What Does a Dream About Cannibalism Mean?

I’m not going to lie to you: a dream about cannibalism is enough to freak anybody out. After all, acts of cannibalism—in dreams and real-life—seem to reflect dark realities in the history of human beings.

In fact, cannibalism is one of the longest-standing taboos in all of human civilization. It doesn’t matter where people are located. The moment you start discussing cannibalism or humans eating other people, all bets are off.

Usually, people get disgusted. The only way people will somewhat feel comfortable with “cannibalism” stories is when it comes to fictional zombie movies or shows: these aren’t real life—we’re no longer talking about breathing, living, and thinking humans here.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand why people get this very nauseous and definitely negative feeling when talking about cannibal dreams, actions, and anything else involving cannibalism.

Indeed, when it comes to human beings, the idea of eating other people is off-limits, disgusting, and troubling. It’s as if cannibalism has this universal taboo that all people groups at all times share.

But is this the case? Or is this just our impression at this stage of the evolution of human life?

dream about cannibalism

Cannibalism Dreams and Their General Effect on People

Well, you have to understand that whether you have raised teenagers or children, when somebody tells you of a dream of cannibalism, you need to sit up and pay attention.

Cannibalism, of course, is an act where human flesh is being eaten by humans. It’s very gory, unsettling, and disturbing.

To dream about eating human flesh is definitely out of the ordinary. Having such a dream can feel like a nightmare. This is something that you’re normally afraid of. Either you’re afraid of it happening to you, or you’re afraid of doing it.

Again, this is the stuff of nightmares.

We are aware of what cannibals literally consume. It is quite hard to focus on this in terms of dream interpretation.

Dream Interpretation and Symbolism of Cannibalism

Cannibalism dream meaning and imagery may look like bad omens. The general meaning of a cannibalism dream involves travels, acquiring things, taking in things, and—believe it or not—success and achievement.

It all boils down to the context of your dream so that we can decipher what eating human flesh implies. The interesting thing about dreams is that they often work in terms of complementary or contrasting meanings. There’s never any “direct interpretation” of dreams.

Cannibalism shows analogies and dream symbology that actually point to positive meanings in certain contexts.

This type of dream does not mean that you have forbidden desires to physically harm another person or that you will be harmed or eaten yourself. It is just a warning sign of an unwanted situation that can happen upon deeper reflection.

Again, our waking minds pick up on a lot of signals. Sometimes, it lets us know of things that it has picked up in the most unsettling way possible: a dream about cannibalism can definitely be haunting, disturbing, and unsettling.

If anything, it signifies that you are highly affected by somebody else’s energy. You get easily consumed by other people’s lives and opinions. You get so caught up in their successes and “good qualities” that you let them live rent-free in your head—sometimes, to your own detriment.

Alternatively, to dream of eating human meat means you are feeling other people’s ideas and energies to the point that you are so intimate with that person for emotional sustenance that their ideas become yours. It’s as if you’re feeding off their energy and failing to live your own life.

This has certain similarities with the biblical meaning of bed in a dream: your potential might end up wasted if you remain caught up on external factors and neglect your own well-being.

Also, to experience a cannibalism dream means that you’re suffering from a dangerous and prohibited fixation with a situation, an event, or even some sort of desire.

A cannibal, by definition, eats human meat. But in this context, “eating human flesh” can take many different forms. You can be eating organ meat, drinking blood, or simply eating somebody’s flesh.

Alternative Dream Interpretations for Cannibal Dreams

Depending on where your “mental camera” is pointed when you’re having cannibal dreams, this can easily be interpreted as somebody’s obsessed with you. They feed off your energy in the waking life.

Now, you may be thinking that this is a good idea—no, it isn’t. Especially if it’s an intimate romantic relationship, it can get quite suffocating if there’s no healthy balance for the both of you. Most people are turned off by clingy individuals—whether male or female.

This type of dream can also mean an emotional and physical affair. Maybe you are in a relationship where you think you’re not getting certain things or a certain level of attention.

When you have such issues in your relationship, it’s very important to learn the meaning of cannibal dreams, as well as the boyfriend with another girl dream meaning, which may very well occur in your nighttime visions too.

