Dream of Roller Skating

If you ever had a dream of roller skating or enjoying yourself at a skating rink, you might think you just had a pleasant dream. After all, what’s more awesome than enjoying the summer breeze, the warm weather, and the fresh air by roller skating?

This is one activity that really brings to life any local park in your area. Even if you don’t have much green space in your local park, you best believe that when you put on your in-line skates or roller blades, you’re gonna have a good time. It’s as if you get to explore your local park from a new perspective.

Maybe you’ve been there many times before on foot. Perhaps you have biked your way through the park.

But there is something different about using roller skates and enjoying the local scenery by skating.

This dream is so pleasant that a lot of people automatically forget it. After all, if nothing happens to you while you’re rollerskating, just how important is this type of dream?

Roller skates dreams seem so generic — boring even. But, believe it or not, if you see skates in a dream and it is the central focus of your nighttime vision, you might want to sit up and pay attention.

There’s a lot going on on a typical roller skate dream than you would imagine. The dream meaning of this type of nighttime vision is actually far deeper than a lot of people care to realize.

And this is what makes analyzing this type of dream so challenging because you have to first remember it. It’s hard to come up with a dream interpretation of wearing roller skates or skating through a park if you don’t remember details to the extent that you would if you had a more traumatic, conflicted, or even violent dream.

Dictionary of the Dream Interpretation of the Roller Skate

Dictionary of the Dream Interpretation of the Roller Skate

To uncover the truth behind your dream of roller skating or putting on roller skates, we have to drill down on what the different images within this dream mean.

You have to understand that roller skating involves specialized equipment.

And when you are trying to make sense of this dream, you shouldn’t just focus on you actually roller skating. You have to also train your mental camera on the equipment that you are wearing.

So, what does a typical roller skating dream mean?

You Have Hit Your Stride

You Have Hit Your Stride

If you’re like most people, there are many times in your life where you feel like you’re giving up. You just want to give up because it seems that no matter how hard you try, you just keep hitting the same wall.

Maybe you’re trying to get creative. You go and attack through the sides, through the roof, or through the basement, but it all leads to the same place.

You’re disappointed and let down. At the back of your mind, you’re thinking: “Maybe I should’ve just invested my time doing something else.”

Well, if you see yourself roller skating, it is an indication that things are actually going well. You may not see it that way or you might be in an emotional state where you don’t want to see it, but that is the truth.

You have to understand that the biggest breakthroughs often take the form of small cracks and small changes. And if you know what you’re looking for, you will be able to connect the dot and see where you’re headed.

Unfortunately, in our waking lives, we’re so focused on the day-to-day challenges of trying to get by.

We don’t see the big picture. We lose sight of the progress we’ve actually made up to this point.

When you see yourself roller skating, it indicates that you can confront all the challenges in life, and things are moving along to the point that you should be satisfied. In many cases, it might even indicate that you have laid the groundwork for an eventual breakthrough.

When your subconscious sends you this type of signal. It indicates that you should be more self-aware as to the actual consequences and impact of your actions.

They’re not all pointless. As frustrated as you may be at some level, they’re actually producing a positive result.

Feelings of Nostalgia

Feelings of Nostalgia

There are different kinds of nostalgia. A lot of people think that just simply reliving your personal glory days or some time in your life where things were going well is what feeling nostalgic means.

That is definitely the case, but there are different types of nostalgia.

1. Life Has Passed You By

1. Life Has Passed You By

One particularly troubling version is the sense that life has passed you by. It’s as if people were talking about a movie five years ago, but you didn’t bother to check it out.

Now you’ve managed to square away a few issues in your life so you have some time, you watched the movie.

And, instead of enjoying yourself, which you do to some extent, part of you wishes that you saw it when it first came out. You long for the excitement that your friends shared when they all saw the movie several years ago.

This, too, is nostalgia.

It’s like looking at the night sky and realizing that a lot of those stars are long dead. It took millions of years for the light of those long, dead stars to reach the Earth.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate the beauty and majesty of these amazing heavenly bodies from so far away, but there’s a part of you that feels longing and even sadness when you realize that this is light from stars that are long gone.

When you see yourself in roller skates, going through a park and you’re younger, pick apart that sense of nostalgia you feel. It might not be the kind of nostalgia a lot of people have feelings about.

It can involve some sense of yearning about a past situation you wish you could’ve lived through more fully.

