Dreams about grandparents who have passed away

Any dreams about grandparents who have passed away is sure to trouble us. This is perfectly normal.

But one particularly troubling type of dream involving dead people is those who feature our grandparents.

Most people have a soft spot for their grandpa or their grandma. Not surprisingly, dreams about grandparents who passed away can lead to a sense of loss, aching, and even fears of upcoming trouble.

But how should you react to dreams about grandparents who have passed away?

There are several general interpretations of this type of dream imagery.

A lot of people believe that when you see a long, dead grandfather or a grandmother communicating with you in your dream, that there is some sort of underlying message from the spiritual world. They can’t quite put their finger on it, but they are under the impression that somehow the past life essence of these people is trying to get across to them.

You shouldn’t believe such interpretations easily. There are other more logical and reasonable interpretations for dream images of dead relatives like dead grandparents, dead mothers, or a dead dad.

It’s really important to pay close attention to the context in light of the general interpretation of these types of symbols.

The General Dream Interpretation of Dead Grandparents

When it comes to our spiritual life, it’s very tempting to look at this aspect of our total persona in black-and-white terms.

If you consider yourself a logical and rational person, few people can blame you for trying to dismiss this side of your psychic state. Some people are even convinced that their need for some sort of spiritual meaning or spiritual yearning to explain certain phenomena in supernatural terms, is a relic of ancient superstition or simply is a “backward” remnant of evolutionary psychology.

Without getting too deep into such analysis, at the end of the day, that kind of thinking is not really all that helpful. If you really want to get to the bottom of a workable interpretation of that grandparents and their images in your dreams, you can’t dismiss the part of you that looks for something beyond what can be seen and beyond what can be reduced into some sort of predictable equation.

Instead, you should be at peace with this part of yourself because it kind of helps you see in the dark. While you should still focus primarily on the thinking and conscious side of your brain, we can’t dismiss the power of our subconscious and our unconscious minds.

The truth is we are limited. The things that we think we can figure out and perceive from the universe outside of our bodies are flawed.

Things often are not what they appear. We often interpret signals in such a way that doesn’t really help us or doesn’t even reflect the reality of whatever it is that we’re perceiving.

And to think that our rationality, which trumps all or is the absolute standard when it comes to judging reality, can lead to really faulty conclusions.

You probably don’t need me to remind you of that. I’m sure you’ve had many misunderstandings in the past.

On the other extreme is to view the world in a hyper-spiritual way and to think that everything is just a manifestation of the Unknown and we are just floating in this world with absolutely no grasp as to ultimate reality. That too is not workable because it reduces you to an infant, for lack of a better word.

You are not at the mercy of your environment. You have a lot of power over your reality, believe it or not.

Whether you accept it or not, the truth is that how you choose to perceive your reality and your attitude towards it enables you to create an internal script or monologue that empowers you to make certain decisions that can change your life.

The direction it takes totally depends on you. How is it that two people from the same background with the same limited resources can end up in totally different places?

Now, keep in mind that while it is true that luck is a factor in life, it is not the only factor. You still have to pay attention to the fact that different people interpret their reality in different ways and make different decisions.

These decisions don’t exist in a vacuum. They’re not functionally the same.

They lead to different consequences. So, when you check back with those people later on after a few years, they’re living completely different lives because of the consequences of their decisions.

Where do those decisions come from?

That’s right! It comes from their mindset.

And one of the most crippling mindsets you can adopt is to think that you’re just in a world you can’t create change, you can’t impact, you can’t have any sort of control over, and you’re just this floating piece of plastic on the surface of an angry storm-tossed sea.

While you’re welcome to continue thinking like that, be prepared to get the same disappointing results you’ve been getting all along. You have a lot more control and this is where your rational mind comes in.

While you cannot predict the future or pinpoint with perfect accuracy what is around the corner and what is about to unfold, you can set up the probabilities to break in your direction.

This is what having a goal and having ambitions in life mean. You can’t just assume that you’re living in a world that you didn’t create and you can’t control in any way and just give up at some level or other.

So, keep these in mind when we’re talking about the spiritual aspect of dead grandparents because this is the first thing that people gravitate to and they never let go.

