Window Dream Meaning

If your dream involves mostly you looking out the window or people looking at you through a window, this is probably one of the most troubling dreams you could ever have. Your window dream meaning may be surprising.

To make this motif the central focus of your dream involves quite a bit of introspection.

This is not the kind of dream most people have.

It pays to dig deeper into a window dream meaning because it may contain several clues that can enable you to resolve certain issues in your daily waking life as well as come up with better strategies that would enable you to live your best life now.

The General Meaning of Window Dreams

The General Meaning of Window Dreams

Windows are not just made up of glass sheets that let people see an interior space.

There are all sorts of materials that could make up a window.

It doesn’t have to be glass.

It can be composite materials.

It can even be certain fibers.

Windows are meant to keep out the outside world to a certain extent while letting light in.

Think of these design elements as similar to your eyes.

You let light in.

There are openings in your head.

But from those openings, you get signals that enable you to make sense of what’s going on around you.

The same applies to windows.

You didn’t choose to continue with a wall where your windows are.

Instead, you chose that design structure.

It has a specific function.

When your dream focuses on windows, your subconscious is trying to communicate to you several lessons regarding perception.

This can go really deep because our personal perception is how we make sense of the world.

While ultimately, our ideas, premises, and assumptions about the messages and vibrations that the Universe sends us, shape our reality, it all starts with our ability to pick up those signals.

What makes this very interesting is that it is not mechanical.

A lot of people think that by having two eyes, one nose, one mouth, skin, and a single tongue, we pretty much see, hear, touch, taste, and smell on the same level.

Not true!

While we do possess these abilities in a range of effectiveness or sensitivity, how we interpret the signals that we pick up is more important.

Detecting a signal is important.

Don’t get me wrong.

But what gives it ultimate importance is how we read that signal.

Seeing somebody with a knife and plunging that knife into the belly of somebody who is screaming, and looking shocked may seem like something to you.

But for somebody else who has seen what went on before, it may look like something else.

It may look like murder or homicide to you.

But the other person can see it as self-defense because the other person actually shot first at the guy who ended up stabbing the shooter.

Do you see how important perception is?

When you dream of windows, your subconscious is speaking to certain issues you have with your perceptive abilities.

They talk about your assumptions, premises, and other filters that make up your mindset.

Window dreams are very powerful because our subconscious is basically trying to wake us up to alternative ways of seeing our current situation.

A lot of people go about their lives — in fact, they live out their lives — absolutely convinced that they are victims.

They think that the best things in life happen to other people, not to them.

They always believe that whatever good times may have happened in their life is in the past.

The future has nothing to offer.

The best things are definitely not yet to come.

They already happened.

These are also the types of people who would think that their slice of pie or whatever the world has to offer is always directly affected by the size of other people’s slices.

This means that for them to get more, others have to necessarily get less.

These are very powerful assumptions because if you believe in one set of assumptions, you filter reality a certain way.

Don’t think that this is just intellectual.

Don’t think that this is just something you read about in political science or sociology or psychology.

This actually has a direct impact on your day-to-day life.

Your perception definitely impacts how you make decisions.

When you decide on certain things, you change your reality because, for every action, there is a reaction.

Don’t think for a minute that just because you took an action and nothing seems to happen that your action had no effect.

That’s an illusion.

Just as the beating of butterfly wings somewhere in the world can be tied to something big or momentous happening in another corner of the world, your actions have an impact.

They either have a direct impact or they are part of an accumulated impact that snowballs or scales over time.

But people don’t get this.

They focus only on what is in front of them, and they believe that the way they perceive things is their identity.

“I was born this way.

There’s really not much I can do. ”

This is learned helplessness.

Just because you see a pattern from your past doesn’t mean you are doomed to repeat it.

You do have freedom of choice.

A lot of people convince themselves into thinking that changing their destiny can only mean coming across a huge amount of money or somebody very powerful stepping into their lives.

Again, learned helplessness.

You are always looking out for something outside of you to change ultimately the consequences of something that comes from within you.

