What does a dream of stones mean?

If you had a dream of stones and stone like images, you probably didn’t think much about your nighttime vision.

You might have even thought it was a fluke or assuming you even remembered it.

Stones after all can be found in a lot of places and they are very easy to overlook.

But when you dream of stones, your subconscious is actually trying to get across very important messages.

General meaning of stone dreams

General meaning of stone dreams

If you dream of stones and stone like images, your subconscious is trying to get across to you your overall ability to handle conflict, challenges and change.

In nature, stones are formed from either sediment compressing over long periods of time and turning into rock.

They can also be formed from the oozing magma which is liquefied rock from the bowels of the earth.

During a volcanic eruption, or some seismic activity, magma comes out.

This is molten rock.

And when it cools, it eventually becomes stones.

Finally, stones can also be formed from rocks that underwent chemical changes over periods of time as well as through exposure to harsh chemicals.

As you can well imagine through these different processes, several themes stand out: pressure, time and stress.

These stand in for how we deal with changes.

As you probably already know, the only thing constant in life is change.

If you want to live a happy, fulfilled, peaceful and meaningful life, you have to have a good strategy for coping with change.

Stones in dreams, speak to your coping mechanisms.

They speak to your ability to handle stress, as well as your past experiences and in how you’ve handled these things so far.

They also speak to how you deal with conflict.

Conflict comes from many different places.

It’s very easy to imagine conflict with people at work, people in your family, people in your neighborhood.

But one type of conflict that doesn’t get enough attention is your conflict with yourself.

There are many different sides to you.

You have many different tendencies.

While you can make up your mind, there is also the doubting side of you.

There’s also the part of you that looks at the other side of the equation.

We’re just talking about who you are right now.

There can also be conflict with yourself from the past.

This is actually one of the more interesting conflicts that people don’t think about enough.

Because if you don’t pay attention to who you were in the past and how you look at things and how it behaved, how your behavior was affected, it’s very easy to be confused as to why do I do the things that I do?

Why do I get stuck with this kind of reality?

In this state of confusion, we fall into habits like blaming other people, blaming the past, blaming situations we can’t control, or simply believing in “luck”.

Luck is one of those belief systems that is so comforting for so many people in different circumstances, because either you’re lucky or you’re not.

There’s no deep explanation needed.

It just is.

But if you are paying attention to how your life actually unfolds, whatever it is that you’re dealing with today, is most likely the result of how you made choices yesterday, or the day before that.

Also, the way you make decisions are reflections of your mindset.

How you choose to interpret the world.

This doesn’t come out of nowhere.

You’re definitely not born that way.

You pick that up somewhere from some people.

The question is, why did you pick that instead of something else from other people?

At some point, it works for you, it keeps working until it doesn’t.

You have to pay attention to this dynamic because this changes as your circumstances change and your coping mechanisms change, you change as well.

When people are confused, they don’t see this internal change so they’re conflicted within themselves, but they can’t quite figure out why.

They can’t even explain how this plays out.

They can’t even put it into words.

Dream images of stones speak to this deep, profound and often confusing reality.

Pretty heavy duty stuff.

Definitely worth paying attention to.

What does it mean to dream about collecting precious stones?

What does it mean to dream about collecting precious stones?

If you’ve seen yourself collecting different multicolored or precious stones, this indicates that you have earned respect.

At the very least you respect yourself enough.

This is a big deal.

Because a lot of people automatically believe that respect can only come from other people.

They don’t stop to think that the first source of respect must come from themselves.

Have you ever come across somebody that will make a big deal about the respect owed him or her?

They seem so focused on rituals, titles, hierarchies, status.

Part of the reason why they have this overarching need for respect is because they can’t give themselves enough respect.

If you come across somebody with enough proper respect and personal dignity, they’re comfortable in their own skin.

They have a cool, calm, confidence about them.

They don’t have to rely on a hierarchy or an organization chart to make themselves feel valued.

They know their value.

So please understand that when you see yourself collecting precious stones, this is subconscious imagery regarding issues of self respect, and how you demand respect from others.

Please understand, that respect ultimately cannot be demanded.

Instead, it is earned.

