Pizza Dream Meaning and Interpretation

If you’ve ever had a dream where you were sinking your teeth into some chewy, hot, steaming slice of pizza, you might be thinking that your dream doesn’t really have a deep meaning.

You’d be surprised!

Pizza dream meaning and interpretation actually involves a lot of realities your subconscious might be trying to bring to your attention.

It’s very easy to overlook a pizza dream because most people have a very positive association with this dish. A lot of people who don’t have time or who have busy schedules can easily pick up a phone and in less than 15 minutes enjoy several slices of this all-American treat, and that’s why it’s so common.

But don’t let its common image and the fact that it can be found everywhere distract you from the deep meaning of a pizza dream.

A pizza dream’s meaning can say a lot about the way you’re living your life, the choices you have in front of you, and just how much in control you really are.

General Interpretation of a Pizza Dream

The typical pizza is a symbol of choices and varieties. It implies that you have several options.

When you pick up a phone to order a pizza, you will get asked about the toppings that you would like on your pie.

This is a very important reminder because a lot of people think that they don’t have a choice. They feel that they’re stuck with their job, relationship, health issues, or family dynamics — you name it.

We’re supposed to live in a free world with an amazing amount of choices.

You probably have heard the phrase “freedom of choice.”

People do make a big deal out of their God-given ability to choose. We demand that choice.

We insist that it’s outright. But what do we do with it?

In practical terms, people don’t do much with their freedom of choice. Let’s be honest.

Instead of freedom of choice, in reality, most people actually want freedom from choice.

When you have a pizza dream, this theme can be one of the “hidden realities” your subconscious may be sending you.

Pizza Dreams and Missing Out on Life

Pizza dream meaning has to be analyzed in the context of choice.

Now, this seems to be easy but it has a shadow. The shadow is not being able to make a choice for whatever reason.

And as I have mentioned above, that reason is not as obvious as people assume.

Usually, when people think that they don’t have a choice, it’s because somebody or something is getting in the way of them being able to make their own decision and live their own lives.

This is rarely the case. In most situations, we rob ourselves of our ability to choose.

Maybe we’re just lazy or we’ve assumed that things are just going to continue the way they are and there’s really no point in lifting a finger to change the direction of our lives.

When you see a lot of pizza in your dreams or you’re given a choice among pizza slices, pay close attention to what you’re feeling.

If you’re completely honest with yourself and you have even a bare minimum of self-awareness, you’d know that there’s a little bit of pressure that you’re feeling.

Of course, it’s not as severe as choosing between jobs or choosing between lovers, but there’s still pressure. We’re used to this because this is the kind of choice that we make on a day-to-day basis.

We’ve grown numb to it, and that’s why a lot of us are on autopilot and we’re frustrated why we keep making the same choices.

Do you see the irony in all of this?

You’re not just fantasizing about pizza. Instead, your dream is telling you about how you make choices and how you choose to live your life.

It’s very easy for a lot of people to just say:

“I’m tired of my life. I’m sick of it.

Nothing seems to change. I’m not free.”

But are you really?

Whose fault is that? Who put you in that situation?

If you’re really honest with yourself, you only have yourself to blame. You make the same choices over and over.

Einstein’s Pizza Dream

There’s a commonly repeated quote attributed to Albert Einstein. Whether he actually said this or not doesn’t matter because it’s the kind of wise saying a very intelligent person like Einstein would have said.

According to this saying, “Insanity is defined as making the same choices over and over again and expecting a different result each time.”

A variation of this is choosing “to do the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.”

It doesn’t make any sense to stay where you are and make the same choices while expecting things to end up differently.

Your choices have an impact.

You know where they lead. You know where they take you.

The results are not unfamiliar to you. You’ve been there before, probably a million times.

The question is why do you choose to remain stuck?

Turning the Key in the Prison Door of Life

There’s so many people walking around on this Earth like prisoners.

They’re not confined to four walls made out of stone. You don’t see them behind metal bars. They don’t talk to their loved ones through phones behind thick glass panes.

But they’re prisoners nonetheless.

When you ask them or you live with them, you will see that they live their lives within fairly narrow confines. It’s as if they have limited everything that is possible out there into things that they can and cannot do, who they can and cannot be, or where they can and cannot go.

This is a prison, and it’s a prison of their own choosing.

When your subconscious is showing you the different slices of pizza in your dream, it is reminding you in a subliminal way that there are over 4 billion pizzas sold every single year in the world.