Let me be clear!

Your life is the effect.

The good, the bad, the ugly — your life is the effect.

The cause is your mindset: how you choose to interpret the things that you perceive.

This is how crucial the window dream symbology is.

It’s all about the power of perception.

It is not set in stone.

Instead, it is a choice.

People who are happy and who live effective and meaningful lives that add value to those around them in the community have a certain mindset.

That is their window.

If you feel that you’re not one of those people, chances are, that is due to the fact that you have a different window.

Does this mean that you just have to blindly copy successful people or happy people?

Not necessarily because we all have different circumstances.

We come from different places.

Yes, we have different traumas.

Some people had to overcome harrowing tests.

I’m talking about sex abuse, being sold into slavery, horrible physical abuse, bone-grinding poverty, colonial abuses, religious scams, and abuses.

You name it!

That’s reality.

But everybody is different.

Everybody comes from a different path.

You all bring in something different from the past.

But what we all share is the responsibility over our lives not to let our past define us, not to let our past trauma poison our perception to the point that we suffer from intergenerational curses.

Many families in the United States suffer from the curse of alcoholism.

Some people even humorously say: “Well, it’s in my genes ‘coz I’m Irish or I’m Scot-Irish.”

Although that is meant as a joke, some people actually believe that.

In fact, there is solid evidence in genetic science involving gene silencing.

Put simply, if your ancestor experienced some sort of biochemical trauma, some genes are affected that they pass it on.

For instance, in South Asia, people suffered from a tremendous amount of recurring famines.

I’m not just talking about a famine once a century.

We’re talking of several famines on an almost decade-by-decade basis.

This does happen in certain parts of the world.

To compensate, the bodies of the survivors of those serial famines from a long time ago develop changes in their cellular response so that the succeeding generations only need to eat a little bit of food for them to pack on a lot of weight.

This is called a “thrifty gene.”

If you are living in a part of the world that experiences periodic famine, this is good news.

This is an amazing genetic response, the use of gene silencing, which is an established biological fact.

So fast forward to today where thanks to modern agriculture, there are fewer famines and people have easier access to cheap calories, what do you think happens?

That’s right!

A type 2 diabetes epidemic.

To no fault of their own, just by eating regular food at regular amounts at regular times, many people from South Asia and also from American Samoa or Micronesia become overweight really quickly, which leads to type 2 diabetes.

For the longest time, this stomped scientists until gene silencing was factored into.

Well, something similar happens with psychology.

When something traumatic happened to your ancestors, certain coping mechanisms are put into play.

If left unchecked and unchallenged, it gets passed on to generation after generation after generation.

We’re talking about alcoholism, incest, sexual abuse, and all sorts of negative behaviors.

While we cannot erase the past, after all, facts are facts, we can reclaim power over our ability to make changes today.

Just because my great grandparents lived under a certain reality and had to deal with certain things a certain way, doesn’t mean I have to blindly copy that.

Do you understand how this works?

The buck stops with you!

You may be inclined to look back and point the finger:

“Well, that’s what happened in the past and I’m no better than my grandfather so I guess I better repeat the process.”


It doesn’t have to be that way.

You don’t have to pick up the bottle.

You don’t have to get addicted to certain substances.

You don’t have to engage in certain addictive behaviors.

You have control over your life.

If you can see the harm that it does and you want to bless the future generations of your family, be the one to break that curse.

The first step to doing this is to understand the power of perception.

Perception is not just your basic ability to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste.

These just pick up data.

It’s what you do with that data that is crucial because that is how you shape your reality.

If you’re the person who always keeps saying that the glass is half-empty, how do you think you make decisions?

What kind of emotions do you think you experience when you’re faced with challenges or opportunities?

How do you get along with people?

What do you look for in people?

What do you contribute when it comes to discussions?

Do you see how this works?

On the other hand, if you are the type of person who always says that the glass is half full, what would you be thinking?

How would you be acting?

This is the power of perception.

