What does it mean when you dream about ghosts?

If you just woke up from a dream about ghost images or phantasms, it’s okay to be scared, concerned, or worried. These types of dreams are enough to freak anybody out. If you’re wondering what does it mean when you dream about ghosts then this post is for you

Your dream about ghost images is not all that unusual. Thankfully, most dreams involving ghost-like figures and images are not predictive nor descriptive. That’s just a fancy way of saying that you’re not going to see ghosts in your daily waking life. So don’t worry about that.

Instead, read this blog post so you can get to the heart of the rich, convoluted, sometimes complicated, and very nuanced interpretations of ghost dream images.

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The general meaning of ghost dreams

When you have this type of dream, there is currently a situation in your life where you’re going to have to say a final goodbye. This doesn’t necessarily mean that somebody’s passing away or is going to prison or whatnot. Instead, you have to say goodbye so you can both move on.

This can involve yourself, maybe you are growing up and maturing. This can also involve a friendship that has reached a certain point and can’t get past that point. You’re still friends, but you’ve decided to be better friends with somebody else.

Whatever the case may be, a dream about ghost images or a ghost-related type of symbology involves your subconscious invitation for a little bit more self-reflection. Your subconscious is telling you to be more reflective.

This way, you will actually see what the answer is, or you could at least figure out what you’re assuming to be true. An alternative meaning of ghost images involves a painful memory that has some element of unfinished business.

Maybe you got hurt in the past, but you can’t quite figure out why. This bit of unfinished business has made you somewhat unsettled all these years. When you have a ghost image dream, your subconscious is telling you that now is a good time to get to the bottom of that painful memory.

In many cases, you might just actually be reading too much into it. Maybe a lot of your day-to-day present frustrations are expressed by your subconscious in the form of this painful memory.

Whatever the case may be, it’s not as crippling as you imagine it to be. But you need to take care of this unfinished business so you can move on in many other areas of your life. When you dream of ghosts, it can also indicate that there is a message that will be delivered that contains a pleasant surprise.

It can involve some sort of emotional, psychological, or relational healing, or in rare instances, it might even be about some sort of spiritual connection.

What does seeing ghosts in the dream world mean?

When you see a ghost in your dream world, be prepared to let part of yourself die. In other words, be ready to say a final goodbye to who you were in the past.

If this involves a friend or relative, this means that your relationship with that person has reached the point of no return. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to ghost them and never show up or cut them out. But whatever you had in the past will remain the past.

And this is not necessarily bad. Because when you’re a kid, you just look at the world like a kid does. And eventually, you become an adult so you let go of all that kid stuff.

The same goes here. The same goes for personal maturity. There are certain friends that are best left with childhood memories. For example, you grew up with somebody and you did everything together, he’s your best friend, and he knows you inside and out. But now, you’re mature. You’ve gone in a different direction, and he has to.

You should still be friends. But there should be a mutual understanding that this is where our friendship stays. Put simply, it doesn’t grow past that stage and you should both be okay with that.

Learn to say your final goodbyes to such ties, and this is nothing tragic. In fact, I wish more people did this because sometimes, we hang on to relationships, ideas, attitudes, and mindsets that for all intents and purposes, just hold us back and drag us down.

Interpretation of dreaming of ghosts talking to you in your waking life

One of the most disturbing dreams you could ever have is to see yourself talking to a ghost. It’s obvious that you are in front of a fantasm and they are conversing with you.

When you have a dream in which ghosts are talking to you, your subconscious is trying to get across the fact that you need to fully listen to your inner voice. A lot of people mute their inner voice because they think that they know better. They think that the cues that they get from their waking life are enough to get them through. But let me tell you, a lot of the time, they can partially get you there but you never fully arrive.

How come? You lost sight of your insight. You have muted your hunches. You have become deaf to your intuition. You are a complete being and as such, you’re made up of stuff that can be explained, measured, and scientifically reduced to an equation.

But you’re also made up of stuff that defies this explanation. Both of these fit each other hand in glove. And if you’re just focusing on the rational side of your daily waking life, you’re neglecting a very important part of your total persona. And that’s why you feel stuck in certain areas of your life.

