What does dreaming of pigeons mean?

Pigeons are loyal and friendly birds used as messengers. Dreaming about pigeons may have both positive and negative meanings. These translations depend on the context of your dream. You may dream of the habitat of the pigeon, its character or actions, or something you are doing to it. Many people have mixed or even negative feelings about pigeons. They aren’t all positive. Keep this in mind when navigating the question “what does dreaming of pigeons mean?”

You may see a pigeon flying in your dream and be of different colors. Occasionally, the pigeons may land beside you, and you may feed them. The pigeons could also poop on your head while flying. You may get annoyed or bored and shoot down pigeons for fun or as target practice. You can cook the shot pigeon and eat its meat or throw it away. Your pigeon dreams may have different interpretations. This article will help in understanding your pigeon dreams.

What does a pigeon dream mean?

What does a pigeon dream mean

Dreaming about a pigeon could reflect the longing for more freedom. Maybe your parents always choose everything for you. You are not pleased by your parents’ choices and would love to decide for yourself. You cannot choose for yourself because they provide for your financial needs.

Dreams about pigeons may suggest ending tensions or problems. Maybe you have become involved with a dangerous group. You are always under the watch of your parents and the police. You feel uneasy and unsettled every time. You want to leave the group to have peace.

A pigeon in your dream could imply your desire to advance personally. Maybe your friends are making progress, but you feel stagnant. All your friends have comfortable lives, making you want to grow. You want to make a push in your financial ambitions to keep up with your friends.

Your dream may mean you desire to get acknowledged for your knowledge and skills. Maybe you are a mason and have mastered the art of construction. You always build buildings as drawn by architects making the outcome of your job perfect. You wish someday your work will get recognized by perfection lovers.

What does it mean if you dream of flying pigeons?

What does it mean if you dream of flying pigeons

Dreams about flying pigeons can represent a yearning to escape obligations or other restraints. Maybe you have impregnated a friend but are married to another lady. The responsibilities of your family are already overwhelming. You wouldn’t want an additional burden. You want your friend to flush out the pregnancy to make you feel at peace.

Your dream may signify control or a desire for greater control. Maybe your cousin looks down on your family because you are poor. You are working hard at school to make him ashamed for despising your family. You would love to rule his decisions after succeeding in life.

Having a dream about flying pigeons may mean you desire to pursue your goals. Maybe you always love how professional a particular doctor is. The doctor’s love for attending to patients has made you aspire to pursue and excel in medicine.

Flying pigeons in your dream may reflect a desire for peace. Maybe your husband is an alcoholic and always creates a scene. He always makes you feel embarrassed. You have tried talking him out of his actions, but he won’t listen. You have had enough and want a divorce for your peace.

What does it mean if you dream of blue pigeons?

What does it mean if you dream of blue pigeons

Dreams of blue pigeons may reflect your desire for quiet and calmness in your waking life. Maybe your family members are always quarreling, and it is not pleasing you. You want to sit down as a family and solve every conflict so your family can be happy again.

Blue pigeons in your dreams may mean you want stability and loyalty in your relationships. Maybe your girlfriends have been leaving you because of your financial state. No lady has ever stood with you in your worse moments. You want to work hard to change this habit. You want an understanding lady who can be with you during bad times.

Dreaming of blue pigeons sometimes gets connected to trust and security. For example, your child is not always comfortable with the nanny. Your child always wants to go to work with you or stay around you.

Your dreams about blue pigeons could mean you hope for emotional, physical, or spiritual recovery. Maybe your mother left you when you were young. Your father has been struggling to ensure you get everything you want. You would love to know why your mother abandoned you.

What does it mean if you see a pigeon nest in your dream?

What does it mean if you see a pigeon nest in your dream

A pigeon nest in your dream may reflect a desire for a secure and comfortable home environment. Maybe your parents constantly argue, and it does not make you happy. You feel disturbed when home because of the quarrels. You have given them an ultimatum to sort out their issues, or you will not come home.

A dream about a pigeon’s nest could represent a need for inner peace or worry. Maybe you were responsible for your friend losing his job. Your friend never wants to see or talk to you. You feel unsettled and want to do something to ensure he gets reemployed.

A pigeon’s nest may represent a sense of becoming stranded. Maybe you are to pay your rent, but a friend needs help. You are the only source of aid, and you would not want your friend to suffer. You get torn between paying your rent or helping your friend, as both are essential.

Seeing a pigeon nest in your dream could symbolize a sense of isolation. Maybe you embarrassed your friends at a party. Your friends will not invite you to any event. You brought this on yourself because of your behavior, but you should not get sidelined. You want to find a way to apologize to make everything okay between you and your friends.

What does it mean if you dream about eating pigeon meat?

What does it mean if you dream about eating pigeon meat

Dreaming about eating pigeon meat may reflect a desire for success or a feeling of lacking fulfillment. Maybe you have many objectives lined up for you. The amount of money you have cannot meet the budget. You feel financially deficient and would love to increase your financial status.

Eating pigeon meat may symbolize a willingness to take risks or break away from societal norms. Maybe your tribe has a particular tradition about marrying community members. You love a lady in your community and are ready to settle. You do not care about norms and want to see the result of your marriage.