2. When You Were Young

2. When You Were Young

Roller skating can also symbolize your youth and the experiences you had when you were young. Now, there are many ways we can pick this apart.

On the one hand, we all can be re-energized by a childlike spirit. While we could all agree that being childish is a bad thing, being childlike can be a very positive thing.

When you are childlike, you get to see the world in terms of first principles. You don’t look at the world based on how many times you have been disappointed. You’re less likely to look at the world with jaded eyes.

Instead, there’s a sense of anticipation and innocence there. In many cases, these are all you need to be motivated to the point that you achieve greater victories in your day-to-day challenges.

It’s not like you don’t know what you’re doing, but you’ve just lost the fire. And when you reconnect with that childlike energy, powered by your memories, you’re able to get through.

3. Losing Our Excitement and Sense of Anticipation

3. Losing Our Excitement and Sense of Anticipation

Another dimension of this youthful symbolism of roller skating can point to our sense of loss regarding our power of anticipation.

Do you remember when you were a kid and right in the middle of February, you can’t help but think about the upcoming Christmas? Every single day seems to be a preparation for the great times and memories you would have when Christmas comes around.

What do you think this does to all the days between February and December?

You savor each day! You feel that there is a purpose to each passing day.

They don’t just blur into each other without meaning or rhyme or reason. Instead, they build up like some sort of symphonic crescendo to the seminal event of your year that gives everything else meaning, brightness, and purpose.

As a child, you anticipate these things.

We lose that when we become adults. In fact, it’s not a surprise for many adults to go to exotic places and meet exciting new people but not really get excited. After all, when you get past the age of 25, you can see that there’s a certain pattern in your life.

Sure, you haven’t been to Paris before, but by the time you go through a Louvre tour, you feel some kind of connection with other tours you’ve been to before. And deep down inside, you know that it’s never as good as the first time you go through a museum somewhere exotic and faraway.

This is how the adult mind works. That’s why, as we get older, we lose that childlike anticipation that made life so much fun, worthwhile, and adventurous.

Deep down inside, we say to ourselves: “Been there, done that!” or “This is just a variation of stuff that I’ve done before. Tell me something new. Show me something truly different.”

And as you get older, the bar is raised again and again, and before you know it almost nothing excites you.

When you see yourself roller skating in your dreams, this is your subconscious telling you to stop comparing your experience now and coming up with all sorts of unrealistic expectations. Instead, you should just enjoy it for each second.

Understand that every second that passes is going to be gone permanently. I don’t want to sound overly pessimistic, but every second that passes means you’re one second closer to your death.

I’m talking about your final breath. I’m talking about the time they put you into the ground or gather up your ashes and put it in an urn.

A Message of Balance

A Message of Balance

On the other hand, seeing roller skates in your dream can indicate a need for balance in your life. After all, when you are roller skating, if you want to do a good job and have a good time, you have to find your balance.

Indeed, when you are just learning how to skate, the first skill you have to master is that of balance.

I remember when I first went on a skating rink in Southern California, I spent 90% of my time on my knees. I couldn’t balance on those skates.

And boy were they hard, thick, metal pieces!

I was either holding the side of the rink or desperately hanging on to the shoulders of my younger brother as he too tries to find his balance.

If you see yourself roller skating in your dream and you’re either wobbly or on the other extreme always balanced and moving at a high rate of speed, think about whatever imbalances you may be experiencing in your life.

Do you have a tough time balancing your work and your personal life? Are you challenged financially because you can’t seem to balance your checkbook?

Look for imbalances in your life. You’d be surprised to realize that you’re not as powerless as you may think you are.

A lot of these responsibilities, duties, and obligations actually can stand a little bit of filtering.

In many cases, if you learn how to sort your priorities, you might be able to overcome a lot of the bottlenecks in your life that have been hindering you for all this time.

1. Seeing Yourself Wearing Roller Skates

1. Seeing Yourself Wearing Roller Skates

If you see yourself putting on your roller skates or wearing roller skates in your dream and your dream vision focuses on you standing on the skates, pay attention to this section.

When you focus on the skates and you remember that you were wobbling back and forth or you were concerned about how thick the blades are, this indicates that you are aware of some sort of imbalance in your life.

In many cases, this type of imagery reveals that you are in a situation that you don’t know how to quite handle.

Maybe it’s new. Maybe you’re dealing with a strong personality that you can’t quite make out.

Or, you’re dealing with a familiar situation that has always frustrated you.

