To pick money on the ground in dream means what

One of the most pleasant dreams anybody can have is to dream of the sky raining money. Pretty soon you’ll wonder about the question: to pick money on the ground in dream means what

The problem with this joyful dream image is its meaning.

It’s not what you think.

You should ask yourself, “To pick money on the ground means what?”

What Is the Meaning of Money In A Dream?

Money symbolizes wealth, power, abundance, and prosperity in our waking life.

We look at money as a means to achieve freedom when it comes to our wants and needs.

Dreaming about money represents a sense of richness.

Our subconscious is telling us when we see money falling to the ground waiting for us to pick it up that we have reached a stage in our lives where we feel a “sense of flow” for the things that we need, such as wisdom, spirituality, love, contentment, belonging, acceptance, and knowledge.

Money, in this context, does not have to involve material things.

We have to look past the material aspect of money to understand what wealth is.

When you see yourself in your dream picking money off the ground because it just rained cash, your subconscious is not necessarily telling you that you’ll have a lot of money coming your way.

That may very well be true, but there’s something more important to focus on.

You are soon to reach a stage where you don’t feel frustrated, stuck, or struggling every day just to make ends meet.

This has less to do with money than with your frame of mind.

Would you like to achieve a mental state where you don’t have to worry about where your money’s going to come from?

Would you like to enter the stage of your life where you feel assured that all your material needs will be taken care of so you can focus on the more important things in life like your family, personal development, spiritual health, and your overall well-being?

Money dreams involving picking money from the ground are a reminder about your principles and values.

You have to understand that money doesn’t come from nowhere; money doesn’t fall into your lap in the real world.

Things don’t work that way.

The Real Essence of Money

Money is simply a tool.

Put in more precise terms, it is an indicator.

Anything could be money.

Focus on what it represents.

Did you know that ancient people used seashells or rocks as money?

Others preferred gold, while more people preferred different-colored pieces of paper.

All these items have one thing in common: they are stores or indicators of value.

They are only valuable as long as people believe they represent value.

People have faith in them, not in terms of the material itself, but they have confidence that you can buy what you need with a piece of rock.

The same goes for those pieces of paper.

This is what money really means – a store of value.

Keep this in mind when you dream of picking up cash from the ground.

Your subconscious is telling you to stop focusing on the specific item you’re collecting because that is not what is valuable.

Focus instead on what it represents and its impact on your relationship with other people.

The Spiritual Dimension of Wealth

In the real world, people only get wealthy when they convince other people to give them money.

This sounds very simple, but what makes it difficult is the conviction portion.

People will not give you something they worked hard for unless you give what they’re looking for.

In other words, you have to give value for value.

Rich people get rich because they earn money by selling something people are looking for or offering services that solve people’s problems.

Whatever the case may be, it starts with a person serving another person.

Value returned for value received.

This is how our material reality works.

People don’t normally get rich by simply taking the value other people have.

That’s called robbery.

I’m not saying it doesn’t happen; we all know that it does.

But if you want to become rich and remain rich, you have first to give value.

This is how businesses get started and how our careers get built.

This doesn’t apply only to business people.

If you’re an employee, you get paid after you’ve delivered value to your employer.

Again, value for value.

Any spiritual exploration of the meaning of money must be rooted in this fundamental truth.

Sadly, too many people are ignorant of value exchange.

You Are Valuable But Not In the Way You Think

What complicates things when it comes to the spiritual energy exchange we have with the rest of the universe which can manifest itself in abundance and riches is a profound misunderstanding of how this value exchange works.

As I mentioned earlier, many are under the impression that rich people are rich because they just confiscated the value other people have.

Maybe they know somebody in the government or they rigged the game.

They did something that got them value for nothing, whatever the case may be.

I’m not saying this doesn’t happen in certain countries during a certain historical period.

But by and large, this is not how people get rich.

People get ahead by trading value for value.

If you’re feeling stuck in any area of your life, such as your relationships or your physical well-being, career, education, or business, it may be because you’re unclear about how this value exchange works.

You can’t just expect the world’s blessing to come your way just because you showed up.

It has never worked that way.

If you find yourself saying that life is unfair because you’re struggling and have frustrations in your waking life, and it seems that you cannot make it work no matter how hard you try, ask yourself if you have ever tried giving value to others.

Money dreams only make sense on a spiritual level if this value exchange is present; otherwise, you’re just waiting for a miracle of a gift from the universe to fall on your lap.

