The meaning of dreaming of grapes

If you find yourself dreaming of grapes, you might be easily forgiven for disregarding or completely forgetting about your dreams.

After all, if you have ever eaten table grapes or a fan of red or white wine.

Grapes are so commonplace that they are very easy to overlook.

Most people dream of table spreads or dinners that feature grapes.

But rarely does anyone find themselves dreaming of grapes exclusively.

I’m talking about the mentality of your “dream camera,” focusing mostly on the grapes or what you’re doing to them.

If you have been dreaming of grapes repeatedly, you can’t afford to overlook or forget this dream.

Your subconscious through sheer repetition is trying to get across to you important messages that have a direct impact on your waking life.

General meaning of grape dreams

General meaning of grape dreams

When you find yourself dreaming of grapes, your subconscious is telling you that you are either entering into or are already in a period of prosperity.

I’m talking about material abundance.

I’m talking about your needs being met.

A lot of people respond to this or react to it, in a fairly negative or at least in a surprising way.

They would ask how can you say that I’m struggling so much or I have so much stress. In reality, so many people would love to be in your place.

You’re so focused on the difficulty of where you are or the frustrations of trying to make it to the next level that you forget the level that you’re on.

You focus so much on what’s missing or what you’re aiming to add to your life.

That you have completely lost sight of what you already possess.

You are blessed.

And the moment you admit that, more blessings will come.

That’s how prosperity Works.

The problem with a lot of people looking to achieve prosperity is they suffer from an unquenchable hunger deep down inside.

If you’re mentally poor, it doesn’t matter how many physical dollars you come across. It will never be enough.

You will keep eating, eating, and eating.

And you will never feel satisfied.

You will keep drinking and drinking, even to the point that you drink a whole ocean, and you are still thirsty.

Because you missed the whole point.

To feel satisfied, you must first admit that you are blessed.

You must open your eyes to the prosperity that is already here.

And this is not some sort of new age hypnotism or feel good message to make you settle for what you have.

You are truly blessed.

Pay attention to the prosperity that is in your life, in whatever forms they may take.

Prosperity may take the form of loving and supportive parents, or accepting and encouraging children.

It can take the form of friends who truly share your joy, and have your best interest in mind. It can also take the shape of a partner that is with you all the way.

Be grateful for the blessings you have.

Because so many people who appear to have more than you, could only wish they have what you have.

Finally, pay close attention to the state of your health.

If you are in somewhat decent health at least, you are in good shape.

Health is wealth.

You only miss your good health when it’s gone.

For example, you only realize how important it is to have healthy and functioning kidneys, when you suffer from kidney stones or you have to get a kidney transplant, or worse yet, you have to suffer through painful sessions of dialysis.

Do you see how this works?

Be brave enough to recognize the prosperity surrounding.

Let it push you forward.

Let it give you an inner space of confidence, from which you can then make giant strides forward.

What does it mean to dream of grapes growing on a vine?

What does it mean to dream of grapes growing on a vine?

The world works on a simple principle: for every action, there is a reaction.

Whatever you have in your life right now is a product of this basic principle.

But what you probably missed is the impact of your mindset.

What happens inside your mind between your ears has a direct effect on the things that you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell on a daily basis.

How does that work?

Well, you choose your mindset.

Your mindset gives meaning to the stimuli that the world sends your way.

Think of your mindset as a set of sunglasses, it gives it a color.

And since you’re reading this stimuli a certain way, you take action a certain way and those actions trigger reactions.

That’s how you create your personal reality.

What if you were wearing different filters?

What if you were seeing things differently?

Well, it would be doing different things, which of course will bring different consequences.

That’s how powerful your mindset is.

Your internal world sets your external world.

That is power.

Sadly, too many people refuse to take ownership of that.

All they do is complain.

All they do is point fingers at people and situations they can’t control like the past for what’s gone wrong in the present.

When you see grapes growing on the vine, your subconscious is trying to draw your attention to the power of becoming.

This grows from your mindset.

So be more aware of how you look at things and their connection to how things turn out. If you’re the type of person who says to himself, I’m poor.

I can’t make it.

I’m hopeless.

Things will never change.