It’s time to appreciate, acknowledge, and embrace these other elements of who you are. And the more you use them, the better you get at becoming a complete and total persona.

The spiritual symbolism of ghosts dreams

Ghosts, on a spiritual level, indicate the very powerful transition from idea to reality that we can see hear, touch, taste, and smell. In other words, we all have the potential for change, we all have the potential to affect our emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and relational world.

But if we just focus on one way of making an impact or making changes, we neglect all these other things and in reality, we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.

When you see a ghost appear again and again in your dreams, your subconscious is telling you that you have this power. You have a tremendous amount of internal resources that you’ve been neglecting all this time because you’re afraid of them or you just don’t understand them.

In fact, a lot of people don’t care to understand them. And this is really tragic. Why? You could be a much more understanding, loving, and kind person if you were only more in touch with these aspects of yourself.

Because a lot of the time, the signals people send you are just 50% or less of the real message that you’re trying to get across. There’s a part of us that just want to be read by other people, but we know that most people don’t bother to operate at that level.

Can you imagine if you did make the effort to interpret people at a higher level, you will become a better communicator and a better channel of blessings to those around you?

The meaning of dreaming of a faceless ghost

If the main focus of your dream involves the disembodied voice of a ghost or the fantasmic body that they possess, this is a generalized symbol of anxiety. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something is worrying you.

You think that everything is about to come ahead and you will be found out, or you will lose something very important to you. In reality, you are repressing certain emotions. And you can’t quite confront these emotions, you can’t even fully articulate them or describe them.

Still, they kind of pinch you and grab at you. And sometimes, they get you at the worst times. Have you ever seen yourself snap at people for no apparent reason? It’s coming from this aspect of your repressed persona.

When you see a faceless ghost, it is your subconscious telling you to get some sort of professional help. This is not going to end anytime soon. And if you’re not careful, it might even get worse over time.

What does dreaming of being attacked by a ghost mean?

If you’re being attacked by a ghost using some sort of invisible force, your subconscious is trying to tell you that you are feeling stuck in certain areas of your life. But here’s the clincher. You’re not stuck because you’re being held against your will. You feel frustrated that your life is not going anywhere because, at some level or other, you like it.

Maybe it means that you’re settling for something instead of having to sacrifice or work really hard, or risk a big loss. Whatever the case may be, you are where you are, frustrations and everything, because you chose to be there. Now a lot of people don’t like this message, but it needs to be said.

On the other hand, if you’re being attacked by a ghost and it takes physical form and you are bitten or there’s blood drawn, this indicates that you are running away from reality. You “control” your personal reality by imagining things that are not there, and being willfully blind to things that are there.

Neither of these situations is good. You definitely need to get a handle on this aspect of your personality if you want to be a happier and more complete, as well as a more effective person.

What does dreaming of being a ghost mean?

If you see yourself in your dream as a ghost, and you’re haunting people, what your subconscious is trying to communicate to you is that you have a very warped view of your personal power.

At the end of the day, you feel that you are just another face in the crowd and that you don’t really matter. Whatever you have to say or whatever you do doesn’t really add up to much of anything in the end.

But this is you talking. This may not be the reality. People keep you around because you make things happen. People like having you around at some level or other because you add value to the table.

So if you want to stop being treated like a ghost, or you want to stop dismissing yourself like you’re some sort of ghost, focus on the value that you bring. And here’s a hint, it is never zero.

Dreaming that you are possessed by some evil spirit

If you see yourself in your dream going into the transition from ghosts to human beings and then to something in between, your subconscious is telling you that whatever you used to believe about your faith or lack of faith is going through some change.

This is a good thing. Because a lot of people who come from religious families believe they are somehow “attacked by doubt” that this is a bad thing. No. It’s a golden opportunity.

Why? You are now presented with a chance to fully understand why you believe what you believe. And if you’re unhappy with the answer in any way, you can then start to explore other things to believe in.

I know this is going to rub a lot of atheists and agnostics the wrong way. The truth is, we all have a God-shaped hole in our being. The answer is God, not money, not sex, not food and drink, and not some kind of addiction or obsession.