Your subconscious, by showing you window dreams, is trying to communicate to you important truths regarding your perceptive abilities.

Maybe you need to change them.

Maybe you need to make some sort of adjustment.

Maybe you even just need to be more aware of them.

You have to understand that there are only two people in this world.

There are those who keep asking: “What happened?”

They’re running around like chickens with their heads cut off not really fully understanding what they’re feeling or what they’re even experiencing, much less seeing the big picture.

You can tell them apart when they ask a classic question or one of its variations: “What happened?”

Pay attention to what’s missing.

They didn’t say: “I made this thing happen” or “I’m responsible for this” or “I did this, I did that.”


It’s what happened to my life.

It’s as if they were born and they checked out.

After a few years, they see themselves in a certain state in a certain location, feeling certain things, doing certain things.

And the question is “what happened?”

Then there’s the other group of people in this world: They’re the ones who make things happen.

They’re not perfect just as the other crowd is not perfect.

But those are the two big camps in this world.

Which one are you?

Are you the one who is going to make things happen and not take no for an answer, or are you the one who likes to wallow in excuses or self-pity?

Are you going to be that person who is just going to find some comfort, belonging, and acceptance in a chorus of people, all screaming out: “What happened to us?”

Don’t get me wrong.

There’s a reason why the latter response is so prevalent.

It pays off.

When everybody else is saying “what happened?” to you that is real

To you, that is reality.

And for someone to come along and say that there’s another way to approach this would be heresy.

You would look at that person with suspicion.

In many cases, you would fear that person to the point that you would hate him.

The question is “which one are you?”

There are many gradations between the two camps, but when you boil it all down, those are the two options.

What Does It Mean to See a Broken Glass Window?

What Does It Mean to See a Broken Glass Window?

When you see a broken glass window in your dream, this can be a very positive sign.

This is an opportunity to examine what you had.

This is a chance to analyze how your perceptions before shape your life up to this point.

Now there’s a break.

Maybe you lost your job.

Maybe your lover left you.

Maybe your kids are rebelling in the worst ways possible.

Whatever form it takes, use this as an opportunity to first analyze what you had:

• What led me to this point?

• How was I seeing the world?

• What were my assumptions?

Then the next part is to see how your present circumstances fit the premises or filters that you use to deal with your day-to-day reality:

• Did it make sense?

• Did it help you get ahead?

• Did it help you see more opportunities?

• Did it help you feel like a more empowered person?

• Did it hold you back and make you feel small and powerless?

• Did it reduce everything into a cartoon?

The answer can only be supplied by you.

And once you’ve done that analysis, then you have to ask yourself:

“Given what has happened — it can be a heartbreak, it could be a financial disaster, or it could be some sort of economic meltdown — what can I do to pick up the pieces and end up in a much better place?”

You can tell that you’re on the right path when you’re asking questions instead of spitting out conclusions.

For instance, you see two guys walking down the street and they see a late-model Ferrari come to a halt at the stoplight.

One guy immediately blurts out:

“The rich are getting richer.

This world is so unfair.

There’s no way I can afford that car.

That guy must be a thief or a scammer: probably one of those Bitcoin or crypto fraudsters.”

He says these things dismissingly, and he goes on his way when the light changes.

The other guy was just amazed at this majestic piece of Italian automotive engineering.

He wonders out loud:

“How can I afford that car?

What do I need to do to afford a car like that?

How do I live a lifestyle that is financially independent enough that I can afford these amazing toys while at the same time taking care of my other needs?”

Do you see the difference between the two lines of thinking?

Let’s assume for a second that both have the same IQ.

Both have the same education level.

All the way down the line!

Everything is the same except the words that are coming out of their mouth.

The first person was talking about conclusions.

The truth is, when you say things like that, you are making truth statements.

You are speaking your personal truth to the Universe.

And since there is such a thing as the Law of Attraction, which is based on the Law of Return, what do you think happens?

That’s right!

The Universe will reflect what you say from deep within because that’s your internal reality.

