What is the spiritual meaning of hearing a baby cry?

We have written an extensive guide on the meaning of crying in dreams.

But when it comes to hearing a baby cry, we have created a specific post for that topic.

The spiritual meaning of hearing a baby cry is very deep.

It may be an inch wide, but it’s miles deep.

If you have been looking to understand the spiritual implications of hearing a toddler or a baby cry in your dreams, you have come to the right post.

The general meaning of hearing a baby cry in your dream.

The general meaning of hearing a baby cry in your dream

Before we dive into the general meaning of this type of dream, symbology we need to pay attention to the different moving parts of this image.

First, you’re looking for a spiritual meaning.

You’re not looking for implications regarding your financial life, you’re not looking for guidance, or you’re not looking for an analysis on how it affects your relationships.

Instead, the specific focus is on your spiritual life.

Spirituality is a very broad concept.

While the traditional meaning of spirituality involves our relationship or our understanding of the supernatural or some sort of higher force, it also extends past that point.

In reality, your mindset and how you choose to interpret the universe and its many different signals, forms your core spirituality.

This is how you interpret reality.

And it’s also how you make reality, on a practical day to day basis.

Please understand that the way you read what’s going on in the universe around you has a direct impact on what you say to others.

And its impact on causes and effect.

More importantly it also has an effect on how you behave.

Because you have to understand that everybody has different motivations and intentions, as long as we listen in between our ears.

The world really doesn’t give a damn.

But when you lift the finger or take an action, that’s when the world sits up and pays attention.

Because for every action, there is a reaction.

No matter how small your action may be.

Don’t be surprised if it cascades through time and comes back to you in a wildly different form.

But you cause that chain reaction.

That’s how powerful our behavior is.

That’s how powerful our mindsets are.

It sets off this whole chain from mindset to thought to words, to action, and to reaction, and then consequences.

This is spirituality.

The next moving piece of the spiritual meaning of hearing a baby cry is the focus on hearing.

In the Hebrew Bible, words have life.

They’re not just scribbles on a piece of paper.

They’re not just sounds people make when they open their mouths.

Just as YAHWEH spoke the word into being.

Our words have an impact.

So the act of hearing means opening oneself up to the impact in the chain reactions.

Taking place in this thing we call reality.

Finally, you are paying attention to a baby, not an adult, not a teenager, but a baby.

This has very important implications as far as your dreams’ meaning goes.
When you visualize a baby you are communicating with the unformed, immune and tarot cards, this card is represented by the fool.

Nobody wants to be called a baby.

Few people want to go back to being a baby, unless you have some weird sexual fetish.

Be often equated with helplessness, naivety, perhaps even gullibility.

That’s still bad.

Because just as the full Tarot deck vilifies a baby, the symbolic power of the baby is often misunderstood.

Everything that you see around you that is formed, I’m talking about the glass and steel buildings, the asphalt, the roads, even the invisible sky lanes that airplanes used to navigate to get from point A to point B, all started with nothing.

I know that sounds crazy.

Because they are so real.

I mean, if you put your hand on a building in the central business district of your city, it is all too real.

It is definitely tangible, for example real estate, you can’t get any more real than that.

But what if I told you that structure started off as some squiggles.

There’s even some lines at the back of a napkin hastily drawn during a business meeting between an architectural firm, and a group of investors or a board of directors, it all started with a plan.

A lot of the things that we convince ourselves are 100% real, because of their tangible reality, made apparent to our census, all started with an idea.

Everything from the Kindle books that you read, to this blog post, all started with an idea.

Not just in terms of content, but also the medium the internet started as an idea.

That’s the power of the baby.

The unformed chaos.

It is the foundation of all that is real.

And for us to come up with something that we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell.

We have to reach deep into our imagination.

Let our intuition and experience color it and temperate it.

And then before we know it after an application of willpower, planning, goal setting and Capital Management, and also coordination and cooperation.

This beautiful building rises up.

And I’m not just talking about physical structures.

I’m also talking about careers, relationships, physical well being and yes, personal happiness.

You see how this all works?

It all starts with the unformed baby.

And the spiritual meaning of hearing a baby cry boils down to our new awakening spirit in you and awakening willingness in you to reconnect with the unformed.

This is not some new age mysticism.

It is practical.

Because for the longest time you have been so busy trying to be an adult that’s ever happened to you when somebody tries to tell you something new.

And in the back of your head you’re thinking, “okay! I already figured out this person can shut up and I will still walk away with a full picture.”

This is the arrogance that maturity brings.

Because we know full well that for the most part we’re right.

Because as you mature and you gain mastery over your practical areas of your life, you begin to see things in terms of patterns.

And as long as you’re aware of two parts or more, they’re able to piece it together for the most part you are right.

But what about the times that you’re wrong?

Those are missed opportunities.

Also by the fact that you easily let go of the joy of the sense of discovery.

That’s what the symbolic image of the baby represents.

