What Does a Dream About Diarrhea Mean?

Let’s get one thing clear: diarrhea is not exactly a very pleasant topic and carries a negative connotation. It’s not the kind of thing that you normally bring up at dinner-time conversations. For many people, just the thought or even the image of diarrhea is enough to make them want to throw up. Obviously, a dream about diarrhea can be disturbing to say the least.

There’s just something about this condition that gets under our skin and triggers our collective disgust. Not surprisingly, when people experience a vivid dream about diarrhea, their first impression is one of disgust, concern, or other terrible feelings.

Now, please understand that there’s a big difference between a dream about this type of condition and just seeing it as some sort of background effect or a passing detail in the environment of your dream.

When you say you have a dream about diarrhea, it should be front and center if you want this interpretation or dream analysis to make sense. This is not intended for nighttime visions where diarrhea is somehow part of the background or a topic that people are talking about, but you don’t actually see.

It also has to take center stage. Put simply: it has to be the main focus of your dream.

With that said, this image of loose bowel movements can have you feeling humiliated, restless, confused, or disgusted.

Dream About Diarrhea

Diarrhea Experiences in Real Life

Diarrhea is one of those experiences that you hate going through. It’s an uncomfortable feeling for the body; it’s disgusting. You also are afraid that people will look at you differently once they find out that you suffer from it. But it also has the effect of being a good conversation starter.

Can you imagine, 20 years later, telling a story of the time that you had the runs in high school or as a child? Your best friends would probably laugh out loud, and everybody would have a good time. But when you’re going through it, it is far from pleasant on many different levels.

Such a Dream Signifies Both Positive and Negative Implications in Real Life

If you have such a dream, it may automatically look like a bad dream. Please understand that feces, manure, or anything related to the biological need to get rid of human waste has two meanings historically.

While it’s easy to focus on how dreaming about diarrhea can involve something that you want to avoid or have no control over, when people dream about shit, sometimes, it indicates coming material fortune or business success.

Put simply, in certain contexts, when you have a dream vision about your body “answering the call of nature” or obsessing about shit, such a dream signifies that fortune or financial gain is coming your way.

As I have mentioned several times in this blog, your subconscious speaks to you in two distinct ways through your dream. Either it brings up the range of emotional responses you have to a certain symbol and communicates unspoken or overlooked truths that way, or it can use contrasts between positive and negative symbols.

When you’re dreaming of something that is disturbing, it might actually be a good sign. Keep this in mind as we get to the bottom of what it means when you dream about diarrhea.

General Dream Interpretation About Diarrhea

Generally speaking, people who suffer loose bowel movements in a dream experience a high sense of urgency. This is a no-brainer.

When you hear your guts growling, and you can feel that you’re about to pop anytime soon, you want to deal with it and get to the nearest bathroom as soon as possible. That is the definition of a sense of urgency.

Experiencing this in a dream represents that there’s something about your current goals that you should pay more attention to. Either your subconscious is telling you that you’re slacking and not taking things seriously, or things have come to a head.

Maybe there’s a detail that you overlooked and, for whatever reason, it’s going to make or break your goal. It pays tremendously to pay attention to a diarrhea dream and the type of dream environment it occurs in.

A Dream About Diarrhea Signals the Need to Rid Your Life of Toxicity

Another meaning to this fairly common dream imagery involves cleansing.

Usually, when people think of cleansing, they imagine themselves going on a fast or taking some sort of food supplement for their overall well-being. Such treatment is how we normally look at “detoxification” and “cleansing.”

An alternative meaning to “detox” can also refer to people going on nature trips or going to retreats to relive their memories as a child to get away from the hustle and bustle of adult life and its additional obligations. Using those techniques, we are in full control.

But diarrhea delivers quick cleansing but not the kind you might be comfortable with. Still, it’s cleansing nonetheless.

So if there’s something toxic in your life, or you are just surrounded by negativity from “bad” people to the point that you are actually internalizing a lot of that judgment, criticism, and negativity—these may be from an estranged family member, a business enemy, or an ex-friend or lover—don’t be all that shocked when you see yourself having loose bowel movements in your dream.

