What Does It Mean to Dream Wine Images?

If you’ve ever had a dream where the central motif or subject matter of your night visions is wine, you may be feeling stumped. Wine, after all, is a fairly common symbol, especially in the West.

When you dream wine images, it’s easy to hit a wall. You might fall for the surface meaning of wine symbols and assume that you just had a dream about enjoying meals, having a good time after a meal, or possibly having alcoholism issues.

Thankfully, wine dreams have very little to do with these. Just like with most other dreams, when you dream of drinking wine, looking at wine, enjoying wine, in many different contexts, it’s not predictive.

There usually isn’t a one-to-one correlation between the actions you’re taking in your dreams with wine and your actual behavior in your waking life. Instead, generally speaking, seeing wine in your dream focuses on the symbology of this amazing liquid.

The Essence of Wine

To fully pick apart your dreams about wine, you need to first start at how wine is made.

Making Wine: From Fruit to Drink

Wine is made, of course, from grapes. Grapes are crushed, and the fluid is gathered and is allowed to ferment.

In other words, there are patterns of growth, harvesting, maturity, and change in the creation of wine. This process is where the typical wine dream gets its meaning from.

But it isn’t as easy as you think because it is a process and just as creating wine from raw grapes requires many different steps as well as inputs in terms of weather, yeast, even sunlight, things aren’t as simple and clear cut as dreamers of wine images may hope.

But the overarching theme behind dreams involving wine is that of a process.

Seeing Wine in Your Dreams Indicate the End or the Middle of a Process

When you see wine in your dream, pay close attention to the context.

Are you celebrating something? Did you just have a fine meal?

Drinking the wine is supposed to accentuate or mark the beginning or the end of a process.

Just as a ship is often “christened” with the bottle of wine being smashed against its hull, people go through the same ceremony when it comes to new projects or even starting on a great meal or capping off an amazing dinner.

There’s something celebratory about wine when it’s consumed as part of a process. Your subconscious is showing you that you are in the middle of a project that is either starting or is about to end.

Seeing Wines in Your Dream Can Point to Something Great

When you see wine or wine drinking as the central motif of your dream, it indicates that your subconscious is detecting the beginning of something great.

Maybe it’s an adventure or some sort of process of discovery. Or, the culmination of a process where you sacrifice, put in the time, or just simply endure over an extended period. Either way, wine caps it off.

When you dream of wine images in this context, you’re capping off or celebrating an important point in time.

What Does Getting Drunk on Wine Mean?

The great thing about wine is that it isn’t so packed with alcohol that a small amount is enough to floor you. Instead, the typical table wine doesn’t contain much alcohol.

You have to consume a lot of it to get tipsy and if you really want to get drunk. You have to load on this amazing liquid.

Getting drunk on table wine — the kind of wine you serve with meals — takes quite a bit of effort. It is a decision. It’s not something you stumble into.

Also, people who drink wines with their meals know where to draw the line. They’ve done these many times before and they know what amount will get them tipsy. They know how many glasses will get them drunk.

And the point of drinking wine with meals is to celebrate or enhance one’s enjoyment of the meal that one has just enjoyed.

It usually doesn’t mean getting drunk. In fact, a lot of people who are wine aficionados and connoisseurs consider that an insult for people to get drunk on fine wine. They believe that people who do this don’t get the point.

When you gather your friends around for a meal and everybody trades jokes, have a good time, and reminisce about the old times, the point is not to get drunk.

Instead, the point is to enjoy each other’s company and deepen bonds that lead to deeper and deeper comfort with each other.

What Do Broken Wine Bottles Mean?

You have to pay attention to the context of your dream when it comes to wine because even a small detail that may seem off or a detail that you overlook may have a tremendous impact on the ultimate meaning of your wine dream.

It’s a Sign of Stress

When you see broken bottles, it can indicate a sign of stress. You feel the process that you’re going through isn’t going as well as you would hope.

Maybe it’s taking too long to see the kind of results that you are looking for. Maybe it’s taking too much of a commitment from you.

Perhaps you think that you were unprepared to go all the way as far as the project goes, and it’s taking too much of your time, effort, and resources.