They automatically think: “Well, I dreamed about my dead grandma or my grandpawpaw, and this is just a spiritual message.”

Well, it is to a certain extent, but there’s more to it than that. So, let’s dive in.

Your Dream Vision of Your Dead Grandfather or Dead Grandmother Is a Message About Your Spiritual Gift

When you have dreams of dead relatives that were very close to you, like a dead grandparent or a dead grand aunt or uncle, these are typically good signs in the sense that your subconscious is trying to wake you up about spiritual gifts.

Everybody has spiritual gifts in the sense that we have the power of intuition. We have a way of making sense of the chaos in front of us without fully knowing all the facts or fully understanding how things work out. It’s just an innate instinct in all of us.

Now, some people have developed this side of their persona to a very high level. Most of us are struggling with this because it is quite freaky and weird.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you happen to say the right thing at the right time to produce the right results? Has that happened again and again?

Well, that’s not a fluke That’s not a random chance.

While a lot of people almost automatically dismiss it as such, there’s a lot more going on, and this involves your spiritual dimension.

Since we are all interconnected by the energy and signals that we send to each other, it pays to listen. It pays to receive and be welcoming of this.

Unfortunately, our culture, especially in the West, has trained us to be suspicious of such signals. So, when we dream of dead grandparents talking to us, we view it with skepticism, and we start to block whatever spiritual message they’re trying to send.

This of course in turn leads us to be skeptical or even be repulsed by our spiritual gifts. Since we can’t explain it or slice and dice it into neat, little rational bits and pieces that we can throw up into some sort of equation or scientific prediction, we disregard it.

That’s like being given a Ferrari or Lamborghini for your birthday and you don’t even want to get in and put the key in the ignition because you think that it’s a fake car. You’re thinking that it’s some sort of mental and intellectual mirage.

Be at Peace with Your Spiritual Gifts

Everybody has a spiritual gift. Maybe you can say the right thing at the right time. Maybe you have a way of making “clutch” decisions. These are game-changers that just come to you at the right time.

You can’t force it. You can’t predict it. But it just overtakes you and you end up making the very best choice given your limited options at a specific time.

Again, these are all easy to dismiss as blind or even dumb luck. But there’s a lot of spiritual processes going on, and this is your spiritual gift.

Maybe you have a way of communicating with people that don’t involve words. You just open up their lives and really dive into them, and they feel connected to you, and not a word is exchanged.

How do you explain that?

A lot of people in our modern-day are freaked out by anything spiritual because they feel that their ability to explain or reduce to numbers or probabilities is their best way of controlling their world.

But the truth is this world and this universe has been around before we were born, and they will continue to exist long after we’re gone.

Plus, all these things are manifestations of a grand design or a grand will, and regardless of the label you put on it, it is divine. It is holy. It is beyond us.

There’s a point where we can’t even describe it, much less explain it. Some people call this God, but it doesn’t matter. We all flow from this power.

And by allowing yourself to gain a sense of reconnection to dreams about your grandparents or dreams about dead people who you’ve been close to in your family, you are able to reconnect with what came before you.

More importantly, you are able to access a collective store of experiences and patterns that can help you live a more effective life. This is all spiritual. It can take the form of kindness, wisdom, courage, encouragement, or even just a simple sense of clarity.

Do not turn these away. Do not turn your back on them. Don’t dismiss them out of hand.

And just as you inherit certain things from your grandparents, when you get to the bottom of these types of grandparent dreams, you inherit their spiritual legacy. You inherit their power and their potency when it comes to spiritual things.

Comfort for Your Daily Grieving

I know this sounds kind of weird, but the truth is life is suffering. In the Western Christian tradition, you’re not supposed to say this because the West tends to celebrate life.

But when you go to the East, especially Buddhism, this is the default position, and there’s a lot going for this position because if you think about the typical human life cycle, all joys are fleeting.

Sure, everybody can get excited about the image of a newborn child and the anticipation of one birthday after another. But where does it lead to?

That’s right! That child becomes an adult, grows old, gets sick, and then dies.

Since Buddhists believe in reincarnation, it adds insult to this injury. They get to see that process repeat itself in an endless cycle.

This happens enough times to make one want to throw up their hands and say: “What’s the point?”

