The Meaning of a Dream About Iguana Creatures

Iguanas are reptiles and lizards that have a unique look to them.

Typically a plant-eater, an iguana can grow up to 1.8 meters long, and many people consider it beautiful with its many colors and long tail. It also has scales that can be quite scintillating upfront. Although a dream about iguana creatures may seem strange, it can actually contain very practical messages for you.

As awesome as these adaptable cold-blooded creatures can be, what fascinates many people who keep them as pets is their ability to perceive colors, shapes, and shadows. They have amazing vision, which they use to keep away from predators. It is one of their protective mechanisms that keep iguanas thriving in the wild.

On top of all those qualities, iguanas also have the unique ability to blend into their surroundings. These cold-blooded creatures are hard to spot when they don’t want to be found.

If you have dreams about iguana creatures, pay close attention to the qualities of this animal so that you can get a good understanding of what those iguanas in your dreams mean.

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General Interpretation and Symbolism of an Iguana Dream

A lizard or iguana in a dream symbolizes our instincts and feelings.

There are just certain things that we do automatically. We just need to perceive certain things, and it’s as if we go on autopilot. We can’t help it. In many cases, we’re not even aware that these things are happening. We’re just pushed to say, think, and do certain things once we perceive a set of stimuli.

This also has something to do with our spiritual growth in real life.

Dreaming about lizards or reptiles can also be related to our sense of survival. Again, the instincts come in. Survival instincts, to be sure, have ensured the continued existence of human beings on this planet.

Dreaming of an iguana can also symbolize our unconscious ability to survive and adapt to any change in our situation. Lizard symbolism can also have a spiritual meaning because it can be considered as one’s own spiritual animal.

Common Dreams About Iguanas Meaning

Dreams about iguanas meaning and symbolism depend on a variety of factors. Pay close attention to the setting of your dream about iguana lizards. It’s important to pay close attention to the scene surrounding this lizard. They play a bigger role in your dream about iguanas than you think.

While it’s important to ensure that your lizard dreams have the iguana creature front and center, pay close attention to the details. These small pieces of information can take your experience in your dream world with iguanas in different directions and produce different interpretations.

In many cases, when you wake up from your lizard dream, you may be in a certain emotional state. Well, it turns out that based on the details, you’re wrong to feel that way.

Colored Iguana Dreams and What They Represent

Dreams Involving a Green Iguana

Dreaming of a green-colored iguana can symbolize a personal transformation in your waking life. Green, after all, symbolizes nature, growth, rebirth, and new directions.

Just like a lizard, when you dream of a green iguana, you may be in the process of shedding your old self. Whatever identities you have and associated misgivings, mistakes, guilt, hidden emotions, or feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy are giving way to the new you.

When you see an image of this type of green lizard, this is a good sign. You are reconnecting with your unstoppable determination to conquer and overcome unfortunate situations and experiences in your everyday life. The best part? You’re not feeling any kind of threat or fear.

There’s something about reptiles that people find intimidating—it could be a snake, a lizard, or something else. There’s just something about the appearance of those animals that they find frightening and gives them the heebie-jeebies.

Well, when you see colored iguanas in this positive dream, it means that you’re no longer intimidated by the unknown and by change in general.

Green Iguana Dream Interpretation Concerning People

Dream meanings of a green iguana, when applied to people instead of experiences, can mean something very different.

There might be someone you know that intimidates you. This intimidation can stem from you wanting to hang on to their respect and whatever reputation you’ve built up with them. These people, in your mind, have a lot of influence. You feel like you don’t want to get on their bad side.

Interestingly, when you dream about this specific type of lizard, and you can tie it to certain people, whatever feelings you may have is due to a misunderstanding. It doesn’t have to boil over into people stabbing each other in the back, talking trash, or otherwise tearing each other down. It’s based on a misunderstanding.

The good news is that you feel that the conflict will eventually resolve itself.

Green Iguanas Can Also Represent Envy

Pay close attention to the color green. When it comes to dream interpretations, green is usually positive. But, depending on what else is happening on the scene, it can signify distress, trouble, or possibly even danger and evil.