Again, I’m not saying this doesn’t happen because it does happen from time to time.

But you shouldn’t expect it to happen to you because the odds of that happening are quite slim.

Focusing on what you can do in the present is the better way to deal with the blockages in the spiritual flow of value and blessing in your life.

To Be Blessed, You Have to Be First A Blessing

When you dream of picking money on the ground, your subconscious tells you that you already have enough innate value to benefit from the universal exchange I described above.

You have it in you, so you don’t have to become somebody else or pretend to be what you’re not.

You have what it takes.

The problem is you’re looking for others to serve you first.

You’re looking to be understood instead of trying to understand others first.

You’re looking to receive while neglecting that you must first give.

If you make these important yet fundamental changes in your mindset, the flow of value in your life will start to shift.

You will find yourself in this river of value.

Money dreams will only remain a fantasy that is often indistinguishable from mockery if you don’t wrap your head around this fundamental truth.

To receive a blessing, you must first be a blessing.

And the way to do this is to channel value into the lives of others.

This doesn’t have to be particularly fancy or highfalutin, or exaggerated.

It can be very basic.

Practical Ways You Can Unleash Material Blessings In Your Life

Taking a cue from your dreams regarding clues as to the flow of value in your life, you can take everyday actions to achieve a state of abundance.

That abundance of money you desire will only remain a dream if you focus on the money.

Dreaming about an abundance of money is very tricky because we tend to obsess about the physical form of money.

The universe is trying to communicate to you, through your dreams, to start thinking in terms of value instead of the green pieces of paper that you desire so much.

When you start thinking in terms of value, then you start reevaluating how you work; let’s start there.

As I mentioned above, you must first be a blessing to receive blessings.

Who hired you? Why do you have a job? Why do you think somebody’s willing to pay you to work for them?

Understand that your job is not about you; it’s not about what you can receive; it’s not about how you can benefit, nor is it about how you can get ahead.

Instead, your job is an opportunity to bless other people.

And if you can wrap your head around that and focus your work ethic around that central fact, value will start flowing freely out of you.

This is a crucial first step to receiving more blessings from the universe.

Give Yourself Permission to Bless Others By Unleashing the Value You Have

What do you think happens next when you allow yourself to produce and channel value?

People sit up and pay attention because most people would rather hang onto their value.

Most people would think, “I’d rather focus on my social media, email, or personal stuff at work.”

Instead of delivering solid productivity for eight hours that their employer expects, employees only give one hour of real work.

Given that reality, isn’t it any wonder that many people barely get promotions or pay raises when adjusted for inflation?

Most people are mediocre because they hang onto the value they could be giving to the rest of the universe.

They think they’re losing when they give.

Why should they give? Why should they contribute when they don’t see a return? Why should they be part of this flow of energy when there’s nothing in it for them?

If you think along these lines, then you shouldn’t be surprised why you’re frustrated.

It shouldn’t be a mystery why you aren’t making as much money from your business as you should.

For you to receive, you must first give freely.

If you’re an employee or a freelancer and you have a project or working on a clock, deliver the value your boss or clients expects from you.

And if you do that, two things can happen, and both lead to good results.

The More You Give, The More You Become

The most frustrating thing about money is that people have a very shortsighted view of money.

They view money in purely material terms.

They don’t understand that money is only a physical manifestation of something more important, and I’m talking about the value that a person gives out to the universe.

When you resolve to produce the best work and most amount you’re capable of during your eight hours of work, you start to change.

Instead of holding back all that energy because you feel that you’re not paid enough or have better things to do, you start defining your self-esteem based on how much value you can give others.

You start assuming a sacrificial mindset where you put yourself last because the value you give to those around you is more important.

This is a reward in itself because it puts you head and shoulders above everybody else.

Everybody’s trying desperately to hang on.

If their boss tries to get them to give ten, they’ll try to hang on to eight, and maybe, they will hesitantly cough up two.

That’s how the rest of the world operates, and if you’re this person who constantly gives full value and attention regardless of how much you’re receiving, you will stand out.

You will stand out in your department, so you’re more likely to get a pay raise, and eventually, you might get promoted because you’re an example.

Maybe you can develop a system that you can break down, systematize and teach to others.

Regardless, whoever pays you will start looking at you as an asset.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an employee, a freelancer, or an independent contractor; it operates the same way.

If somebody is hiring a freelancer, for example, to do a job and they farm out that job to five different people, and you produce more work of the highest quality, what do you think happens next?