And that’s exactly the point! It is meaningless.

And it is this threatening sense of meaninglessness and the chaos and emptiness behind it that make life to be suffering because it’s very easy to spend your waking hours striving for something, working hard, and sacrificing. But in the end, it doesn’t really matter because it all fades away.

Do you think the money that you make now will matter to somebody who is alive a hundred years from now?

Well, if you want to get a good idea, just take a walk at an old cemetery near where you live. Look for gravestones from a hundred years ago.

Those people were dealing with stresses, deadlines, and day-to-day duties, responsibilities, and obligations. Do you think all that stress and all that daily drama mean anything now?

If your answer is no, why do you think yours will matter in the future?

Life is suffering. We’re facing decay every day. Every day you wake up is a day closer to your eventual death. Every breath you take is one breath closer to your final one.

So, when we strip down the layers of false consciousness, we find ourselves grieving. Given the fact that we’re living in the time of a pandemic, it doesn’t take much effort to find grieving in our lives.

But I’m not just talking about losing people in your lives.

The dead grandparents’ motif that you saw in your dream doesn’t just communicate with a sense of grieving for somebody you lost and your need for comfort in a time of sorrow.

Instead, these images tell you that life is itself suffering, and you have really two choices.

You can choose to be brave and accept life for what it is or you can choose to be a child and refuse to grow up and insist that the world should act the way it should be instead of how it really is.

You have to view your dream images of your dead grandparents from this perspective because when you see them and you feel your sadness for them as they’re long gone, it’s tempting to think that you’re grieving and crying are all about them.

But in reality, the deeper message they are trying to convey to you is that you’re grieving and crying is about your current situation.

And the more you stay as a child, the more you will cry. The more you will miss the hugs of those who can comfort you. The more you search for the deep and comforting advice that only your dead grandparents and who they represent can bring.

Deep down inside of you, there’s this longing for something because you feel that you’re incomplete. There’s something that you’ve lost, and you want to be reconnected to.

And when you dream about dead grandparents, this is just a proxy for you to be reconnected with your spiritual aspect because your spiritual aspect is your gateway to Universal Consciousness.

That’s how you know you’re complete. That’s how you know you are actually are alive.

But most people are blind to this so your subconscious uses proxies so you have to dig deeper.

This is not just about your childhood. This is not just about you feeling loved and accepted.

As important as those may be, you should also think about universal belonging because that’s what will persist long after worms have eaten your body or you have been incinerated in a crematorium.

Messages from the Dead

Dreaming of a dead family member could be your mind’s interpretation of its need to be reassured. A lot of people think that dreaming of a dead family member could be a message to the dreamer to let them know that their dead grandmother and grandfather are happy wherever they are.

Whatever the reality of this impression may be, it does speak to a deeper truth. We have to be at peace with the fact that we live in a world where things die and disappear.

Your subconscious is trying to send you a bigger message when it shows you images of people you love deeply who have passed away. As important as it is to feel loss because it reminds you that you are human, so dig deeper.

Understand that this feeling of loss will continue throughout your life. There are also twins or alter egos to this in the form of betrayal, abandonment, disappointment, and frustration.

But they lead somewhere, and your subconscious is telling you to be at peace with the idea of loss because it’s part of life.

It’s part of a cycle because as easy as it is to get excited about birth, marriage, becoming successful, gaining something, attaining the respect of others, a natural part of these is death, disease, misunderstanding, strife, abandonment, rejection, and pain.

They are all sides of the same coin, and the greatest wisdom dead grandparent dream images can give us is to open our minds to the existence of this wisdom and eventually accept it.

Context Is Everything: Common Dreams About Grandparents Who Have Died

Just like any other dream symbology, you have to pay attention to the specific contexts of the symbol as it played out in your dream.

There are different dream interpretations about the death of grandparents. It depends on how much you remember the context of your dream. These different contextual clues lead to different conclusions and of course interpretations.

For example, the gender of the grandparent who passed away is important. The meaning of a dream of a dead grandmother is quite different from the meaning of a dream of a deceased grandfather.

Here are just some common contextual variations of dreams involving dead grandparents.

What Does It Mean When a Woman Dreams of Her Dead Grandmother?