This simply means that you have a tremendous amount of choice. But for whatever reason, you don’t feel like you have a choice.

You live life like a person who is, at some level or other, imprisoned.

Your dream is telling you that you do have a choice. You just have to change your behavior.

What are the types of choices that you make on a day-to-day basis that lead to the same places? Start with those.

Change What You Can Control

A lot of people get this idea in their heads that they want to change the world.

In reality, they just want to change other people. The assumption is by changing other people, somehow someway they change themselves.

But this operates under the shadow of the even larger assumption that we are dependent on others for our lives to change. Put simply, it’s the responsibility of other people for us to live better lives.

I’ve got some bad news for you. People don’t care.

They have their own problems to solve. They have their own crosses to bear.

They don’t have time for any of that nonsense.

This is why it’s really important to understand that you live in an uncaring world, and it’s a world filled with suffering.

I know that sounds depressing but that’s how the world works. You’re gonna have to make do with how things are instead of how you imagine things should be.

And believe it or not, a lot of people are able to make beautiful lives out of these rather bleak, raw settings.

It all boils down to the choices you choose to make, and you have to make them — not your parents, not your friends, not your significant other, but you.

You Cannot Wait for the World to Change

Pizza, as you probably already know, is absolutely free in most parts of the United States if it’s not delivered to your front step in 15 minutes. From the time you pick up that phone to order that pie to you opening the box, no more than 15 minutes has to elapse; otherwise, your pie is free.

Keep this reality in mind when trying to understand the deeper meaning of pizza dreams. Your dream about pizza pies indicates your need to change, and you need to do it quickly.

Now, that’s easier said than done because human beings have this innate tendency to wait for others to change.

Why should I be the one to forgive? Why should I make the changes?

They have more money. They’re in a better position.

Why should I be bothered?

You have to overcome these natural objections bubbling out of you. Otherwise, things are not gonna happen.

That’s why it’s really important to understand your attitude towards change and the urgency that you need to have so you can get out from under the oppression, frustration, and stagnation that you are suffering from.

Again, if you don’t do it, nobody else will. Don’t expect somebody to save you. Don’t expect some sort of angel to come out of the sky and make things right in your life.

That rarely happens.

The Problem of Making the Best Choices

One of the most common challenges people have when it comes to making changes in their lives is the fact that they assume that there is the best choice.


They assume that there is going to be a choice that will just outclass all the other options out there.

They just need to make that best choice and then their life would be drastically and dramatically transformed. They like to believe what happens in a typical Hollywood movie.

But this isn’t reality.

The sad truth is in day-to-day life, the choices that are presented to you are different shades of bad. There’s really no other way to say it.

There’s the absolute worst. There’s something that sucks less.

And then there is something that’s unpleasant but is really the best among all the present options.

And given the situation of how far along you are, that’s all you can have.

Now, what do you do when presented with those less-than-perfect choices?

Sadly, too many of us stomp our feet, and just like children, we wait for that “best option” to appear. This can apply to your romantic life, your finances, your business opportunities, and definitely your career and health options.

Be aware if you are doing this because every single time you do this, you rob yourself of the opportunity to get out of that mental and spiritual box sooner rather than later.

A sense of urgency is crucial. If you can get a sense of urgency and anticipation when you order a pizza because now the pizza shop is in a race against time, why can’t you run a race against time when it comes to the bigger issues in your life?

Ordering Pizza in a Dream

If you see yourself ordering a pizza in a dream, it can indicate that you are waking up to your ability to make choices and make calls.

Ordering a pizza is a very basic example of cause and effect.

1. I’m hungry so it causes me to check my food options and I choose to order a pizza.

2. I choose to pick up the phone and call a specific pizza company.

There are many pizza shops in my town, but I picked one. And that choice means that I am restricted to their menu.

3. I pick among items in a menu and within 15 minutes or so, a pizza arrives.

4. I whip out some green pieces of paper from my wallet and it’s a done deal.

Notice the number of choices in that process. It’s very empowering if you’re aware of it.

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that this is routine. This is how it’s supposed to play out so what’s the big deal?

And that’s why they’re stuck!

Celebrate the choices that you have. Understand that each distinct choice down that line or checklist can lead to different outcomes.

You didn’t have to order pizza. You could order something else.

You didn’t have to order from one particular shop. You could’ve ordered from somewhere else.

You didn’t have to order that pizza with that set of toppings. You could’ve ordered something else.

Do you see how this works?