This can be in your personal relationships. In many cases, however, it involves people you are somehow distant from. Usually, this involves work issues.

2. Transition Stages

2. Transition Stages

Another way to read this type of image involves transition stages.

Let’s face it. Your whole life is a collection of periods of transition.

You transition from a baby who didn’t know how to walk to a toddler that is wobbly on his or her feet. Then, you transition to a fumbling teenager and later to a confident adult.

And before you know it, you get sick and you’re reduced to a frail, old person. Sooner or later, it’s time to check out.

It’s all a question of transition. In the same way, when you are trying to balance yourself on roller skates or you’re in the process of wearing roller skates, you are preparing yourself for the transition.

If this is the main focus of your dream, your subconscious is telling you to be more open to how you read your situation and how you respond to perceived imbalances, vacuums, absences, and gaps in your life.

3. The Need for Acceptance and Validation

3. The Need for Acceptance and Validation

Speaking of gaps, the third interpretation of seeing yourself wearing roller skates, either in front of a mirror or in an open scene where everybody could see you, indicates a subconscious need for acceptance.

But this need for validation takes a special form.

Your subconscious is making you aware that you believe you have to change something about yourself to fit other people’s needs. Then and only then will they give you what you’re looking for, which is validation, approval, and encouragement.

Your subconscious is telling you that this may not be the case or this might not be the smart or wise way to go about it. In many cases, people would actually respect you more if you are just yourself.

You’re not trying to fit in. You’re not trying to go along to get along.

You just are.

And maybe you will contribute more to the lives of those people just by being honest with yourself. A little bit of authenticity goes a long way.

What Does It Mean to See Someone Else Use Roller Skates or to Teach Someone Roller Skating?

What Does It Mean to See Someone Else Use Roller Skates or to Teach Someone Roller Skating

If you see yourself looking at somebody else skating, or just as important teaching them how to roller skate, this can indicate that you are growing emotionally.

This can also point to the fact that previously, you’re a very selfish and self-centered person. Your main focus is on finding balance in your life, and it often means getting your way.

Well, when you see yourself teaching somebody else roller skating and patiently putting them through their paces, your subconscious is telling you that you have the raw building blocks for an actual mature, mutually satisfactory relationship.

After all, to succeed in any kind of interpersonal relationship means you have to offer services to others. In other words, you have to serve.

This means you don’t put yourself first.

You don’t impose your will all the time on other people. Instead, you set your ego aside and put their needs first.

Meeting Them at Their Level

Meeting Them at Their Level

This can also take the form of knowing the answers but phrasing them in such a way that you accommodate how other people learn.

As you probably already know, different people learn at different speeds and they often require different perspectives so they can see the same lesson as you. Things may be obvious to you, but for other people, it’s like trying to read Chinese or some unknown writing.

This doesn’t mean they’re idiots or stupid and ignorant. All it means is that you just have to try harder in getting the message across.

This requires hard work. Sure, it can take time but most importantly, the work that is involved has something to do with the efforts that you need to take to overcome your ego.

And when you see yourself helping other people roller skate and balancing them, your subconscious is telling you that you are maturing as a spiritual individual.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Skating Using a Broken Roller Skate?

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Skating Using a Broken Roller Skate

If in your dream, you see yourself trying to skate with broken blades or broken roller skate wheels, this can indicate that your subconscious is trying to draw your attention to disturbing areas of your life.

You may be going about your relationships or your career in such a way that you are blind to something that is missing.

And if you were only to realize this and work at completing yourself or properly preparing yourself in those areas of your life, you would not only be much more successful, but you’d also be happy and content.

I know this sounds kind of weird but a lot of people actually go through their lives with false assumptions, mistaken impressions, and faulty conclusions. They are otherwise capable people who have a lot of potentials, but they never live up to their fullest destiny, if you will.

This happens because they never bothered to look for what’s missing or to put themselves in a situation where they’d even become aware that something is missing in the first place.

Sounds Tragic, Right?

Sounds Tragic, Right

Sadly, this is all too common.

That’s why when you see yourself trying to skate and it’s obvious that you have a broken wheel or the blade is off, your subconscious is telling you about something really deep in your life.

You’re operating as best as you could, but you’re really not going to get to where you want to go and get the outcome that you’ve always dreamed of because you’re not aware of certain things.

Are You Being Honest with Yourself?