So your personal Universe returns poverty for poverty because you said: “I can’t afford that!”

Okay, then you can’t!

“There’s no way I can even come up with that money.”

Absolutely correct!

Done deal!

Do you see how this works?

Whereas the other guy asks these questions of the Universe:

“In other words, work with me here.

What are the missing pieces?

How do we do this?

How do we coordinate and come up with a framework that involves my actions and commitment to produce the outcome I desire?”

In other words, you are using the mechanisms that are already in the Universe like the Law of Return, the Law of Reciprocity, mirroring, the Law of Scaling, the Law of Vibrations, and many other laws tapping into their power so you can produce the outcome you desire.

When you experience a broken glass window dream, wake up with a smile on your face.

Understand that despite the challenges in your current life, there is an opportunity because you don’t have to go through the same patterns as before that have left you disappointed and frustrated.

Now is the time because there’s a sense of urgency.

Maybe the rent is due and you have no money.

Maybe your kid does so much drugs that he or she runs the risk of overdose.

Maybe your wife or your husband has been telling you that they are unhappy.

Whatever the seeming “emergency” may look like, see it for what it is.

It is that broken window that can either lead to a tremendous opportunity for growth, renewal, and strength.

Or, it can just be a prologue to what happened in the past and just another step in the repetition of past patterns.

You scale up your assumptions, meaning you get what’s coming to you because that’s how you choose to look at the world.

You choose to believe that you’re not worthy, that you will take whatever you can get, which isn’t much.

“The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer.

Poor me!”

Do you see how this works?

That kind of thinking applies across the board.

I’m not just talking about finances, your business, or your education.

I’m also talking about your health, your relationships, and most importantly your self-image.

Be one of those people who make things happen.

There are too many people running around thinking: “What happened?”

That’s why they’re looking for the government to save them.

They’re looking for somebody else to step into their lives.

They’re looking for the white knight.

The person who could save you already exists.

On a practical day-to-day level, that person is you.

On a spiritual level, that person is Jesus Christ.

What Does It Mean to See a Stained Glass Window in Your Dream?

What Does It Mean to See a Stained Glass Window in Your Dream?

Stained glass windows are amazing.

They take the natural sunlight, then filter it through different hues of color infused into the glass itself to produce an amazing color show.

When you look at the world, it’s very tempting to think that the way you see the world is the way the world actually is.

But what if I told you that you’re wearing filters that pretty much act like stained glass windows?

The light is the world’s neutral stimuli.

These are the things that you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.

But the colors that you see are your readings of those things.

Take the case of two people walking by a building.

The building has this black smoke coming out of it with yellow and seemingly angry red flames.

People are screaming out of the windows

Some are rushing out from the bottom of the building.

One person looks at that scene and just screams, “A fire! A fire!” and he’s just paralyzed with fear.

Maybe he went through a fire during his childhood and realizes how gripping and emotionally paralyzing it could be.

So all he could do was just look and stand powerless much like a person witnessing a slow train wreck would respond.

The other person looks at the same things, and then calmly whips out his mobile phone and calls the fire department.

Which response do you think is more productive?

Which response led to more lives being saved?

Which response is more valuable?

The answer should be obvious.

This is the power of mindset.

Your mindset is your mental filter or your internal stained glass that filters reality’s light.

If it tells you that you are helpless, that you don’t count, that you ultimately don’t matter and are voiceless and people don’t really care, you will think, talk, and act a certain way.

On the other hand, if your mindset is everything is out in the open and everything is possible, then you will probably act in a different way.

There’s a lot more freedom in your choices.

You can still choose to act like the first guy.

But chances are since you believe in things being possible, you would assume that as traumatizing as this image may be of a building fire, there is something you can do about it, something positive, something that can lead to people’s lives being saved.

Do you see the difference?

I have come up with this very stark example to highlight the importance of the blinders you have on.

We all choose to make sense of the world in our own way.

A lot of this is due to our past.

A lot of this is due to the influence of our parents and the people that surround us.

But for us to continue to use them on a day-to-day basis involves our choice.

