What Does a Raccoon in Dream Images Mean?

Let’s face it. When people see a raccoon in dream imagery, they are more likely to overlook that motif.

After all, if you live in most parts of the United States, you probably have seen a raccoon.

Unless you live in a different country where raccoons are very rare or nonexistent, seeing a raccoon in dream imagery won’t be that big of a deal.

But if your dream focuses on this animal, it’s important to understand the different aspects of this complicated mammal.

Unlike rats or even fantasy animals like dragons, which are fairly easy to pick apart and dissect, raccoons are a little bit more nuanced and complicated.

Raccoons are fearless animals, and they look like they are wearing masks.

The raccoon’s appearance is quite distinctive. A lot of people have considered them the bandits of the animal world.

If you live in a canyon or any area in the hills, you probably know firsthand what it’s like to deal with raccoons. You only need to look at your overturned trash containers in the morning to realize that there are raccoons in your local area.

They do act like bandits in this aspect.

They are mostly nocturnal, which means they’re active at night.

They’d rather do things behind the scenes. As much as possible, they don’t want you to see them doing what they do, especially when they are eating your trash.

Given all these facts, it’s not a surprise why a lot of people think raccoons carry a negative connotation.

General Dream Interpretation of Raccoons

If you see raccoons in your dream, it can indicate that someone close to you is not exactly being on the level.

This Dream Indicates Deception

Now, I’m not saying that they are flat-out lying to you, but they’re trying to hide something from you.

Now, keep in mind that people engage in deception for a variety of reasons. A lot of the time, it’s straightforward.

They’re either stealing from you, trying to take advantage of you, or tricking you to their own benefit.

This happens quite a bit. But in many cases, people also lie to you to avoid hurting your feelings.

They think that you won’t be able to handle the truth so they tell you a nice story that they try to convince you of. They string you along only for you to find out, in the worst way possible, that they were leading you on.

Obviously, none of these situations is good.

This Dream Indicates Theft

Another general raccoon dream meaning involves theft.

Now, hiding and lying from you is one thing, but stealing from you is another thing entirely. At this point, people take things personally.

It’s one thing for somebody to say stuff behind your back or do things without your knowledge, especially including stuff that you have a say over.

But when it comes to actual theft, this is where most people draw the line. It seems so obvious.

But even in this type of situation, raccoon dreams can be quite nuanced, complicated, and even sophisticated.

What do I mean by that? Well, there are many ways to steal from somebody.

Believe it or not, stealing doesn’t have to involve taking physical stuff from you with the intention of depriving you of them permanently. There is such a thing as stealing somebody’s time and attention.

How People Steal Time and Attention

Here’s a common example.

You go to Amazon.com and you find a product that you really like. You check out online review sites, but they’re not exactly clear on how the specific product meets certain features you are interested in.

You’re still unclear about how good this product is in terms of solving your problems.

So, you go to a local store that carries that product and you ask a ton of questions to the salesperson.

This person knows the product inside and out so they clear up any misconceptions you have about the product, its features, what it can and cannot do — all that good stuff.

At the end of all that time and effort, you just say to that person: “Thanks a lot, I’m gonna think about it,” and you head out the door.

Of course, the first thing that you do when you come home is to get on Amazon or another online store and place an order. After all, why should you buy from that local brick-and-mortar shop when it costs $50 more?

This is a form of theft. You stole that business’s time and attention.

It takes money for the owner of that store to hire somebody and train them to know the product sufficiently.

That’s why you benefited from that person’s knowledge without returning that benefit in the form of a sale.

A raccoon dream imagery indicates this type of stealing.

When you see raccoons attacking or a raccoon hiding in your dream, this can indicate that people are either stealing from you in subtle ways or you doing the same to them.

The Problem with Raccoon Dreams

The main problem with raccoon dreams is that it’s very easy for human beings to point the finger at other people when it comes to theft or any other kind of wrongdoing.

We automatically imagine ourselves as the victim that other people mistreat.

Rarely do we become aware of the fact that our attitudes and the ways we normally do things hurt other people. In fact, in most cases, we are completely blind to the harm that we do to them.

You May Be Engaged in Raccoon Stealing in Your Dream

Your dreams may be telling you that you may be engaged in raccoon-like stealing.