In fact, its meaning can be so pressing that it can take place over the course of several nights—maybe every other night or every two nights. If that’s happening to you, please pay attention.

Your subconscious is telling you about stuff that’s happening in your social circles.

Dreams About Diarrhea Can Also Reveal Embarrassment

It’s very easy to see the meaning and connection between diarrhea and embarrassing events or situations in your life—as a child and as an adult.

You wouldn’t want to be the kid who goes back into your junior high classroom, and people start holding their noses and pointing the finger at you. That happens quite a bit in elementary school and the early grades of junior high school. In fact, you and your friends probably know somebody that went through that embarrassing situation.

The interesting thing is that it’s never funny, at least for that moment, for the guy or gal that it happened to.

It’s not a surprise that when you dream about diarrhea, there’s something from your past or the things that you’re currently doing now that doesn’t exactly fill you with pride. If given a choice, you’d rather hide it from everybody you know.

Maybe you have an addiction. Maybe you have debts. Maybe you’re trying to impress people by appearing to be something that you’re not. Part of you is just terrified that they will find out who you really are.

This is especially true for people who wear a lot of bling, show off a lot of flash cash, and live in homes that they can’t afford. They’re basically spending cash that they don’t have to project a lifestyle that is pure fantasy.

Dreams About Diarrhea Can Represent Over-Dependence on a Financial Reward You’re Getting

The interesting thing about the meaning of this type of situation is that your diarrhea dream can be an indication of a cleansing psychological reaction on your part to do away with your need for the approval of others and, possibly, be more true to yourself and stay mentally strong.

This, of course, isn’t easy because it means letting go of whatever “rewards” you get when you pretend to be something that you’re not. Believe me; this is very hard for a lot of people because they do the things that they do because there’s something in it for them.

It’s easy to judge others because you can look at what they’re doing from the outside. You’re not experiencing the rewards that they can in whatever forms they take.

But when you’re in the center of all of that, it’s hard to let that go. For whatever reason, being accepted in certain circles because your flash cash or you dress really fancy or you drive a high-end sports car delivers psychic rewards that you feel you cannot get otherwise.

Walking away from that situation is almost impossible until, of course, the diarrhea dreams point to the house of cards crashing down.

Common Dreams About Diarrhea in the Dream World and Their Dream Interpretations

Smelling Diarrhea in a Dream Can Represent an Urgent Financial Gain

To dream about smelling diarrhea or feeling like you have the urgency to “go” means that there is something urgent in the coming period that you need to take care of. Sometimes, it may even feel like phantom anxiety.

The good news is that the moment you become more self-aware about urgent matters in your life, the more likely you will be able to spot a business opportunity, career improvement, or financial gain in the near future.

Please understand that a lot of opportunities, whether as an employee or as a business owner, often flash in and out of existence in a second. You have to have the right mindset and sensitivity for you to properly identify them and take advantage of them.

When you smell diarrhea coming in your dream, this indicates that your sensitivity to such potentially financially rewarding opportunities is increasing.

Diarrhea Dream Interpretation Can Point to Money or Career Problems

The downside is that when you notice that you’re past the smelling stage and you just crapped your pants, it can indicate that you’re having financial problems or it’s about to break out.

This doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. If you notice that your credit card bills keep getting bigger and bigger month after month, you know that something drastic is about to come your way. It’s not exactly a mystery.

Not surprisingly, if you find yourself dreaming that you’re unable to control it, and it becomes very obvious to the point that it’s some sort of embarrassing public spectacle, this can indicate that you feel you’re about to suffer a crushing financial loss.

Maybe your business venture failed. Maybe you’re not going to get that promotion. Maybe that dream job is taken by somebody else.

This can also mean that you are perceiving that somebody is getting in your way. It’s as if you are ready to sign on the dotted line and close that amazing contract that will change your life, or you are about to get that awesome lifetime dream job offer, but somebody got in the way.

