What does a wig dream mean?

Any analysis of wig dream meanings have to start with one fact about headwear fashion: hats are no longer as fashionable as they were 50 years. That’s how fast fashions change.

Given this reality, it’s perfectly understandable if you ask yourself: “What does a wig dream mean?”

Maybe you dreamed of wearing a wig or maybe you are focusing on somebody wearing this headpiece.

What Does a Wig in Your Dream Signify?

1. It’s a Way to Hide Something About Yourself or Others

Dreaming of a wig can signify your desire to cover up something about yourself.

It can also indicate a growing awareness of somebody else’s act of concealment or self-delusion.

We have all met people who have convinced themselves that they are one thing, but their actions reveal themselves to be another. It’s like living with an 800-lb elephant in the room.

Everybody but that person knows who they really are, but they’re clueless. It’s just like a person wearing a wig and assuming that everybody thinks it’s their real hair.

2. It’s a Way to Mask Your Insecurities

A wig dream can also be an indication of low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and insecurity. After all, a wig involves trying to look like something that you’re not.

Either you’re covering up something or you’re projecting something. None of these situations is good.

3. It Means Deceit

Finally, a wig dream can also indicate deceit and treachery.

General Dream Interpretation of Wigs

The typical dream interpretation of a wig involves false ideas, false impressions, false identities, and false appearances.

If you are trying to cover up something about yourself or your real character, these are very apparent. You’re intentionally trying to lead people astray.

You know who you really are, but you want to give out a false impression. You want to give people a different view of your character by hiding behind false appearances.

Much like a person pretending to have full-grown hair by wearing a wig when in reality they are bald, you’re trying to give people the wrong idea about who you are.

The typical wig dream meaning generally indicates that you’re trying to influence other people’s ideas of you, your identity, or you’re trying to get them to believe the same thing that you believe.

The toupée highlights false ideas. It is one of the most powerful dream symbols because toupées and wigs come in different shapes, styles, and forms. Really well-crafted wigs and toupées and other headpieces are so deceptive that you can’t tell the person wearing those things is not actually bald.

To dream of wearing a wig means you are trying to deceive other people in your waking life.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you are necessarily a bad person because a lot of the time people tell themselves lies. But by doing so, pretty soon, the more they repeat these deceptions, the more the people around them believe it. It’s like group hypnosis or mass self-deception.

You’re not doing yourself any favors because deep down inside, you know who you really are. You have lingering doubts and an aching skepticism about who you think you are. You can’t shake those away.

Two Faces of Deception

The wig also symbolizes deception in its many different forms. This dream suggests that either you or another person that you know is giving a false impression.

But the good news is that there are two types of deception. There is unintentional deception and there is intentional deception. The latter can also be labeled deceit and treachery.

Context is everything. Now that you have a good idea of the general themes behind the dream symbology of wigs, pay close attention to the context of this item in your dream. The context plays a bigger role in dream interpretation.

What Does It Mean if You Dream of Wearing a Wig?

If you see yourself in your dream wearing a wig, this indicates that part of you is aware that you are trying to control other people’s perceptions of you.

This can be innocent. Maybe you boast a little bit or bend the truth or exaggerate.

But on the whole, you are generally truthful.

But this can also be taken to extremes. You can flat-out lie and make stuff up.

The problem is once you get down the road of stretching the truth, it’s anybody’s guess where you will end up. You may start off trying to create a good impression, maybe bragging a little bit.

But eventually, one life has to be covered up by another lie, and lies tend to get bigger and bigger over time. Before you know it, you end up totally obliterating the truth. You can’t even recognize where you began.

What Really Motivates You to Give a False or Misleading Impression

What does it all mean? Where does this come from?

Well, it can mean that you’re not proud of who you are in real life. No wonder trying to be someone else is a big deal to you.

This of course all stem from a deep sense of insecurity and possibly inadequacy. You are trying to project something that you’re not so you can be more at peace with what you know yourself to be.

As you can well imagine, this is a losing battle because you know who you are. There is no hiding from you.

Just because you get other people to believe in your self-delusion and feed you words and positive signals that you crave doesn’t make the reality go away. You are afraid of the reality that people will judge you for who you really are, and you cannot stand hearing whatever negative opinions they may have.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Trying on a Wig?

Trying on a wig suggests that you have a desire for ill-advised change.

In life, there are many ways to change, just as there are many ways to go from Point A to Point B. But as you probably already know, some ways are better than others.