It’s all about going to the basics.

is all about rediscovering and reconnecting with our joy over discovery, anticipation, and the joy of giving birth.

Sadly, one of the marks of adulthood is to use new experiences solely in the service of a goal.

When your family plans a vacation, let’s say to Tuscany, Italy, or perhaps, the Pampas of Argentina, you’re probably focused on the destination.

Your focus on what you’ll do once you get there.

And then when you’re there, you think about getting back because you have so much work waiting for you back home.

As an adult, you rarely think about looking at the places that you are going through to get to your ultimate destination.

You’re not thinking about taking a step back, taking a deep breath, just looking around you with a fresh set of eyes and just saying to yourself, I am here, I am alive, I am in the moment.

Instead, we find ourselves zipping from one point to another.

And when we do this, we kill the baby inside us.

We killed a sense of wonder, anticipation, curiosity, and ultimately the sense of adventure.

We look at life as really a series of goals or milestones that lead to bigger and bigger goals.

Just like Russia and crest, the dolls start small and we can hope to put it into another bigger doll and then the bigger doll and before we know it, we have reached the destination but by that time.

we feel spent.

We live out that classic line in Lincoln Park Song, “in the end, it doesn’t even matter.”

When you dream of hearing a baby cry, there’s a part of you that is waking up to the eternal present.

If you want to live a happier life, or reconnect with a sense of purpose, choose to be in the present.

I’m not saying that you should.

With that said, I’m not saying that you should lower your standards or settle for mediocrity or even stop trying.

No, I’m not saying that at all.

What I am saying is that in your rush to get to the next big thing or the next milestone in your life, don’t throw out the joy, the discovery, excitement, and the life that takes place in between the “high points” of your life.

Allow yourself to soak in new ideas.

You don’t have to agree with them or open yourself to new experiences and new people.

Put yourself in situations where you are tested to become more versatile, adaptable, and open.

That’s how you live in the present.

Because the present once it’s gone is gone for good.

And unfortunately the way the human mind works is we cherry pick memories when the past in many cases we embellish or even make stuff up.

To give ourselves the impression that we had a “golden past” or some sort of frame of reference that we can longingly look back to the Why go through All of that, when you have everything that you need right here right now.

This is the spiritual implications of hearing a baby cry in your dream.

It’s deep and it has a direct impact on the value of your life.

Because tomorrow who knows what will happen to you or me.

For that matter, you may get hit by a truck.

The whole house of cards called the economy might come crashing down.

Who knows?

We only have the eternal present.

What does it mean to hear a baby crying in your dream if you are pregnant?

What does it mean to hear a baby crying in your dream if you are pregnant?

This is a great omen of protection and responsibility.

When you see a baby cry in your dream, you are looking forward to the birth of your child.

You’re also looking forward to the adventure of becoming a parent.

Understanding that by focusing on your baby’s cry, your subconscious is displaying or exhibiting some understanding that your child is not an extension of your ego.

Many parents make this mistake.

They believe that since they are in control of their households and its finances, as well as its upkeep and protection, that everybody in that household decides theirs, except for their spouse, are essentially extensions of their ego.

There are means to an end.

This is too bad.

because a lot of the emotional neglect, psychological abuse and psychic torture, or children emanate from this basic foundation.

They are not extensions of your ego.

They’re different people with their own different destinies.

They are not blank slates for you to program whatever hopes, wishes, and frustrating dreams you may have had.

Back when I was growing up in California.

I hung out with a good friend of mine who got his girlfriend pregnant at 16.

As typical Filipino immigrants, a lot of our parents worked in working class or lower level jobs.

But what made my friend Emmanuel different was that, like my parents, his parents decided to live in a better part of town.

Of course, that meant straining their resources.

On the surface, we were living this middle class suburban Southern California lifestyle.

You know: two cars in the garage, a nice house in the suburbs, the whole nine yards.

Behind the scenes, everybody was drained for cash.

It’s as if everybody’s running after whatever meager sense they can come up with at the end of every month, because that’s when the mortgage was due.

That was the world Emmanuel or me and I lived in.

And we had different ways of pushing against that.

I had my way which is besides the point here, so I’m not going to share it, but Emanuel’s way was he slept around.

And to cut a long story short, he got one of his many girlfriends pregnant and her father is not going to take no for an answer.

He’s not going to allow his daughter to be yet another unwed teen pregnancy statistic.

Threats were sent and in the face of some sort of public shaming, Emanuel was forced to take in his pregnant girlfriend and live under her his parents’ roof. Later on, they got married.

This meant cutting short his college dreams so in the middle of high school, he became a father.

And once he turned 18 He had to get a job since his father worked for the city government.

Actually the county of Los Angeles.

Eme finally got a job as a police dispatcher.

Every time I talk to them his voice just cracks with frustration.

He was in love with the law enforcement process, namely the prosecutorial side.

There was something about the back and forth between defense lawyers and prosecuting attorneys using facts that he’s often aware of.

Because he’s a police dispatcher that fascinated him.

