Dream Meaning Being Shot

dream meaning being shot

Let’s get one thing clear: dreaming of being shot is never pleasant. It evokes a feeling of intense fear, and it’s not something anyone would like to dream about repeatedly. It is traumatizing to see it happen to others in real life or even on YouTube videos, and it’s definitely terrifying to experience it firsthand. … Read more

Dream About Car Breaking Down

dream about car breaking down

In the modern imagination, nothing represents freedom, personal space, and a sense of identity than a car. Not surprisingly, people have strong feelings when they dream about car breaking down. In fact, a lot of people consider the car as a symbol of their personal dignity, honor, attainment, accomplishment, and capabilities. It is, after all, … Read more

Devil Dream Meaning

devil dream meaning

Dreaming of the devil understandably can cause feelings of confusion, concern, and downright panic. Even if you’re not the most religious or spiritual person, the experience of seeing the face of the destroyer, as well as the author of lies, in your dream is enough to throw you off-balance. Interestingly enough, devil dream meaning and … Read more