You will probably get hired more regularly to do that type of work.

You don’t have to worry about looking for your next contract.

You might even get paid more for more comprehensive work.

Whatever the case may be, you are operating on a different level.

Compare that with how most freelancers operate.

They do a lousy job with one project, so the client doesn’t come back, and they find themselves scrounging around for the next contract, and if nothing shows up, they keep lowering their rates.

They repeat the same process, and it’s a sad and desperate race to the bottom.

People do this to themselves all the time, and it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Mother of All Struggles Over Money Is Selfishness

I understand that many people have conflicting views of money.

If you ask certain people, they will tell you that money is the root of all evil; they’re convinced that money represents the very worst of humanity.

They equate human greed and the tendency to put oneself first with the green pieces of paper.

I understand that; I get it.

But that is a myopic, shortsighted view of money.

Again, money is just a tool; it’s only an indicator of value ultimately.

It represents the value people place on the value you’re willing to give.

And if you want more money to flow through your life, you must first allow value to flow through you.

I’m not only talking about volume, as important it may be, but quality is equally crucial.

Do your best and give your best.

And this can only happen when you adopt a sacrificial mindset.

What does it mean to sacrifice?

Sacrifice, ultimately, means foregoing something that you could’ve done because you want to benefit someone else or you want to do something that is less pleasurable.

When you’re at work, it’s easy just to slack off.

You only need to look at your coworkers and the pace at which they’re working.

You can slow down, and nobody’s going to notice.

Upon hiring you, your boss will assume that you will produce the same work like everyone else.

That’s how their expectations have become dulled down.

This is the case for most workplaces all over the United States.

It will come as a pleasant surprise to your boss when they see that your output blows away everybody else’s.

People pay attention to your attitude.

Are you showboating? Are you trying to draw attention to yourself and say that you’re a superstar?

If that’s the case, then the knives come out.

You’re not doing yourself any favors when you do that.

You will get the vicious end of office politics.

But if it becomes apparent that that’s just who you are and you can’t help but do your best, you become an asset.

People in positions of responsibility start talking of ways to promote you or redeploy you so the organization can benefit more from people like you.

Just as importantly, you become an employee, which important people in that organization would hang onto desperately.

They know that you’ve become an asset and a secret ingredient of their outfit.

Have you ever noticed why certain companies succeed while others fail?

It’s not only due to the vision of the CEO or the founder of the company but companies that withstand the test of time and innovate consistently are formed around core teams who deliver solid value.

They believe in becoming blessings to others so that they can be blessed.

They believe in giving first, giving their best, and sacrificing for the team.

Sacrifice, ultimately, forms the foundation of any lasting success.

Learn to sacrifice.

If You Want to Make More Money, Learn to Sacrifice

It’s easy to say, “learn to sacrifice.”

But when you automatically assume that lack of money means hardship and deprivation, you’re not paying attention.

You lack money because you don’t know how to channel the flow of blessings in your life.

What if I told you that the universe blesses you every day?

Many people find this hard to believe, but let me remind you that every breath you take is a blessing because you can easily die in your dreams.

I don’t care how old you are or the state of your health.

We both know that things happen, and you can die tomorrow or right now, but you’re still alive.

See it for what it is – a miracle.

When you understand this blessing, permit yourself to channel that blessing with gratitude towards those around you.

This is how you become part of the value flow throughout the universe, and it also changes how you think about lack of money.

Lack of money means you’re not trying enough.

Money dreams must be rooted in the firm foundation of awareness of universal value.

Now with that out of the way, if you desire paper money, why is it that you’re having a tough time?

Well, two things have to happen to deliver solid value.

First, you have to produce more value.

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living; you know you’re capable of producing more output.

If you’re a writer, you might feel that you’re stuck at 500 words a day.

Give yourself a challenge and increase your output by five percent a week.

Once you get to 550, see if you can get to 600.

Once you discover that 600 is a breeze, shoot for 700 and 800.

Keep scaling up, and you’d be surprised as to how much you can produce if your mind is in the right place and your values are oriented properly.

If you keep focusing on what you make from the project, how much you’re going to get paid, or why the project is taking so long, you will trip yourself up.

You will then only have yourself to blame, but if you focus on challenging yourself where you say, “I was able to write 1,000 words for the last article, and I know I can do 1,200 words for this.”

If you can do this, you can then resolve to hit 1,500, then 1,600, then 2,000, so on and so forth.

