What Does a Dream of Washing Hair Mean?

If you ever had a dream of washing hair extensions or of anything to do with your hair, it might seem so banal. In fact, it may seem so commonplace that you quickly forget about it.

I really can’t blame you because the typical person, at least in America, takes a shower twice a day. You take a warm shower first thing in the morning as you zip through breakfast and head out the door to get to work.

At the end of the day, after maybe a workout or after just unwinding and relaxing, you hit the shower to get that relaxing hot spray all over your body so you can go to sleep. And part of this process, of course, involves washing your hair.

No wonder a dream of washing hair is so easy to forget. It’s just ingrained into our day-to-day routine.

But washing hair imagery actually involves a lot of deep meanings that have a profound impact on your effectiveness as a person as well as your overall well-being.

How Should You Interpret a Dream About Washing Hair?

The first step is to make sure that the act of washing hair extensions, hair elements, or hair symbols form the core of your dream. In other words, the central image of your nighttime vision should be of you washing your hair or anything attached to your head.

That’s because it could be a dream about washing hair products.

Don’t think that it’s just about your hair. It could be a very tricky dream to interpret because it’s so commonplace. After all, your hair remains on your head all day long.

And just like running around the house in a panic because you don’t realize that you’re in a panic searching for glasses unaware that they are just on the top of your head, your hair is very easy to overlook.

But this dream actually packs a lot of meaning if you give it the proper focus and time. It has to be the right dream. The hair in your dream must take center place.

Washing Hair Generally Means Deciding to Change

When you wash your hair, it is an indication of a decision and the following commitment to make certain changes.

That’s because your hair indicates the manifestation or consequences of choices you have made in the past. It flows naturally from your actions.

I know it just grows just like your nails or many different parts of your body like your skin. But your hair is very easy to see.

And, at the same time, it’s very easy to overlook.

Still, what you choose to eat and the kind of lifestyle you choose to live all have an impact on the growing parts of your body. The most obvious is your skin and hair.

When you see yourself washing hair extensions or directly washing your hair, it indicates that you want to change your routine or certain aspects of your life so you can get different results.

This is the central core of any dream interpretation or dream meanings involving washing hair.

But as you can already tell, there are many different variations to this.

Is Your Hair Falling?

Maybe you decided to wash your hair with new shampoo because your hair is falling.

If you see this type of image, it indicates that you’re not getting the kind of results you would like from a certain decision or series of choices you made in the past.

Let’s not mince words here. When it comes to a man’s dreams, the image of falling hair is not a positive one, to put it lightly.

In fact, many guys panic when they see hair falling off their head because, to them, their hair represents their vitality, their youth, and, to some guys, even their manhood.

But if you’re a woman and see the onset of alopecia or falling hair culminating in baldness, it can also be equally traumatic. People look at their hair as the crown or the ultimate manifestation of everything desirable about them: their youth, their vibrancy, their vigor.

That’s why falling hair is an indication that you feel that there are some decisions that you’ve made that are not putting you in a good position.

You don’t feel rejuvenated. You don’t feel empowered. You don’t feel that things are going in the right way.

This leads you to decide to wash your hair maybe with a new hair product or with renewed vigor and control so as to go a different direction.

It is a commitment, for lack of a better word, to a new beginning.

What Does It Mean to Wash Long Hair?

If your dream image shows you washing your long hair, this can indicate your subconscious connection to your youth.

Generally speaking, if you want a nice, flowing mane, or vibrant, long hair, you have to be young.

It just doesn’t look the same when you’re in your 60s and you’re a guy with long hair. It just doesn’t.

This indicates that your subconscious is telling you about decisions and attitudes you may have that can help you recapture your youthful strength and vigor.

This Can Also Indicate That Childlike Part of You

This side of you has a sense of adventure and wonder, and you’d like to hang on to that.

And just like preserving hair involves proper dermatological hygiene, taking care of your long tresses in your dream means that you are making efforts to preserve your youth.

This Can Also Indicate Insecurity

Maybe you feel that you’re aging or you feel that you’re just getting crusty when it comes to your mindset. You’re no longer spontaneous and fun.