Dreams of eating pigeon meat may represent your courage and tenacity. Maybe someone is using authority to harass people. You get unpleased by the person’s actions. You are willing to go against the person even if your life gets on the line.

A pigeon-eating dream may represent conquering hardships or problems. For instance, a lecturer at school has been harassing ladies, and you have also gotten involved. You are not ready to let the matter go and will do anything to ensure your lecturer gets punished. You have deduced a plan and are sure your lecturer will get fired.

What does it mean if you dream of pigeons eating bread?

What does it mean if you dream of pigeons eating bread

Seeing pigeons eating bread in a dream may symbolize plenty and nourishment in your life. Maybe you have invested in a huge company, and it has made huge profits. Since you are the largest shareholder, you get awarded a large amount of money. The sum can cover all your life needs.

Pigeons eating together in a dream may symbolize unity and togetherness. Maybe you always love making people’s lives simple. You bring people together by helping with basic needs. Your community members love you and are always ready to assist you with handy work.

Pigeons eating bread in your dream may symbolize a desire for simplicity. Maybe you are a wealthy person but do not love comfort. You always spend your eating regular meals and living a less complicated life. You wouldn’t love conflicts accompanying wealth, like losing friends over money problems.

Dreams of pigeons eating bread together may symbolize collaboration. Maybe you have numerous research proposals with assured approval. Since you want your friends to have ideas to accomplish, you are willing to share your proposals. You want your friends to prosper and progress in life alongside you.

What does it mean if you dream that you’re chasing a pigeon?

What does it mean if you dream that you're chasing a pigeon

Chasing a pigeon in your dream could symbolize the feeling of striving towards a goal difficult to achieve. Maybe you want to be an engineer. Studying engineering is hard, and most people have dropped out of school. You know your course will be challenging, but you are ready.

The dream could remind you to reconsider your priorities. Maybe you are rich and have concentrated on buying the most expensive things. You feel it is wrong for your family to suffer when you can help. You stop purchasing unnecessary items to ensure your family has a better life.

Dreaming of chasing a pigeon could represent a search for clarity or a deeper understanding. Maybe your dad mistreats you, making you have questions. You constantly ask your mother if you are your father’s son. You feel a biological father would never hit his child how your father hits you.

Dreams of chasing a pigeon might be an effort to address and settle a problem. Maybe you have wronged your wife, and she will not listen to you. You want to find a way to sort the issue out before it gets out of hand. You are willing to talk to her parents if it makes you get back together.

What does it signify if you see baby pigeons in your dreams?

What does it signify if you see baby pigeons in your dreams

Baby pigeons in your dream may represent innocence, purity, and vulnerability. Maybe you are strict about certain principles. You are unwilling to do anything that will go against your rules, even if someone has to die. You never want to live worrying about a mistake.

Baby pigeons’ need for protection and care may represent your weakness or insecurity. Maybe you have gone against a widely known person, and your life is on the line. Because of the threat to your life, you want to get police protection for safety.

Baby pigeons in your dream symbolize new beginnings, growth, and potential. Maybe you robbed someone and got caught. You are about to get jailed, but the person forgives you. You decide to mend your ways because you have gotten a one-time chance.

Baby pigeons may symbolize childhood memories, innocence, and nostalgia. Maybe you are on campus, and studying is becoming difficult. You feel you should have never grown because you had nothing to worry about as a child. You wish to revisit your childhood with nothing interfering with your calmness.

What does it mean if you dream of pigeon dropping?

What does it mean if you dream of pigeon dropping

Pigeon droppings may represent the need for order and cleanliness in your life. Maybe you are a disorganized person, and you tend to lose your things. You have lost many things and need to work on your memory. You have bought a diary to help you write down essential items.

A dream about pigeon droppings may mean you are not respecting your boundaries. Maybe you always value principles and have always wanted to stick to them. You get stuck in a situation and have to go against your principles. You go against your principles numerous times until it becomes regular.

Having a vision of pigeon droppings may mean you feel neglected. Maybe you live with your brother, and he works far away. He rarely comes home or calls because of his type of job. You stay alone in his house, making you feel unwanted. You always want to spend time with him, but he is not there.

Dreaming of pigeon droppings may signify the need to let go of waste and negativity. The waste may be in the form of negative emotions. For example, you have always been having a grudge against someone. The person corrected you for something you did. Because of your ego, you feel the person wronged you. You get to change your perception of thinking, making you realize the person wanted to help.

What does it mean if you dream of a pigeon landing beside you?

What does it mean if you dream of a pigeon landing beside you

Dreaming of a pigeon arriving next to you may represent meaningful information. You applied for a job, and based on competition, your chances of winning were high. You get a call hours after leaving that you have gotten employed and should report the next day.

A pigeon landing next to you in a dream may represent your sentiments of security and safety. Maybe you have a friend who is always there to help and ensure you are okay. You always attend events with your friend. You know you become watched over with them around.

Dreams of a pigeon landing next to you could represent your connection with someone or something. Maybe you have a very understanding girlfriend. You are never afraid to share anything with her, making you feel comfortable. You love your girlfriend and are never afraid to express your love for her in public.

