The meaning of clouds dreams

If you’ve ever been startled awake because of the dark clouds in your dream, it’s very tempting to conclude your cloud dreams mean bad times are coming.

In fact, a lot of people’s instinctive interpretation of the meaning of clouds in dreams involves some sort of bad fortune, an unfortunate turn of events, or something negative.

The reality could not be farther from the truth.

General meaning of clouds

General meaning of clouds

Clouds bring rain.

This is not a mystery.

Anybody who has ever looked up in the sky can see that clouds come in many different shapes and forms and ultimately, clouds do bring rain.

The general meaning of water when it comes to dreams symbology involves emotionsat some level, at some form or other.

But keep in mind that just because clouds can bring rain doesn’t mean that emotional turbulence is up ahead.

Indeed, dark clouds often give way to bright sunny skies.

They go hand in hand.

You cannot know the value of clear skies if you haven’t gone through dark, gloomy, or even rainy days.

This is why you shouldn’t fear for the future.

But this is precisely the kind of emotional turbulence people find themselves in when they have cloudy dreams- they have lost trust in their instincts.

They have become blind to their intuition instead of relying on them with confidence.

This, of course, leads to a creeping sense of lack of direction.

This really is too bad because your cloud dreams can actually have very positive meanings in different contexts.

The spiritual meaning of clouds

The spiritual meaning of clouds

By “spiritual,” we’re not necessarily talking about things involving religion or the supernatural.

Spirituality, after all, also involves your mindset, the personal stories you tell to yourself, and your own personal narrative.

All of us tell ourselves a story.

In fact, we don’t go a day without going through this narration of who we think we are, where we think we could go, who we think we can be, and what life is all about.

Some of us are more aware of this story because they’ve taken the time to actually listen to themselves and develop a deeper sense of self-awareness.

For the rest of us, we are only confronted with this internal personal narrative when we meet with some sort of emotional challenge or personal turbulence.

Whatever the case may be, we have this internal monologue.

Think of it as a personal screenplay.

Just as a movie never strays from its screenplay, your life doesn’t deviate from the story that you tell yourself.

The spiritual meaning of clouds in this context involves questioning these stories or personal script.

They also indicate an increasing willingness to challenge the assumptions you may have had in coming up with your personal script.

On a more theological level, clouds can also indicate the presence of God on earth and your growing awareness of your need for a connection with the Almighty.

This is a healthy sign.

A lot of people are scared by this because they’re thinking that this means lack of control or even a sense of slipping into insanity.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The sooner you embrace the fact that you are not alone on this planet and that there is a force greater and more eternal than you, the sooner you will tap into an infinite source of power that enables you to unleash your life’s full potential.

But it all depends on you.

It all depends on how much permission you give yourself to open your mind to what the universe has to offer.

What is the meaning of white cloud in dreams?

What is the meaning of white cloud in dreams?

If the main color of the clouds in your dreams is white, this indicates a sense of peace.

This may come as a surprise to a lot of people because they may be going through a tough time, but if they allow themselves only to mentally stop and emotionally calm down, they would realize that there is a lot of calm, peace and serenity where they are.

They don’t have to go to a special place.

They don’t have to fast forward in time.

They don’t have to do anything special.

They just need to shut up, be still, and let the chips fall.

It turns out that the reason why your life seems to have so much unnecessary drama is because you never give yourself permission to calm down.

Things are not as urgent as they appear.

You’re not living out a worst case scenario.

The more you allow yourself to claim the power of these white clouds in your dreams, the more peace, serenity, and harmony will enter your life and this leads to a rising awareness of the purity of power within you.

What if I told you that underneath a storm-tossed sea is a tremendous amount of calm?

You probably might think I’m crazy, because when you look at the surface of a storm-tossed motion, all you see is the turbulence and climactic violence.

You see an angry sky pouring out its dark tears onto the boiling surface of the water.

Everything is in turmoil.

But if you only dive several meters down, you would see that a lot of the drama on the surface has slowed down.

