Devil Dream Meaning

devil dream meaning

Dreaming of the devil understandably can cause feelings of confusion, concern, and downright panic. Even if you’re not the most religious or spiritual person, the experience of seeing the face of the destroyer, as well as the author of lies, in your dream is enough to throw you off-balance. Interestingly enough, devil dream meaning and … Read more

Dreaming of Dead Animals

dreaming of dead animals

To dream of dead animals, like dead birds or cats, can be quite a shocking experience. It’s easy to see why. Death usually brings out a lot of negative emotions and interpretations—from a sense of loss to even fear or terror. But the truth is, when you dream of dead animals, the message all depends … Read more

Breathing Underwater Dream Interpretation

breathing underwater dream

Water in dreams often connotes the strongest emotions. But your dream of breathing underwater could also have different meanings depending on the context. You have to make sure that breathing under water is the main focus of your dream. Many dreamers find themselves in dreams involving large bodies of water. When taken out of context, … Read more