What Does It Mean to Dream Of Goldfish?

One of the most relaxing dream images involves goldfish. If you dream of goldfish, you’re in for a treat.

When they’re swimming through the water effortlessly, one can’t help but feel serene, relaxed, and even hopeful.

Sadly, when people dream of goldfish, too many people simply forget about their dream.

It’s not that they don’t care, but since it seems there isn’t much of anything happening in their goldfish dream, they quickly forget about it.

Maybe they dreamed of something more exciting or possibly even traumatizing before or after their dream of goldfish.

Whatever it may be, most people forget when they dream of goldfish.

This is too bad because your goldfish dreams are actually telling you quite a bit when it comes to your daily waking life.

The General Meaning of Dreams About Goldfish

The General Meaning of Dreams About Goldfish

When the primary focus of your dream is goldfish, your subconscious is connecting the dots and it is telling you that you are enjoying good luck right here right now.

By good luck, of course, I’m not talking about some metaphysical, mystical, or even magical event that happens only once in a blue moon.

I’m talking about you getting what you deserve because you have put in the work or you have started a chain reaction that leads to certain consequences.

As the old saying goes, the harder I work, the luckier I get.

Yes, good luck is to a certain extent merited.

It’s something that you work for.

You have to lay the foundation.

It’s one thing to get lucky every once in a while; it’s another to get lucky fairly consistently.

Very successful people “get lucky.”

That’s the bottom line because, at the end of the day, nobody is really in full control.

Who knows what the Universe will throw your way?

But if you have made it a habit to be at the right place, doing the right things at the right time with the right people to produce the right outcomes, it’s not really all that shocking to find out that you “get lucky consistently.”

See how that works?

Your subconscious is talking to you about fortune in this context.

Whatever wealth, abundance, and material blessings you get from your efforts are simply the icing on the cake.

The real fortune is your development of the right habits.

Please understand that being broke is a mindset.

Being poor is a frame of mind.

Now a lot of people might say:

“Well if you give me a lot of money and change my physical circumstances, I guarantee you.

I will no longer be poor.”

If that were only true!

Take a look at the long-range statistics involving lottery winners.

Until and unless they get the help of a professional financial planner, most of them will go back to being dirt poor.

In fact, in many cases, they end up in a worse situation because now they’re buried in debt.

Good luck is not just about good things happening to you.

It’s about developing the right habits so that you are lucky consistently.

It’s a mindset.

Good Luck Is a Mindset

Good Luck Is a Mindset

Your subconscious is showing you goldfish dreams to let you know that this mindset in you is beginning to wake up.

That is the good news.

The money is just extra gravy.

What’s important is the ability to get that abundance consistently.

What Is the Meaning of Dreams About a Dead or Dying Goldfish?

What Is the Meaning of Dreams About a Dead or Dying Goldfish?

You have what it takes to take care of your financial needs.

The problem is that you’re confused as to what your goals are and what your capabilities are all about.

There are so many people out there that could be rich as far as the world defines riches.

But for a variety of reasons, they never live up to their financial potential.

A lot of this has to do with the simple fact that they never give themselves permission to become people who could manage money.

You have to understand that a lot of poor people born into bone-grinding poverty actually become wealthy.

There is such a thing as income mobility.

In fact, a lot of wealthy people came from very disadvantaged backgrounds.

But when you look at the total number of people looking to rise up, relatively few make it.

It’s not the amount of money that they had because all of them started with zero, nor is it the connections.

In reality, it’s about the ability of handling opportunities as they come along.

It also involves the ability to make opportunities.

What if I told you that there’s some people who make their own luck?

It’s not because they’re magicians or gifted with some sort of metaphysical power.


Through hard work, focus, dedication, and expecting more from themselves, they have lived up to their fullest potential, and they are able to turn their hopes and dreams into reality.

When a dying or dead goldfish is in your dream, your subconscious is telling you that your mental habits are killing your inner millionaire.