To eat human flesh in a dream can also mean the worst form of betrayal from other people. This usually involves feelings about teams or work crews.

You think you’re working towards a common goal, and then you get sacrificed and then eaten. It’s as if the team needed somebody to provide energy, and you’re it.

Cannibalism Dream Meaning and Detailed Dream Interpretation

A girl experiencing dreams about cannibalism represents that she is currently jealous of someone. It can be a friend or another female close to her lover.

This dream promises that there is nothing wrong with the female dreamer. Instead, she should just confront her issues regarding trust and intimacy.

Eating Human Meat Dream Meaning

When you dream of physically chewing on human meat, it means that you are suffering anxiety about getting into some sort of trouble.

You’re not sure what to do in a specific situation, but you feel that you’re doing something that goes against your values and personal principles. You are torn up inside between doing what you feel is necessary versus doing something that you know to be morally right.

Dreaming About Eating and Finding an Unfamiliar Person

When you notice in your dream that you have hunted a stranger, and you are chewing on their flesh, this means that you’re doing your best to confront your fears.

You are stepping out of your comfort zone, and you are putting in the effort and the energy to overcome them. But there’s a twist.

If it turns out that you’re eating the human flesh of someone that you know, this can mean betrayal on your part. You are using your close relationship or your intimacy with that person to gain an unfair advantage.

Maybe you’re not really truthful about your mixed feelings about that person. You can say to that person that you love them, and you support them, but it turns out that you may be using them to get ahead.

This is your conscience telling you, in the most vivid way possible, that you are trying to get ahead by using other people. You’re feeding on the flesh of their ambitions.

To feed on someone you know is an absolutely terrifying thought because of the trust you’ve established.

This doesn’t mean that you actually want to eat them—turn them into lasagna or pasta—but it just means that you have this inner conflict about your trust in that person and their relationship with you. You need to resolve it.

Dreaming About Another Person Eating Human Flesh

If you see yourself watching somebody eat another person, it means that you’re unsure about yourself and in your individuality. You don’t know what your best qualities are, and you want to be someone else.

It’s as if there’s this vicarious desire in yourself to be that person. Not that you want to consume human flesh, but you want to step out of yourself. But, in reality, there’s a part of you that hates yourself.

You’re not quite comfortable. You’re insecure, or you have low self-esteem.

The answer, of course, is to truly “eat yourself” in the sense that you fully accept who you are—warts and everything. Celebrate your strengths, be mindful of your weaknesses, and do your best.

Nobody’s going to love you if you don’t first love yourself.

Dreaming of Cannibalism Where You Are Not Physically Harmed

If you find yourself in a weird dream where you are being boiled or eaten, but nothing happens to your body, it shows that there you have an emerging consciousness that you are not part of other people and that you can draw healthy boundaries between your family, your friends, and who you think you are.

This is a positive sign. No matter how many people disapprove or talk behind your back, you will do fine. You have enough of a backbone to make it through.

Dream of Being Eaten Alive

This is a very disturbing dream because it highlights, in the most vivid way possible, that you care too much about what other people think about you. You want to be part of their decisions. You want to change their minds. In your view, everything is all about you.

The good news is that it’s not about you. And maybe this vision’s very disturbing imagery would be enough to push you out of that mindset and accept things for what they are.

People will talk. People will go on their own way. It doesn’t have to be all about you.

Dreaming of Having Successfully Escaped a Cannibalism Ordeal

When you see yourself escaping from some sort of makeshift jail and seeing other people getting slaughtered or having their body parts being eaten or gnawed on by others as you escape, this is actually a good sign.

You are able to avoid a dangerous emotional situation, and you can see yourself as a distinct enough person to not have to crave people’s appreciation, respect, and acceptance all the time.

Eventually, there is a point where you just have to decide: “I am who I am, and there’s really nothing I can do to change who I am. I’m not going to turn into somebody else, so I’ll just go on my way.”

“And that’s perfectly fine.”

