and began to think of ways of finding my sister. While I was desperate in the kitchen, a little voice called out to me.

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