Seeing a pigeon settle close to you in a dream may represent your loving and caring personality. You may be a lower-grade teacher and always connect with your students well. You are always free with your students. Your students are always happy in your classes and can share any disturbing matter.

What does it mean if you dream of a pigeon pooping on your head?

What does it mean if you dream of a pigeon pooping on your head

A pigeon pooping on your head may mean you will soon enjoy prosperity and positive changes. Maybe you are not employed and have been helping someone employed with work. The person hears of an opportunity at work and connects you for employment. Your life is about to change because of your hard work.

Your dream may imply that you should dismiss unfavorable feelings and thoughts. Maybe your cousin is wealthy and always despises you. Everything you do is to get back at your cousin. You feel you are overworking yourself and should stop competing with your cousin. You want to work on yourself and leave the hatred aside.

Dreaming of a pigeon pooping on you can imply you will conquer challenges or roadblocks in your path. Maybe you are always hardworking. You never give up on anything easily. Your energy in doing some things has become unmatched. You can always face anything because of your courage and determination.

What does it mean if you dream of shooting down a pigeon?

What does it mean if you dream of shooting down a pigeon

Shooting down a pigeon could symbolize the anger and frustration in your waking life. Maybe your childhood was never good because of constant punishment. You grew up with rage because everybody treated you as an outcast. Whenever you think of your past, you get mad and hit things.

Your dream may suggest that you regret a decision or a situation. Maybe you got warned about not going against your boss. You never wanted to hear your colleagues. Your boss fires you and writes a bad recommendation letter. You become ashamed of your actions and wish you paid attention to your colleagues.

Dreams of shooting down a pigeon could indicate you are releasing something valuable. Maybe you have been holding on to a vehicle handed to you by your father. The car is now damaged and could cost you to repair. Giving out the car would be better than letting it decay at your doorstep.

What does it mean if you dream of feeding a pigeon?

What does it mean if you dream of feeding a pigeon

Feeding a pigeon in your dream could symbolize a desire to care for someone or something. Maybe you are barren, and your neighbor cannot care for his child. Since you want a child, you want to adopt his child. You want to provide the child with all the needs required.

Dreams of feeding a pigeon could symbolize kindness and generosity. Maybe your community members come to you for help because you are wealthy and free with people. The other rich people never want to help the community. You, on the other hand, are willing to assist, making people love you for this.

Your dream could indicate that you are optimistic. Maybe you have been struggling to ensure a project gets set. You have invested a lot of money and concentration in your project. You are sure your project will be profitable. Your friends are unsure of the project, but you know you will prove your friends wrong.

What are the positive interpretations of dreaming about pigeons?

What are the positive interpretations of dreaming about pigeons

Pigeons in your dreams can indicate that you’re promoting interpersonal interactions. Maybe you are a psychologist and always want to help your patients. You always want to know your patient in detail. You want your communication welcoming to make your patients confide in you.

The dream could also symbolize emotional fulfillment and satisfaction. For example, you have an understanding boyfriend who cares for you. Your boyfriend always listens and advises you without judging or jumping to conclusions. You feel that you have everything you can ever need when around him.

Dreaming about pigeons could suggest you feel unburdened. Maybe you have always been providing for your house alone. Your wife finally gets a job and starts helping with some of the house bills. You feel relieved of some duties and can concentrate on your desired projects.

What are the negative interpretations of dreaming about pigeons?

What are the negative interpretations of dreaming about pigeons

Your dream may symbolize disgust, filth, or contamination. Maybe you have always surrounded yourself with negative people. You never think that good can come from something. You rarely do anything because of your fixed mind about bad outcomes.

Pigeon dreams may reflect a feeling of insignificance or becoming disregarded. Maybe you work hard but hardly provide for your house needs. Your wife never calls for help, be it an urgency. You think your wife does not recognize or acknowledge you because of your state. This act makes you feel lonely and looked down on.

Pigeons in your dream might represent your fear of the future. Maybe your husband is abusive, but you still love him. He sometimes beat you without reason, getting you hospitalized once. He always apologizes after his actions making you accept him back. He happens to hit and hurt you, making you want to leave for good. You have become tired of his apologies and are sure he will never change.


Pigeon dreams may link occurrences in your life to the abilities or characters of a pigeon. The capability of a pigeon to fly may reflect your desire for freedom. Your liberation may relate to escaping from an obligation or getting trapped. As a baby pigeon may reflect your desire to revisit your childhood for innocence and purity. Everyone yearns for success, and some risks come with getting successful. These risks you may take may relate to eating pigeon meat and chasing a pigeon.

How you connect with people and their trust in you may get reflected by a pigeon landing next to you. Occasionally, you may get angry and frustrated. Your need to address these feelings gets referenced to shooting down pigeons. With trust comes love, care, fulfillment, and good interpersonal relations. These feelings may relate to feeding a pigeon. The feelings may be positive and beneficial to your waking life. With a lack of good relations comes a lack of fulfillment and disappointment. These feelings may be harmful to your personal life as indicated by negative interpretations of pigeons in your dreams.

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