Please understand that, in many cases, the only one that can make that happen is yourself. Don’t be too quick to find somebody to blame. In many situations, and—I’m even bold enough to say—in most situations, we sabotage ourselves.

Maybe when you see yourself smelling diarrhea or going through it in your dream, you might want to use that as a warning sign as to take a long, hard look at how you manage your career or pay closer attention to your business practices.

What Does It Mean When You’re Having Diarrhea, and Other People Saw It?

When you see diarrhea happening to you, it symbolizes that you are trying to keep up public appearances, and you’re being found out.

Again, it all boils down to an opportunity. Either you become a better liar and actor, or you just be completely honest with yourself and stop impressing people you don’t even like with cash you don’t even have.

What Does It Mean When You Have Dreams About Diarrhea Happening to Another Person?

When you see this type of imagery, it can mean two things.

One, you are very envious of somebody materially. Maybe they can go on vacations that you can only dream of. Maybe they drive cars that you’ve been fantasizing about. You’re friends, but you’re not that close of friends, and this eats you up.

In the back of your mind, you’re thinking: what do they have that you don’t have? What do they do that you can’t do? You then spiral into this self-defeating navigation search of what’s wrong with you as a person.

But you know the answer. They take risks. They network. They allow themselves to be changed by their circumstances so that they can reach out to their goals and live out their fantasies. In other words, they’re willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to get there.

You know this deep down inside, so part of you wishes that their house of cards crumbles down because you think that they’re all fake. But part of you also sees them as role models. So you have this love-hate relationship.

When they suffer public diarrhea in your dreams, you get a weird sense of satisfaction, but part of you also feels sorry for them because you want to be them.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Having the Urge of Diarrhea in an Elevator Ride?

When you see this very specific dream imagery involving elevator rides, it means that you have made a decision to go somewhere or to undertake a risk. It could be a career, a relationship, or a business.

Whatever the case may be, the path has been laid down for you. Here you are, feeling your stomach growling. You might even be smelling your bowel movement coming on.

This can indicate two things. Either you’re having second thoughts about the direction you’ve taken and worrying about how much it would take to get to your destination, or it could also mean that you feel that you’re not prepared.

Most of the time, people who ask, “what does it mean when you dream about being in jail?” find that this type of dream symbol is very similar.

One involves feeling regret, and the other one involves feelings of doubt and fear. Again, the only person that can effectively sabotage you and rob you of your dreams is you.

When you dream of being in an elevator going at a high rate of speed, but it’s not fast enough because your diarrhea is coming on, pay close attention to your choices.

Are you prepared to go all the way? Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices and become a specific type of person to reach your goals? If not, what other options do you have available for you?

What Does It Mean to Dream About Having Worse Diarrhea in the Toilet?

To dream about having worse diarrhea in the toilet means that you’re the type of reliable, honest, and fair person who can solve a problem quickly. People expect good things from you, and you’re doing a good job.

The problem is that you let the pressure and everyday concerns get to you from time to time. It’s as if everybody has their eye on you. This fear of complete failure may affect your drive.

The reality is that you’re a natural problem solver. Just let things fall into place and draw your confidence from your competence. Don’t believe your press, and don’t allow yourself to draw your self-esteem based on what others say. Instead, focus on the results that you’re able to produce and things you can control.

When you build it all on a solid foundation of competence, nobody can take that away from you. Your success will truly be yours.

Of course, you still have to give thanks to the people around you and give credit where credit is due. But, deep down inside, you know that it’s yours. You’ve got it.

It’s really important to understand how success works in your path. This means knowing how to deal with different people and knowing how to roll with the punches.

Dreams About Diarrhea Can Refer to Problems with Intimate Relations

Please understand that you must be able to adjust and accept painful experiences and instances of rejection, misunderstanding, and confusion.

Also, when you imagine yourself having the worst diarrhea in the bathroom, and there’s just a lot of filth around, it can mean misgivings on your part in terms of your most intimate relationships. I’m talking about parents and children.