The question is, if you were born into a certain religion, is that God? Are those teachings resonate with you on a personal level? These are the kinds of questions that you need to ask, but they are also the kinds of questions only you can answer.

What happens when you experience ghost visit dreams?

If a ghost visits your dream, it’s enough to freak anybody out. For example, if you dream of the ghost of your dead mother coming to you, you may end up freezing in your tracks.

This could be the case of a dead grandfather or grandmother, especially if you love them a lot. The truth is, ghost-visit dreams are just the subconscious projection of your insecurity regarding your communication skills.

Wouldn’t it be great to just project what you mean to other people so that they are confronted with what you want to say in the most immediate terms? It’s as if they’ve seen a ghost. No wonder your subconscious is using this symbology because it’s so immediate and palpable.

The truth is, if you are experiencing ghost-visit dreams, you will need to practice your communication skills. Don’t automatically assume that people understand where you’re coming from or what you’re getting at. In fact, the best way to become a better communicator is to simply shut up and listen more.

The next step is to always come into a conversation seeking first understanding, instead of automatically assuming that that person is there to understand you.

What does dreaming about a ghost of a loved one who passed mean?

Whether it’s your grandmother, your parent, grandfather, or anybody who is very close to you, if you see their ghost in your dream, rest assured that your dream is not really about them. Instead, it’s about your ability to connect with people.

You have to understand that people who have a tough time connecting with others on a deep, profound, and authentic level, suffer from mislabeling.

Let me put it this way. If you fell in love with a woman because of who you think that woman is and should be, have you really fallen in love with her? What you’re doing is you’re taking all the signals that she’s sending out, which is a natural part of who she is, and you’re fitting this into some sort of form that you have in your head of how she should be.

So when you are dreaming of a dead relative that you loved a lot, your subconscious is telling you that you suffer from this type of thinking. Stop putting people into neat little boxes that only make sense to you. Try to appreciate them for who they are.

Unfortunately, a lot of us have very negative stereotypes of other people. We come up with some sort of either-or type of proposition. Either they understand this or they’re a complete and total idiot. No, they’re not.

Stop putting people into this template. Instead, seek to understand first because you’d be surprised as to how richly textured and beautiful they are inside and out.

What does dreaming of your mother as a ghost mean?

Depending on the context, if you see your mother as a ghost, this can be a very bad omen. This means that you have a tough time letting go. In fact, in some cases, people who see their mother as a ghost and their mother’s still alive, end up losing their mother.

This has nothing to do with causation. It has everything to do with emotional preparation. They blame themselves. They think that this is some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. It isn’t.

Instead, it’s really all about your relationship with the idea of loss. Let me clue you in on a very important truth. Loss is a part of life. While I love my son a lot and he is the most important person in my life, I am also aware of the fact that I won’t be around forever.

So please understand that part of your maturity as a responsible and emotionally stable normal person is the acceptance of the concept of loss. And here’s where it really hurts. It’s only a matter of time.

That’s right. Death is a part of life. It’s a question of when not if. So, if you have tough issues of loss, and you see yourself dreaming of your mother as a ghost, it’s time to step up and accept the reality that there is a loss in life.

For there to be gain, there has to be a loss. For there to be light, there has to be dark. That’s just the way it is.

Another way to interpret this is that your mother symbolizes knowledge that you’ve been ignoring all this time. So if you see her in some sort of fantasmic, ephemeral, or ethereal type of body, this is your subconscious telling you that there are certain things that you should be learning right now and you have access to it.

The problem is you choose to ignore them. Maybe you have a really amazing “spider-sense” about people. But this type of intuition freaks a lot of people out, especially those with a lot advanced degrees and who work in academia.

Please understand that there are so many different parts to you and some parts are very easy to fit into an equation and measure. Other parts are intuitive. They just are. And you would really be denying yourself a lot of tremendous personal power by turning your back on these because you’d be surprised as to how your hunches can help you get in the right place at the right time with the right people to produce the right outcome.