If our filters are not serving our interests and if it’s not leading us to the kind of lives that we feel we deserve, then there’s only one answer.

Take off those filters and put on something else because that’s all there is.

There are filters.

The question is “which filter are you using?”

What Does It Mean to See Barred Windows in Your Dream?

What Does It Mean to See Barred Windows in Your Dream?

If you’re seeing this in your dream, your subconscious is trying to tell you that you either believe people are conspiring against you or you are believing in lies.

Whatever the case may be, your subconscious is detecting a disconnect between what you think about and how you explain things to yourself, and what really is playing out.

There’s some sort of detail that doesn’t quite make sense.

Usually, this type of dream has a tremendous personal impact when it comes to family issues.

Maybe there’s some sort of deception in your family.

Somebody is not really being fully straightforward.

There is such a thing as a family drama involving at least one family who tends to exaggerate.

The interesting thing about American culture is that we tend to prize friendships more than family.

In other parts of the world, this is scandalous because, in most other cultures, family comes first.

But Americans focus on choice since the foundational value that our country was built upon is freedom.

Just as you are free to choose your destiny by choosing your livelihood, choosing your education level, choosing your skill level, and so on and so forth, you should also be free to choose who you hang out with and who you allow to influence you.

Family stands in opposition to this.

Unless you’re an adoptive parent choosing the child you adopted, there is no choice.

You didn’t choose your parents.

You didn’t choose to be born.

You definitely didn’t choose your siblings.

So Americans prefer choice, and that’s why friendship has a higher value generally speaking.

Of course, since 1965 when the mix of immigrants in the United States changed and shifted to the developing world, this has changed a little bit.

But for the most part, our focus is still on choice.

When you see barred windows in your dream, you get this sense that some of your choices have been taken away from you.

Either through an actual overt action or most likely some sort of deception.

What Does It Mean to See Yourself Opening Windows in Your Dream?

What Does It Mean to See Yourself Opening Windows in Your Dream?

This is a very good sign.

This highlights a willingness to challenge what you believe in.

This is also an indication that you understand how mental filters work, and you’re examining them.

At the very least, you’re opening yourself up to different ways of seeing things.

You’re also opening up the windows to let more light and air in, meaning you’re no longer interested in getting information from one source or just reading the information a certain way.

Instead, you’re open now to looking at things from many different perspectives.

Although this is very positive and definitely should be encouraged, the big danger here is to confuse willingness to be open with actual openness.

People fall for this trap all the time.

They have always been rigid or thinkers with tunnel vision so when they actually open themselves up to other things, it comes as a shock and to the point that they overreact by being defensive.

You have to understand that if you truly believe in opening yourself up to new ideas and allowing yourself to look at things from a different perspective, be prepared to be shocked because there’s a much wider world out there than what you’re used to.

There are many different colors of reality so understand that’s what you’re getting into.

That’s what you are signing up for.

Be ready for it.

I little bit of preparation goes a long way if you’re going to embark on this journey.

What Does It Mean to See Several Windows Open in Your Dream?

What Does It Mean to See Several Windows Open in Your Dream?

If the main focus of your dream is the number of windows opened and the fact that they are open, this indicates that you are seeing finally the different ways people in your life look at things.

You’re no longer looking at them as extensions of your ego.

We tend to do this, especially when it comes to politics.

We subconsciously think that if he or she agrees with me, then he or she is with me.

They get me.

They understand me.

And by extension, they really like me or love me.

We can’t pull that sort of ideological blackmail on people in our lives.

I know this is easy to say and extremely hard to do considering the fact that social media has polarized people along political lines.

I’m not just talking about Democrats and Republicans in the United States or pro- and anti-Trump people.

I’m also talking about the rest of the world because social media is a powerful tool that unfortunately also highlighted the human tendency for splitting the Universe into simplistic camps.

Either you’re with me, or you’re against me.

Either you are black or white.

Either it is up or down.

But ask anybody who actually lived their lives as mature, responsible adults to describe reality, and it isn’t binary.