Your subconscious is showing you through the otherwise very common imagery of picking up the phone and ordering a pizza pie that you have a lot more choices over your life than you give yourself credit for.

Unfortunately, we tend to sabotage ourselves when we say:

“This is routine. This is to be expected.

I’m not powerful.”

And the more you believe that, the more you would be stuck with whatever it is you’re frustrated with.

Pizza Dreams Involve Meeting New People

For your pie to arrive and end up in your belly, somebody has to deliver it. While certain places in India have innovated pizza delivery drones, that kind of technology is probably several years away.

Generally speaking, if you’re in the habit of eating pizza, you have to interact with a flesh-and-blood human being.

Now, there are exceptions to this. You could buy a frozen pizza from a grocery store.

Fair enough! But you still have to deal and communicate with the person handling your purchase at the cashier.

Do you see how this works?

Eating frozen pizza is not going to excuse you from that face-to-face conversation. In this context, a pizza dream means dealing with new people.

You have to be more aware of the fact that you meet new people every day. Sadly, a lot of people would rather not deal with this.

They say: “Okay, so what?

I meet new people when I go through the subway. They’re just faces in the crowd.

I don’t care.

They don’t care about me. I don’t care about them.

What’s the big deal?”

It is a big deal!

If you feel that you already know a small number of people but you’re still feeling lonely, it’s because you have developed certain selective blindness. You have become numb to the fact that you actually meet a lot of people.

Examples can be seen in day-to-day life.

People install stuff. People deliver stuff.

Just because they do stuff for you and you pay them doesn’t mean they’re lesser than you.

They have feelings too. They have dreams.

Connect with them. Savor their skill.

Show them appreciation. That’s how you reconnect with your humanity.

Because the more you’re stuck in a routine where you feel you’re not really meeting new people or the number of people that you choose to appreciate in your life becomes less and less, you become less and less human.

You’re like a knife. To remain sharp, you have to brush or scrape metal on metal.

The same goes with your humanity.

When somebody tells us a personal story, it’s an opportunity for you to relate at a deep level. When you watch something sad on TV based on a true story or an actual narrative, that’s an opportunity for you to reconnect with the flesh-and-blood human being inside of you.

Buying pizza in a dream and getting it delivered is not banal. It is not shallow.

It speaks a lot of truth about parts of yourself that you may have lost touch with like human-to-human interaction.

Questioning Your Desires

If you’re having trouble while buying pizza in a dream, it’s a sign that you’re having questions about your desires.

Some dream interpreters consider this as a hint of potential sexual orientation issues. While same-sex attraction can be part of the mix, it can also signal something more fundamental.

What are our desires? Why do we desire what we desire?

People don’t ask this type of question.

They automatically assume: “I am who I am. This is what I desire.”


That comes from somewhere. We’re learning organisms.

Sure, there is such a thing as some sort of biological setting, but that’s very few and far between.

By and large, we are learning organisms. We pick stuff up.

You have to ask yourself: “Why do I desire certain clothes? Why do I desire certain food?”

Having to choose among different pizza menu options in your dream is actually your subconscious telling you to question your decision-making processes and go even deeper.

Why do you have a default choice? Where does that lead to?

Have you ever taken the time to question it?

You’d be surprised at what you’ll find. Dig deep.

Delivering Pizza in a Dream

What if you see yourself delivering pizza in your dream? This can indicate fear.

You’re not cooking for somebody. Instead, you are at the mercy of somebody else’s desire.

Do you have a choice about the toppings on your pie? No!

You are there because of somebody else’s decision. Your cargo is the way it is because of somebody else’s choice.

A lot of people rightfully are afraid of this because their agency has been compromised.

Now, this is not a slam against people who deliver pizza for a living. Instead, we’re talking about psycho-spiritual realities.

Even your ability to get behind the wheel to drive from Point A to Point B is a direct result of somebody else’s choices. So, your subconscious is bubbling up these internal conflicts about what kind of choices do you really have in your life.

There’s a part of you that is rebelling. It’s not happy.

The way you’ve been living your life and the choices that you feel you have in front of you is triggering a deep-seated sense of unease, and it’s manifested in dream images of you delivering pizza or being part of the pizza provision process.

What Does a Frozen Pizza Mean?

When you buy a frozen pizza, you’re buying convenience, but you’re also paying a high price.

As a veteran of eating pizza, I’m gonna tell you straight up. I have not eaten a frozen pizza that can come even close to an artisanal corner store pizza shop — not even close.

A lot of the flavors are lost once that pie is frozen. Not surprisingly, a frozen pizza dream indicates a dream deferred.