Which would then open amazing golden doors of opportunities that you could have even dreamed of in a million years.

Dreaming of your father as a ghost

When you dream of your father as a ghost, this dream is very different from a ghost mother’s dream. When you see your father as some sort of fantasmal figure, your subconscious is trying to communicate with you regarding issues of authority, respect, and hierarchy.

As much as we, in the West, especially in the United States, like to believe that everybody has an equal shot at the very best things in life.

The totality of human experience as well as the cultures and traditions of other countries teach us that this is not completely true. There is such a thing as a hierarchy. There is such a thing as different paths with tried and proven outcomes.

Now, just because these paths exist doesn’t mean that they disprove your ability to be who you could be or be who you want to be. Instead, they can work together.

If anything, lessons from the past can help us navigate the often chaotic and confusing world so we don’t have to make mistakes on a first-hand basis. Ultimately, the symbolic image of a father represents wisdom.

Imagine somebody telling you not to put your hand on a burner because it’s going to hurt. You have two ways to respond to that. You can look at it as some theory from some old man who is clueless and disconnected or out of touch. Or you can see it as tried and proven wisdom, and be thankful.

Can you imagine having to try to learn everything on a first-hand basis? This is what the spiritual father represents. And he shares this with us because he loves us. So don’t look at this as some sort of subjugation or oppression.

It’s dead. It’s a product of love. Because you’re drawing something that is built on for thousands of years so you don’t have to suffer firsthand. Things are they are for a reason.

What does dreaming of your brother as a ghost mean?

When you dream of your brother in a ghostly form, your subconscious is trying to get across a message involving competition. While like to imagine that our brothers and sisters are our best friends and the only people that could truly understand us, there’s also a dynamic of competition. Denying this will not be doing you any favors.

When your dream vision manifests itself in the form of a ghostly brother, pay close attention to how you deal with competition. Does competition make you clam up and feel submissive? Or does it push you to become the very best version of yourself?

How has your strategy dealt with competition leading to your personal happiness or present unhappiness? You’re the only person who could answer these but you have to answer them honestly.

What does dreaming of your sister as a ghost mean?

When you see this type of ghost imagery in your dream, your subconscious is trying to draw your attention to your creative side. This is the side of you that you almost feel like you have to apologize for because you think it’s not really all that practical. But the truth is, your ability to make connections quickly in your head and express them with your hands or with your voice can go far.

You’d be surprised as to how many people can take a few lines or even just a few words, and expound on them based on lived experience, as well as inspiration to fill volumes of books and come up with tons of blog posts as well as dozens of video scripts.

You have this capacity, not necessarily in this in those forms, but you have this innate, chaotic, hidden mysterious capability to turn ideas into expressed reality. Don’t be afraid of it.

Instead, nurture and cultivate it because it may be helpful in many areas of your life. And I’m not just talking about your work or business.

What does dreaming of your friend as a ghost mean?

Depending on the context, dreaming of your friend as a ghost can indicate that you have a problem with your relationships. They can only mature up to a certain point and they never get past that point.

The problem is you want intimacy but you don’t want to invest in intimacy. Do you see the issue here? Sadly, this is all too common. Because we’re so afraid of getting hurt that we feel that we can only go so far in our friendships.

In the back of our minds, what we’re really saying is we want that other person to take things to the next level, but we refuse to invest in the friendship. We’re being childish. So if you are unhappy with how your friendships are turning out, you might want to invest in them more.

This means being more honest, being more sincere, and also be more generous with your time and attention.

What does dreaming of your boyfriend as a ghost mean?

If you’re single, this means that someone wants to enter your life. They want to be in your life as a romantic partner. The problem is that you have already labeled them as “friends or acquaintance.” They’re no longer on the radar.

You might want to reconsider because you might be cheating yourself out of what would otherwise be an awesome relationship and commitment.

If you are already in a relationship, dreaming of your boyfriend as a ghost can indicate that your boyfriend is not exactly gonna go there. Maybe he has a tough time committing or worse yet, he may be cheating on you.