How Much Money You Make Is A Reflection of How Much You Push Yourself

Just analyzed purely from the perspective of productivity, how much money you make is a reflection of how willing you are to work hard.

Many people get cold sweats the moment they hear “work hard.”

They imagine themselves working in a salt or coal mine, with hot bricks around them, and the air is so thick and hot that they can barely breathe; their joints and muscles are aching.

But we both know it’s not true because most of the jobs in the developed world are done in the office or front of the computer.

Who are we kidding?

What makes the concept of “hard work” difficult for many employees today is that they don’t want to overcome their mindset.

You’ve grown accustomed to comfort, and working hard makes you uncomfortable because it means pushing against your comfort zone and becoming more efficient.

It may even involve you racking your brains and developing ways to produce more using software.

Many writers who commit to working hard to produce the most that they can produce in a day end up innovating, some by sophisticated software that transcribes automatically while others hire manual transcribers.

Whatever the case may be, they went from being somebody who barely produced 2,000 words a day to people who come up with 10,000 or 20,000 or even 50,000 words per day.

I know this sounds astronomical, if not nearly impossible, but I’m trying to draw your attention to the fact that things are not as impossible as you believe.

Most of the time, you believe that you can only reach a certain output level because you want to hang on to your old work habits.

But if you give yourself permission to innovate and trust your intuition, you’d be surprised how quickly you can blow away your limits.

If you want to get paid more, try to improve your output at the very least.

Many writers get paid per word; their income depends on how many words they produce every day.

But one of those writers discovered dictation blogging, and they blew away their old limits, and by extension, they started earning more.

I don’t care what you do for a living, what skills you use, or the type of output you have to produce; this advice applies to all.

Trust yourself to develop the kind of productivity-exploding innovations that can take your output, and by extension your income, to the next level.

More Money Dollar Bills Doesn’t Just Mean Productivity

I wish I could tell you that if you want to make more money, you only need to crank out as much work as possible.

While that advice can help you, it does have a ceiling.

For instance, if you’re a writer who gets paid in your niche one cent a word, you best believe that you will make more money when you go from 1,000 words a day to 10,000 words a day.

That’s going to lead to quite an improvement in your income.

While that’s all well and good, you won’t always have buyers for that kind of rate.

You might not always find customers for those kinds of assignments.

Maybe you’re writing articles or producing blog posts; it doesn’t matter.

The next dimension to look at if you want to “pick money off the ground” in your real life is to focus on the quality of the work you do.

I’m not just talking about producing work that you can be proud of because that goes without saying.

I refer to the nature of your work.

For example, you’re a blog post writer, and you cap out at one cent a word, you can only take your writing business so far.

After all, only so many people would pay at that rate with a certain quality expectation.

What can you do?

Well, you can learn ad-copy writing.

Sales copywriting, for example, pay very well.

A sales copywriter can get paid north of 1,000 dollars per 500 to 1,000 words of text.

Not too shabby, right?

This is the change in quality that I’m talking about.

If your subconscious is sending you money dreams that involve picking money off the ground or money flowing from somewhere, it’s an invitation for you to tap into your unlimited imagination and resourcefulness to change the quality of your output.

You may want to switch to a different kind of output.

For example, you’re a coder who started with HTML; I know that that has a cap or limit for income.

Maybe the next step for you is to learn Javascript or Python.

The same goes for writing.

If you don’t want to go to copywriting, maybe you can write grant applications that have always been lucrative.

There are many alternatives you can take to change the quality of your output.

Start Finding Money Within You

As I mentioned earlier, getting more blessings from the universe requires you to be a blessing to others first.

This means changing your work attitude.

Work is a reflection of your willingness to help other people.

Please understand that as you mature from infant to toddler to adult, your mind has to keep pace as well.

It can’t only be your body getting older; your assumptions need to change too.

Unfortunately, many of us remain in the infant stage.

Have you come across these people? They’re the ones who get into your face and tell you that life is unfair; they tell you not even to try because it sucks, and you’re just going to get chewed up and spit out.

They will tell you that it’s a dog-eat-dog out there; it’s exploitation.

But is it really? Maybe, it’s because your mindset never outgrew that of an infant.

Are You An Infant Inside?

When you’re an infant, you sit back and want the world to feed you.

If it doesn’t feed you, you cry.

And as the old saying goes, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” and so somebody will help you, but what you will get is only a fraction of what you could’ve gotten if you did things on your own.

That’s how the world works.

We do take care of our own, but often, if you’re someone who’s always waiting to receive the most basic, you will get the smallest amount and whatever’s leftover.