You are programming yourself for a certain reality.

Because pay attention to those statements.

They’re all conclusions.

On the other hand, if your mindset asks questions like, “How do I afford this? How do I achieve a better outcome?”

“How do I scale this up?”

“How do I build a better life?”

Do you see the difference?

When you ask questions, you challenge yourself to come up with solutions that you can measure.

On the other hand, if you readily dish out conclusions about yourself, your destiny and your future, you doom yourself to a certain reality.

When you see grapes in your dreams growing on a vine, your subconscious is trying to tell you about the power of mindset.

What does it mean to dream of rotten grapes?

What does it mean to dream of rotten grapes?

Rotten grapes are not as negative as you think.

Sure, there’s mold on the grapes.

But the whole bunch doesn’t have to be rotten.

Some may have dried out and they might actually make for great reasons.

Others might have fermented and if processed properly, they might even yield decent wine.

When you dream of rotten grapes, your subconscious is drawing your attention to your natural optimism or pessimism?

Are you the type of person who just looks at the surface and walks away with a negative conclusion?

Maybe you throw your arms up in the air and give up?

Or are you the type of person who doesn’t take no for an answer and scrapes the scum, or nasty film of the top and rummages through to the bottom to see if there’s anything of value there.

You have to understand that a lot of people eagerly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Life has always been challenging.

That whole life works.

But fortune rewards those who are less likely to take no for an answer.

They’ll put up a fight.

There’ll be more thorough.

They look more than look further.

Be one of those persons.

Your subconscious is telling you that you have what it takes to be a little bit more stubborn, and a little bit more recalcitrant.

Because if you discover the side of your personality, you can become more effective.

You won’t be a pushover.

You’re not going to be the type of person who just takes whatever life dishes your way and just lowers your hand, puts your tail between your legs, and then pretty soon you crawl up and die.

You have what it takes to keep digging.

The question is, are you going to reconnect with that part of yourself?

What does it mean to dream of eating grapes?

What does it mean to dream of eating grapes?

Generally speaking, this is a good omen.

It indicates that as far as your health is concerned, things are going well.

As far as the rest of your life, there’s enough there to celebrate.

So take a deep breath.

Stop your work.

Stop worrying.

Focus on the present.

And you will find quite a number of things to smile about.

Let it sink in.

Just focus on the moment and enjoy.

Because that mental snapshot that you take, you probably will look back at that later on when things get a little bit more hectic or you go back to your old mental and emotional habits.

But if you decide to take a mental snapshot every once in a while, you’d be surprised as to how often you will try to remember those moments in time when things were okay.

Not perfect, not divine, not heavenly, just okay.

Because in the big scheme of things, okay is good enough.

I remember when I was in between jobs in California, I just got out of college and this was during the recession of the early 90s Jobs were hard to find.

And the first job that I had was quite exciting.

I learned a lot selling videotapes to video rental shops and want to be blockbusters all over the US. I was working for a telemarketing firm.

I must make about 100 calls every day and they pay 200 bucks.

Even in today’s dollars, 200 bucks for two weeks where the work was nothing but I was excited. I had a lot of passion to give.

And I wasn’t taking no for an answer.

And the next two weeks, I was making slightly a little bit more, so at least I was making some progress.

But every month, the rent would come, my share of the rent would be due and I had to pay $300.

Or so you do the math, I wasn’t doing too well financially.

I would go to this beach near Malibu in Zuma, called El Matador beach.

It’s kind of rocky. Not exactly powder sand like Boracay or even Bali.

But I remember deciding to just take a mental snapshot.

I realized that despite my day to day struggles, everything was okay.

I had a college degree, I had a job, I had a car, and I had few debts.

I also was living with some roommates.

But I was living on my own.

I had freedom.

And when I looked at that California sunset as the sun melts into a pink hue across the horizon, spilling this pinkish light everywhere and seeing the waves reflect some of that light, I felt that peace and I allowed myself to be happy.

Every once in a while, I think back to that time when my kid was born and we were facing some financial struggles, I thought back to that time.

When I was building one of my several businesses and we were going through ups and downs, I think back to that time.

And I realize its value to me, it gives me a safe space in time.