Now, I don’t mean to freak you out. This type of dream imagery is not necessarily saying that he’s actually having sex with another person. Instead, he may be doing something else that amounts to cheating.

How? Porn. Please understand that when your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or partner is watching and pleasuring themselves off to porn, they are degrading you.

They’re basically saying that you don’t have what it takes, or they are programming themselves to define pleasure using impossible standards.

What does dreaming of your girlfriend as a ghost mean?

If you’re dreaming of your girlfriend in a ghostly form, your subconscious is trying to communicate to you that you should be paying more attention to the people around you. The problem is you tend to listen to only a few words and then let your experience fill in the rest.

This is bad news. Because you can probably get away with this at work or in some other contexts, but when it comes to the closest people to and the ones that you’re most intimate with, they deserve better. So allow yourself to shut up and open your ears. There’s a reason why you have two ears and one mouth.

What does dreaming of your husband as a ghost mean?

For many people, this is a sign of ill health. There are certain things in your life that you take for granted.

You feel like you can automatically assume that you will make it to the next day or that certain things will be taken care of and provided for, much like a husband. You can’t do that. Because there are health issues that you may be overlooking.

If your subconscious shows you that your husband is now a ghost, wake up with enough concern to start inquiring not only about your health, but the health of those you love the most. You’d be surprised at what you will find.

What does dreaming of your wife as a ghost mean?

Your subconscious is telling you that it’s beginning to pick up generalized anxiety among people who matter most in your life. For whatever reason, they are beginning to worry to the point that it’s negatively affecting the enjoyment of their life.

This is precisely the time that you will need to be emotionally there for them. You need to be emotionally there for them. Now, here’s a tip. You don’t have to solve their problems. You’re not a licensed social worker or a counselor.

Instead, be there and give them your attention. Ask them questions that will enable them to totally get stuff off their chest. That’s the best you can do for them.

What does dreaming of your child as a ghost mean?

If you see your little child as a ghost in your dream, this can indicate the rise of depression or a deep and profound sense of loneliness. A lot of people are depressed and they don’t know that they’re depressed, so they make all sorts of bad decisions and they can’t quite figure out why things are turning out the way they are.

When you see your child as a ghost, your subconscious is telling you maybe you are depressed and it’s perfectly okay to get professional help to get diagnosed. Because you cannot solve a problem until and unless you realize that there is a problem to begin with.

What does dreaming of a stranger as a ghost mean?

This is one of the most troubling dreams to have because you feel that there are certain things in your life that you’re working on, but you’re not getting anywhere.

You feel that you’re putting in the time, but you’re stuck at a certain point. Maybe you have reached a dead-end when it comes to your career.

Whatever the case may be, you feel stuck. And the reality is you are the stranger in your ghost dream. You’re just floating around. Nobody knows you. Nobody can quite figure you out.

This is your projected insecurity. You need to be honest with yourself regarding your work. Are you really trying? Are you really putting in the time? Can it be safe to say that you have put in your best work? And if you are in any way feeling frustrated or even angry, a lot of the time, it’s because you know the answer is no.

The good news is you can supply a yes answer to the questions above. And that’s when things will start to move again.

What does dreaming of a ghost that needs help mean?

One of the most disturbing ghost dreams you could ever have involved being asked by a ghost to help them. This can be your subconscious projection of the fact that you have issues with being helped.

A lot of people get stuck in a certain area of their life not because they don’t have what it takes, but because they simply refuse to ask for help. Please remember that just because you’re a strong lumberjack doesn’t mean that you’re able to handle all sorts of trees.

You may have the very best chainsaw in the world. But unless you’re guided by the wisdom of an experienced lumberjack who has handled all sorts of trees, chances are you will labor in mediocrity.

So understand this aspect of yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. It doesn’t mean that you’re dumb. All it means is you are a responsible enough person to ask for the assistance you need so you can level up.

What does dreaming of asking for help from a ghost mean?

When you see this type of dream imagery, your subconscious is telling you to be open to spiritual answers more. A lot of people like to divide the world into two, the explained and the inexplainable.

And guess where they prefer to stay. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, and that’s why a lot of people are unnecessarily depressed, anxious, and living mediocre lives.