One reaction to this is to think about the past and, believe me, long hair represents that. It applies to both males and females.

This Can Also Indicate Taking Control Over Your Feelings

As you can tell from the interpretation of long hair and falling hair, this imagery almost always involves emotions.

Let’s put it this way.

It’s Rarely Emotionally Neutral

Either it’s positive or negative. It involves fear, trepidation, and hesitation; or you’re looking forward to bringing back the glory days or a sense of possibility and action.

It is never numb, neutral, or lifeless.

You’re either losing or you’re winning. You’re either moving forward or you’re being held back.

And all of these have an emotional component to them. It’s really important to understand just how strongly linked your emotional state is to this dream image.

If You’re Using Shampoo

Accordingly, if you are applying shampoo or any other kind of cleansing or hair hygiene products in your dream, your subconscious is first telling you that you have to come up with an initial awareness and then take action because from here, everything will flow.

You may have certain perceptions about your health, a special woman in your life, that lucky guy in your relationship, people you may be related to, or your extended or nearby family.

It can also indicate issues regarding your personal growth, the quality of your relationship, your general outlook on life, or how you define success, and how you handle ideas and opportunities that you come across.

It can also be a situation where you feel that you’re working on something that may not feel like it’s leading somewhere positive or worthwhile.

It can also indicate ideas you may have regarding reclaiming past energy or past vibrancy.

Whatever the case may be, there is this element of change. It’s hanging over your head, and it’s packed with energy.

Because, let’s face it, when people want to feel good about themselves, nothing beats taking a shower.

For example, if you want to be re-energized in the morning, one of the easiest ways to get that nice surge of possibility is to take a nice, cold shower. It’s gonna be a quick shower, but that wash braces your inner core, and your day has meaning again.

It’s important to understand how this dream imagery impacts your social life and how it may tell you certain truths about your growth as a person as well as your personal energy management strategies.

Pay Close Attention to the Color of Your Hair

What is your normal hair color? What is the color of the hair that you are applying conditioner or shampoo to in your dream?

Black Hair

When you’re washing black hair, this type of dream indicates renewed vigor. Black hair is the default color of hair for most people.

When you see yourself washing your black hair, this indicates a sense of going back to basics.

Now, a lot of people might not think that this is positive. A lot of people might think that you are going back and that this may automatically mean that you’re not growing or there are some issues with your growth strategies regarding your physical, emotional, and spiritual path.


It doesn’t have to be negative. Instead, it can be just a reset button.

Why Press the Reset Button?

Believe it or not, all of us need to reset from time to time because we can easily get stuck in autopilot, and this means that we’re putting our personal focus when we know it’s not going to give us the results that we need.

But we’re stuck there. We feel that we need to keep moving on. We need to keep pushing despite knowing that we’re not going to get to where we want to go.

Just like a computer, we get stuck in an operation and you see the indicator or the cursor going around in circles.

Frustrating, right?

The good news is you could always reach out and press that reset button.

When you see yourself washing black hair and your actual hair is blonde or brown or even better, you’re bald, you know that you’re having a dream about a reset. You’re having a dream about a fresh start.

The good news is it’s a decision away. It’s not a lifetime away.

Why Decide?

You don’t have to spend a tremendous amount of money to prepare yourself. You don’t have to round up all your friends or talk to that special person in your circle of friends to get you going.

No! It doesn’t have to be that way.

What this dream image may indicate is that you just need to make a decision.

But here’s the key. Any decision to make changes, whether big or small, in your life will only bear fruit if you act on it immediately.

According to some psychiatrists, there’s a window of a few seconds between a personal realization that you need to make a decision on certain things in your life and your willingness and ability to push through.

Jump on that!

So, the moment you feel that you’re meaning to make a change, give it enough analysis.

Is it real? Are those ideas grounded in fact?

Will this lead to real growth in your physical life, your relationships, and your finances, and your overall well-being?

As long as you can back it up, (and this is not just a question of hoping and wishing,) jump at it.

Make It Public

You can even make a public pronouncement and say: “I’m gonna make this change. I’m gonna do this.”