You’re not going to starve, but you will not get full either.

Even if you get full, it’s going to be trash.

Do you understand?

To unlock the secret behind material and spiritual abundance that I described in this post, you must progress from being an infant.

How do you know you’re making progress? You stop saying things like, “Life is unfair, or the rich get richer, and the poor gets poorer.”

You will ask, “Why me?”

This has to do with learned helplessness.

You are not an infant, and you shouldn’t have the mindset of an infant.

Go out there and see what you can break as you try to figure things out.

The less you break things when you handle them, the more progress you’re making, but you should expect things to break because that’s how life works.

Don’t expect things to go smoothly the first time you try because it’s seldom like that.

The Secret to Material Abundance Is the Willingness to Fail

The final universal truth that I want to share with you in this blog post is that you’re constantly paying for whatever success you achieve in life.

You will never find yourself in a situation where you’re finding piles of money one after another.

Finding money piles make for great rap videos and YouTube or TikTok shorts, but finding money is not how the world operates.

When you see yourself in your dream finding money, you best believe it’s an allegory or a symbol for things that have taken place before you to lay the foundations for the abundance that you can tap into.

It is not an accident, nor is it a case of buried treasure.

I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but it never plays out that way in most people’s situations.

You’re finding money in your dreams because you lay the necessary conditions for you to find money.

It seems so easy because you have put in the work in terms of emotional and psychological evolution to find money.

The final lesson in all of this involves the issue of failing.

Usually, when we dream of collecting dollar bills, we assume that things will be easy.

In real life, though, most businesses fail.

In real life, most people who work for others do not reach a stage of material abundance where they become financially comfortable.

Unless you’re a CEO or something similar, chances are you will not be truly rich.

The key to success is self-confidence.

But how do you get self-confidence?

Many people are mental and emotional infants when it comes to this.

They think that you get self-confidence the same way you receive money.

Somebody has to give it to you; somebody must already have it and pass it to you.

Well, self-confidence is not a door prize.

You only become really confident when you become competent.

That’s right, you become confident when you’ve become good at something; you’re not worthless or useless or fumbling about or unformed or half-baked.

Instead, you can do whatever you need to do at the right time at the right place with the right people to produce the right results.

This doesn’t happen by accident, not if you want to pull it off consistently.

Self-confidence can only come from competence which can only come from failure.

There I said it, and this shocks many.

Many think that failure is attached to financial difficulties, bankruptcy, or a feeling of insecurity.

That may be true, but don’t neglect the deeper meaning of failure.

The reason you failed is you tried.

Here’s a secret: instead of running away from failure, permit yourself to fail quickly and thoroughly.

So when you try a project, you thoroughly understand and prepare for it.

You line up everything you have and give everything for the project.

It’s crucial to give it everything you have.

The spiritual meaning of failure is the holding back of true effort.

You have to let go and trust.

Whether you trust in God or something else, you have to have a locust of trust.

The great thing about Jesus Christ is that when you put your trust in Him, He gives you the Holy Spirit.

And if you truly surrender everything you aspire for as reflected in the things you think, say, and do, the Spirit grows in you, and you develop self-control.

The world is rough.

Every day, it seems nothing changes, but you keep on giving and giving.

Where do you think that energy is coming from?

It has to come from somewhere outside you.

It cannot come from you because you will run out of fumes.

You can only run on passion for so long.

Things that may seem like good ideas at first start looking like an embarrassing and soul-wrenching prison later.

Instead of the gold coins and bars that you dream of, it becomes meaningless because you keep giving, but nothing’s happening.

But that is what you need to commit to.

When you choose to fail quickly and thoroughly, make sure you’ve given everything you got and if it doesn’t work out, learn from that experience and then try again.

That’s the essence of failing quickly.

And before you know it, this cumulative wisdom that you’ve picked up from many disappointments eventually puts you over the top.

Many people believe that successful people are necessarily more intelligent than them, but the truth says otherwise.

The Real Essence of Success

If you want to be financially successful, please understand in many studies, psychologists have shown that the real indicator of success is not IQ per se.

It is not something your parents or the accident of birth has given you.

Instead, it results from a personal decision to stick with it.

This is called grit or conscientiousness.

It doesn’t matter what you label it; as long as you have it and use it to fail quickly, you will eventually reach your dreams, and it will seem that you’re picking money off the ground.