The most extreme case is when your subconscious is communicating to you, using this dream symbology, that there is somebody out there to derail you, slander you, or otherwise cause you reputational harm. Green, after all, is also the symbol of envy.

Whatever you’re doing or whatever it is you represent, it is unsettling to some people. Your subconscious is picking up on these signals and is letting you know that some people are envious of you, and they’re trying to make your path unnecessarily harder.

Dreaming of a Green Iguana Can Be a Symbol for Prosperity in Love and Finances

Again, depending on the context, a green-colored iguana can also represent something positive.

You may have thought that your love life is pretty much done and over with. Maybe you were the partner, or maybe you’ve just given up looking.

When you see this type of green lizard, it can indicate that you have fallen in love again with your partner, and there is great potential for your existing love life and living situation to, somehow, level up. If you don’t have anybody in your life right now, it can mean that your subconscious has picked up on signals of attraction being sent by somebody, and there might be something in the offing as far as your relationship or romantic life goes.

Finally, when it comes to money, green signifies abundance. This is the opposite of bad luck. Depending on the intensity of this color in your dream involving lizards, it may indicate that you might have a windfall coming your way or, better yet, an opportunity will be opening up to you.

Dreaming of a White Iguana

A white iguana dream symbol involves emotional coldness. Somebody you really trusted or wanted to get close to in the past is somehow distant to you. Your previous emotional connection is gone.

Now, this person might, on the surface, seem warm and accepting, but there’s a part of them that you can’t reach, and you’re starting to feel bad about it. Certain things in your life are changing, and part of you is not quite sure what to make of it.

Maybe you’ve gotten used to being with people but not talking about certain things or working under the mutual agreement that there are certain topics you don’t talk about. Well, that is going to change.

While in the past, you had a tough time emotionally dealing with that—maybe even agonizing over it—now, you don’t care. You know that at the other side of this journey to that corner of your psyche is peace and, ultimately, a deep sense of security made possible by serenity.

Holding a White Iguana Dream Meaning

Similarly, dreaming of holding a white iguana means that money is coming to you in one form or another. Now, it’s very easy to imagine money in terms of a simple gift. After all, it’s just a transfer from one person to the next.

But, most of the time, when you dream of holding a white iguana in your hands, it means that you have to open your hands—you have to put in some type of work. Either you have to open a business, open your mind to investment opportunities, or work for somebody else. Whatever the case may be, there has to be some sort of action from you. It’s not just a simple case of leaning back, waiting for a blessing that the universe has “sponsored,” loading everything onto your lap, and enjoying the benefits.

Dreams About a Black Iguana

Dreams about iguanas of a black variety can be very troubling at first. What makes people fearful of the dark is not so much the absence of color but the lack of certainty.

The dark can reveal many things, as we all know. It can reveal good things we’ve always wanted, but it can also give way to danger and possibly even destruction. It’s this uncertainty that eats you up.

It’s no surprise that when you’re dreaming of a black-colored iguana front and center, you wake up afraid or suspicious.

Well, this dream has more to do with the shadows of your heart. Everybody has a dark side—this is obvious. There’s always a part of us that we know could use a little improvement.

When your dreams about iguanas eventually revolve around some sort of black iguana or lizard variety, sit up and pay attention. It means that you have a very fierce cold-heartedness to you. This dream represents harshness within you.

For the most part, you love your friends, you can be easy to get along with, and you can be warm, especially to those you love the most. But a part of you also seems to have an inhuman poise with a very cold, calculating, and distant demeanor.

This is usually the part of you that you tap to give you the strength to deal with those who don’t have the best intentions for you. It’s not apparent all the time, but in rough situations, it’s the post-navigation search or post-resolution attempt for one last ace card to play. Sigmund Freud, the Father of Psychoanalysis, calls this your unconscious.

But sometimes, you get your wires crossed. Instead of finding even more warmth and possibly even fire in your heart, your loved one—it could be your child or your significant other—finds nothing but cold eyes. If they are not careful, they freeze in place.

How many relationships are frozen in place? We just focus on the good times and the warm feelings, but we know—deep down inside—that it’s not complete. There’s a part of it that we’ve just written off. Maybe it’s not worth exploring; maybe it’ll cause more trouble than what we stand to gain.