It gives me confidence.

Because when I think back to that time knowing exactly what was going on, around that time in my personal history, it gives me strength.

It gives me confidence to plan ahead, to do what needs to be done and to keep going as long as necessary until I get what I’m looking for.

You should have the same thing.

When you dream of eating grapes, your subconscious is telling you to have that inner safe space.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

It doesn’t have to be “the good old days.”

It just has to be a moment where everything is okay.

And you’d be surprised at what you can do and how focused your mind could be, regardless of what’s going on in your life at any given moment, when you have such a safe space locked away in your memory.

What does it mean to dream of sour grapes?

What does it mean to dream of sour grapes?

Sour grapes make for a tricky dream image to decipher.

On the one hand, we all know what the term sour grapes mean.

You failed.

You tried something, it didn’t work out, so you say to yourself, “Well, it probably would have sucked anyway.

It probably would have made my life miserable.”

And the list goes on and on.

This doesn’t just apply to business ventures that didn’t go anywhere or to educational opportunities that may not have panned out, but it also applies to people.

How many times have you met a very good looking person and you said to yourself, “Well, maybe it was better that it didn’t work out because my life probably would have been hell or she’s too high maintenance anyway.”

We play this game with ourselves all the time.

And it’s no surprise that when we dream of sour grapes, the connotation is almost always negative. But the truth is sour grapes point to an opportunity.

So many people focus on the sour taste of grapes to say that, “There’s something wrong with the grapes. The grapes failed.”

Well, the sour taste is an indicator.

In a certain context, you want it to be sour because you’re making red wine vinegar.

Can you see how this works?
It’s all about context and most importantly, it’s all about how you choose to deal with how things turn out.

You may not be able to choose how things play out in the future, because we’re not in control of the future.

We may have laid out the best plans, we may have made arrangements or accommodations to handle all sorts of contingencies.

You may have gone through all of that. But at the end of the day, fortune can and thus step in. That’s just the way life works.

So what do we do?

We say, “Well, this whole thing was a disaster and probably would have led to something bad anyway.”

That’s how a lot of people approach this type of situation.

But it can also be an opportunity.

It can be an opportunity for you to learn about your habits as you work towards something.

This doesn’t have to be about business or a job project.

It could be about a relationship.

It could be a failed relationship.

It is a window to how you respond to things and how you instinctually act.

And if you keep falling into a “sour grapes mindset” when this type of situation plays out, you’re not claiming the blessing.

But if you’re there to pay attention to how you respond, maybe the next time around, you can change how you behave.

And by doing so, you might end up with a different outcome.

Of course, that’s not guaranteed, but with that mindset, you’re more likely to have some sort of control.

Do you see how that works?
Talking about sour grapes and vinegar reminds me of a famous Chinese painting.

It shows three sages dipping their finger into a bowl of vinegar and then putting it in their mouth.

The first one was a follower of Confucius.

He looked bitter.

This isn’t the way things should be.

This is sour.

The next one was a Buddhist.

He had a very sad face.

He said the world is sour.

Sourness is suffering.

And then the third sage had a big smile on his face.

He said, “This is some great vinegar.”

I shared this with you because when you are in a situation where you’re just tempted to get into this whole sour grapes mindset, pay attention to how prepared you are.

Pay attention to what your assumptions and expectations were coming in.

Chances are, you are setting yourself up for failure.

It’s actually a minor miracle you got so far.

So understand how things play out and learn from your situation, and you will be better equipped for whatever life throws your way the next time around.

What does it mean to dream of picking grapes?

What does it mean to dream of picking grapes?

When you see yourself picking grapes, your subconscious is telling you that you are putting into work.

Success is not something that happens overnight.

It is often the product of a changed mindset.

It’s as if you go on a journey and the way you know you have actually achieved victory is not getting to your destination.

Instead, it’s how you have changed while you’re going to your destination.

When you are picking grapes, chances are the sun is hot.

Maybe you’re sweating.

Maybe the monotony of what you’re doing is putting a lot of stress on you.

But regardless of what’s going on, you focus on finishing the job.

And this is why dreams of picking grapes indicate a changing character that paves the way for a sustained victory.