So many people have programmed themselves into intergenerational poverty.

They’re thinking to themselves:

“Well, my great grandparents were poor so I’m poor.

It’s my destiny.”

Now, of course, people will not admit this to your face but pay attention to how they behave.

Pay attention to how they respond to opportunities.

They’re the first to say:

“Well, the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poor.

Life is unfair.

The little guy never gets a break.”

They have these ready-made scripts that have been handed to them, maybe generation after generation, and they blindly incorporate them into their very being.

They swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

They don’t bother to question it.

They don’t have a sense of defiance, where they say:

“Well, that may be true from my grandfather and even my father.

But that’s not gonna be true for me because I am my own person.

I set my own destiny.”

They don’t do that!

They say to themselves: “This is my destiny and I need a savior.”

But they’re not looking for a spiritual savor; they’re looking for some material savior, and that’s why they are easily manipulated — used and abused.

For many women, this means looking for “Mr. Right” and having a certain amount in his bank account.

For men, this means looking for a patron or a backer, somebody who would open doors for him in exchange for his undying loyalty.

The problem with this type of thinking is that you are not in control.

You’re waiting for somebody to come in and take control of your financial life and give you hope.

I’m sorry to be the one to point out the obvious, but the chances of that happening is slim-to-none.

You have to take the reins.

You have to get into the driver’s seat because the world has enough problems of its own.

It’s not gonna step into your life and solve yours.

Fat chance!

Sure, it may happen every once in a million, but the chances of that happening to you is very, very slim.

Focus on what you can control.

Don’t be afraid to start small.

And oftentimes, it starts with a simple act of defiance.

You say to yourself after looking at your family looking around you:

“This is where I’m starting, and I know I will rise.

I know I have a lot to offer.”

When you say that, you’re not saying to the world that you’re better than the struggling people around you.


What you are saying is that you are reconnecting with your own ability to switch from being a victim to a victor because you are the author of your destiny.

We all have this.

But when you start seeing a goldfish floating in a bowl, your subconscious is telling you that this part of yourself is dying because you’re beginning to fully buy into the mindset that you are powerless and ultimately, if you’re not careful, hopeless.

What makes this really burn is that it doesn’t stop with you!

You will pass it on to your kids and their kids and the kids after them.

It can easily turn into a generational curse.

Learned helplessness is a real thing.

But just like in any family, one of the siblings makes it while everybody else is struggling.

He makes it, gets an education, becomes a successful business person, or moves somewhere else.

It’s not birth.

It’s not genetics.

If it was, all of them will remain stuck at the bottom.

But pay close attention to even your own family.

I’m sure you will be able to spot at least one success.

And by success, I am limiting it to the material definition of success.

Do you see how this works?

Why can’t you be that person?

The only difference between you and that person is your mindset.

And if they can do it, you can do it too.

Your dreams don’t have to die and float like that dead goldfish in your dream.

What Does It Mean to Dream Of Goldfish Swimming in Dirty Water?

What Does It Mean to Dream Of Goldfish Swimming in Dirty Water?

This is probably one of the most empowering dreams you would ever have.

What if I took a $100 bill then crumpled it, spat on it, ground it underfoot, and possibly even rubbed it into some dog pooh.

You’re probably going to be disgusted if I did it in front of you.

Now, let me ask you: “How much is that piece of paper worth?”

If you answered $100, you’re absolutely correct.

If you’re reading this and you are going through some financial hard time or you’ve been down for so long that you don’t even know what up is anymore, please understand that your value is not tied to your surroundings.

You may be reading this blog post from a housing project in the United States or even a slum in the developing world.

It doesn’t matter because what surrounds you with its misery, desperation, and poverty doesn’t determine your value.

What determines your value is the value you place on yourself.

Just like that $100 bill, even if it’s covered in dog pooh, even if I spat on it, even if it’s all crumpled up and almost looking mangled, it is still worth $100.

Once it is cleaned up, people will still accept it.