The spiritual meaning of all of this is for you to mature from that infant who expects to be fed to an adult willing to fight and sacrifice for every red cent you have to your name.

Dream Example #1

I am a businesswoman; a self-made person made right from scratch. I own several garments factories and they are quite successful. I do not come from money but I have made sure that I do have money.

I have a good sense of business and money management, worked hard, and today for me money is not a problem. Let’s say I am grateful for that.

I graduated college at the age of 22. I’ve always been firm on one thing; I will be my own boss. I will not do that 9-5 job and waste my life. I wanted financial freedom. I thought getting into the garments industry would give me that.

A lot of my friends and family did not understand what I was doing back then but thank god I did not listen to them. I found success by the age of 27; I was already a millionaire.

Life was going well. Went abroad for the first time in my life for a vacation and took my parents as well. Went for a solo euro trip. Took pictures in exotic locations and uploaded them on social media for a bit of humble bragging.

Times when I would hang out with my school or college friends I would give them the attitude that I was better than them. I was earning more money than them whereas they would still go broke at the end of the month. I knew my friends had this hidden hatred towards me but I thought they were jealous.

I had a way of looking down upon people that made some uncomfortable.

My business kept growing and, that made me so happy. You know that feeling you start to have when you are way too happy and fear strikes in that you may lose the object of your happiness.

I started to suffer from that. One day I saw a dream. I saw that I was in tattered clothes begging for money. I was dirty and my hair was all soiled, I had a bowl in my hand with few coins in it, I begged all day yet I couldn’t save enough to buy a piece of bread.

The roads got dark and I was all alone, suddenly my eyes caught sight of a purse, I opened it and it had around 50 dollars in it. I was so happy that there were tears in my eyes. I picked the money up and went to a hotel and had a full meal.

I woke up with a jerk. This cannot happen, I cannot be poor. Yet in my industry, it happens so often. People lose their deals, go bankrupt and end up losing everything. There is no certainty it will not happen to me. That dream opened my eyes to what I became.

After that, I started changing the way I look at the world. Money stopped becoming my everything and when that happened it was as if a miracle took place. My friends and family became closer and started admiring me. I started giving charity, became a good neighbor. The more I gave, the more content and happy I became.

Money became a tool for me to improve other people’s lives and also mine. It was not my ultimate goal anymore. And thank god it didn’t, for what kind of a person would I be if it had.

Dream Example #2

As I looked at the calendar, the day was October 21, 2020, around 5 in the afternoon, and I noticed the clouds darkened. I heard thunder and saw lightning flashing near our window pane. I saw the trees were dancing as the wind gusts.

The electricity went out for an hour. The scarcity of light made me wander around the house to find where mom hid the candles. I found a flashlight on top of the table, and it was as bright as the stars.

I stared at it for a minute and then decided to cook pasta for dinner. Mom came back on time for supper, and then the power came back. I went out to get some money on the street, passing through every alley and picking them one by one. I only chose the coins of value and left the others.

I also dug the ground near the plants and was fortunate enough to discover other coin currencies. I was so excited that I did not want to stop, but when I glanced at the time, it was already midnight. I gathered all the coins that I got, put them on the wheelbarrow, and pushed until I arrived at our home.

I woke up feeling tired and disappointed because the pieces I collected turned to paper.

Evening came as quick as possible, and I have gone out again, passed by a grocery store to buy some chips. I headed to a nearby forest, and the moonlit the whole surroundings as I saw these shiny metals stuck to the plants. I took a closer look, they were 100 peso coins, with so much excitement I tried to pluck them, but I could not do so.

I waited a few minutes, ate the chips that I bought, and stared at them. After a few bites, I noticed that they were already falling piece by piece. I took my pink backpack, filled as much as I can carry, and headed home running. As I sprinted my way home, the path got dimmer and dimmer, and I ended up inside a cave.

I woke up on my bed and checked my bag to see if the coins were still there. I put a smile on my face, counted them all, ate my breakfast, and hurried to the department store. I bought a pair of mountain climbing shoes, trekking pants, some shirts, a windproof tent, and a jacket.

I also went to the supermarket to buy some groceries for mom. I checked the time, and it was 4 in the afternoon already, so I got inside the car and drove home fast. I prepared some delicious meals for the family gathering. I saw every one of my relatives, from my grandfather to my nieces and nephews. Everyone was chit-chatting, so I decided to sneak out and drive around.

I saw something glittering near the vending machine, and I got out of the car. I heard a loud voice, opened my eyes and I perceived that I was in a dream.

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