It’s a Sign of Uneasiness

Whatever the case may be, when you see broken wine bottles in your dream, it indicates a deep and profound uneasiness. If you’re not careful, this can then lead to a heavy sense of disappointment.

You may dislike the path you’re on. You might end up blaming your friends or even yourself for your situation.

But at the end of the day, the wine that is supposed to celebrate the results of your decision ends up bitter.

All you see are broken bottles. Instead of capping off a great victory, you’re left looking at the broken bottles.

These represent your dreams, your dashed hopes, and your profound disappointment.

What Does It Mean to Share Wine?

If you see yourself sitting around a table with your friends or family members and you pass along a bottle of wine, this indicates your awareness of the power of lore in your social circles.

Every family has its own story. These can be tall tales, family legends, or long-held secrets.

Some family member is usually designated as the “lore keeper.” Maybe it’s an aunt who never married. Or it’s an uncle who may be an academic.

Whatever the case may be, this person has made it his or her business to collect stories from the rest of the family and record them in the form of a unified story. The story is then related to the rest of the clan during Thanksgiving or any other festive occasions where people have the opportunity to gather around the dinner table.

Much like wine being passed around to help supplement and bring out the amazing flavors of a meal, great stories about your friends or generations past in your family can go a long way in deepening your appreciation for your friends, past and present, as well as your relatives, whether they’re alive or have passed on.

This is not a simple case of shooting the ball or passing around gossip. Please understand that what is being shared is the essence of your bonds.

Sharing the Family History

Families have a narrative that is often unstated, and this narrative is so powerful that it can shape the mindset of the younger generation in that family. It gets its power from sheer repetition.

If your family passes on a gripping story of how your clan was oppressed, held back, and betrayed, what do you think the impact will be on your relationships?

What do you think would be the likely effect on how much trust you give to others?

Can you imagine the effect such stories would have on the relationship between a mother and a daughter? Or a father and a son?

I could go on and on.

Guard such stories. Make sure that they are rooted in the truth. That’s your responsibility.

Make sure that they are positioned in such a way that it’s neutral instead of coming “pre-packaged” to make you feel a certain way about your family and by extension yourself.

These family legends and lore are like wine. You have a lot more control over what you choose to pass on.

You have to understand that the moment you repeat such a story without questioning it or without looking into its details, the more persistent it becomes in your collective memory. This makes it even harder to set the record straight.

Great Relationships Are Always Built on Truth

Sadly, if you become part of the inattentive and inconsiderate chain of lore keepers in your family, you perpetuate negative mindsets that will persist long after your death.

Is that what you want to do? Is that the kind of legacy you want to leave?

What Does Celebrating with Wine Represent?

If your dream involves you obviously celebrating with wine, this can indicate that your subconscious is picking up signals that in your waking life you may be overlooking. These signals point to something or a series of events that are worth celebrating over.

Maybe you’re getting a promotion. Maybe you’re getting a new job soon. Maybe somebody that you’re trying to win over in terms of your career or even in terms of romantic relationships is coming around.

Whatever the case may be, there is something worth celebrating, but you have to understand that this is not always predictive. In many cases, what you should be celebrating is that you’re still looking for a job and haven’t quit.

In some cases, it could also mean you’re still looking for that special person and haven’t quit. You know that there is going to be somebody out there that is worth your love and who can give you the love that you’re looking for.

This means sticking to the course. This means being disciplined. this means being persistent.

Celebrate That You’re Persistent

You might be thinking to yourself: “Oh! This takes a lot of work and it looks like it’s quite frustrating.”

And you’re absolutely right!

But realize the fact that you’re able to stick to the process and refuse to give up is worth celebrating.

I hope you see the contrast here between what people automatically assume a dream image of celebratory wine would mean and what its actual relevance is because a lot of people often read their fantasies into their dreams. They automatically believe that if a dream is having some positive signs to it, that what the things that they’ve been desiring for so long will come true.

Please understand that what you feel is often disconnected from how things turn out in your life.

Think in broad terms when it comes to celebration because your subconscious is celebrating something more profound than you getting the reward you’ve been yearning for all these years.

Celebrate the Gift of Personal Change

It may well turn that the more important gift that you can walk away with or the more important outcome that you should hope for is personal change.