When we were kids, we could easily be forgiven for thinking that we were immortal and that we were superheroes.


Just listen to a kid. As I listened to my son, I just can’t help but feel happy because I’m reconnected with my childhood.

He tells me about stuff that he can do, places he’d like to go, and stuff that he’s seen on YouTube.

We bond about stuff he’s learned and I get to travel mentally and intellectually through his stories.

He’s really excited about stuff he’s learned. He’s only 8 years old.

But as you get older, a lot of that wears off. Of course, a lot of it begins with realizing that Santa Claus is not real and that life really is suffering.

How do you deal with it? How do you make peace with that reality?

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t make peace.

They still believe that they have this dream and they make all sorts of compromises. They tell themselves all sorts of comforting lies, and they live compromised lives.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that because that’s really what’s going on for a lot of adults.

But you have to do that with your eyes open. You cannot afford to play games with yourself.

And unfortunately, a lot of people defer their dreams so a good analogy to that is a frozen pizza. All that vibrancy and life of freshly baked pizza frozen.

You do it because you want to extend its shelflife. You do it because you were shipping that pie from one end of the country to the other.

Maybe you’re sending it from California all the way to Florida.

Are you doing the same with your dreams? Maybe it’s time to take it out of the deep freeze.

What do you really want to do?

Do you want to be a programmer? A coder?

Do you like playing video games? Do you like writing?

Life is too short to ” freeze your pizza ” by deferring your dreams.

Since we’re talking about dreams here, one of my favorite poets, Langston Hughes, wrote a really amazing poem called “Harlem,” also known as “A Dream Deferred.”

He asks: “What happens to a dream deferred”

In the final line, he reminds us to be careful because if we’re not mindful, dreams can “explode.”

What Does It Mean to See a Box of Pizza in Your Dreams?

Seeing a box of pizza indicates potential.

I don’t know about you, but I salivate when I see a pizza box arrive at my house. That means my wife picked up a phone and ordered a pie.

Me, my son, and my wife are gonna enjoy some good, old-fashioned Neapolitan-style pizza.

What’s not to love?

When you have this dream of seeing a box of pizza, your subconscious is telling you about your ability to anticipate.

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid growing up in the Philippines, one of the things that I looked forward to was Christmas because, in my home country, Christmas starts in September.

And every single day from September 1st all the way to the middle of January, which is the unofficial ending of Christmas in the Philippines, at least among Catholics, this is building a crescendo of anticipation.

It’s the anticipation of looking forward to having a whole roast pig with your family or small village — all your cousins showing up, and come New Year’s Eve, all sorts of fireworks are on display.

That’s what got me through the months of January all the way to August. It’s the anticipation.

But when you get older, you lose this. Your dream is showing you that box of pizza to reconnect you with this sense of anticipation.

It’s okay to get your hopes up. It’s okay to imagine the sights, tastes, and smells of arriving where you want to go.

I say it’s okay because as an adult we know that this is one of the things that we lose when we become adults. Instead, we develop this mindset of “been there, done that.”

We don’t allow ourselves to get excited anymore because we become fathers. We provide for our family.

We become mothers, and we are always there for our family. We no longer have the “luxury” of being a kid and anticipating things.

Your subconscious is telling you through that powerful imagery of the pizza box that you lost something very important, and this sense of anticipation can pay off tremendously when it comes to your creative life, your relationships, and even your spiritual life.

If you believe in a higher truth or an afterlife, it would help tremendously to reignite the fire of anticipation.

What Does It Mean to See Yourself Surrounded by Pizza?

A pizza comes with cheese, flatbread, and lots of toppings. A dream of seeing lots of pizza surrounding you denotes a sense of abundance.

Now keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily mean riches. In fact, it might signify something even more valuable.

You see, one of the things that mark real poverty is the inability to even become aware of value.

There is a form of poverty that people can reach where no matter how much money you have, no matter how much you eat, no matter how much you drink, you’re still empty.

It’s scary because you have lost sense of any proportion in defining the word enough. There’s never enough.

It’s as if you live in a black hole. No amount of light can fill it.

When you see yourself surrounded by pizza, your subconscious is telling you that you have to decide when enough is enough.

Give yourself permission to feel full. Give yourself permission to feel content and happy.

Because if you lose that skill or ability, your life will be full of poison. You will be that toxic relative or that toxic lover.

Not good!

What if You Dreamed of Making a Pizza?

