What does a dream of taking a shower mean?

If you’ve ever had a dream of taking a shower, you probably didn’t think much of it.

After all, most of us take more than two showers a day.

Taking a shower is a very common experience.

It is no wonder that a lot of people who dream of taking a shower, don’t even remember their dream.

But if you for some reason or other, focus on the shower in your dream, this post is for you.

It turns out that your shower dream says a lot about you and your waking life.

General dream meaning of taking a shower

General dream meaning of taking a shower

When you dream of taking a shower, your subconscious is telling you that you are now focused on working on actual solutions to your problems.

Gone are the emotional problem solving.

Gone are the days when you think that the only way to handle your problem is exactly the same way you handled it before.

Of course, the fact that you even have to go through this process means that the problem didn’t go away or even got worse.

Whatever solutions you come up with either kick the can down the road or just make things worse.

Now you’re onto an actual solution.

Now, your subconscious is beginning to detect that things are actually beginning to change for the better.

This is a very encouraging dream and you need to focus on its message.

Because a lot of people think that the solutions to their difficulties must come immediately and the result must be profound.

They can’t be bothered to wait.

That’s not how life works.

If you’ve been struggling with a problem, maybe it’s an addiction, maybe it’s an issue with your relationship for quite a long time, don’t expect the solution to happen overnight.

Don’t expect to have an instant change of heart.

It doesn’t work that way.

So just as the problem took a while to build up, the solution can also take some time to unwind.

The key here is to be aware that things are changing for the better because it’s not always obvious.

Your subconscious by sending you this message is encouraging you that things are changing slowly but surely.

Hang in there.

The difficulties you’re facing are ending.

What does it mean to see yourself taking a shower in your dream?

What does it mean to see yourself taking a shower in your dream?

When you are the main focus of the shower, and not necessarily the water your subconscious is telling you that you are on the right path.

Focus on the sense that you have started fresh again.

For a lot of people, this is all they need to keep going because it’s very easy to lose motivation, especially if you don’t think that whatever it is you’re doing is having an effect on the challenges facing you.

Focus on the fact that you are looking at everything with a fresh set of eyes and this is a new beginning.

You’d be surprised as to how effective this mental positioning can be because most of us look forward to a new journey.

Most of us look forward to the beginning of a trip.

Few of us could be bothered to get excited the whole way through.

Do you get where I’m coming from?

Almost everybody can be counted on to be excited about the beginning of the adventure.

But when it comes to the day to day grind, most people simply lose heart.

So focus on the fact that you are starting fresh.

You let that motivate you to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Whether you’re trying to overcome an addiction or trying to resolve issues with a toxic relationship or possibly get out from under a health problem.

Recovery is on the way because it depends on you.

What does it mean to shower with muddy water in your dream?

What does it mean to shower with muddy water in your dream?

Water has almost always been universally associated with emotions.

When you find yourself in the absurd situation of trying to wash yourself with muddy water coming out of a shower, this indicates that whatever efforts you’re going through to deal with past issues simply aren’t working.

Because you’re hanging on to the past.

You’re letting your past pain define you.

You’re letting your past trauma cast a long shadow into things that you do in the here and now.

For you to grab hold of a new tomorrow, you have to let go of the past.

I know this is easier said than done.

But you have to find a way.

Otherwise, just as it doesn’t make any sense to clean yourself up in the shower using muddy water, it doesn’t make sense to try to build a new future while being crippled by the past.

What does it mean to dream about cold showers?

What does it mean to dream about cold showers?

I’m going to give you a counter intuitive reading of this dream.

The standard reading is that this involves letting go of negativity.

That much is true.

But the question is not what but how?

To let go of laziness in the morning, where you don’t want to get up and start today, you have to take matters into your own hands.

For some people, this begins and ends with the alarm clock.

They set a time and the alarm clock goes on guess what they do?

That’s right, they hit the snooze button.

Nothing really changes.

Here’s the counter intuitive analysis of taking a cold shower in your dreams.