When you dream of your dead grandmother, it can indicate that things will just start falling into place in your life.

Now, you may be thinking that this is just pure, dumb luck and you’re in for a windfall, but there’s a lot more to this than that. It is not dumb luck.

Instead, you’ve been laying the foundation for a point in time where you cannot miss. Wouldn’t be awesome to enter such a stage?

Well, your subconscious is telling you that you have laid enough foundation for that to happen in the near future.

This is quite hard for a lot of people to take because they are focused on the image of death. This is after all a dream involving your dead grandmother.

But it’s not awful at all because the human mind often works in terms of conflict symbology.

You can be dreaming of something very, very positive, but it turns out that the practical meaning of that dream is that there’s a disaster right around the corner. The reverse is also true.

So, in this context, a female dreaming of their dead grandmother is a good omen for that woman. It can mean that you have made the necessary sacrifices and made the necessary adjustments in your attitude, outlook, and expectations that things will start to fall into place.

The key here is not to expect that this situation will persist forever. Instead, learn enough from yourself to be conscious of this process.

Give yourself permission to receive these blessings from the Universe, and lay the proper foundations for the next step. This can be a successful career, a fulfilling and deeply loving relationship, true support from your friends and family, and better health.

What Does It Mean When a Man Dreams of His Grandparents?

When a man dreams of their dead grandfather or grandmother, this can be an indication of some sort of travel opportunity in the future. Now, keep in mind that travel can involve either physical movement from Point A to Point B or better yet spiritual travel.

In other words, you will be maturing as a person. You may have been looking at the world a certain way before and it led to certain outcomes because of your decisions.

Expect things to change. Expect the quality of your decisions to be altered in the near future, and this can lead you to a different outcome altogether.

With that said, when a man dreams of his grandparents who passed away, it can also be a warning that travel accidents can and do happen.

So, if you get all excited about going somewhere because of a new business opportunity or just for pure leisure purposes, be responsible. Plan ahead. Make sure you’re ready for contingencies.

This piece of advice also applies to your spiritual or your path to maturity because failure to anticipate is often manifested in something from your past coming back to haunt you.

From this angle, it can be treated as a negative omen. But really, there’s no such thing as a positive or negative omen if you’re properly prepared and if you have the right mindset.

If anything, your main enemy is your own negative tendencies and your self-destructive habits. Keep this in mind as you travel both the physical and spiritual planes of your life.

What Does It Mean to Dream of the Death of a Grandmother or Grandfather That Is Still Alive?

This indicates a breakdown of trust. This is not necessarily directed at the grandmother or grandfather in your dream. Instead, you have an issue with trust.

You’re skeptical about the received wisdom that you get from other people. You begin to put things together and connect the dots, and it doesn’t line up with what you’re expected to think and what the people surrounding you expect from you.

Now, you might be thinking that this is a bad thing. Well, it can definitely be that way, especially when there’s betrayal, misunderstanding, and unnecessary drama involved.

Those are personal issues that you know that you have to resolve, and the good news is you probably have enough emotional tools to make that happen.

But the deeper issue that I’d like to talk about is that this can be a very positive thing indeed because you are now in a situation where you can question some of the long-held beliefs, attitudes, and “automatic thinking” that you thought you were born with.

Far from being emotionally wrenching, this situation can actually be your doorway to greater personal freedom and eventually charting your path to a better life.

You May Be Entering a Bad Period in Your Life

Picking up from my most immediate prior point, it’s easy to believe that things are just breaking down all around you. People in your life who you’ve counted on for so long and trusted on a very deep level start to disappear. They didn’t die, but you’re feeling abandoned or misunderstood.

But as harsh as situations may seem in the near future, look at this as a blessing because those people are connected with your old self and your old way of thinking.

Maybe this is the break that you need to chart a new life for yourself: a life that you design; a life that you wanted ahead of time, not just something that was thrown at your lap because you were born in a certain place to certain parents of a certain class of a certain neighborhood.

You get my point.

With this perspective, you will be able to reconnect with your personal sense of adventure and experimentation and possibly chart the kind of life you want for yourself. You are in control.