Please understand that even the biggest losers on the planet achieve minor victories from time to time.

But what makes you a winner is your consistency.

You are what you repeatedly do.

And when you decide to focus on going through the day-to-day routine and the daily grind, you are on your way to claiming the great successes and victories that you have your eye on.

To butcher a famous quote from Woody Allen, “80% of success is simply showing up.”

Put in the work, Put in the effort, and before you know it, your consistency will give way to momentum.

What does it mean to dream of crushing grapes?

What does it mean to dream of crushing grapes?

A lot of the time, you have to let go of a certain form or a certain static relationship or idea for you to truly unlock its value.

The same applies to your job.

Just as grapes have to be crushed to make great wine, you have to pay attention to how you view your job.

Maybe where you want to go and the successful life you want to build for yourself in the future doesn’t line up with how you view your job.

Maybe freelancing is the better way to go.

Maybe consultancy is the better path.

The problem is so many people obsess on the arrangement and they think that it’s the form that will deliver whatever it is that they want from that arrangement.

In reality, it’s the form that’s holding them back.

This piece of advice doesn’t just apply to work.

It also applies to your relationships as well as your health.

Focus less on the form and focus more on the outcome.

What does it mean to dream of drinking grape juice?

What does it mean to dream of drinking grape juice?

When you see yourself drinking grape juice, this indicates that your subconscious is picking up signals of competition.

Deep down inside, you’re a type of person that can’t really handle competition all that well.

Either it gives you tunnel vision or it spooks you.

Either way, it has a tendency of bringing out the worst in you.

This is especially true when it comes to emotional competition.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have an unhealthy attitude towards competition.

They fail to see its real purpose.

Because usually, when people think of competition, they think of a giant pie which symbolizes whatever it is they’re competing about.

Maybe it’s job projects.

Maybe it’s pay raises.

Maybe it’s the share of favorable attention from hot girls or hot guys.

Whatever the case may be, we view things that we compete over as a giant pie and for our slice to get bigger, somebody’s slice has to get smaller and vice versa.

This is the mindset that we get into whether we can articulate it or not.

But in reality, the pie gets bigger, the more we share.

In fact, it has many layers.

Different markets, different layers.

Different people, different layers.

So when you see yourself drinking grape juice and you’re trying to drink as much as possible because you don’t want to leave some for the next guy, pay close attention to how you view competition in your life.

Maybe that’s the reason why you’re not achieving great victories.

Maybe that’s why you remain small, whether it’s your business or your job roles.

Start looking to increase the pie.

How do you do that?

Now, if you’re an employee, it means doing more than necessary not because you love your boss, but because you love yourself.

You do more than necessary because you want to master the task that is in front of you.

You don’t want to do just the bare minimum so you don’t get fired.

Instead, you know it like the back of your hand.

You master it backwards and forwards.

And when people see that, they want to clone you.

They want you to tell others so they can increase their productivity as well.

And the moment you do that is the moment your supervisors, assuming that they have an IQ higher than their shoe size, will realize that you are an asset, not a liability.

I’m sorry to say but the vast majority of the workforce in the United States and Western Europe and elsewhere are liabilities.

Why? They do the bare minimum not to get fired.

So if I pay you $15 an hour and you produce $1550 worth of work per hour, my profit is 50 cents.

Now, what if you produce $35 or even $100 per hour worth of value?

Do you think I will look at you as just another cog in the machine?

Do you think your boss will just easily dismiss you?

No! You are the bright spot in an otherwise lackluster operation.

They want to clone you. And how do they “clone” you?”

They give you either a training role or they give you a supervisory role.

In other words, you become an asset.

So understand that if you don’t want to deal with competition and constantly worry about your slice of life’s goodies getting smaller and smaller over time, step it up.

Step up the value of your output.

Step up your attitude and everything else will follow.

Why? Attitude determines your life’s altitude.

It’s not aptitude, it’s not what you know.

Because what you know, if you have the right energy drive, and attitude can easily be discovered.

Technical competence can easily be discovered.

What can’t be easily acquired is the right attitude.

Be an asset and you’d be surprised as to how far you’ll go in life.

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