The same could be said of your value, and you have value.

But the value revolves around the value you give yourself.

So if you get into a relationship, thinking that you are thrash or you should be taken for granted and your partner does that and you let them get away with it, that is your value.

If you take a job and you do the bare minimum just not to get fired, that is your value.

But if you get into a relationship and you confront each other to challenge each other’s identities and overcome each other’s past, you help each other heal and you become a better person.

Your relationship becomes stronger.

That is your value too!

Similarly, if you take a job and they give you a quality guideline and you more than exceed it, that is your value because ultimately, you will get paid what you are worth.

Companies are not stupid.

If you are hired for $15 an hour and you produce work that is worth $80 per hour and everybody around you produces work that’s worth $16 per hour, you are an asset.

You, my friend, are a star and companies will bend over backward to try to clone you.

How do they clone you?

They will give you at least a coaching or a mentoring role, perhaps as an assistant supervisor.

They want you to train others to be just like you and to produce just like you.

That’s how you play the game, and it has nothing to do with the fact that your father left your family or your mother is a drug addict.

It has nothing to do with the fact that your brother is in and out of prison, or that you live in an area where there’s a lot of killings.

Don’t let your surroundings define you.

Don’t let your family history or intergenerational curses hold you back.

You are your own person.

You give yourself value.

Live up to your dreams.

Be that goldfish, swimming proudly and defiantly in dirty water.

There are many millionaires who even started in worse situations than you.

What if I told you that Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks, grew up in public housing.

Many billionaires arose from very humble and even troubled backgrounds.

Don’t let your present get in the way of your future.

What Does It Mean to Dream Of Catching a Goldfish?

What Does It Mean to Dream Of Catching a Goldfish?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the harder you work, the luckier you get.

To catch a goldfish means to catch the ability to get lucky consistently.

All it boils down to is one concept: consistent effort.

That’s all there is to it!

I don’t mean to sound simplistic, but if you always put yourself out there, sure, you will be batted down

You will get embarrassed.

You will get humiliated.

You will get crushed and defeated.

But not all the time!

And as you learn the ropes, you learn how to dodge life’s blows.

Before you know it, you’ll get the dance down and find that you are landing the shots.

You’re connecting your jabs, and pretty soon, you are knocking out one contender after another.

It all depends on you.

It takes consistent effort.

Put yourself out there.

I know it’s scary.

I know you have better things to do, and these are definitely more pleasurable and easier.

But that is what’s holding you back!

When you settle for coasting through life instead of challenging yourself with one difficult situation after another, you don’t grow!

And just like a person who used to be all cut up at the gym with amazing muscles, the moment they stop challenging themselves and just barely work out day after day, the sooner they will get flabbier and flabbier.

Please understand that the walls of your comfort zone start acting like prison walls if you don’t push against them.

Life is supposed to be uncomfortable.

That’s how you grow!

People don’t get this.

They expect that life has to treat them with kid gloves and that everything has to be easy.

And it is precisely this type of entitlement mentality that rots you from the inside out.

So when you’re dreaming of chasing or catching a goldfish, this means putting in the work.

I’m not just talking about setting a plan and barely implementing it.


I’m talking about just putting yourself in one tough situation after another.

You do that by being ready for the rejection, ready for the humiliation, and ready for the defeat because you know that what you’re preparing is your mindset.

It’s the mindset that doesn’t back down and takes no for an answer.

It cannot be intimidated.

Keep pushing forward until it achieves victory.

Chasing a goldfish with your bare hands is not easy.

But through consistent, repeated action, you will eventually achieve your goal.

Ultimately, your goal is not to add several zeroes after your income.

That’s nice and everything, but your goal is so much bigger than that.

Your goal is to overcome your mental limits!

What Does It Mean if a Teenager Dreams About Catching a Goldfish?

What Does It Mean if a Teenager Dreams About Catching a Goldfish?

If you’re a teenager reading this and you’re dreaming of catching a goldfish, beware of people your age who feed you all sorts of stories.