Usually, fathers—in particular—have to give up a lot in terms of seeing their kids grow up or spending a lot more time with their children so that they can prosper in their careers. You have to find the right balance. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to go overboard.

When you see yourself in a bathroom, struggling in the middle of loose bowel movements with filth everywhere, it could be your subconscious telling you that you may have been sacrificing your children to build a life for them that they may not enjoy because you’re not there.

You have to understand that your kids need hugs more than cash. Now, of course, there’s a minimum threshold of comfort that you, as a parent, should give your kids. But to think that you need to give them everything to the point that you’re no longer functionally in their lives is going to be a problem.

This is especially true when it comes to fathers and their daughters. Your daughters understand that you need to make a living, but you can’t take it to extremes to the point that you’re emotionally absent.

When you are there with your children, be emotionally present. Encourage them. Guide them. Most importantly, live by example. Usually, this means loving your partner and showing real appreciation.

The Final Word on a Diarrhea Dream

Interestingly enough, a dream about diarrhea actually falls within the ten most common dreams people have when dealing with issues of self-esteem and fear of public humiliation. More interesting articles online talk about other such dreams like the crooked teeth dream meaning.

Regardless, what’s important to remember is that these dreams are merely messages our subconscious sends us when there are things in our waking life that our mind perceives but we overlook or choose not to pay attention to.

You need to be open to these types of dreams to truly be able to learn the meaning of your nighttime visions.

Dream Example #1

It was a windy summer night, I am feeling good, and everything’s fine. So, after dinner, I took a quick shower and went to sleep.

In the middle of my sound sleep, I had a funny yet disgusting dream. In my dream, I was walking in a big mall and buying stuff for mom and me while having window shopping when I have a weird feeling inside my stomach.

So, that it’s hyperacidity because I am used to experiencing weird pains inside my stomach now and then. I continue to walk inside the mall, and again, there’s pain and an urge to fart this time.

I looked around me and started to fart , but the most disgusting moment in my life happened. The fart goes out with a watery stool, and my underwear didn’t hold it, and it’s dripping off my pants and on the floor as I walk faster going to the comfort room.

I am almost running to the comfort room, trying to hold back the poop, where I didn’t notice that every part of the floor that I passed has drippings of watery poop.

It is uncomfortable and embarrassing, but instead of going back to clean those messes, I aim to get to the comfort room and SURPRISE! THERE’S A LONG LINE TO THE COMFORT ROOM! WHAT A PERFECT TIMING!

All I want to do is hide inside the comfort room cubicle and try to fix the smelly poop on my clothes, inside my underwear and on my thighs.

It’s a good thing a janitress approached me and offered the comfort room for Person With Disabilities.

I walked inside, locked the door and removed my pants and underwear. I dump my underwear inside the bin, and my big problem now is my pants. I need to clean them to remove the smell and poop using water, soap, and hand dryers to dry the pants.

Finally, everything’s fine now, so I went outside the comfort room and decided to go home afterwards and forget what happened that day.

As I am driving home, my stomach ache attacks again and GREAT! I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TRAFFIC! The more my stomach ache worsens, the more I am getting some panic attacks and thinking about what to do.

So, I keep on beeping the car horn while driving and put on the hazard car signal to get the attention of other drivers and let me pass through because it’s an emergency.

As I am getting near my house, the stomach ache got more intense. Does my poop have a sensor? That’s what I thought before reaching the place.

Before I went down the car, the watery poop came out again, and the vehicle’s inside smelled bad.

I left the car in the garage and run to the bathroom when I woke up from my dream because it feels so real.

I immediately stood up from my bed and went to the bathroom. When I pull out my underwear, now I know that it’s not a dream; IT’S REAL!

Dream Example #2

I was enjoying a good time at the swimming pool. I was feeling cold yet playing around splashing water everywhere. The swimming pool was deep so the floor was way down beneath the legs.

A lovely girl was playing around on the other side of the pool. I wanted to have a cool conversation with her.

I was swimming to the other side of the pool but feeling heavy in my stomach. I put every effort to swim faster and reach there sooner.