Dream Example #1

I had been invited to an African Safari Carnival. I was excited as I packed for my trip. I ensured I pack only light, sleeveless clothes as I had heard of the blazing sun and heat in some African countries.

I felt my tummy flutter in excitement as I made for the airport. The flight was longer than I had expected and I found myself falling in and out of sleep.

I looked out of the window of the cab and took more pictures of the sandy road. I waved at some Africans as we drove farther into the red dusty road.

They waved back although they looked curiously at the cab. Soon, we pulled up at a massive white gate guarded by two hefty African men on each side.

The cab driver bid me farewell as I paid him handsomely. I pulled my luggage out of the car trunk and strolled in through the gate stopping to say hi to the African guards who only nodded at me.

Behind the gate was an open field with different tents. There were lots of people chatting, taking pictures and strolling around.

Some young masquerades were performing some acrobatics at the center of the field while some spectators cheered on.

I quickly spotted a pretty young African woman who introduced herself as Miriam.

She was a tall dark skinned lady with wide curved hips that slowed her walking pace. She showed me to my tent and invited me for the evening show.

There was a camp bed at the far end of the tent.

A dim lantern hung from the top at the center of the tent. I quickly changed into a more sleeveless blouse with a jean. Just then, I heard a knock on the door.

‘Hello, my name is Augrey. I’ve been directed to bring you food’, a tall handsome African man said.

I thanked him and collected the tray while he backed out. I eagerly open the tray to find meat and tomato sauce alongside a cup of water.

My mouth instantly watered as I began to happily munch away. The meat tasted delicious and the sauce was spicy.

I ate to my fill, dropped the tray on the floor and closed my eyes to catch a quick nap. A knock woke me up. It was Miriam, the pretty African woman. She had come to remind me of the show. I hurriedly brushed my hair and picked up my camera.

Miriam was indeed a pleasant lady. She showed me around and introduced me to different people.

I noticed that most of the food sold was made of meat. I pointed that out to Miriam who simply brushed it off with a nervous laugh.

We strolled into the dark evening until it we got to the venue of the evening show. A lot of people had gathered and we quickly secured our spots.

Some beautiful African women came out dancing while the men sang. After a while, it was time for the children’s wrestling.

I noticed Miriam walking far away from me.

I quickly followed her walking briskly as I hoped to catch up with her. She moved farther into the dark path and I could see a river ahead.

I wondered why she was headed towards the river. I thought of calling out to her but I decided to observe her secretly.

Just then, I heard some voices screaming for help. The voices grew louder as I walked closer to the river. Then I saw it!

A cooking pot sat on a local coal stove while two men dragged a screaming woman close to the river. I quickly hid behind a tall tree as I looked on curiously.

The woman’s scream was soon cut short as one of the men cut off her throat as the other held her down. Soon, she was cut into different parts and these parts were thrown into the pot on the coal stove.

I saw Miriam open the pot to add some powdery substance in. I cringed as I saw her lift the spoon to her lips to have a taste.

Soon, a figure joined the group by the river. It was the young man that had earlier served me my food. He dipped his hand into the pot, took a piece of meat and ate it happily.

‘Please buckle your seat belts. Cabin crew please prepare for landing’. I opened my eyes to see that I had fallen asleep on the plane. We were about landing. I was really in Africa for the Safari.

Dream Example #2

Last night’s dream scared the shit out of me. In my dream, it was a typical Monday afternoon, and I was returning from school.

No wonder I was hungry since I couldn’t have breakfast in my haste. I pushed open the glass door and entered the coffee shop.

Uncomfortable Feeling In The Gut
The atmosphere of the shop was seemingly very gloomy. Although it was the first working day of the week, many chairs, which always used to be occupied by other customers, were free.

I ignored this feeling in my gut, which was, for some strange reason, begging me to leave the shop, and went ahead. The shopkeeper was an old lady with glasses on her eyes.

Strange Shop-Lady
She was more interested in knitting a sweater than taking my food order. I tried to grab her attention by waving my hand in front of her, but her complete focus was on the sweater. It impressed me. But my hungry tummy had begged to differ.