If you see yourself kneading dough, throwing it up in the air as you see in those pizzeria videos on YouTube, or putting tomato sauce and toppings and sliding the pizza peel onto an oven, it indicates that you are in the process of building something big.

This is a big deal because a lot of people who are in the process of building something big feel that they’re just going from Point A to Point B. It’s obligatory to them.

They lose sight of the sheer magnitude of what they’re really doing and by the time they achieve it, they lose sense of all proportion and they don’t really appreciate it.

I know! This has happened to me several times.

I went to college. This was not an easy feat, especially if you come from a working-class family.

I went to graduate school, technically law school. Again, it’s not an easy feat.

I passed the bar. Not exactly a cakewalk!

I founded several companies. I moved to a different country.

I could go on and on.

But guess what! I didn’t think these were accomplishments at all.

I just thought that they were checklist items, and the more I did that, as I went from one checkbox to the next, culminating in being a father, the more dead I felt inside.

You see, life is something that you must claim.

You must force yourself to be aware of it. You have to claim its blessing.

And if you live your life like some checklist, you rob yourself of life.

You see everybody else getting all excited because they were the first in their family to graduate from college. Their mom gives them a wreath of flowers and all sorts of gifts.

But you just say: “Okay, I just need to get through this because I’m on my way to somewhere else. I need to check that other box.”

That’s how you rob yourself of happiness!

When you are dreaming of pizza making, whatever the stage is, your subconscious is telling you to enjoy what you are doing.

If you don’t enjoy, you don’t become aware of when you’ve hit a milestone because it’s going to rob you of the really important stuff.

Can you imagine becoming a parent for the first time and not even feeling a rush? You just feel obligated.

“Okay, I’ve got a kid. I got to provide for him. Next!”

Talk about sucking the marrow out of life!

Allow yourself to savor the process. Great pizza is made by people who are passionate about the different stages of pizza making.

The Mark of a Great Pizzaiolo

Great pizza is made with love. Sure, you can go to places like Shakey’s and get a machine-pressed dough, and you will taste it.

You can go to a small pizzeria on the other hand, and you can feel the love that went into the pizza.

I’m sure you’ll know which to pick.

I’m fortunate enough to have gone to Italy, Venice in particular. There, I had some of the best pizza in my life.

I could tell the love that went into that pizza.

It wasn’t expensive. It was a street pizza.

But it was the best in my lift because every step of the way, the guy really cared. He cared about kneading the dough the right way. He obviously cared about the right amount of yeast and proofing the yeast for a long enough period of time.

I learned later on that one common mistake that turns what would otherwise have been an awesome pizza into crap is when they put salt in too early.

You’re not supposed to do that.

You’re supposed to let the yeast bloom by adding a small amount of sugar or honey to the flour, water, and yeast mix. That’s the small part that bloomed and then you add that to the rest of the water and flour.

And then, of course, you have to make the pizza sauce with love. You have to carefully select the cheese.

They got all of that in a slice that cost me a Euro and a half. Of course, this was more than 20 years ago.

But you get the point.

That pizza though is your life.

Put some love into it. Make it count.

Because at the end of the day, it’s you who is going to eat that pie. And when you eat it, other people get to eat it too.

Wherever you go, you will have an impact. It may not be as dramatic as you would have hoped, but you have an impact.

People might even forget your name but it doesn’t matter. You were there.

Maybe you said the right thing at the right time, and it triggered a chain reaction that led to something really big.

The people who made that big thing happened don’t even know the first thing about you or forgot about you.

But that doesn’t matter. You were part of that chain reaction.

Make it count. Pack some love into your life.

A little bit of anticipation goes a long way.

Reconnect with that little kid that used to look forward to Christmas. Reconnect with that kid that just camped out at the condo window or the house window looking at the fireworks blowing up in the nighttime sky.

That’s the wonder of childhood. Don’t lose that because you need its power and light to guide you as you get older.

What Does a Pizza with Missing Ingredients Mean?

When the pizza you ordered in your dream has a missing ingredient, (for example, you ordered a pepperoni pizza and half of the pepperoni is gone or you got another topping entirely,) this dream imagery indicates that you feel that you’re lacking something in your life.

You feel shortchanged. You feel cheated.

The truth is you’re dealing with the wrong ingredients.

What are you going to do about it? Just like in real life, there’s a lot you can do about it.

For example, if you get a pizza with the wrong toppings and you can prove that you did order a different set of toppings, the pizzeria will replace your pie.

You can do something about it. Don’t lose sight of that fact.