The General Dream Interpretation of a Deceased Grandfather

The general symbol of a grandfather in a dream involves life experience, good advice, and wisdom. In terms of symbolic psychology, a grandfather often has a lot of the traits of The Emperor – somebody who is in a position of authority, not just because of physical might but also because of the impact of their past good decisions.

This is somebody you should listen to. This is somebody who embodies the kind of knowledge you need to know but doesn’t have to learn first-hand.

With that said, here are secondary contexts involving the overall dream symbol of a dead grandfather.

What Does Dreaming of a Stranger Being Your Grandfather Mean?

Dreaming of a stranger being your grandfather can signify that there’s something you need to change about your behavior now. You may be suffering from the consequences of this behavior.

Do you have a tough time keeping friends? Do you have a tough time getting promoted at work? Do you have issues with procrastination?

Well, your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something about these things and others in your life. Something has to give, and you have to look at the past and learn from it.

A lot of people automatically believe that they are just victims of life’s unfairness. They never wake up to the reality that they themselves caused their suffering.

This is a sure sign of maturity. This is the moment you realize and then say to yourself:

“I am the cause of whatever it is that is frustrating me. Either I am the direct cause because I’ve made certain decisions that laid the groundwork for the present reality that I’m living. Or, I always choose to react a certain way.”

Even though you’re not the cause and other people are conspiring against you or have it in for you or you’re just unlucky, you don’t help yourself by constantly reacting a certain way which makes the initial injury even worse.

The good news is you’re always in charge. Even if other people did pull the trigger or put the knife in, you are still in charge of your reaction.

And this reaction might seem initially small. It might seem like a little too late, but it actually charts your reality from that point on. This is power, and realizing this and taking ownership of it is maturity.

So, when you dream of a stranger being your grandfather and you’re shocked and there’s this sense of betrayal or deception, use this as a signal from your subconscious to tell you that you have to stop betraying yourself.

Here you are desiring all sorts of good stuff and good outcomes, but you keep making the same decisions.

What’s wrong with this picture? As the old saying goes, “insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result each time.” If you truly want a different result, do something different.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Your Own Grandfather Dying When He Is Still Alive?

If you’re dreaming of your own grandfather dying but he is still healthy, this can indicate that you miss him and you need to reconnect with his total presence.

I’m not just talking about getting advice. I’m not just talking about possibly getting some cash.

No! I’m talking about just actually being present in the same place and the same time as him and being comfortable with each other.

This requires openness and trust. Reconnect with that because oftentimes, it’s very easy for a lot of people to put relatives into neat, little boxes.

For example, I’ll go to my Uncle Tom because I know Uncle Tom has funny stories. He is a funny guy. But he sucks when it comes to relationship advice or technical knowledge.

I’ll go to my Aunt Peg if I want a comforting word because she’s good with those kinds of things, but she sucks when it comes to financial advice.

No! You got to stop doing this and just enjoy those people based on who they are.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Your Dying Grandfather?

If your grandfather is actually dying, this can mean that you are about to enter a different stage of your relationship with that person. This means that you should forgive. You should let go of any misunderstanding or misconception about that person.

If you have the opportunity, have a long talk with your dying grandfather, but this could be anybody in your life who you’re close to. Just be there with them.

Let them tell their stories. Look into their eyes and dive into their inner world and truly absorb them because your time is short.

This is no time to hang on to who you think they should be. This is no time to hold on to grudges, which is often a product of misconception and bad perceptions.

Instead, this is a time for real honesty and an authentic bond. You can just pick up the phone and talk to them.

Either way, this is a reflection of a part of yourself that is also dying because your old persona is constantly breaking down and changing. Either it can be a worse version of itself because its traits are more concentrated or it’s morphing into something quite different, maybe even the opposite.

Whatever the case may be, if you dreamed of your dying grandfather who is soon to be your dead grandfather, this can indicate an opportunity. You’re seeing a new phase in your life starting to break through from the surface of your identity.

Focus on that. Cultivate it with honesty. As the old saying goes, “whatever you focus on grows.” This can be the break that you’re looking for and it would be the best testament to the love of your dead grandfather.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Being Angry at Your Dead Grandfather?