If you see this in your nighttime vision, your subconscious is telling you to put yourself in a difficult position so you are forced to make changes.

Because if you are thinking that you know the answer to your situation, but you just can’t be bothered with finding the time to do it, nothing will happen.

There will always be an excuse.

You will always find a way to say “I will do it tomorrow”.

If you’re sick and tired of playing games on yourself, put yourself in a tough situation where you are forced to take action.

For example, if you feel that you have a dead end job and it’s not really helping you cultivate your creative side or your problem solving and analytical side, quit or sign up for a very difficult project.

You have to put yourself in a position where you’re forced to take action.

You have to stake out a position in your life where you are given opportunity after opportunity to reach deep within and find the strength that you need to level up.

Otherwise, if you’re just going to do what you’ve been doing, you’re just going to drift sideways and before you know it you pass one opportunity after another and before long, you’re too old for change.

What does it mean to stand in the shower without getting wet?

What does it mean to stand in the shower without getting wet?

One of the weirdest dreams you could ever have involves standing right below the showerhead to see the water come out but the water is not touching.

You stay the same way.

Believe it or not this absurd dream imagery is actually trying to send you a very powerful message.

You may be the type of person who gets emotionally pumped up about making certain changes in your life.

For example, if you’re struggling with your income, you may get pumped up about the possibility of starting your own business, working for a new company, freelancing on the side and other solutions.

In the back of your mind, you feel really confident because now you get the sense that your life is about to change for the better, everything seems so good.

You are excited.

But what happens tomorrow?

Maybe you sign up for a course, maybe you do some research, maybe you put in an application.

But after that, you go back to your old way of doing things.

Because in your mind, there is the temptation to think that once you feel emotionally pumped up about changing your situation, that in of itself is the action that brought change.

In fact, if you’re not careful, you might be thinking that feeling good is the change that you want.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s one thing to get emotional about changes and another to actually roll up your sleeves and put in the hard work to make that change happen.

I’m talking to you about everything across the board here.

I’m not just talking about your job, your business, education or what have you.

I’m also talking about your health, your relationships, your self image, your self confidence, everything.

You have to bridge this divide between feeling good about change and actually doing something about it.

That’s why when you see yourself in the shower, standing there under the showerhead, and nothing happens to you, it’s because you let your focus on the “emotional high” and don’t transition quickly to taking action.

What does it mean to shower in an unfamiliar place?

What does it mean to shower in an unfamiliar place?

If you find yourself showering in an unfamiliar or strange place, this indicates that you’re afraid that if you were to do some sort of emotional or personal narrative audit, you might find something uncomfortable.

You might stumble upon the realization that you’ve been lying to yourself all this time.

You have to understand that this is a natural fear but you have to overcome this fear.

The truth will set you free but there is no guarantee that it will do so painlessly.

Sacred cows that you’ve been feeding all this time, need to be slaughtered.

Hidden corners in your psyche that you have been sheltering yourself from for all these years need a spotlight shined on them.

That’s the kind of heavy internal work that you need to do.

None of this is strange.

All of this is necessary.

What does it mean to dream of showering with friends?

What does it mean to dream of showering with friends?

If you see yourself naked, taking a shower with friends, rest assured that this is not a sexual dream.

Instead, you are beginning to enter a stage with your friends where you feel you can completely trust each other.

This is a good sign.

And usually this happens when all of you go through a traumatic time together.

For instance, if a group of friends pull money together and they get scammed by a pyramid scheme or a crypto Ponzi scheme, it can be a learning experience.

First, it’s going to be rough.

People blaming each other.

And then talking nasty about themselves and other people.

You go through the whole emotional roller coaster.

But if you make it through, you have that shared experience uniting all of you, and this can pave the way for a stronger relationship.

Don’t be afraid of the emotion of being emotionally honest with your friends.

You will be rewarded by a deeper friendship.

On the other hand, if all of you decided to be honest, and one or a few of you became upset or offended and cut everybody off, rest assured that person was not meant to be your friend in the first place.

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