There is something that you want to change about your behavior with other people as well as the impression you make with other people. So, you find yourself becoming more aware of your negative side.

But the big danger here is to be shallow. There’s a reason why people don’t like certain traits. Just because you can cover up those traits doesn’t make the problem go away.

You need to go deeper. You need to truly understand who you are and do the heavy lifting in making important character changes so you can change from within.

Just because other people are saying nice things about you and you end up having a good reputation doesn’t mean that your character has changed.

Only you can do that. No amount of positive news or positive views from other people will make that reality go away. You’re going to have to take care of that.

So, if you want to be viewed as confident, you have to first be confident.

And how do you do that? By becoming more competent.

In other words, the things that you repeatedly do on a day-to-day basis, you do at the highest level. Otherwise, you end up putting yourself in a position where other people can control you when they withhold their validation.

You don’t want to be a slave to other people’s approval.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Covering Up a Bald Spot with a Wig?

If your dream vision focuses on the bald spot on your head, even though you’re not fully or partially bald in real life, this can indicate feelings of shame.

Maybe there’s a certain point in your past that you’re not all that happy with. It’s perfectly understandable that you want to cover up that past mistake.

But the bigger challenge is to actually change your attitude towards that past decision so it doesn’t trip you up in the here and now as well as in the future.

I hope you can see the difference. You can make all sorts of comforting lies and excuses and justifications about why you did what you did, but that doesn’t help you in any way.

You have to acknowledge that you screwed up. You have to be clear as to how it harms you and the people around you. And you have to forgive yourself and then resolve to make sure that you stop harming people.

Anything else isn’t good enough. Anything else is just simply hiding from the negative reality of your past.

What Does It Mean to See Someone You Know Wearing a Wig?

If you see somebody close to you wearing a wig in your dream, that might appear to be a funny moment. Sadly, this type of dream imagery can indicate complications for your relationship.

Your subconscious is telling you that there is some sort of treachery, either on your part or on your friend’s part. Whatever the case may be, you’re not exactly dealing with each other directly and honestly.

If you let this nagging feeling persist, your relationship with that person might end, and you may end up losing someone close to you.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Wearing Colorful Wigs?

When you see yourself wearing a colorful wig that makes you laugh or makes you cry out in a panic because of its sheer, insane weirdness, it indicates that your self-deception has gotten the better of you.

As I’ve mentioned above, when you’re covering stuff up or you’re trying to pretend to be something you’re not, you end up telling bigger and bigger lies. You end up making bigger and bigger moves where you try to “prove yourself.”

When you see yourself wearing colorful wigs, your subconscious is telling that you’re taking things too far, and it’s having an effect on your sense of self.

You might actually enter a very strong point of self-delusion where you can’t even who you really are. That’s how bad this could be because the worst form of lie is the one you believe.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Wearing a Judge’s Wig?

If you see yourself wearing a judge’s wig, it can indicate wisdom.

In the United Kingdom and British Commonwealth, judges typically wear wigs. This is a holdover from the 17th century onward.

A judge symbolizes wisdom and proper judgment. Your subconscious is telling you that you are in a time in your life where you need to exercise proper caution and discretion.

The good news is by choosing the judge’s wig imagery, your subconscious is telling you that you have enough life experience as well as personal connections to make the right choice.

But you have to /strong>overcome your initial fear of being put in a situation where you have to choose or you have to make sense of things.

What Does Wig Highlights Mean?

Dreaming of wig highlights indicates your awareness of certain details that nobody else knows.

Generally speaking, this means that you know a secret that nobody else is aware of. To wear a wig highlight on your head means that you have a desire to keep this secret forever because you don’t want people’s opinions of you to change.

It also indicates a deep and profound sense of insecurity regarding what people will say when you share some of your wisdom because highlights are hard to discern.

You have to be up close and you have to know what you’re looking at to fully make sense of them. You know this.

But the problem is you are so afraid of what people would think about you so you keep it to yourself.

Take note of the style of your wig in your dream because it can indicate different symbols of your personality type.

What Does a Long Wig Dream Mean?

To dream about wearing a long wig can symbolize your long-standing patience.

The long wig has many different meanings. In one context, it can indicate a vision of your future because you think far ahead and you have enough innate wisdom to plan for the long term. If the wig is extra-long and it’s heavy, it can indicate your patience with other people.

On the other hand, the extra-long wig can also indicate the lengths you will go through to keep up a lie. It symbolizes your willingness to live with a lie until you die.

You have to look at the context to see which of these meanings apply more to your situation.

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