It isn’t a simple case of yes or no and us versus them.

When you see several windows open in your dream, your subconscious is trying to communicate to you that you understand how this works.

You are more welcoming of different opinions, and you are more likely to remain friends with people despite your differences in perception, and by extension mindset, attitude, and ideology.

This is a good sign.

This is indicating a higher and deeper level of maturity because no person is an island.

We’re all interconnected.

We all have to get along.

But if you insist on only viewing people that you allow to get close to you as extensions of your ego and with it your biases and premises, you become very lonely because there’s so many other people out there that you’re letting go.

Amazing people!

In fact, they may have ideas that can really take you to a whole other level in terms of inspiration and instruction.

But you let go of all of that because you’d rather hang on to your filters.

What Does It Mean to Dream Of Washing a Window?

What Does It Mean to Dream Of Washing a Window?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, windows are mental symbols for perception.

We interpret the things that we take in through our senses.

It is this interpretation that drives our lives and colors our decisions.

But a very important thing needs to be said about how we get there.

For you to use your filter so you can come up with a decision, you have to collect data.

You have to be sure that you are seeing what you think you’re seeing before you interpret it and feed it into your personal decision-making habits and ultimately your narrative.

Are you with me so far?

But what if you automatically assume that the scene that is taking place in front of my eyes as I watch social media or as I’m walking down the street is what I think it is that you don’t even bother to watch the whole thing?

You just say: “Oh! That’s somebody being chased because he owed him money.” or something like that.

You don’t bother to look at the details to see what is really going on.

How can I be sure that what I’m seeing is accurately reflective of what’s going down?

That’s the kind of thought pattern that you’re going through when you dream of washing a window.

You are trying to sharpen your understanding of the things you perceive.

Please understand that washing a window isn’t the same as changing your mindset.

Instead, you’re just looking to improve your data collection.

Two totally different things, but both are important.

What Does It Mean to See Yourself Looking Through a Window?

What Does It Mean to See Yourself Looking Through a Window?

This is a very powerful dream image because you’re not just glancing out the window or, worse yet, assuming that whatever light that is coming in is normal and you’re just going about your day.

You’re actually looking out the window.

This takes a certain level of intentionality.

It definitely takes focus.

So your dream is indicating that you are being more methodical.

Now, this might not necessarily change your assumptions, but just like the dream of watching a window, this indicates that you are putting more focus on observing reality as you understand it.

This is a good step!

But the problem is that you may be thinking that what you’re doing is good enough and eventually you lose interest.

I know it sounds harsh, but sometimes experiencing the broken window dream is more effective when it comes to personal change.

When that happens, there is a sense of moral and psychic urgency there.

You feel that you have to do something, and you have the emotional urgency to follow through.

Not so with just seeing yourself looking intently through the window because maybe the next day, you have other things come up and demand your attention more.

Pretty soon, you’re no longer looking out the window.

The same goes with washing a window because you don’t know always have the time to do that.

In the case of many busy people, they never allow themselves that luxury.

What Does It Mean to Focus on a Big Window in Your Dream?

What Does It Mean to Focus on a Big Window in Your Dream?

When you see a very big window and this seems to be the central focus of your nighttime visions, sit up and pay attention.

The fact that you are looking at that glass wall you’re seeing is your subconscious communicating to you about your need to be more emotionally detached from your thoughts.

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re just going about your day and then all of a sudden, the image of your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend flashes to mind.

And after that, you feel lousy.

Maybe you’re feeling hurt, guilty, angry, or the sense of lack of closure is just weighing down on you.

Maybe it’s not an ex-.

Maybe it’s a former boss or schoolyard bully or one of the mean girls at school.

Whatever the case may be, all of us suffer from this at one point or other.

It’s as if our thoughts are not neutral.

They bring an emotional cargo, and sometimes they come out of the left field.

They just get triggered by something seemingly random, and then we think about something and then, this rush of emotions comes in.

Don’t get me wrong.

