Crooked Teeth Dream Meaning

A crooked teeth dream is probably one of the most disturbing feelings any dreamer can have. When you wake up, and the dream imagery of crooked teeth fills your mind, it may be a sign of trouble or inner disquiet for most people.

Teeth symbolism in a dream makes sense of what we feel about our self-image. It directly impacts our self-esteem and goes to the core of our insecurities.

Insecurity in Your Waking Life

A lot of your insecurities are affected by expectations set by your social media account, public profile information, and other online apps and sites. Once we’re logged in to our accounts online, all we see are “standards” set by society at large.

Even when using sites, others tend to prefer “dummy accounts” over the social login provider or social login button that would link to their Facebook or email—exposing their personal lives and image to strangers on the web.

The image that we present to the public is often very different from our self-image. This usually leads to insecurity and a sense of powerlessness over how other people view us.

What a Crooked Teeth Dream Means

A crooked teeth dream signifies uncharted lands about your true self. This dream states that we have a negative view of ourselves.

We must wield our personal power to stop feeling embarrassed and feeling inadequate.

To dream about the most disturbing signs of low self-esteem, like having crooked teeth, often makes us automatically create scenarios in our minds that maybe people will find us unattractive or unappealing.

Typically, this dream refers to how we see ourselves and not how other people see us.

Crooked teeth dreams can also serve as a map of our inner thoughts. These dreams can shine a light on the inner conflicts and issues that we need to fix.

Common Dreams About Crooked Teeth and Their Meanings

There are different dream interpretations for different types of dreams that involve various kinds of teeth. These types of dreams center on our perception of ourselves as well as others.

Artificial Crooked Teeth

This type of symbology can mean that someone is a victim of fraud, or there is deliberate deception to somebody in your life. This can involve a long-time friend, a family member, or even just someone you met on a first date.

This dream can also symbolize delusion or conflict with others. The dreamer risks being a victim of deception or misunderstanding, which should sensibly mean practicing a higher level of caution when dealing with others.

Falling Teeth

When you dream of teeth falling out, this signifies the death of someone you know.

This dream of falling teeth doesn’t necessarily have to be about physical death. It can mean that person is about to go through a tremendous amount of life changes that may or may not affect your relationship with them.

Dirty Teeth

This dream is quite an unpleasant image. It signifies problems in your family and your inability to settle these types of disputes.

Dirty teeth can also mean that someone will try to break you or ruin your reputation by causing you to have a “stained image” among other people. This may not be true in your waking life, but it does highlight your insecurity about your inability to shape other people’s impressions of your inner life.

Crumbling Teeth

This type of dream is an indication that you’re a very stubborn person. You can easily get mad when talking about certain topics you’re sensitive about. Still, you’re trying to suppress that aspect of yourself.

By the same token, you have a hard time expressing what you’re truly feeling. You focus on the first intense emotion that comes to mind, and you fail to dig deeper into what your feelings truly mean.

False Teeth

To dream of false teeth signifies a future problem involving the twisting of your good intentions. A false teeth dream means that those good intentions never pan out—at least not in the form that you expect.

Alternatively, it’s also probable that this symbol means delusion. It can be a delusion surrounding your impressions of other people. But more commonly, it’s a delusion regarding how people view you. You should not practice short-sightedness when it comes to seeing the true intentions of others.

Broken Teeth

To dream about broken teeth means that there’s some sort of threat to your well-being. It can affect a significant area of your life. It can lead to financial losses due to impulsive purchases or other changes in your life.

The image of broken teeth suggests that you should take more responsible actions. Such responsible actions can apply when starting projects or doing any other change that’s considered a big deal in your life—like moving to a new place or switching careers.

The Final Word on Dreams About Crooked Teeth

Dear reader, it’s important to remember that dreams shouldn’t automatically be taken as fact. A lot of factors are involved in the process of dream interpretation.

Archetypical dream interpretation states that there are several factors that go into the process of understanding dreams. According to her famous dream dictionary or dream book, even the condition in which you slept—comfortable, exhausted, anxious—affects the meaning and symbols you get in your dream.

Ultimately, understanding your dream and acting on it in your waking life is up to you and what you choose to do with the messages you get from your subconscious.

Dream Example #1

I Had One Bad Tooth, And Then This Happened

I have this one bad tooth that I would have removed if I could.

It was not aligned with the rest, and my teeth would be perfect if not for this stubborn one.

It was this tooth to the right of my left fang. It was like having two fangs in one place. So, like, three fangs all over.