Because the moment you throw it out in the public, you gain another motivator. The motivator is public shame.

That’s why when I decide to do something different, I go on my Facebook wall and I tell my friends and family I’m going to do this. When I throw my plans out there — maybe for better physical health or changes regarding family outings or whathaveyou — there’s a record.

So even if I’m not feeling all that motivated or I’m suffering some sort of energy loss, the potential shame motivates me.

So, don’t be afraid of going public once you’ve decided that you are going to make a change.

What Does It Mean to Wash Your Hair When You’re Bald?

It all depends on the context of the dream. If you’re washing black hair when you’re bald, check the interpretation above.

But if the color of the hair is generic, it just indicates that you are looking to make a change.

You’re not quite decided yet. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you feel that there has to be some sort of change.

Now, if you are spending a lot of time kneading as you try to work the shampoo into your roots and it seems like you’re just massaging your head, this can indicate nostalgia.

Don’t fall into the very common trap or situation where you feel that your best days are behind you. A lot of people often confuse the act of washing with the act of letting go and yearning.

All these emotions are rolled up in a ball and it doesn’t give you the kind of tools and emotional resources you need to overcome the challenges that you face on a day-to-day basis.

It’s one thing to daydream so you can get inspired based on how things could be or how things may turn out. But it’s another to draw some sort of false sense of possibility or even a false sense of inspiration from things that you know may never come to pass.

What you’re really doing is you’re cheating yourself of the energy you need to make a change in the here and now.


Well, you transport yourself to Neverland. You imagine your financial issues going away.

Maybe you won the lottery or you bought a crypto that went 10x or 100x. Maybe you bought the next hyped-up version of Bitcoin.

Whatever the case may be, all your challenges go away and you imagine that alternate reality to pursue its emotional payload.

You don’t do it to get inspired. You don’t do it to recast your present reality so you can pick up on patterns that may point you to practical solutions.

You’re not doing any of that.

Instead, you’re just playing this game on yourself so you can get an emotional rush as you try to make it on a day-to-day basis. But at the back of your head, you’re basically resigned to just letting things play out.

That is not change! That is an admission of defeat.

So, whatever it is you’re frustrated with — maybe you’re addicted to porn, maybe you gossip a lot or you have issues with closures from the past or just struggling with something — know the difference between mentally and emotionally escaping and actual solutions.

Dream Example #1

I was sitting in a comfortable, cushioned chair in the waiting room of a beauty parlor.

I could hear the gentle murmurs of hairdressers asking their customers questions about their lives, about how much hair to snip, about what colors they would like their hair painted.

I could hear the snipping of scissors, the hum of hairdryers, and the carefree laughter of other gossiping employees on their break.

I listened to the other three customers in the waiting room excitedly chattering about what colors they wanted for their spray tans – one wanted bronze, the other gold; the third decided on silver. I looked down at my dress, which seemed to be all the colors of the rainbow.

One of the employees walked over to me. “Hello,” she said politely. “Are you ready to change your head?”

I frowned at her. Then I realized she meant my hair.

I nodded. “We are going to have to wash your hair before anything else,” the employee told me pleasantly.

She took me to the set of chairs that had basins behind them, and I sat on one of them. Then, she turned on the tap and pushed my head back.

Warm, soapy water with specks of silver glitter poured gently out of the tap, and she began to gently scrub the dullish fibers of my hair until they started to become glossy and sleek with soapy goodness.

Then I heard a button pressed, and sparkling water gushed out of the tap. She rinsed my hair and thoroughly toweled it off.

Then she gestured for me to follow her. She took me to a room filled with mannequin heads.

“Pick one?” she suggested cheerfully.

I regarded them carefully, impressed with the new method used to pick hairstyles.

I fingered a curly, strawberry-colored wig on a head that had lips that were painted pink.

“I think this is my style.”

The employee nodded and gestured for me to sit on a chair in the middle of the room.

Then she picked up the head and brought it over to me. Within seconds, she had popped off my head, despite my gasp of shock, and replaced it with the one I had chosen.