Anger is very easy to misunderstand. It is not always negative. Instead, it is an intense emotion that is our gateway to emotional and psychological, and spiritual honesty.

So, when you wake up from a dream where you are angry with your grandfather or grandpa, it can indicate that your subconscious is shining a light on your need to be honest with yourself because you might have old mental habits that are holding you back and dragging you down.

Everybody else has moved on, but here you are – still an emotional and spiritual child.

It can also mean that it’s time to begin again because when you look at the typical anger with grandpa dream, you have issues with the past. You have issues with the pattern that came before you.

Whatever the anger is based on – maybe it could be abuse, neglect, or just some misunderstanding – it doesn’t matter!

You need to be clear as to where you are right now and what got you here. And by doing so, the “bad period” of your life is ending.

A lot of the assumptions that you thought about who you are, where you can be, where you can go, where you cannot go, who you can and cannot be – all of that starts breaking down.

It’s scary but it’s also exhilarating because now you don’t have to blame grandpa or your parents for your bad childhood, abuse, or any trauma. Now, it’s on you.

Now you have the chance to chart a new path. And this is the best blessing they can give you by giving you the chance to forgive them.

Because, believe me, there are gonna people that you should beg forgiveness from. That’s just the kind of world we live in.

It’s not perfect. So, understand what this image truly means.

It can be the breakthrough you’re looking for, and by just by understanding this, you can then free yourself from the habits that you’ve been stuck in for so long – that part of yourself that has been crying or has been angry for so long finally starts smiling.

Dreaming of Your Dead Grandpa Can Represent Your Growth and Maturity into The Emperor

To borrow some symbology from the tarot, we all start out as fools. That’s the first card of any tarot deck.

A lot of people dismiss the fool. They associate it with a clown or buffoon.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

What makes the fool so powerful is that it represents choice. It represents a blank slate.

Everybody has to begin somewhere, and we’re all fools in the beginning. It doesn’t matter how smart and well put together you think you are. In the beginning, we all started from the same place.

By embracing the fool and understanding the power of choice, we are able to make better choices, and this is one of the most important personal revelations anybody can have.

“I am a fool because I can choose and what makes me a bad fool is when I choose despite knowing that there are other options out there.

I’m making a fool out of myself because I give in to my fears by making the same decisions because I don’t want to take chances on something else.”

Maybe it takes too much effort or maybe it just requires undertaking so many risks. Whatever the case may be, you’re the one who determines whether you are a “good” or “bad” fool.

But you’re still a fool and there’s nothing wrong with that Once you accept that, you then graduate to higher and higher levels of consciousness until you reach maturity in the form of The Emperor.

The Emperor in the tarot symbology system is the point where you can make things happen because of your experience, because of the resources you have accumulated, and because of the connections you made with other people and the reputation and respect you’ve gathered over time.

This obviously doesn’t happen overnight. It all starts with you being a fool and making the right choices, stumbling along the way, crying, feeling angry, feeling betrayed, feeling humiliated, sad, broken, and then after you repeat that process and after you level up, again and again, you reach The Emperor stage.

When you dream of your dead grandpa, you connect with that sense of ultimate maturity that we all can reach which is manifested by the symbol of The Emperor.

Here’s the shocking part.

We already have The Emperor in us. You may be stuck in The Fool stage or you may be in The Magician stage or you may be in The Lovers stage or even The Devil.

It doesn’t matter. You can connect with the emperor that’s already in you.

That’s what’s placed by the Universe in your subconscious. You just have to be brave enough to reconnect with it, but it takes maturity to divine the answer because the answer is there.

It’s just the fact that your mind, (in terms of personal maturity, emotional honesty, and intellectual curiosity,) simply hasn’t matured enough

But it’s there. Give yourself permission to listen.

This is how you create new chapters in your life. This is how you achieve breakthroughs. It’s listening to that inner wisdom.

But unfortunately, we live in a mental prison and we hang on to the key and refuse to turn the lock.

Pretty sad!

But your vision of your dead grandpa talking to you or even making you angry are all manifestations of your waking realization of this inner emperor.

Dreaming About Your Dead Grandpa and Crying

What does it mean to have a dream about talking to your dead grandfather and then breaking down and crying?

This can indicate two things.