There’s still movement and you can still see some bubbles and possibly visual reminders of the currents of the water, but it’s more manageable.

And if you allow yourself to dive even deeper, possibly a few dozen meters down, you can see calm.

There’s still movement, but it’s very slow.

And then, when you dive one final time, all the way to the bottom, there’s dead silence.
This is true for the ocean and it’s also true for your personal core.

And I’m not just talking about your mind.

I’m not just referring to your emotions, nor am I just referring to your psychic state.

I’m talking about your personal core- who you are now and who you can be in the future.

Remember this metaphor because it’s so easy to get caught up in the moment and end up saying and doing things that will take the trajectory of your life to a completely different direction.

You may end up somewhere very far from your comfort zone or from where you’d like to be.

The dream meaning of grey clouds

The dream meaning of grey clouds

Usually, people think that grey clouds portend some sort of negative turn of events.

They view grey clouds as some sort of bearer of bad news or a twist in one’s luck.

At best, it signals the changing of the guard.

At worst, it delivers the justice that you’ve been trying to evade all this time.

But in reality, grey clouds symbolize the force of transition.

Many people instinctively view transition as something threatening and unwelcome.

This is too bad because transition is the only thing constant in life.

We’re all going through changes.

From surface appearances, it might seem that not much about you is changing, but you best believe something in you is changing.

You’re always transitioning to something else.

With every single thought, every single breath, every single blink, you are changing.

Because time never stands still.

So instead of hanging on to who you think you are, it probably would be a better use of your energy to be more at peace with the reality of change.

Now, I’m not saying that if you have a better attitude about change that you somehow will contain it and control it, much like gasoline spread into the internal compartment of an engine block.

While that can happen, more likely, you will have a sense of peace about what’s about to happen and this presents a golden opportunity for you to have a more positive experience with change.

Because a lot of times, our own attitude regarding change is what makes things turn out worse than they need to be.

In fact, in many cases, they don’t need to turn out bad at all, but we overreact, we overcompensate.

Not surprisingly, too many of us snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Grey clouds are going to come in your life.

Just allow them to pass.

When I was a kid, me and my friends would take our bikes up a hill and we would lay flat on the grass staring up at the clouds.

Some of my friends would see bicycles, buses, horses, I would see unicorns, dragons.

Everybody would have a good time here because we know that every single boy has a different interpretation of the clouds up ahead.

But we all agreed that what makes watching clouds and daydreaming fun is that they pass overhead.

Allow the grey clouds to pass.

Don’t dwell on them.

Don’t obsess about what they possibly mean or what they portend.

Just let them happen.

Let it pass.

The dream meaning of many clouds

The dream meaning of many clouds

When you see many different kinds of clouds appearing in the same space up ahead, this is an indication that you’re becoming wiser.

You’re beginning to discern the different signs of the times.

This also indicates a growing level of comfort and familiarity with your own inner spiritual power.

You need to gain a sense of calm when you see many different clouds together because this usually portends great changes in your life.

Whether they’re good, bad, or something in between, it totally depends on you.

As I mentioned above, oftentimes, we make uncomfortable things even worse because we overcompensate.

A lot of road accidents, for example, don’t have to end in death, serious injury or great damage to property if we just react properly.

So keep this in mind.

A little bit of perspective goes a long way.

What does it mean to dream of seeing a rainbow in the cloud?

What does it mean to dream of seeing a rainbow in the cloud?

Rainbows appear after a rainstorm.

Rainbows are a sign of reassurance.

In the Christian Bible, God gave the rainbow as a sign to Noah that He will never destroy the world using water ever again.

Rainbows indicate a new sense of possibility.

You can see the different variations of reality that you can pick and choose from.

Instead of just seeing plain white light, colorless, pure and bright, you see the many different colors of the rainbow.

These different colors make up white light so you can pick and choose, you can mix and match, you can slice and dice.

This indicates power, choice and control.

But the secret to claiming that power is a sense of calm.

You can’t walk into it panicked.

You can’t rush into things with a preset answer in your mind.