She brought a mirror over to me, smiling, and I gasped again as I realized that I was just a doll.

Dream Example #2

Wake Up Late
A few days back, I dreamt about washing my hair. That dream was nothing strange but unusual.

In my dream, it was a typical Sunday morning. Because of last night’s function, I woke up late. I stood up from the bed and moved towards the bathroom.

There I stood before the mirror and saw my reflection. I grimaced, seeing how ugly I was looking with bed hair sticking in all directions. Then and there, I decided to wash my hair.

Brushed My Teeth
I picked up the toothbrush and toothpaste from the counter near the mirror. After applying the paste to the brush, I started brushing.

A few minutes passed away, and the doorbell had rung. I sighed and brushed in haste. Then I washed my face and went to see the uninvited intruder.

Unexpected Arrival
A smiling yet tired face engulfed me in a warm hug as soon as I opened the door.

Apparently, it was my sister, and I came to know that she is going to spend the next two days with me in my apartment.

I invited her inside and served her some water. In no time, she slept away on the couch in the living room. Effect of traveling for a long time, I thought. I left her there in her comfort zone and went away to my lonely room once again.

Last Moment Task
As I was going to take a bath, a phone call disturbed me. I picked up my phone from the nightstand and received it.

I came to know that there is this urgent file that had to be completed within a few hours. After completing my work, I realized I had yet to wash my hair. I kept all my files and documents aside and went to the bathroom.

Combed And Wet My Hairs
After reaching the bathroom, I filled a bucket with lukewarm water. I kept my oil, shampoo, and conditioner on the stand nearby. I combed my hair and tenderly applied the oil to my scalp and kept it as it is for a few minutes.

After about 10 minutes, I started combing my hair for the second time. After making sure that I combed the hair enough, I took a mug full of water and poured it on my head, which was tilted sidewards.

Applied Shampoo & Conditioner
Then I took the shampoo bottle and put some shampoo on my palm before applying it to my scalp.

I started massaging my scalp gradually and applied a bit of shampoo from the roots to the tip. When the black color of my hair was covered under the white foam of shampoo, I washed my hair with water. Then again, I combed my hair and applied conditioner in the same way.

Dream Example #3

I came home from a long day at work and lied down straight from my bed. I did not bother to change my clothes and I decided to lie down for a while to get some rest.

I think it was only for a few minutes, then I have entered my dreamland.

I was in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror. It was my night routine which meant that I needed to wash my face, brush my teeth, and do my night skincare routine.

It’s a fun routine for me I like to take my time doing this, so I felt like my dream was too realistic. Once I was done doing all this, I found myself watching the nightly news. This is all part of my night routine and having this kind of dream confuses my reality.

I fell asleep in my dream, and the next thing I knew was that I was once again standing in front of the bathroom mirror.

I knew that it was a different day in my dream. I was wearing a red dress paired with black high-heels, which gave the impression that I came from a date.

I started washing my face, and the red lipstick that I had left smudges around my mouth. Just as I was about to be done, the scenes changed then I found myself lying on the bed.

This time, I was wearing my office clothes. Just like the one I was wearing before I entered my dreamland.

I dragged myself into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. The sink was in front of me, and I started to wash my face with cold water and proceeded to finish my routine to get some rest.

I was done with my skincare routine and went to the living room to watch the nightly news. After being exposed to the stressful news flashed on the screen, I decided to take the night off.

I was already lying down on my bed when I suddenly remembered that I did not wash my hair.

I think I had gone a whole day without washing my hair. It frustrated me, and even though I was on my way to sleep, I couldn’t resist the urge to clean my hair.

I dragged myself again into the bathroom and stood in front of the bathroom sink. I let out a deep sigh before turning on the faucet.

I stood in disbelief when no water came out. Just a few minutes ago, I was enjoying the cold water getting splashed on my face, but now it’s empty. Not even a single drop came out of the faucet.

Due to my frustration, I had this disgusting idea just to fulfill the urge to wash my hair. I collected water from the toilet bowl then once I had enough, I settled the bucket by the sink.

I started to wash my hair satisfied with the fact that I was able to finally clean my hair.

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