Are You Being Honest with Yourself

Alternatively, when you see this type of imagery, it can also involve your lack of honesty regarding what you’re feeling about certain areas of your life. In reality, you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed out, and worried.

But, for whatever reason, you’ve chosen to overlook those emotions and just focus on something else. Oftentimes, we allow ourselves to be distracted because we don’t want to deal with deeper issues.

What Does It Mean When You’re Falling or Feeling Wobbly While Roller Skating?

What Does It Mean When You’re Falling or Feeling Wobbly While Roller Skating

Keep in mind that when you see yourself wobbling on roller skates in this context, it means you’re about to fall.

In the previous sections, you’re feeling wobbly after you put on the skates. But in this particular situation, you’re wobbly and then you fall.

You can see the conclusion.

When you see this image repeat, again and again, in your dreams about roller skates, your subconscious is telling you that you’re having a hard time adjusting to changes in your life.

Your Attitude Towards Change

Your Attitude Towards Change

Now, here’s the weird part.

If you cannot adjust satisfactorily through small changes, how much more will you suffer when big changes are needed?

Your subconscious is telling you that you need to change your attitude regarding change. You shouldn’t be so fearful of it.

Instead, you should embrace it because change is the only constant in life.

Now, I understand the saying often rolls off people’s tongues and sometimes you feel patronized upon hearing it.

But be that as it may, you need to change your relationship with change because you have to if you want to truly enjoy your life.

This applies across the board: your relationships, your career, the way you handle money, the way you look at yourself, your self-esteem as well as your physical body.

Don’t be afraid of change. Welcome it. Plan for it. Master it.

Otherwise, you will be playing games with yourself to the point that you will either be operating at half power most of the time or your mental space for who you think you are and what’s possible in your life becomes smaller and smaller.

There seem to be 800-lb elephants and “no go zones” cluttering the space. But they don’t exist in reality.

You just have to give yourself permission to live a life of freedom, possibility, and adventure.

Dream Example #1

Dream Example #1

It was a snowy December morning. Silvery flakes drifted down, glittering in the bright light of the sun.

I brought the cup to my lips, feeling the warmth radiating from the coffee burn my mouth. As I looked at the window, my eyes landed on the bus trundling down the icy black road.

Grabbing my roller skates, I ran outside in enthusiasm. The mere thought of roller skating was enough to bring a wide smile to my face.

After about 20 minutes, I reached the building which housed my favorite roller rink.

As soon as I stepped inside, a savory aroma of the delicious sandwiches hit my nostrils. I felt at peace as there weren’t a lot of people at that time. Delighted, I made my way to the roller rink.

It was a dazzling place with wooden benches lining the walls. I put on my skates, helmet, knee and elbow pads and began to skate with great relish.

With my head held high, I felt confident and strong. It was a beautiful moment, full of tranquility. As I skated over to the other end of the rink, I was shocked at the sight in front of me.

There, in the corner, stood my two best friends chattering and laughing with each other. That was something unusual since I did not know about them coming here. We had always shared plans.

I felt a hollow feeling in my chest. Still, I decided to approach them politely. But when they saw me, they sprinted off from there. Tears began cascading down my cheeks as I was not able to process what I had seen.

“Why would they do that,” I whispered to myself. I didn’t feel like skating anymore, so I decided to leave. I walked towards a bridge nearby and closed my eyes to calm my mind that had been a whirlpool of emotions.

Time passed by as minutes transformed into hours. By then, it wasn’t snowing anymore, and the sun was glowing in the sky. Finally, with a heavy heart, I decided to head back home.

The door creaked open, and darkness enveloped me. I panicked as I couldn’t find my parents or siblings around.

Just as I took another step forward, the lights switched on, and I heard a loud, exhilarating scream, “Surprise!!!”.

In front of me stood my entire family and my two best friends, each of them holding party poppers. The living room looked lovely with balloons and beautiful banners.

In the middle, there was a mouth-watering cake with “Congratulations” written on it. To say that I wasn’t staggered would be an understatement. It took me a while to realize what this surprise was.

I had bagged a golden trophy in the Roller Skater Championship held in my school two days ago. As I was about to step forward to hug my friends, I felt a splash of water over me, and my eyes snapped open.

There was my father standing with a glass of water. “Wake up! It’s noon! I’ve been trying to wake you up for about four hours now,” he exclaimed and went away. I let out a slight chuckle as I reminisced the sweet dream I had until I finally decided to get out of bed.

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