So we wrote it off. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But sometimes, our subconscious sends us these signals to push us to take our inner lives to a whole other level.

Black Iguana Dream Images Can Be a Symbol of Strength

Another interpretation of a black iguana in your dream relates to inner strength.

There are many ways to measure strength. Some see it as courage and bravery. But one way, although not as popular, is equally valid. This is your strength to be cold, to let go, and to let things die.

There’s always a season for everything—there’s a season to plant and a season to harvest. Sadly, this applies across the board. It applies to your friends and family. It also applies to parts of yourself. Maybe you’ve been hanging on to mindsets or stories about yourself that you know hold you back and drag you down.

Many people who would otherwise be successful in a wide range of fields fail to do so because they’re weighed down by that albatross. This is a source of strength when you let that part of you die. The black iguana or lizard can symbolize that.

What Does It Mean to Dream of a Lizard Crawling?

When you dream of a lizard crawling at a distance, it can indicate that someone from your past is maybe coming back, planning to return in the near future, or already in the periphery of your life. This type of situation doesn’t have to lead to anger, acrimony, or pain.

In many cases, our lives’ journey is actually circular. You start out from point A. You experience conflicts, hardships, detours, up and downs, and the ins and outs. Then, you get to where you need to go. From there, there’s the conflict.

Maybe at that place, there’s the dragon that you have to slay. Consider personal dragons much like overgrown iguanas or even the most vicious predatory animals. In fact, the Biblical meaning of dragon in dreams delves deeper into how dragons represent our personal demons.

But eventually, you know what to do with the sword of truth in your hand and the shield of honesty that you’re wearing. So after many battles—much of them with yourself—you slay your personal demon or dragon, and then you head back.

Do you think you head back as the exact same person? Of course not. You’ve seen too much. You have the scars to prove it. Do you think you end up in the same place? Sadly, no.

When you see images that signify people are coming back, they’re not coming back to the past you. You know who that person is. Maybe they were too trusting—gullible, even. Maybe that person was too angry.

The key is to not respond to these changes with your old self. You have changed. Allow all the experiences that you have picked up along the way to become part of your emotional and psychological DNA. Celebrate the person you have become instead of wasting precious time, effort, and energy denying these changes.

What Do Dreams of a Dead Iguana Mean?

Dreaming of dead animals or a dead animal has a variety of meanings depending on the context. When the dead animal or animals in your dream is an iguana, it means that you fear that you have lost your ability to adapt.

Remember, one of the most awe-inspiring qualities of an iguana as an animal is its ability to change its colors and to take solace and comfort from the darkness. When a predator comes, it goes into hiding, and it jumps straight to dark places. That’s its self-defense. That’s where it finds its peace and comfort.

When you dream of a dead iguana, there’s a part of you that is thinking that you’re no longer as versatile, flexible, and resourceful as before. Maybe you’ve become complacent. Maybe you assume that the only way to feel safe and be comforted is when things are going your way.

If your material reality doesn’t reflect that, you feel naked and defenseless.

A dead iguana in this context can also mean a renewal of your spirit. This can only happen, of course, if you become aware of your true situations and what your habits have led you to.

Spiritual renewal must begin with a solid foundation of self-awareness and facing fear. From there, you confront uncomfortable truths about yourself. That’s how you transcend your old self—much like a lizard shedding its skin.

What Does It Mean to Have a Pet Iguana in Your Dream?

When your dream focuses on the image of you having fun with an iguana as your pet, it indicates that your life is blossoming in many areas. Maybe you see yourself feeding your iguana or setting up its terrarium.

Whatever the case may be, your subconscious is telling you that life is okay. Your waking mind might be bucking against this because you’re focused on the mortgage, the rent, your duties, your obligations, your parenting responsibilities, your in-laws, or possibly going back to school and other projects.

When you’re doing this, you’re operating out of mental clutter. If you’re not careful, you lose sight of the awesome things that are going on because your mind is fixated on being busy. You think you’re responsible, but you’re basically robbing yourself of the opportunity to be happy.

Pet Iguana Dreams Represent Intentional Happiness

If you keep thinking to yourself that your happiness will only be complete if things have fallen into place, good luck. It’s never going to happen.