A lot of people resign themselves to the present. Maybe bad decisions were made by their parents, but here they are. It seems like it’s gonna drag on forever.

But does it have to?

You can reject that pie!

Now, it takes a lot of strength and willpower to send that pie back because it means that you’re gonna have to make different decisions. You’re gonna have to sacrifice and put in the work.

But eventually, you will get a different pie.

The worst decision you can make is just to say: “Well, I’ll just wait for somebody to save me.”

Or, “There’s nothing I can do,” so you live with that pie, which is unwanted, undesirable, or nasty tasting.

You just chew it slice after slice all the way to the crust. Each chew brings with it a new wave of humiliation, reminding you of how you screwed up.

Then you feel stuck day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Pretty soon, it’s time to put you six feet under the ground.

Is that really the kind of life you want?

Somebody screwed up. Let’s grant you that. It’s not you.

But you’re gonna have to deal with it just like when you got the wrong pizza.

What Does It Mean to Microwave a Rotten Pizza in a Dream?

One of the worst things that you can do to a pizza is to microwave it.

I’m sure if you’ve gone to college or if you lived with roommates, you know what I’m talking about.

Don’t ever do this because what you will get is a rubbery, tasting mess!

If you see yourself microwaving a pizza in a dream and having a crappy time, this indicates that you need professional help.

Whatever it is that you’re trying to do isn’t working out. You’re feeling frustrated.

You know deep down inside things are going in the wrong direction. You’re going off track.

Never be so proud to refuse professional help. When it comes to psychological and emotional issues, this is obvious.

But this can also apply to your career.

Don’t be afraid to find a mentor. Don’t be afraid to ask.

This can also apply to your relationships. Don’t be afraid to ask your parents to guide you to become a better father or a better husband.

This also applies to spiritual paths. Don’t be afraid to ask your pastor or your priest or imam or rabbi.

You have to set your ego aside for you to grow because one of the easiest ways to grow is to find people who have made it their job to help others grow, and allow them to help you.

What Does It Mean to Eat Cheap Pizza?

A lot of people think that eating cheap pizza symbolizes hitting rock bottom. After all, if all you could afford is a cheap slice of pizza with runny cheese with all too forgettable or even foul-tasting ingredients, this could mean that you’re down on your luck.

While there might be some elements of that, eating cheap pizza can also indicate possibility.

Ask yourself: Who eats cheap pizza? In America, it’s usually students.

I remember when I was in college and all we could afford was a cheap, $1 slice of pizza down the street in Berkeley’s College Avenue.

It was a fun time to be honest. I didn’t have much money to my name, but every single day was an adventure.

I could meet new people. I could hang out with friends who live in different parts of the campus and meet their friends.

Back then, my attitude was when you meet somebody new, you get to see the world from a different pair of eyes.

Using that mindset, I was able to see my world from the eyes of somebody who didn’t have to work for a living; the eyes of somebody who was a grandchild of Holocaust survivors; the eyes of somebody who was a great-grandchild of a slave; and somebody who was the child of recent immigrants from Mexico.

And it made my world exciting!

Eating cheap pizza in your dream is not some sort of death sentence. Instead, it tells you there’s nothing to prove.

It’s okay to eat it; it will get you to the next day.

Focus on what freedom you have.

Because when you’re eating cheap food, it means that you’re not trying to live up to the expectations of your neighbors because you live in the nice part of town. It’s not because you’re not eating cheap pizza because you’re saving money for your BMW or your Ferrari.

You’re eating cheap pizza because that’s all you could afford and being at that income level means there is some freedom there.

I didn’t think that way as I got older.

I lost that sense of adventure and possibility. Instead, I looked at the fact that the stuff that I was buying was cheap as some sort of curse.

I started looking at the world as unfair.

Why do they get to eat really nice pizza and I get to eat crap?

That is a form of oppression because one of the happiest times of my life was when I had very little money.

In fact, I reached a point where I could only eat ramen. I was jobless for several months, and I was in-between campus jobs so I had to live on ramen.

It was the most fun time because I would crash at friends’ places. They would have food. They also have movies.

Some of my other friends on the north-north side of campus would bring girls over so that’s a lot of fun.

My point is don’t focus on your limitations. Don’t judge yourself based on what you think the social value of your possessions indicates about you.

You need to break free of those mental jail cells. Instead, just savor the moment because you have freedom.

And as you get older and the list of responsibilities, obligations, duties you have pile up, you will quickly realize just how precious this is.

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