This is where things get a little bit personal and touchy. But if it applies to you, don’t let the sting of the truth get in the way of the liberation and freedom that truth normally brings.

As the old saying goes, “Truth may set us free but usually, it pisses us off first.”

How Can You Manifest Raccoon-Like Behavior in Your Day-to-Day Life?

One common example is when you get hired for a job and you fail to live up to your fullest potential at work.

Put simply, your boss is paying you for 8 hours of solid work.

The problem is that if you were to boil down the actual amount of productive work the typical American worker puts in at the office, you’d be lucky to maybe come up with two hours of solid productivity.

The rest of the time, people are checking their emails, social media notifications, screwing around with small talk around the water cooler, and other nonproductive stuff.

Other people just drag out their work because that’s how they operate. They don’t look at work as a chance to rise and shine.

Raccoon Theft Is Apparent in All the Barriers in Your Life

Unless you’re dealing with barriers, for the most part, raccoon-type thinking or theft is apparent or is a theme in many areas of your life.

You have to be aware of how you steal other people’s time, attention, or possibly misuse their respect. Nobody is immune to this.

A lot of people are under the impression that human beings are born good. Our sad experiences with flesh-and-blood human beings point to the opposite conclusion.

Just like a baby raccoon, we are greedy. We are self-interested.

A baby raccoon only wants to feed itself and will be very cunning to ensure its survival. Human babies are no different, and we carry this mentality wherever we go.

Once we become adults, this mentality remains.

We’re always asking ourselves: “What’s in it for me?”

Or, put in another way, “how do I make myself #1?”

Please understand that there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with you if you are honest enough to be aware that you do this. You just have to be aware that you are a self-seeking organism.

The big challenge is how do you harness this tremendous need to put yourself first so that you can actually contribute to the lives of others and thereby be rewarded.

Your Raccoon Spirit Animal Does Not Have to Be Negative

As I’ve mentioned earlier, all the barriers in your life can be traced to your raccoon instinct.

The challenges appear when you do not channel your unlimited need to put yourself first to pursue value for other people.

Instead, you focus solely on yourself. This is when it becomes negative.

Because you have to understand that for you to be rewarded in this life, you have to first provide value to others. That’s how it works.

When I was working in sales right after high school, one of the top sales guys in the electronics company that I was working for pulled me aside.

He said: “If you want to make money as a commission salesman in this company, you just have to remember one thing that I learned too late.”

He told me that back when he started, he was under the impression that the secret to sales was to know everything about the product, and just impress the customer about your expertise regarding the product so they would buy whatever it is you’re pushing.

The idea is to make the product shine so that no matter what questions the customer has, they will buy the product. Your number one priority is to shine a spotlight on that product.

He said he did that for several years, and he struggled. In some months, he wasn’t making any money.

Then, it dawned on him, something that was so obvious yet so rare.

He said what if I listened to the problems of the customers? A customer obviously wouldn’t walk into that electronic shop if they don’t have a problem they’re trying to solve.

Maybe they’re looking for a better audio system. Maybe they’re going on vacation and need video equipment.

Mike, the top salesman, shifted his focus from himself and how much money he could make by pushing the hot promoted products in our company to what the customer actually needed.

It only took him one week after that shift in mindset to become the #1 salesperson for that company for several years.

We’re talking several hundred thousand dollars per year. That’s how solid Mike was.

And he gave me that bit of wisdom.

But when I looked around me, it seems that all the other salespeople were doing it the old way. They were just focusing on the product.

Mike clued me in. He advised that I should “focus on the customer.”

I’m sharing this with you because when you are blind to your raccoon nature, your focus is on what you can get and how you can benefit.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this because this is who we are. This “greed” is baked into the human condition.

The big challenge is, as demonstrated by Mike’s story, is how we can channel this irresistible need to put ourselves first to drive our energies to better serve others.

After all, the world works this way.

For you to gain, you must first give. For you to get ahead, you must first put others’ needs before yours.

We’re no longer babies. We’re no longer kids.

Adults know that if they are to benefit, they must first give value so they can receive value in return.

This is the key to overcoming all the barriers in your life.