In the meanwhile, she turned around and spotted me coming over to her. To my surprise, she seemed to be interested in talking with me.

I wondered, yet I got happier. I was forcing myself to swim faster as much as I could. Yet, the heavy feeling in my stomach was not going away. I shook my legs and tried to feel sane.

My urge to meet her was increasing every second! She was waiting for me but got bored. After a while, she came out of the swimming pool and sat on its side edge.

At this time of the hour, she appeared to be a little mischievous and naughty. Her naughty smile was not revealing whether she was showing a keen interest in me or was making fun of me. I was puzzled. Yet, I ignored it.

I was struggling to swim and have a chit-chat with her. I tried hard every time to reach the other side faster. Yet, I failed several times.

I was perplexed why I was taking so long to reach. I am always a good swimmer. But my urge was solid. I continued swimming. I also continued feeling this discomfort in my stomach.

It was creating pressure on me. I was finding it hard to swim. I wanted to meet her sooner. She felt like a dream girl to me. I was feeling anxious yet excited. It seemed like a thrilling experience.

Finally, I reached the other side of the pool. I was excited to meet her and have a good talk.

She was telling me to sit beside her on the pool’s edge. I was not ready to sit there as I had this heavy urge in my stomach. I suggested that she swim again in the pool with me.

I kept on insisting her and she kept on denying it. Meanwhile, the discomfort in my stomach was rising. The bloating feeling was worsening minute by minute. She continued forcing me to sit besides her.

Having no other option, I agreed with her. I somehow managed to come out of the swimming pool with the help of a ladder.

She shifted a bit to the other side. I felt like she was smiling mischievously. She made a place for me to sit beside her.

I sat beside her but I felt a strong urge to go to the restroom. And, I opened my eyes and realized that it was a dream about Diarrhea as I was suffering through it for a few days

Dream Example #3

I saw a terrible dream that I was at work. I tried to go to the bathroom, but it was out of order. I had diarrhea, and there were people everywhere in my cubicle, so I continued to stand while waiting.

A family member walked by, and I asked them to help me. They agreed. I sat down on the floor because it was wet, and standing up was impossible for me at this point.

I tried to stand up, and it felt like my stomach was going to burst open. I kept telling myself that it wasn’t real. I felt like my lower back was backed up or something.

The worst part was trying to clean it all up. Everyone kept gawking at me. I was vomiting because of the need for relief.

The family member told me to put my head between the wall and my legs. My face touched the ground, and I vomited some more, then had diarrhea again.

It was terrible. I had to clean it all up. I felt defeated. It was the worst feeling in my life. 
I tried to clean it up but realized that I needed someone’s help because my stomach was hurting.

I could feel that there was something wrong with it because of the searing pain. I called for help and felt weaker than ever before.

It felt long time before the doctor came by, but when they did, I didn’t want to see a doctor because they would judge me.

So, I asked them to help me clean up instead. It was a terrible ordeal. I felt like I shouldn’t have to apologize for having diarrhea, but also that it shouldn’t be this way at all.

I tried standing up and felt dizzy from the pressure on my lower back. It was as if there were too many people in one area, which made me uncomfortable, so I vomited.

I felt like I was in hell, that my life wasn’t worth living anymore. The pain and pressure were unbearable, but no one could do anything to help me. All I wanted to do was die because there was nothing else, I could think of doing. 

Another family member walked by and asked me what was wrong. I told them that I had diarrhea, needed help with cleaning up, and felt like crap all around.

They agreed, otherwise I might have died from the pain in my stomach. The family member helped me get cleaned up because I felt embarrassed about having diarrhea at work.

The whole experience ended with me feeling angry about having diarrhea and defeated because of how hard it is for people with chronic illnesses to receive adequate care.

I had to take the family member’s hands and ask them to help me sit down because my stomach felt like it would burst open.

I tried to wipe off my face, and again, I vomited. The family member suggested that we should go into the bathroom stall and keep our heads down so no one would see us.

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