Suicide dream meaning

One of the most disturbing dreams you can have involves seeing yourself putting an end to your life. No wonder, it’s so easy to wake up frantic about figuring out suicide dream meaning.

Getting to the bottom of suicide dream meaning is very frustrating because it’s as if you’re struggling with an emotional fog that plays tricks on your cognitive ability to make sense of things.

But if you want to get to the meat of suicide dream truly, you have to overcome your biases and work through the negative emotional associations you may have with certain dream imageries to understand what’s going on.

What complicates suicide dreams is society frowns upon suicide.

Unlike certain eastern societies where the connection between life and death is not hermetically sealed, western societies think of life, death, and suicide in black and white terms.

You have to overcome that to make sense of the general dream interpretation of a suicide dream and be aware of its different contextual nuances.

The General Dream Interpretation of Suicide

Dreams of committing suicide indicate a need for change.

It’s seldom prophetic, so rest assured that this is not a prediction when you see yourself committing suicide in your dream.

Instead, your subconscious is communicating a deeper reality of that side of you screaming and clamoring for change.

And when you dream about killing yourself, your subconscious uses an emotionally-charged series of symbols to draw your attention to something that needs desperate attention.

Does A Suicide Dream Indicate That You Hate Your Life?

Not necessarily.

It can indicate extreme insecurity and instability in certain areas of your life but not your entire existence.

This is in stark contrast to how most suicides normally play out.

People who develop suicidal thoughts reach a point where they feel that the world would be better off without them.

That is not what’s going on with you.

What you feel is desperation or a high level of urgency regarding a fairly narrow area of your life.

So it’s important to understand how this works out because it doesn’t translate to you hating your life or wanting a quick exit.

Instead, you feel stuck in a certain area, and you’re looking for new opportunities, a new start, a new way to handle things, or help.

Whatever the case may be, you’re looking for things to change, and this is in stark contrast to putting an end to things because you feel they will never change.

That’s how a suicidal person thinks, and that’s why they think of taking an extreme measure, but this is not what’s going on with you.

Know the difference between these subconscious messages.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Yourself Dying of Suicide?

Committing suicide is one thing; seeing yourself dying is another.

When your suicide dream focuses on the images of you lying on the floor, dying or hanging by a rope as life leaves you, pay close attention to the overall symbology.

The focus of that dream image is not so much the suicide itself but the process of dying.

This is an important point of departure because your subconscious tells you a very strong message about your ability to trigger consequences.

You wouldn’t be hanging on that rope, quickly dying of asphyxiation if you didn’t do certain things.

You wouldn’t see the blood rushing out of your body because you shot yourself if you didn’t take certain actions.

Your subconscious is not trying to draw your attention to the horrific details of suicide; it is telling you that you have the power to choose and trigger consequences.

That is real power.

Unfortunately, a lot of people surrender that power.

They think they are just a piece of plastic on the rough end table tumble surface of this storm-tossed sea called life.

If you ask many people to describe their lives, they talk about it as if they’re not even there.

It’s as if they’re not in the driver’s seat, and they’re just spectators watching what’s playing out on the screen.

There’s no input on their part.

But that is not the reality because where you are now is a result of your choices.

Sure, you made these choices so many times before that it seems you’re operating on autopilot.

You may even be living in an emotional space where things just blur into each other, and you feel certain emotions and end up doing certain things.

But make no mistake about it; you are front and center in all of that.

Things happen because it’s your life, and you’re always in control.

You didn’t want to experience abuse when you were a child; you didn’t want to be bullied or heartbroken, but you can respond to the experience.

And this ability to respond to experiences the world throws your way is your superpower.

Your subconscious is telling you, through this suicide dream, that you have this power.

You have to claim it, be aware of it, own it, embrace it, and then level up.

Your Subconscious Is Telling You to Overcome Taboos

In many societies throughout the world, suicide is a source of shame for the family.

If you live in a traditional society, the mere fact of hearing that a neighbor had a suicide in the family is enough for neighbors to see the family differently.

They will have a negative view of that family.

It’s unfair because it’s not like the family wanted their loved one to die by suicide.

It’s not like they told that person to die. It just happened.

But it is what it is, and you have to understand the power of taboo.