Whatever obstacles you may be suffering from in terms of school, your business, or your job, it may be related to the fact that you’re so focused on what you stand to get.

Flip the script. Focus more on what you could give and how you can benefit others.

Move them up higher and put them on the next level.

What Does a Raccoon Spirit Animal Mean?

If your dream focuses on a raccoon spirit animal as some sort of motif, it has quite a different meaning.

For example, if you see a raccoon watching you and it is a constant theme throughout your dream, pay attention to that motif.

Since the raccoon is not stealing or doing stuff behind your back, the meaning of your dream is different.

In this context, you are dealing with a raccoon spirit animal. In this role, they are spirit watchers.

Trust Your Ability to Solve Problems

Your subconscious is telling you that you have the ability to solve whatever problem you have in front of you. You just have to trust yourself.

This is going to be a problem for a lot of people because when we get used to doing things or fixing things a certain, we tend to get set in our ways.

Older people tend to suffer from this more than younger people.

When you see certain patterns as you’re getting older, you solve them. You see how things work out and you see those patterns lead to certain results.

But once you get past a certain age, maybe 30 or 35, it only takes you to see one or two elements of a pattern for you to jump to conclusions.

It’s as if you don’t have any time to fully explore the problem in front of you in terms of its unique dimensions. You just can’t wait to get to the next stage so you make all sorts of faulty conclusions and come to a decision.

I’m not saying that your choices are flat-wrong. 9 times out of 10, they are sufficient.

But you know and like most adults know that when given this context, the solution is far from perfect.

Practice Patience in Making Decisions

When you see a raccoon spirit animal motif in your dream, your subconscious is telling you that a lot of your frustrations in life right now are due to the fact that you are impatient in making decisions.

When you do that, you tend to fall back to your old decision patterns.

You don’t give yourself time to trust your intuition, to pick things apart, to maybe see different ways of going forward, or even sticking around and negotiating for more so you can get the full value from whatever it is you’re doing.

Your raccoon spirit is telling you that you have what it takes to get the most out of life.

But the other aspect of your raccoon nature is that it just wants to move on quickly. You can’t be bothered with nuance, complexities, and further investigation.

But these are precisely what you need to do for you to get the most out of whatever it is you have in front of you.

What Does It Mean to Dream of a Raccoon Totem?

A raccoon totem animal is similar to a raccoon spirit animal, but with one major difference.

When you see a raccoon symbolized in a totem, like maybe it’s made out of wood or something that looks like carved ivory, your subconscious is telling you that you are worthy enough as yourself.

There’s no need for you to constantly try to prove yourself. By the same token, your subconscious is trying to get the message across that you are worth loving just as you are.

Now, please don’t confuse this with a message along the lines of you’re perfect the way you are.

That’s a lie. Don’t believe that.

Instead, your subconscious is telling you that you are aware of your shortcomings. You know that you’re neither saint nor devil.

You just are your own person, and you have to be comfortable within your skin.

Sadly, a lot of people think that for them to be lovable, they have to be somebody else. Others believe that they have to go through some sort of trial for them to be worthy of somebody else’s affection.

Your subconscious is telling you something through the raccoon totem animal symbol, (and depending on the context, it can be quite extreme.)

At its most basic, it tells you that you’re okay. You’re not perfect and you’re definitely a work in progress.

But you shouldn’t beat yourself up either.

After all, the person that you’re trying to impress — it could be a boss, it could be a business partner, or a potential romantic partner — is not perfect either.

You have to at least allow yourself that level of humanity.

Now, in terms of extremes, the raccoon totem may symbolize perfect integrity.

Now, how you do know? Well, maybe there’s light emanating from it or it’s surrounded by spotlights.

You can tell if the raccoon totem is the central focus of your dream. Check out its meaning below.

What Does It Mean if Your Dream Highlights a Racoon Totem?

If it seems that there is high voltage light under the raccoon totem or it’s just somehow magically illuminated, sit up and pay attention.

Your subconscious is telling you that you need to stop deluding yourself and stop lying to people. This is a tall order because most people are liars.

Now, I don’t mean to say that as some sort of cynic or nihilist. It’s just the plain truth.

Either you’re lying to yourself, lying to other people, or both; and you do this at different times of your life.