I have this habit of touching it with my tongue, and there would be times that I would feel it slightly move. That would get me scared and have me refrain from trying to move it.

But after a week or so, I will be doing it all over again.

I hated going to the dentist. My dentist was a family friend, so being comfortable was not the issue.

The problem was the sound of the equipment was simply unpleasant to the ears.

The dentist’s office was located within the city, near the government offices and the shopping centers. There was a roasted chicken place that always smelled so good in front of their building, and it reminded me that I can not eat one after my dentist’s session.

When I waited for my turn, I always thought that nothing good is happening to whoever that patient is. The cleaning equipment sounded like a drill, and bloody gums are to be expected after every session.

Although I take good care of cleaning my teeth, my dentist kept bugging me to get braces, and how my teeth would look so much better with them and after the whole process.

It was expensive, and I did not want to bother my mom with the costs. My dentist warned me about my bad tooth, how it was slightly sticking out and can have a harmful effect in the future.

I kept ignoring her advice until I dreamt about that tooth ruining me.

I was sitting in the dentist’s chair, waiting for the hygienist to set me up for my usual treatment.

He fixed up a blue dental bib on me and arranged the rest of the dentist’s tools. I waited patiently for my dentist to come, and I did my habit of touching that tooth with my tongue.

Only this time, it moved. And it was not just a light nudge. It was like it dislocated from the gums entirely.

I stopped any movements from myself. I was so tempted to try and touch it again with my tongue just to make sure it was still there.

I made the mistake of touching a different tooth, the one to its right. It moved, too. No. No. This is not happening.

Where is the dentist during this whole time? I wanted to grab the mirror to see it with my own eyes, but I could not move.

I was still in denial and did not want to become fully aware that I did this to myself.

Suddenly, I felt every single one of my teeth become loose. It was like an earthquake in my mouth – the shaking buildings were my teeth, but I was not moving my face at all.

They seemed to be rattling and making clacking noises against each other. I just froze in my chair until I woke up and realized that it was just a dream.

My teeth are fine now. I got braces and lived with them for a couple of years. I am now more confident in flashing a smile.

I still have that habit, but I try to stop myself whenever I could. I would not want a real-life repeat of what I dreamt about.

Dream Example #2

A lovely night in the middle of the city. The moon was out but looked angry. And a few stars that seemed arranged up there in the sky.

The hands of the clock was already waving goodnight as it was 21:45. I was writing a report I brought home from work as I had to finish it that night hence the need to stay awake until this time.

I really love late night study though, especially on weekends when I’ll be home the next day.

The TV was on and a popular horror movie of the early 90’s, “evil dead” was being screened. I really love that movie.

I was the only one around and it was scary hearing the sounds and themes of the movie. I was writing and watching the movie at the same time which made it all the more fun.

After I was done with the report I made myself a cup of coffee, happy to finally concentrate on the movie.

While watching, I had the cup in my hands whilst taking it up to my mouth for a sip, when suddenly I looked into the cup. “This is not the coffee I made”, I thought to myself.

The light browny chocolaty colour of the coffee in the cup had disappeared. The sweet energetic fragrance of the coffe had gone as well.

Amazed, I brought down the cup to have a closer look. “What is this red substance in my coffee cup?”. I rushed to the hand wash sink, poured the contents a little into the sink and gosh, it was blood. Red thick blood.

How did my coffee turn to blood? Where could all this blood come from? I was the only one around. I prepared the coffee myself.

I had been taking my coffee for about half an hour. Just I, my coffee cup, and my mouth. Wait! My mouth! Could all this blood come from my mouth? Was I bleeding in my mouth?

Feeling terrible, I slowly raised my head to look at the face mirror just above the hand wash sink, praying that what I thought about is not true.

Here was I, the man in the mirror. My handsome face was shining and nothing was wrong with me.

Suddenly I opened my mouth. I wasn’t bleeding, but my teeth had gone. I looked away immediately as I couldn’t stand what I saw.

I was disfigured in my mouth. First, the blood in my coffee cup, and now my teeth. I summoned courage to look again to be sure it was real.

Again, slowly I looked up and into the mirror. I opened my mouth again, seeing I even lost more teeth than I observed the first time, I screamed to the heavens.

As I screamed I woke up. Behold, it was a dream. A very unpleasant dream too. I had slept on my study table while writing my report.

I stood up, turned off the TV and went to bed, happy it was a dream, as well as praying the dream doesn’t come true.

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