It is one of the messages your subconscious is telling you in the form of suicide dreams.

Maybe you’re living your life in such a way that you’ve set up all these taboos for you.

We are talking about taboo as a specific anthropological term.

It’s a series of practices or certain activities considered off-limits in certain cultures.

The taboos act as cautionary tales or control mechanisms so that people don’t engage in certain behaviors.

On the whole, there is some pro-social or anthropological explanation of why certain taboos exist.

All cultures have taboos.

Your subconscious is telling you, by framing suicide as taboo in your dream, that maybe you have set up your life in such a way that your results are frustrating you because you have limited yourself so much.

So many people play this game with themselves where they tell themselves what they can and cannot be, where they can and cannot go, who they can and cannot be friends with, and so on.

All of these are artificial.

What if I told you that you could be the next Bill Gates. You will probably laugh because you think you don’t have any money in the bank or a spectacular IQ.

But the truth is we generally have the same hardware.

What separates you from people like Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos is your software – the things you choose to believe about yourself.

Again, these are ideas regarding who you can and cannot be, where you can and cannot go, what you can and cannot do.

This is important because your operating system limits the kind of risks you’re going to take, the range of your decisions, and even your ability to spot opportunities or recognize resources.

By understanding this and daring to look past the taboos and internal limits you place on yourself, you might end up in a different place because you now operate without limits or at least fewer internal limitations.

Your Subconscious May Be Telling You To Not Surrender

People who commit suicide usually go through an intense period of depression.

Many people have this misunderstanding that this depressive period must be long, profound, and easy to recognize.

This is a misconception because the truth is you may know somebody who seems a happy person, but for an intense five or ten-minute may reach a point where they feel that the world will be so much better if they weren’t there.

That’s when the suicide idea comes in, and depending on the depth of depression and sense of hopelessness, they might act on it.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many people I know from my college days had suicidal thoughts.

There was one guy who seemed to have the world going for him actually went through with it.

His name was Ken, and looking at him, you would think that he had a charmed life.

He came from a very wealthy family in San Diego. He was very good-looking and did a few modeling jobs in college.

He was well-regarded and was in a fraternity.

People only had positive things to say about him.

But he had issues with his father, and apparently, it ate him up.

He had so many unresolved issues with his dad. He felt his dad wasn’t there when he was growing up because his father was working all the time to give them the best life.

Believe me, Ken was wealthy. He wore the best clothes, had an awesome car, and had no problem with the ladies.

On the surface, he had so much going for him.

That’s why I was shocked when my friend Jason told me that Ken’s roommates found him hanging from his off-campus apartment room.

It devastated me.

Not only did the world lose an amazing person, but the sense of confusion I felt left me questioning, “Of all the people in the world, why Ken?”

And that’s when I realized that seemingly happy people just need to go through a rough patch, and it doesn’t have to be a long one stretch of depression or soul-searching for them to feel hopeless.

It can only take a few minutes for them, and if we cannot handle those few minutes, who knows what can happen?

It still fills me with sadness when I think about Ken.

When he visited Jason and me when we were in grad school in San Francisco, all the chicks were flocking around Ken. He was that attractive.

I’m not going to lie; a part of me was envious because I was an immigrant kid, and there was this god-like friend of mine who attracted all the women leaving none for the rest of us mere mortals.

I feel guilty now for envying him, and I wish I were more attentive to his feelings.

The point of a suicide dream is that there may be breaks in our consciousness that we have to focus on because they can lead to profound positive changes if we choose to be aware of them.

Just like being aware of that short period of desperation is enough to prevent so many unnecessary deaths, the same with your potential.

You have to understand that you may be feeling frustrated and disappointed in some areas in your life, but sometimes there is that flash of brilliance and lucidity for a fairly short period.

Seize that opportunity. Drive through it with a truck. I mean it metaphorically, of course.

Sometimes you never get that because you don’t get that opportunity again.

Be At Peace With A Part of Yourself That Is Searching

All of us are imperfect, works in progress, and incomplete.

If you accept this, you can be happier and more content because now you are at peace with searching.

Unfortunately, many of us, especially in the west, believe that we must be perfect. We have to have everything available to us. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense. It only makes us feel miserable.

You have to overcome this.

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