First, it’s obvious. You’re still sad.

It’s very easy to miss people who have played such a big role in our lives, especially somebody who is a source of wisdom, comfort, and belonging. Oftentimes, you only know you have reached home when your mother or father, or grandparent hugged you.

You feel complete. There’s nowhere else to go. There’s no need to be somebody else. There’s nothing to prove.

You just are.

Have you ever had that sense of acceptance? It’s one of the most powerful and positive things in the world.

When somebody who is able to make us feel that way dies, it’s perfectly natural to feel hurt because we miss it. But you have to allow yourself to move past this sadness to see the deeper reality behind this constellation of feelings.

The sadness that you feel is not just of the need to try to recapture some of that feeling, but it also indicates a deeper understanding of the suffering of life itself because we are lost.

We’re no longer in the bellies of our mothers with that warm amniotic fluid surrounding us in a controlled environment and we are connected to the umbilical cord. Instead, now because of free will and choice, we’re thrown out and we’re vomited into the vast expanse of possibility: life.

It’s very easy to feel lonely, disconnected, and – let’s be honest – we don’t really feel like we belong.

So, when you feel these sensations of sadness because in your dream you’re talking to your dead grandfather, your subconscious is reminding you of the challenges you face in your day-to-day life.

Don’t get too comfortable because things are always dying. You are dying day-to-day.

And the challenge is how to find life as it exists on a moment-by-moment basis, and this is where your spirituality comes in.

This is a call to reconnect with your spiritual side, reconnect with what sustains you, what gives you motivation and meaning in what could be a meaningless and purposeless world.

The General Dream Interpretation of a Dead Grandmother

Most of us are really close to our grandmother so we have a special relationship with these special females. They are a big part of our childhood.

A lot of grandmothers practice unconditional love. We don’t have to earn their affection. We don’t have to be perfect for them to love us.

They just love us as we are – dirty, smelly, prone to bruises and wounds. Despite the time that we suck up from them, they still love us nonetheless and prepare us our favorite foods.

It’s no surprise that the image of a grandmother is very close to that of a mother in terms of warm, positive feelings. You never feel judged. You are just accepted and loved for who you are.

And when you dream of your dead grandmother, all these feelings come up.

But this is just a reconnection with the chaos within you because the female persona is a representation of chaos, and chaos is not necessarily bad because is where possibility comes from. It is the great force of life.

Anything that could possibly be, has come from the unformed consciousness of the chaos, and when you understand that, then you get the proper framing of the sense of acceptance and belonging you had with your dead grandmother.

When you look at the timeline of your life, at what point did you really feel you belong? When did you really feel you were complete?

That’s right! In the womb!

So, any motherly figure who radiates care, concern, acceptance, and love reconnects you with that earlier consciousness.

The general meaning of grandmothers is this primordial connection and relationship with chaos.

But as we get out of the womb and as we become older, chaos becomes negative. We learn to fear it. But in reality, it is our power.

A Grandmother Dying Can Be Very Negative, but It’s Up to You

When you see a repeated image of your grandmother dying in your dreams, it is your subconscious’s way of telling you that you need to get it together.

Through your life, you picked up knowledge, wisdom, moral authority, moral standards, but you have to have a way of putting it all together, not so much to recapitulate or to bring back that sense of belonging that you had in the womb of chaos, but to gain some sense of control.

And when your subconscious shows the symbolic image of your grandmother dying, it’s showing you that things aren’t working out. How you’re putting all these strong forces together within you is just not helping you.

Seeing Your Dead Grandmother in a Dream Alive and Smiling Means You Should Take Stock of Who You Are

If you see your dead grandmother hugging you and congratulating you and just being supportive, this is your subconscious’ way of telling you to give yourself a hug because you are a lot more accomplished and more successful than you give yourself credit for. In many cases, just waking up healthy is a form of success.

Allow yourself to be appreciative. Allow yourself to be aware of these and move on.

Stop comparing yourself to others and making yourself miserable that way.

Dream Example #1

Flashing back to the days when I spent time together with my grandparents. I was their favorite grandchild, and they were just like parents to me. Losing them like this broke my heart to pieces.