You see, attitudes are infectious.

It’s very hard to soar like an eagle when you surround yourself with turkeys.

It’s very hard to get out of the bucket when crabs surround you and instantly swat you down the moment they see you making progress.

It’s hard to be different.

But if you’re reading this, chances are, your mindset is beginning to wake up.

You’re beginning to take ownership of your life.

You’re beginning to not take no for an answer.

You’re beginning to rise up in defiance of the so-called “destiny” of your family.


But emotions can only get you so far.

Intellectual realizations are not enough.

You have to take action, and the first action that you need to do is to change your friends.

You have many people surrounding you that are perfectly happy to remain where they are, not in the next two years, not even the next five years.

I’m talking for life!

Sure, their bodies change.

They become more wrinkly and old and gray-haired, but they’re still those lost, little kids inside that refuse to grow up.

You have to ask yourself: “Do I want to be like these people?”

Now, this doesn’t mean that you’re better than them or you’re looking down on them.

But this means that you have a different path in front of you.

Claim it!

Don’t be ashamed.

Don’t be afraid.

Because once you get on that path, you will notice that there are other people on that path, and they share your values.

Those should be your friends.

What Does It Mean to Dream Of Buying a Goldfish?

What Does It Mean to Dream Of Buying a Goldfish?

This is a very tricky dream to interpret because it depends on the context.

It depends on the location.

It depends on the timing.

Believe it or not, it even depends on what you’re wearing.

So let me just broadly lay out two scenarios.

If you’re buying a goldfish because your friends in your dream are also buying goldfish, you’re simply just going through the motions.

Maybe you are taking part in a corporate team development system.

Maybe you’re learning Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People or you’re going through Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People.

On the surface, it seems that you have taken control and are looking to build up your skills so you can attain success.

So far so good, right?

But pay close attention to your motivation.

Are you buying the goldfish because you find other people doing the same so you’re just going along to get along?

If that’s the case, then the goldfish and what it means is not going to help you all that much because it is not an actual product of your mindset.

You are just going through the motions.

You’re just trying to fit in.

This strategy reminds me of a governor in the United States who ordered public housing in one city in his jurisdiction to buy books and put it on the shelves of people in those public housing units.

His rationale was that, according to researchers, families with kids who go on to become successful, independent, and very happy have books on their bookshelves.

The more books, the higher the achievement.

So the governor was thinking:

“Okay, let’s just cram these public housing units, which are suffering from high father abandonment rates, high murder rates, high drug addiction as well as teen pregnancy rates, with books on their shelves.”

Do you see what’s wrong with this mindset?

You’re doing the same!

Doing what other people are doing because that is what you think will bring success is missing the point.

You do those things because you’ve changed inside.

It doesn’t work the other way around because it is more decorative than anything else.

The alternative meaning of buying a goldfish involves commitment.

How many goldfish are you buying?

Do you have a plan to introduce the goldfish to your existing tank?

Or are you buying a complete system?

Again, context is everything.

You have to dig for details.

But if you get the impression that you are buying goldfish as part of a systematic and methodical plan, your chances of changing your life for the better are actually quite high.


You have a plan.

This is not something that you normally do.

This is part of awakened consciousness in you.

You’re looking at the big picture.

You’re thinking in terms of systems.


What Does It Mean to Dream Of Eating Food While Watching Goldfish?

What Does It Mean to Dream Of Eating Food While Watching Goldfish?

Have you ever had this happen to you?

You’re struggling in a certain area of your life.

Maybe you’re having financial troubles or maybe you’re having a fight with your partner.

Or, you’re having issues with your kids.

Perhaps you have drama with your boss at work.

You deal with that emotional personal turbulence by daydreaming and imagining yourself taking vacations, having a successful business, or even running for office or starting your own company or being promoted.

Instantly, when you imagine yourself at a different place at a different time, you feel relieved.

It’s as if this heavy blanket of drama has been lifted from you.