Otherwise honest people often find themselves bending the truth when they find themselves in certain circumstances or when they’re around certain types of people.

When you see a bright raccoon totem animal figure in your dream, your subconscious is telling you that the time of wearing masks is over because, for whatever reason, it is not helping you.

You need more honesty in your life right now. Stop wearing masks and be true to yourself.

How to Stop Wearing Raccoon Masks

Wearing masks basically indicates being different people to different individuals in your life. It also means intentionally showing a different side of your personality in different areas of your life.

For example, at work, you can be the outgoing, joke-cracking fun trickster.

But behind closed doors, you’re basically a couch potato who doesn’t say hi to anybody and would rather play online games 24 hours a day.

But since you feel forced to work to support yourself, you feel that you have to play the clown.

Your subconscious is telling you that you’re wearing different masks at different times of the day.

It can also indicate that you’re wearing masks at different stages of your life.

When you see this dream imagery and the central focus seems to be the mask component of the raccoon dream archetype, your subconscious is trying to draw your attention to the need for integrity.

You Know Who You Are Deep Down Inside

The more we lie to ourselves in terms of our roles or the more we fall into our instincts in terms of the fact that we’re wearing masks that depend on roles, we end up creating illusions.

I’m not saying that if you create illusions, you’re necessarily bad or you’re deceptive. Some illusions are necessary.

But eventually, they outlive their usefulness.

If you truly want to be happy, you have to be more authentic to yourself.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t even get to this level. They start believing in their masks.

It’s as if he is an actor who is always wearing his mask, at home and at work. He is wearing it every day.

Every time he wakes up to wash his face, he is expecting his mask. In other words, he could not tell his real face from the mask.

This is a real danger that we risk in our private life. This applies to all areas of your life.

Be aware of who you really are.

Unfortunately, we all have raccoons inside and oftentimes they are piled one on top of the other.

People wear masks casually. And pretty soon, they confuse who they really are with the masks that they are expected to wear.

And this is where we run into a problem.

Who Are You Really?

If you see a beautiful raccoon in your dream and it seems that the raccoon is just smiling at you in an almost comical way, sit up and pay attention because it can be speaking to your creative energy.

But this dream means that something is going on when it comes to the disconnect between your creative power and your ability to make an identity for yourself.

You have to first be more aware of who you really are.

This is gonna be a problem because if you ask somebody “Who are you really?” there are so many answers to this. It is hostage to time and space.

Ultimately, the answer can’t come from other people. You’re gonna have to supply it yourself, and this requires honesty.

Remove the Mask You Blindly Put on Over the Years

It’s very easy to put on different masks over the course of a lifetime.

There are masks that religious traditions give us.

There are masks that our social networks insist we put on and chief among them of course are the masks that we are required to wear when we are dealing with parents, relatives, and family authority figures.

Usually, this is not a problem if you know where one mask begins and another ends.

But unfortunately, just like in the general theme of the raccoon, we end up hiding so much that we forget who we really are.

So, how do you make sense of this?

Well, as an adult, one of the first things that you could do is to ask yourself: “Who do I want to be?”

You just that as a frame of reference to who you are because it’s very easy to lose sight of who you are right now.

Self-deception is one of the most powerful human drives and abilities. It creates its own reality waves, and it warps our perception until we see ourselves based on who we think we are.

But are you really in control?

So, one way to break out of this is to come up with a mirror based on the values of people you admire.

And using that mirror, you can then pick apart the different masks that you’ve accumulated over the years and by doing so get a good understanding of who you really are right here, right now.

This is probably the most powerful form of self-healing you could ever undertake because just like your teeth, over the years all sorts of plaque and residue build up over your teeth.

This is why people have to go to the dentist for regular cleaning. But if you don’t, you don’t know which strata end and which layer begins.

You take control over this process by setting up a composite that makes sense to you according to the values you yourself have chosen.

You then use that as a mirror to figure out where you are and then let go of masks as needed.

This is what will enable you to sustain hardship. This is what will enable you to put in the necessary sacrifice to make it through life.

This is also what will help you become the very best person you could be according to your terms, not according to your parents or other people’s expectations.

This is how you achieve freedom and real-life integrity.

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