People can call you all sorts of titles to your face, but none of that really adds up to anything of value if they’re just paying you lip service, because you haven’t earned the respect.

Do you see how this works?

So how do you build respect?

Consistently deliver value.

I’m not talking about one big time type of effort, where you outshine everybody else or that one momentary period and historic time.

No, that doesn’t work.

If you want to be seen as an excellent person, be excellent and how do excellent people behave?

They’re excellent consistently.

You are what you do repeatedly.

What does it mean to dream of throwing stones?

What does it mean to dream of throwing stones?

If the main action in your dream involves you or somebody else you know throwing stones, this indicates impending trouble.

Your subconscious is picking up signals that something is not quite right.

Things are about to break.

Something big is about to drop.

This also involves conflicts with people that you thought had your back, or people that you thought were on a similar journey.

But it turns out that when the heat gets turned up, that’s when the fractures appear.

And it turns out that you’re not exactly looking at the same thing eye to eye.

Now, does this mean that these people are bad?


It just means that there’s some sort of breakdown in communication early on.

Maybe you assumed that they were completely on the same program as you or vice versa.

What does it mean to throw stones in glass houses?

What does it mean to throw stones in glass houses?

This is a very stereotypical dream.

You probably have heard of the saying, “People in glass houses should not throw stones”.

In other words, don’t be a hypocrite.

How can you point out certain issues that the person is suffering from when you yourself, grapple with the same problems?

When you see yourself in a greenhouse, with glass paneling or, or in a modern house with glass walls, and somebody’s throwing rocks or throwing stones, hypocrisy is the first interpretation.

It also speaks to lack of respect.

You don’t respect yourself enough so you carry yourself a certain way.

You let your emotions get the better of you.

So in essence, the values that you spout about that you say you’re all about, is just window dressing.

In reality, you’re just a bundle of insecurities passed forward and backward by the emotional current of the people around you.

Not really a good situation to be in.

So if you see yourself throwing rocks with all this glass paneling around you, please understand that you’re transparent.

Of course, deep down inside you don’t want to be here because it’s so embarrassing and humiliating but people can see right through you.

And it’s not a good look.

What does it mean to dream about eating stones?

What does it mean to dream about eating stones?

When you see yourself eating stones, your subconscious is using this metaphor to communicate that you are feeling insecure about what other people may say about you.

This indicates that there’s a part of you that is struggling with a sense of inadequacy that is so strong, that what other people’s opinions actually have a disproportionate impact on how you see yourself, how you behave and your personal values.

It’s as if you are trying to play to people’s expectations.

It’s not because you believe in those values.

But you think that you should express these because that’s what’s expected of you.

If you see yourself leading stones you’re also very sensitive to gossip and this causes turbulence.

Does this mean that what people have to say about you behind your back is absolutely worthless?

No, it isn’t.

It is still part of a mirror that you need to look at as uncomfortable as it may be.

Because you want to be aware of how people see you.

But you know the truth.

And the truth is not just that mirror, there are other sides to it.

But you should be mature enough to understand why people would position you that way.

Because a lot of people would automatically blame others for misunderstanding them not really knowing “the real me”.

While that may be true on the surface, as the old saying goes, “Where there’s smoke, there is fire”.

People are not going to call you a liar for no good reason.

People are not going to call you flaky or undependable because they had nothing else better to do.

And the sooner you focus on the facts that would lead them to those conclusions, the sooner you will be able to make some changes in your behavior if you don’t like their conclusion because it doesn’t line up with who you think you are.

Focus on the facts that people use as foundations for your reputation.

What does it mean to dream of black stones?

What does it mean to dream of black stones?

When your subconscious projects this image into your mental screen during your dream, you need to pay attention.

Because these are unusual.

But they’re also very profound.

On the surface, they mean some sort of upset.

Whatever it is that you’re hoping for, doesn’t come to pass.

But it goes deeper than that.

This is not just about disappointment.

It’s about getting an opportunity to figure out why you’re disappointed.

Did you set up the wrong expectation?

Were you operating under a false assumption?

Do you have an inflated estimate of your capabilities?

These are hard questions to ask.

But they indicate coping mechanisms to change pressure like deadlines.