I blamed myself for buying them a new car. I thought it could make their mobility easier. Apparently, my grandfather had a problem with his sight, and he couldn’t see clearly at night. Police said that he didn’t know a truck entered the road in front of his car.

Later, he lost control and turned the wheel too much to the right. His car ran through the border and fell off the cliff. It blew up a second until it reached the bottom of the cliff.

I am too tired of meeting too many people at their funerals. I preferred to enter my grandparents’ room and explore every picture in that room. All memories flashed back, and I missed them even more. Unconsciously, my tears melted, and I felt my head become so heavy.

I laid down on their bed to remove my headache, but I quickly fell asleep.

In my sleep, I dreamt of my grandparents. They were attending my birthday party when I was 10 years old. They brought me a big brown teddy bear that I longed for a few months before my birthday. My family always simply celebrated birthdays, with a few guests invited. But, this time, the party seemed to be quieter than ever.

There was something else different! My grandparents were wearing shiny and white outfits, and their faces looked so bright. They looked a little bit different.

I looked around and searched for my parents to tell them about this. But it was shocking, knowing that nobody was around. It was just my grandparents and me. I was frightened if they were ghosts and tried to seek revenge for their death.

As if my grandfather knew my anxiety, he bowed down and said,” Don’t feel guilty! It wasn’t your fault. We are proud of you!” I could feel my tears burst out at that moment. Then, my grandmother hugged me and whispered,” We love you so much. We might leave you now, but we will meet again if you behave and take care of yourself.”

They stood up and took three steps backward. With warm smiles on their faces, they turned their bodies and walked to the light. I watched my grandparents disappear, swallowed by the bright light. While I was standing there and holding my big brown teddy bear tighter than before.

I woke up and was still lying down on my grandparents’ bed. This dream removed my headache and my guilty feeling. Maybe my grandparents wanted to tell me that I shouldn’t blame myself for their accident. I still cried, but less guilt and regret.

My mom stepped in and found me in her parents’ bed. Clearly, she understood the deep connection between my grandparents and me. She sat close to me and hugged me. We both cried and shared the loss.

Dream Example #2

It was 3:30 in the afternoon and a pleasant sunny day. It seemed to be a perfect time for a cup of coffee. I got dressed and stepped out towards the corner cafe by the street. Filled with the irresistible aroma of the coffee, good music, and several happy faces, the coffee shop was everyone’s favorite.

Some would come to sit for hours and conversate with strangers. Some would read their favorite books from the rusted bookshelves by the corner. And some like me would sit with that little cup reminiscing old memories.

Every evening I used to visit this place with my grandma when I was ten. She used to love this place for its lively spirit and unmatched brew. She would read me stories when I was young. As I grew up, I would listen to her stories about how she met my grandpa at the same cafe! How they used to sneak out of their homes to meet over a cup of coffee.

How my grandpa proposed to her and how she loved that little restaurant for so many reasons.

It’s been six years since I lost her due to a heart attack. I never miss a day to stop by her favorite coffee shop. I’ll always sit at the same table, reliving the unforgettable memories I share with her.

I could always feel her presence in here. Every time our family would get together at the cafe, I could feel her watching us through the corner, smiling and guarding us against our sorrows.

And as I narrate this to my dear diary, a wrinkled hand extended its loving warmth over my shoulder. I turned around and saw a familiar face with a contagious smile and beautiful blue eyes. The lady asked if she could join me for a cup of coffee to which I smiled with teary eyes and said of course you can.

We sat for hours, and I listened to her bittersweet memories of life. She narrated an incident about 21st March 2015. The year she failed to celebrate her birthday with her family at the same cafe.

She said, “I never wanted to leave without celebrating the joyous moments of my life but had to. Since then, every year, I visit this cafe on the same day to see my family cherish the comforting moments. But, this year no one turned up.

When I was about to leave, I saw a young girl, sitting alone with an old cup of brew. I reached out to her and asked if I could join her. She was humble enough to agree and spend her day celebrating an old lady’s big day”.

I immediately turned to my phone and realized it was 21st March 2021. With my heart sinking and tears rolling down my cheeks, I hugged my granny. I squeezed her in my arms only to realize that it was a pillow as I snoozed my alarm at 6 in the morning on 22nd March.

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