I Heard Heart Piercing Screams
I tried again, and that time I succeeded. The lady gave me the menu once I asked her. I was going through the menu when I heard a heart-wrenching screaming from the outside of the shop.

I moved my head to check what it was. And it was the most disgusting and scary scene of my life.

Deja-Vu Of A Cannibal Movie
People were trying to eat the other people.

Some monsters, which I believed them to be, were trying to enter the shop. The security guards were trying their best to prevent them.

At this moment, I could only think of the cannibal movie, which I had seen recently. I looked back at the old lady; It also terrified her.

Horrible Scene Of Blood Shed
I once again focused on the outside view. With the breaking of the glass door, this place where I was standing was no longer safer.

Within no time, those monsters filled the entire shop, hunting people here and there. They painted every table and chair bloody red by then. It was my cue to run away and save my life.

Shop Lady Was Capture Too
With the motive of helping the old lady out of there, I moved my head to call her, but it was too late. One of their kind captured that lady.

One of her hands was bleeding and her other hand was in the monster’s mouth who had captured her. It was then; I knew I did not have any other option but to flee away. Alone.

Unwelcome Appearance
One last time, I saw the entire shop, which was covered with dead bodies and monsters. What I failed to notice was that one monster was making his way towards me. He tried to hold my wrist, which he failed miserably.

Run For The Life
With the last bit of my energy, I hit a vase, which was placed on the table nearby, on his forehead. He groaned with the impact, making it easier for me to run out of the shop. And I did.

Forcefully, I pulled the door handle, and before running away, I looked to both ends and ran for my life. With this, I woke up.

Dream Example #3

I opened my eyes gently and scanned the room as I tried to remember where I was.

Beside me, I saw Justin and my memory came rushing back.

I just got married to the love of my life.

Justin and I have dated for more than six years and today we are finally married.

We were on a trip for our honeymoon.

We had chosen a nice resort in a remote town in northern Cameroon, far away from the busy life of the city.

All we wanted was a quiet place where we could breathe fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The Yankara Resort is 6 hours drive from the city we live.

Justin had suggested we travel by road to add more fun and adventure to our honeymoon experience.

I have heard many stories about how nature had favored the land with so many naturally attractive sites.

Tourists troop into Cameroon every year, especially during the Egundale festival, to visit the resort.

Four hours into our trip, I fell asleep and woke up a few minutes later to find the car swaying to the left and right.

Justin had fallen asleep too while driving and had driven into the next lane only to be awoken by the blaring car horn of an upcoming vehicle.

As he struggled to get the car back to the right lane, he lost control and ran the car into a tree.

Luckily, we came out unscathed but to the sad reality that we can no longer travel in our car.

We got our bags and stood by the roadside to hitch a ride.

Since it wasn’t a festive season, there were very few cars going towards Egundale.

After about an hour and twenty minutes, a truck stopped by us.

The driver was an elderly man in his sixties.

He offered to help us get to the resort only after he makes a delivery somewhere.

We were thankful and got into his car with no delay.

The last thing I can remember is that we got off the main road into a dusty and narrow path.

I moved closer to Justin and woke him gently.

He stared at me blankly as he tried to remember where he was.

We heard whispers outside and tiptoed to one of the windows in the room.

There was a small gathering outside.
A big pot sitting on fire was cooking in the middle of the gathering.

There seems to be a disagreement among the people.

Instantly, it dawned on us what was happening here.

Wow! Nobody told me people still practice cannibalism, especially in a town where tourists frequented in large numbers yearly.

Out of fear for our lives, we jumped out through the back window.

The moon outside was bright enough.

We found a bush path and ran as fast as our legs could carry us, only to run into another gathering much bigger than the first.

We hid in the bush and watched them feasting on different parts of a human body.

I felt nauseated and threw up immediately.

As we turned in search of another path out of this scary place, we saw two figures hovering over us.

We were caught and taken to the middle of the gathering. The people screamed, sang, drummed, and danced when they saw us.

They tied us to a stick and set fire at our feet.

I screamed out so loudly and woke up on my bed sweating profusely.

It was all a nightmare. Phew!

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