When you eat black stones in your dreams, your subconscious is trying to tell you that you are in a period of your time where you can start working on deeper issues so you’re less disappointed in the future.

Because a lot of this is just mental positioning.

If you have the right expectations, it’s going to be almost impossible to disappoint you.

What does it mean to dream of red stones?

What does it mean to dream of red stones?

When you see red stones in your dream like rubies or reddish gems, your subconscious is trying to draw your attention to certain irritations and small hassles that you think are really inconsequential so you don’t really give them much attention.

But in reality, they can grow into huge problems.

If you have an issue with paying debts on time, from your perspective, it’s not that big of a deal, because you’re still paying at the end of the day.

But please understand that depending on who you owe the money to, it causes disruption on their end.

And pretty soon there will come a time where your past patterns will come back to haunt you.

We’re not just talking about money issues here.

This could also involve work like your inability to meet deadlines.

It can also involve your relationships.

Maybe you will tend to exaggerate or stretch the truth or leave certain important details out.

That kind of thing.

Red stones may be easy to overlook.

But pretty soon, they may grow into something that you simply cannot avoid or quickly sweep under the rug without any consequences.

What does it mean to dream about collecting small stones at a beach?

What does it mean to dream about collecting small stones at a beach?

If you see yourself collecting small stones on a beach, this is an indication that you are beginning to filter your friends and the influence of people around you.

This is a step in the right direction.

You have to understand that the most important factor in shaping your life is not your genetics.

It’s not your family history.

It’s not a past trauma.

It is your mindset.

As the old saying goes, “Your attitude determines your life’s altitude”.

If you want to soar high like an eagle, you better have the right attitude.

With that said it also pays to hang out with the right people.

Attitudes after all are infectious.

Let’s put it this way.

It’s going to be very hard for you to soar like an eagle if you surround yourself with turkeys, ducks and chickens.

This reminds me of a story of a Native American boy who found an unusually large egg one day while forging.

The egg was warm, so he knew that it was a fertilized egg.

So once he got back to their farm, he put the egg under a hen.

The hen didn’t think much of it and pretty soon, the egg hatched.

What came out was an unusually large chick.

But since the hen imprinted on the egg, treated it like its other chicks.

Pretty soon the hatchling who would copy what the hens are doing which is scratching around in the dirt, if a worm comes out, it would eat the worm.

The Hatchling got bigger and bigger and it’s obvious that there was no chicken.

It was several times the size of a chicken.

It had a large sharp beak.

And one day as the fully grown hatchling was basically on its way to adulthood, and later on dying in the form, it’s a very terrifying sight.

Momentarily, there was a shadow that passed overhead and when the Hatchling looked up, it saw a majestic Eagle.

Instead of realizing that it too, was an eagle, what do you think it did?

That’s right, it ran to cover it.

It cowered in fear until the eagle shadow passed.

Imagine that, instead of soaring like an eagle, seeing the world far below you, being the master of the sky, and not coincidentally, being at the top of the food chain.

Due to the programming of this hatchling, it contended itself with scratching for grubs, and bits of corn on the ground.

All of us are born with a tremendous amount of potential.

All of us have what it takes to handle stress and pressure, as well as manage change to the point that it works for us instead of against us.

But sadly, so many people opt to become like that hatchling.

They want to live far below their potential and just barely get by from day to day, scratching on the ground.

If you don’t scratch, you don’t eat.

But deep down inside, we all have the potential to soar.

This is the culmination of being blind to your influences.

When you see yourself collecting stones on the beach, this requires selection.

Meaning, some stones you keep, others you throw away.

The same should apply to the influences that you get from the people around you.

There’s an old saying, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your life”.

If you are in any way, shape or form unhappy with whatever area of your life, it’s partly because of your surroundings and the people you allow to influence you.

How do you make this choice?

Your mindset.

How did you get to your mindset?

How do you select the certain beliefs that make up your mindset?

Your surroundings.

Do you see how this works?

Do you see the interplay between your mindset and your external influences?

You can control your external influences just as you can control what you choose to lead into your personal narrative.

But if you’re looking for an easier place to start, start with the people around you.

If you’re working hard, trying to soar like an eagle, you can make things easier on yourself by at least surrounding yourself with fellow Eagles.

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