This is not always negative; it can also be positive, inspirational even.

But this is an example of emotional thinking.

When your dream is trying to communicate to you using the symbol of a large window, maybe it’s one of those glass walls, you can’t afford to overlook it or ignore it.

You’re suffering from some sort of emotional thinking, and maybe it’s getting in the way of the quality of your decisions.

Maybe it’s clouding your relationships.

Whatever the impact may be, you need to get a handle on emotional thinking.

What Does It Mean to See Yourself in Prison With Open Windows?

What Does It Mean to See Yourself in Prison With Open Windows?

In a typical prison, it doesn’t make sense to have regular windows.

I’m talking about windows that you can slip out of.

The explanation should be obvious.

Modern prisons have windows, but they are slits only a few inches wide.

When you dream of seeing large, open windows and you’re in a prison, this is probably one of the most enlightening dreams you could ever have.

First, you have found the strength to set aside your ego.

Can you imagine the strength it takes to let go of your pride to the point that you can admit you lived in a mental and emotional prison?

Few people can do this.

It takes maturity to do this, and that’s why this dream image is so great.

It really adds up to saying:

“I was wrong!

Here I was thinking that I’m living in reality, but in truth, I’m just creating my own mental prison.

I’m letting my assumptions get the better of me, and it shapes my emotional state which impacts my decisions.

Either I’m dodging certain realities, or I’m coming up with excuse after excuse to avoid a realization that I know is the truth.”

You let go of all of that when you admit you’re living in prison.

And mind you, there’s a prison that the government didn’t put you into.

Other people didn’t put you in that prison.

You may be convinced otherwise.

But let’s say somebody did something bad to you and now you believe certain things about yourself.

That’s a mental prison!

But just because you’re explaining it by referring to what others did to you, doesn’t mean that they put you in that prison.

You chose to be in that mental prison!

I’m sorry to say: We all have our mental prisons.

Being inside them is all voluntary.

And the fact that you are seeing yourself in a prison with windows is a good, positive first step.

In fact for many proud people, this is a giant leap forward.

So when you see this, see it for the positive sign that it is.

Go with it!

Understand that there are certain beliefs that have been holding you back and dragging you down.

Work to let go of them.

Focus instead on better ways to interpret your reality and your past.

By doing so, they can inspire you and push you forward to where you feel you deserve to be.

If you’re gonna be cynical about it, the truth is that we all lie to ourselves.

But there are lies that keep us down, make us toxic, and fill our lives with bitterness.

There are also other lies that push us, challenge us, and give us the strength to soar past beyond our expectations of ourselves.

One story that illustrates this involves a frog jumping contest in Mexico.

There were lots of frogs that people got from the nearby swamp, and the town had this fiesta where the owner of the frog that jumped the highest won a lot of pesos.

So everybody gathered and all these frogs were lined up, and people were hooting and hollering and just yelling at the frogs.

And what’s interesting is that they would yell in a scary way to intimidate the frogs.

As you can well imagine, most of the frogs weren’t leaping all that high because they were scared.

Some townspeople were mimicking predators.

They were hissing like snakes.

You know how frogs are fearful of snakes.

Others were mimicking dogs.

So the townspeople did this so that their friends’ frogs would get a chance to win, but since everybody’s friends were there, they were basically just terrorizing each other’s frogs.

But despite all of that, one frog was just leaping his heart out, and finally, when the contest ended, he leaped so much higher than all the other frogs.

The owner was beaming with pride, and after he collected his pesos, the people were just stunned to learn that the reason why his frog won is because it was deaf.

Be aware of the signals around you because you may be confusing that with reality.

It may be affecting your performance.

But you choose your reality.

You can choose to be blind and deaf to certain things.

Surely it would pay to be deaf and blind to people who say:

“You can’t do it.”

“You’re too small.”

“You’re too weak.”

“You don’t have the education.”

“You don’t have the money.”

“You don’t have the family.”

Sometimes, it pays to block off what you know will hold you back.

But it’s all a choice.

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