This is all unnecessary. Because if we only accepted the fact that we are a combination of the readily explained and the inexplainable, then a lot of the things that we face on a day-to-day basis will start to make sense.

So do yourself a big favor. Reconnect with this sense of yourself and you’d be surprised as to how much more capable you are, and just as importantly, how much calmer you can be.

What does dreaming of a ghost chasing you mean?

If you see yourself being chased by a ghost in your dream, this can mean that you’re having issues with the past. You may be the type of person who tries to imagine the past in such a way that it serves you. In reality, you are just trying to escape the past because it contains unpleasant truths.

Stop it. Because what you’re setting yourself up for is that the ghosts of the past will chase you because it’s the truth. The truth always wins out. You probably already know that.

So a little bit of honesty, and more importantly, the willingness to accept reality for what it is is crucial at this point in time. Look into these.

What does dream of ghost biting you mean?

If you want something that is direct and personal when it comes to symbology, nothing brings home the point more than a bite. There is such a thing as a love bite and if you are being attacked and if somebody bites you, it takes things to a whole other level.

In dream symbology, when a ghost bites you, this is a good omen. It indicates a transfer of power from the unexplained and unformed to the rearming of the familiar.

In other words, you’ve opened your mind to the possibility that the right intuition can hit you and the insight can move your life forward. You are open to the suggestion of the universe. If you have ever dreamed of a ghost biting you, this is a good omen because this is a reflection of the forward evolution of your consciousness.

What does dreaming of an evil ghost mean?

There are many different ways for evil to be portrayed in our dreams. But if the focus of your dream is the color, costume, or some sort of outward appearance of the ghost, you are basically saying to yourself that you have an issue with reading people.

What if I told you that people who seem to have it against you are actually your friends. And in many cases, the people who seem to be so friendly and helpful actually end up tripping you.

Be mindful of dealing with people as they are. Don’t let your initial prejudices or biases undermine your ability to accurately read them. Because in many cases, the ones who really want to do you the most harm are able to do so by being kind to you.

But in reality, their “kindness” is actually a form of oppression and control.

What does dreaming of a helpful and kind ghost mean?

When you see a ghost in your dream help you through certain things that are happening, or trying to over help you avoid some sort of danger, you are actually reconnecting with your sense of purity and innocence.

All of us have this side. The practical application of this is that you need to reconnect with your purity and innocence. It doesn’t matter what you’ve seen, and it definitely doesn’t matter what you’ve done. Because if you are connected with these, you will find it very hard to hold grudges.

You also will find it almost impossible to define yourself based on your past mistakes.

What does it mean to dream of a flying ghost?

If you see ghosts soaring or flying in your dream, this is a good sign because now you are open to the universe’s blessings. You have finally allowed yourself to enter a state of “anything goes.”

You’d be surprised as to how much more exciting your relationships will be, as well as how much more rewarding your business and educational decisions will turn out to be.

What does dreaming of a ghost sleeping with you mean?

If you imagine yourself having sex with a ghost, this can indicate a looming sense of financial ruin. Basically, your investments will go nowhere and you will find yourself spending money like it’s going out of style. And you feel that the more money you spend, the worse the problem gets, and there’s no end in sight.

The truth is, you have put yourself in this situation because you’re trying to gain too much of your personal confidence from your money. It doesn’t work that way. Because money will not give you inner peace. Money will not take you any closer to a sense of lasting serenity.

Those can only be provided by the right spiritual focus. By spiritual, I’m not necessarily talking about religion. This can also apply to mindset.

What does dreaming of a ghost holding you mean?

If a ghost is holding, embracing you, or trying to somehow shield you from the elements, this indicates that you are afraid of your friends. You’ve noticed that they have been doing certain things that rub you the wrong way. And you feel that there’s really nobody else to turn to, so you project yourself into ghost form and you hold yourself.

You’re basically trying to protect yourself from the fallout of what your friends are talking about. A lot of this really has something to do with fear of consequences. You wouldn’t have found yourself in this situation if you did not do or say certain things that put things in motion.

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