Maybe you were impatient before. Now, you’re patient.

Maybe you were judgmental before. Now, you are more even-minded.

Maybe you are easily triggered before. Now, you are patient with people.

These are truly worth celebrating because they are the kind of internal changes you need to achieve great success in other areas of your life.

Whether you are looking for love, or you’re looking to get better results, or you’re looking to get paid the kind of money that goes well with your age. Whatever objective you may have, when you look at success and positive change in terms of internal spiritual and psychic changes, you are definitely on the right track.

What Does Drinking Red Wine Mean?

In the following sections, I’m going to discuss different wine dream meanings depending on the type of wine in the dream.

Now, to make sure that you are looking up the right section in this post, you have to be certain that the type of wine that I’m going to be interpreting is the central focus of your dream.

Take, for instance, seeing a red wine at the beginning of your dream, and then for the rest of your dream, you’re drinking white wine. Your dream is about white wine.

It’s not about the initial red wine. I hope you get the point.

Focus on the type of wine that runs through your whole wine dream. Don’t just cherry-pick different scenes, or worse yet, get them out of order because you prefer one type of wine over another.

That’s not gonna work!

The interpretation that you see here is not going to fit that because you’re cherry-picking. You’re manipulating the outcome.

Instead, focus on the type of wine that appears again and again in your dream.

Red Wine Dream Images Indicate Health Issues

When you see red wine appear again and again in your dream, with all things being equal, what your subconscious is telling you is key information regarding your health.

Pay close attention to what you do in your dream with this common red wine symbol.

Do you feel that you have to eat a lot? Do you feel that you have to talk to everybody in the crowd? Do you feel stressed?

Red Wine Can Also Indicate Inspiration

Depending on the context of your dream, red wine can also indicate inspiration. It can indicate a renewal of your commitment, either to a romantic partner or to a career path, or a series of decisions that you have made in the past.

What Does Drinking White Wine Mean?

When you see yourself drinking white wine and there are people around you, this can indicate that people see that you need some sort of advice.

Depending on what other people are doing around, it might even be a little bit worse. They might think that you’re doing a bad job handling your affairs and you would be better off simply just listening to what other more experienced people have to say about your situation.

Drinking white wine in a crowd and people listening to you or leaning in indicates that people care about you. At the very least, they care enough about you enough that they want to give you advice.

And you should be paying attention to their actions because if somebody commits to mentoring you or goes out of their way to help you deal with the negative consequences of past decisions, you might want to spend more time with that person.

You might want to learn from that person.

Unfortunately, when people drink white wine in this context in their dreams, their subconscious is indicating that they don’t want to learn and they are resistant to someone’s advice.

What Does It Mean to Drink Fine Wine?

When you see in your dream that you’re drinking fine wine, this indicates that you are aware of your personal power, confidence, and competence.

You may not have reached the top of your game, but it feels like it. You’ve reached the point where you only need to think of an idea and articulate it clearly in written form and pretty soon it becomes a reality.

This is something worth celebrating because most people don’t have this power. Most people play the waiting game with themselves.

They say to themselves:

“I don’t have enough money. Or, this is not the right time.

Things haven’t really fallen into place yet so I’m not ready, but this is a great idea.”

And what happens? They die with their ideas.

There’s just so many things that they could’ve, should’ve, or would’ve done, but you’re not that type of person.

You’re not caught up in that type of life and this is worth celebrating. So, when you see yourself drinking fine wine, pay attention to how you feel in that dream image.

Chances are, you feel that you’re getting paid enough or living in a house that’s big enough.

Whatever the case may be, your mind has become comfortable with the concept of “enough.” You don’t see yourself gasping or struggling for more, more, and more.

Drinking Fine Wine Symbolizes the Attainment of a Big Picture View

An alternative meaning to drinking fine wine points to the development of a high enough level of personal confidence that you can actually play ahead or look at the big picture of your life and see how the dots connect.

Again, this is worth celebrating.

Drinking Wine and Getting Drunk and Violent

When you see yourself drinking a lot of wine and getting angry, this can indicate that your subconscious is detecting bad emotional management on your part.

You feel that there’s just certain things that you can’t let go of. You feel that there are certain mental habits that you have that are wrong.

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