You can’t come in pre convinced that there is only one way to solve a problem or deal with a situation.

Instead, come in with an open mind and allow yourself to understand and appreciate that there are many different pathways you can take and different resources and alternatives you can take advantage of.

Seeing light above the clouds

Seeing light above the clouds

When you see a big bright light above the clouds in your dreams, this indicates that something good will happen soon to you.

But for that to happen, you have to allow yourself to be open-minded.

You have to allow yourself to be open to the big picture.

This is easier said than done.

We all develop tunnel vision when we are working towards a goal.

If we are not careful, our journey to wherever it is that we want to go to becomes joyless.

When you have a broad mind while remaining focused on where you’re going, you still pick up the details of your path.

You make sure to enjoy the journey.

This is the best of both worlds.

You’re living your life in a directed way.

You’re not just floundering around or chasing your tail.

But at the same time, you are also picking up the daily beauty of the sights and sounds that life has to offer.

What does it mean to rise above the clouds without falling in your dreams?

What does it mean to rise above the clouds without falling in your dreams?

If you see yourself rising above the clouds as if you’re flying, you finally have opened your mind to the possibility that you can be anything you want.

This is a recapitulation or a deep internal memory of the mindset you had when you were a child.

This is probably one of the most powerful realizations you could ever have as an adult because let’s face it, adults cripple themselves mentally.

When you were a kid, your power of imagination could take you anywhere in the world.

In fact, many children who grow up in otherwise miserable settings are able to travel and explore not only new places on Earth, but also new worlds.


They read.

And every single printed word that springs from those books, transports them, courtesy of their imagination, to a completely different life.

That’s how awesome being a kid is.

And when you see yourself rising above the clouds or even flying without falling, you are reconnecting with this childlike sense of possibility that your adult mind has been suppressing all along.

Embrace this, encourage it.

Now, please understand that this is not a license to become childish.

That’s completely different.

It’s okay to be childlike in your sense of anticipation, sense of wonder, and adventure.

In fact, I recommend it.

But please understand that there’s a big difference between being childish and childlike.

What does it mean to dream of dark or black clouds?

What does it mean to dream of dark or black clouds?

You are being confronted with your shadow.

Maybe you’ve been trying to run away from your shadow.

If you’re like most people, this should not become a surprise.

Subconsciously, we are aware that we all have a shadow.

This is the antithesis of all the things that we hold sacred, all the things that we strive for, all the values that we cherish.

But just because it makes us uncomfortable doesn’t mean we have to suppress it and run away from it.

Because the more we deny it, the stronger its power becomes.

And when we break down, it manifests itself.

Bubbles to the surface usually take the form of hypocrisy or guilty pleasure.

But the more conflicted we feel about it and the more we seek to deny it or play games to put on a show in front of other people, the stronger it becomes.

And if we’re not careful, it starts to rot us out from within.

So how do you deal with this dark shadow that you have?

You confront it.

Have you ever met a bully that gave you a tough time?

Chances are when you first met the bully, you didn’t look that person in the eye.

Or maybe you saw their face, but from then on, you stopped looking them in the eye.

That’s too bad.

Because if you look at them straight in the eye, you can see their smallness.

You can see their full parameters.

You can see that they’re human.

The same applies to your dark shadow.

It’s never as bad as you think.

A lot of people are conflicted when it comes to this part of their persona because they feel that this is where all their dirt, guilt, grime, and scum is located.

That’s you, placing all those things into your shadow.

That’s you, making all those associations.

If you think about it honestly and seriously, your shadow is a part of who you are.

You cannot be good if you don’t know what bad is.

You have no value for light if you have no understanding of darkness.

You will not crave love if you have not tasted rejection and loneliness.

Embrace the shadow.

I’m not saying that it is all who you are, I’m not saying that you should give in to it, but embrace the fact that it’s a part of you.

Stop running away from it.

Look at it in the eye.

And when you do, that’s the point in time you start taking control over it because it is part of you.

It has power.

Make its power work for you instead of against you.

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