The moment you start thinking that to the moment they lower you into the ground, you rarely ever achieve that point where you give yourself permission to stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy what’s going on around you because this is the best it could get.

You’re always in the process of changing, much like a lizard shedding its skin—it’s a natural part of its being. Do you think it does that only once? It does that every time it grows.

When you’re dreaming of an iguana as a pet, it means that your life is blossoming. I know this is hard to accept for many people because there’s so much out there—so many things to become, so many things to prove, and so many possessions to earn. Stop it.

Your best life is happening now.

The Dream Interpretation of an Iguana Attacked

If you see an image of an iguana, possibly even your pet, being attacked, this can be an indication that your subconscious is giving you a warning about fake friends. These are friends that support you at some level or other but are not really happy for you. That’s how you know who’s a real friend and a fake friend.

A real friend shares your joy. They don’t envy you. They don’t want what you have. Instead, they are happy for you because they’re there at the step of your journey. They don’t want to get paid. They don’t want to get some sort of side benefit from the success you’re enjoying. They just want to share your journey with you because they like you for being you.

I know that seems like a tall order, but that’s the essence of a real friend. Most of the time, they knew you when you had nothing.

So when you see an iguana being attacked, it’s a sign from your subconscious that you have started to surround yourself with friends that don’t have deep roots in your life. In many cases, you are in for a rude shock.

Can you imagine when disaster strikes your personal life, and you just want to talk to somebody for some kind of encouragement and warmth, and everybody runs away? You don’t want to find yourself in that situation. By then, it’s too late.

So your subconscious is telling you that there are some fake people around you. The best test for that is whether they truly share your joy or not.

If you notice that this person is always talking trash about somebody else that both of you know, that’s a warning sign. There’s no telling if that person is also doing the same to you when your back is turned.

What Does It Mean to Watch Idly While an Iguana is Being Attacked?

Similarly, when you notice that an iguana is being attacked and you’re not doing anything to stop it, it can indicate that you have some of the qualities I described above. Maybe you should also check yourself in terms of how good of a friend you are.

Do you constantly compare yourself to other people? Do you envy your friends or feel threatened by their achievements? Or are you genuinely happy for them and willingly take on their sadness when they’re feeling down?

That’s how you know you’re a real friend. It’s based on compassion: shared suffering.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Being Scared of Reptiles and Lizards?

Reptiles and lizards share many things in common. One of them is the fact that they have to find sunny areas to warm their bodies. After all, they have a cold-blooded nature. They also shed their skin.

When you see yourself in your dream, afraid of reptiles and lizards, pay attention. All of us have the ability to change. There is built-in adaptability inherent in human beings. Otherwise, we would’ve died off as a species a long time ago.

Sadly, some of us are more adaptable than others. Your subconscious is telling you that you may have issues with change. You’re able to adapt earlier when you were younger, but now, something developed in you, and you feel that you can’t let go of certain things. Part of you is just scared stiff of having to start over.

If you detect these things, there’s something fundamentally wrong because your ability to change is inherently linked to your ability to succeed.

Change Is a Necessity in Our Lives

There’s only one thing that’s guaranteed in life: that is change. If you let go of your willingness to master the process of change, you are putting yourself in a vulnerable spot.

It is no surprise that people who fear change are very suspicious. They easily blame other people for what’s going on in their lives. And, sadly, a lot of them refuse to take responsibility.

This is important to keep in mind because this doesn’t just take place in the context of your own personal life, but it can also affect your relationship with your family and neighbors. Understand that it’s crucial that you reconnect with your inner resourcefulness and ability to adapt to change.

Dream Example #1

I lived in a mansion. At the entrance, there was a massive steel gate with a geometric pattern over it. A thin passageway led to a beautiful garage from the gate. Around this passageway, there was a nicely maintained garden with beautiful flowers and trees of all kinds.

On the very right of the gate, there was the house entrance. A timber door having an intricate design welcomes the people in the hallway.

The Ground floor had a massive kitchen and drawing-room other than a huge dining table in the hallway. The bedrooms were on the first floor. Apart from beautiful lights, the hallway had red oak work done in the corner.