Has that ever happened to you?

A lot of people daydream their way out of their present difficulties, and they convince themselves that somehow someway they are planning or setting goals.

They’re not doing any of those things.

What they are doing is that they are getting the emotional rush of feeling relief or feeling some sort of triumph but without actually lifting a finger to change their day-to-day material reality.

This to me is one of the most worthless uses of your imagination.

Your imagination is supposed to set you free.

It’s supposed to help you create a new world for yourself.

Instead, you use it to numb the pain, confusion, and lack of direction that you’re facing on a day-to-day basis.

Total waste!

When you see yourself eating and watching goldfish, your subconscious is telling you that you’ve been indulging in this type of “coping strategy” for far too long.

It’s not helping you.

It’s definitely not changing your day-to-day reality.

What will help change your situation?

By putting yourself in a difficult situation and by confronting your issues.

If you’re unhappy with the amount of money you’re making, level up what you’re doing.

Do more!

Do more complicated work.

Find more work through side hustles.

If you own a business, drill down.

Contact all your old clients, specialize, and become more vocal in your industry.

What do all these have in common?

Well, let me tell you.

What they don’t have in common is you sitting back and just imagining yourself in a different place.

Sure, it may emotionally transport you, but it doesn’t change anything.

It definitely doesn’t change your reality.

What Does It Mean to Dream of a Giant Goldfish?

What Does It Mean to Dream of a Giant Goldfish?

One close family friend is a successful Chinese businessman.

He has almost singlehandedly pioneered one of the pillars of the personal care product industry in my home country.

Every year a few weeks before Chinese New Year, he would give us this sticky rice delicacy called tikoy in the shape of a giant goldfish sculpture.

He would do this year after year.

For some years, my wife would forget to put it in the fridge, and after a while, we would see mold on the fish sculpture and we would have to take it out.

I felt so much shame when I had to do that because this goldfish symbolizes a different vision.

It symbolizes the willingness of that entrepreneur and family friend to not want to settle.

When he started his company, it was doing really well.

They got to move his family into one of the most exclusive communities in my city.

He started driving fancy cars.

All his material needs were taken care of.

But he didn’t stop there!

It wasn’t the money that was driving him.

He had a vision, and he wanted to take that vision to its fullest limit.

And because of that, so many people in my home country are benefiting on a day-to-day basis just because one man decided to chase his dream all the way to its logical conclusion.

Because of him, what was previously expensive and hard-to-find products are now cheap, plentiful, and abundant.

Thanks to him, people are now using such products on a day-to-day basis

What the image of that giant goldfish indicates is that when you pursue your dream, you’re not just working to bless yourself.

You become a channel of blessing that blesses those around you.

Remember, people do not become rich because they stole their money.

Sure, there’s some!

But not all of the world’s riches are stolen.

Wealth is not a simple case of transferring from Peter to John.


Real wealth is when Peter spends his hard-earned money on what John has to offer because it brings value to Peter’s life: value for value.

And when we do that, we all become equally wealthy.

People don’t get this, especially communists and socialists.

They think that wealth is really just taking from one another and giving to another.


The moment you show up at a donut stand with a few dollars in your hand, you’re telling the person that you value the donuts they are making more than the $2 that you have in your hands.

So you exchange value for value!

And then when you go to work after eating those donuts, your boss pays you dollars for the value of your time.

You obviously value the dollars he is giving you more than the value of your time.

Again, value for value!

And then when your boss services his customers, the same process takes place again.

There’s an old saying: “Money is what makes the world go round.”

That barely scratches the surface.

It’s not the money itself; it’s what money represents.

It’s the transfer of value.

So if you want to make more money and if you want to experience more abundance, let the value flow through you.

If you’re an employee, go above and beyond your job description.

If you’re a freelancer, pack your work with value.

Stamp it with your commitment to quality.

I hope you understand what this means.

That big goldfish in your dream is a good omen.

Keep pursuing it.

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