It gave a rosy theme to the house. There were beautifully grown Bonsai trees placed at the end of the hall. The trees made the place a hundred times more beautiful.

The floor of the garage consisted of rectangular paving bricks. There was a vertical garden outside the garage that carried plant pots of discrete shapes. A money plant vine was covering around the garage entrance.

One afternoon, I was taking a stroll in the park. Although the gardener maintained the lawn properly, I liked watering, shaping, and maintaining the garden from time to time.

The garden had many trees. The lemons from the lime trees were popping out. There was a rose plant, a Dieffenbachia plant, fruits like banana and coconut tree, etc. I looked at the plants, shaped them, watered them. I collected the lime popping out of the plant.

As I moved to the rose plant, I felt something moving. The movement frightened me.

It was a lizard. We had seen many lizards before, but it was massive. Bigger than the regular one! It was green in color and had marks around the head. I called my younger brother to come and have a look at the creature.

My brother, who carried a great interest in researching reptiles of different kinds, told me that was an iguana.

The house existed in the corner of the city. The area was very undeveloped. There were water ponds, bushes, and waste material covering large areas of land.

The garden was thick and attracted reptiles of different kinds.

We had many reptiles’ visits in the house. That time, it was an iguana. It was a beautiful green iguana that was moving to hide from us. But once it caught our attention, we followed it. We didn’t intend to frighten it.

We kept an eye on it and captured it to move from one place to another from a distance. The iguana moved fast once it noticed our attention. It camouflaged itself around the plants, but we didn’t let it leave our sight.

The brother got all excited and went outside the house to show his friend his finding. They carried similar interests.

As he came back with a group of boys, it somehow vanished from there. After the people went back and I was inside my house, I saw it again moving towards me. It looked immense than what we saw in the morning.

It stopped and stared at me for a while and vanished again.

Dream Example #2

A Sunny morning while walking along the streams of the river banks nearby, a sight of an unknown creature caught my eye. Wide eyes, spiky appearance, colorful body, very long tail, and a mesmerizing pair of eyes I saw approaching as I continued to walk on my tiny slippers.

I cannot seem to identify which species it is, nor to which diversified habitat it lives. One thing I know, it is beautiful. 

The way it crawls, the way it carries its body, the way it waves its long tail, I couldn’t help but catch my breath. As it near inches and inches closer to me, a familiar sound became music to my ears. I could not tell. It felt like rainbows, the warmth it brings.

It somehow felt safe. What is it? A dinosaur? No! A modern variation, if not, then something close or related to it.

As I’ve said, I could not tell for sure. A stick to reach for its long claws. Something of this size could attack me. But it showed no sign of aggression. This gentle giant reaches out to me.

Its eyes reassured me that he meant no harm. I smiled. A half-smile I loosened became a wide green as I fell on the ground. It cuddled as though a dog was sweet to its owner. Hello, how are you, gentle giant? I spoke. Its tongue flicked on my finger as I caressed its spikes.

They don’t hurt to touch. It gives off no pain on my fragile skin. There it has a rubbery texture. Could it be its final form? Yes, it could cause harm though this creature chose peace and conformity. It chooses to be in peace with me.

As it gets misunderstood, often ridiculed, even hunted to lessen fear. As it walked me home using the path I had not known, I felt comfort as though I could trust the creature in front of me. 

The confusion in my head is chaotic. The frustration of being lost in a forest as I ventured my way home no longer mattered to me. I am safe. It might not be a person that found where I am but it is worthy of recognition. We might not have verbal communication, but the signals it brings are enough to communicate. 

Two creatures of different species got along. Despite the differences in size, appearance, structure, and even mental capabilities. It united with nothing in mind but to feel safe in each other’s presence. Trust was present between us as expectations were achieved. It did not take long for me to see a familiar sight.

The sight of my parents with a worried look. 

How long have I been lost in the forest? What could have happened if I did not stumble across this seemingly ferocious creature? My mother ran to give me a warm embrace. I hugged back teary-eyed as I exclaimed. Mother! I did not think I would’ve found my way home if it wasn’t for him.

I swear, I saw a wide grin on the iguana’s face as it disappeared back into the forest.

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