So when he told me you’re in one of our high school get-togethers.

I know I’m done.

When it comes to careers, I am where I am.

And I will proudly retire as a county employee.

But I will make damn sure that my daughter will become a lawyer.

Because that’s what I wanted to become.

That’s what I want it to be.

Pretty soon his daughter grew up, and I was pleasantly surprised to realize that she did pass the bar.

She is a practicing attorney in California.

Although she’s not a member of the district attorney’s office in California, she is a practicing business litigation attorney.

I shared this with you because people have a way of passing their frustrated dreams on to the next generation.

If you are not pregnant, and you are pregnant, and you hear the cry of a baby in your dreams, your subconscious is trying to communicate that you get it.

Your kids are not extensions of your ego.

You are of a mind that you will allow them to become their own person.

I mean, to be fair to me, I don’t know if his daughter is happy with her career choice.

But based on what he has said, I am quite sure that there was a tremendous amount of pressure for her to go in that career direction.

Being a typical, faithful and loyal Filipino kid, she will probably do all right.

She’ll probably find a way to align her own personal interests with the career path chosen for her.

A lot of this is due to family obligation and culture.

But what if she didn’t have that?

What if you’re of a different mind?

They say Oh, this could be an issue.

The good news is, now you understand that every person in your life whether you have authority over authority or influence over them or not, has a right to their own life direction.

What is the meaning of a baby overhearing a baby crying your dream?

What is the meaning of a baby overhearing a baby crying your dream?

If you’re not pregnant, and the main focus of your dream is a baby crying, this indicates that you are open to new ideas.

Something new is coming into your life.

Something potentially life changing is calling you.

The key here is to be aware of the forms that this takes.

This is where a lot of people stumble.

A lot of people think that the new ideas are going to come to us in a certain form, maybe a business proposal, maybe some sort of meeting that they get called into.

Possibly even in the form of a family friend or a relative setting them down and sharing some sort of opportunity.

While those are common, in some cases to be expected.

Be on the lookout for other ways, new ideas can come into your life.

Because a lot of times, new ideas and new opportunities enter our consciousness wrapped in the form of a challenge, a problem, or even a disaster.

These are usually things that we try to avoid.

After all human beings are wired to run after pleasure and shy away and shrink away from pain and discomfort.

That instinct is seared into our DNA.

But if you truly want to come across a new idea that others are somewhat blind to look for the problems.

Well, more accurately look through the problems in your life.

The solutions there are many, that point you to a new opportunity.

And this gives you a competitive advantage.

Because it’s easy to look at opportunities when things are going well.

Especially if you have a lot of money to invest.

But what if you don’t?

What if you were just frustrated with one aspect of your life, but you see this pattern play out again and again.

This is the opportunity.

Because the return on investment and effort is not just monetary.

Although, that can be there.

What’s more important is the emotional and psychological payoff.

Because you have to understand that life is constantly giving you lessons and if you screw it up, and you don’t get the lesson you don’t figure it out, you’ll get it again and again until you find a way out.

This is the real opportunity.

What does it mean to dream of soothing your baby crying?

What does it mean to dream of soothing your baby crying?

You may be thinking that your leash is short.

Maybe thinking that your patience is very finite.

Welcome to the club.

But in reality, you actually are able to withstand a lot more of life’s thrills, chills, spells, and curveballs from left field than you care to imagine or realize.

When you see yourself soothing a crying baby in your dream, your subconscious is trying to communicate to you that you have what it takes to withstand any challenge.

You just have to dig in your heels.

You also have to first believe that you will make it through, because it’s that act of belief.

The turns the key to finding the willpower that you need to make it day after day, week after
week, month after month.

It may seem like not much of anything is changing.

It may even appear that things are getting worse.

But you will find a resolve to just hang in there until you figure things out and you achieve a sense of momentum and you get out of your situation.

This usually works in two ways.

The challenge is constantly changing and in many cases, dissipating, and your resolve can either grow or shrink over time.

If it shrinks, even though the problem is fast disappearing, it would feel like the challenge is stretching far longer than you would hope.

That’s how it works.

On the other hand, if you are pushing back, while at the same time, the problem is dissipating, the issue is going to resolve sooner rather than later.

Do you see how this works?

Do you see how perspective plays a big role in all of this?

Soothing a crying baby in your dream speaks to your ability to find strength when it feels like you’re tapped out.

I remember when my kid was born, me and my wife probably didn’t sleep for the next two weeks because he was up all hours of the night crying.

But we were there for him.

We didn’t know we had the strength to do that.

We didn’t know that it was humanly possible to only go on two hours of sleep every 24 hour cycle, but we did it.

It’s not because we’re special or we are somehow superhuman.

Instead, we allowed our circumstances to bring out our ability to adapt.

The famous stoic philosopher Epictetus said, “Circumstances don’t make the man. They only reveal him to themselves.”

You already have it in you to withstand the world’s slings and arrows.

If you believe this and you understand it thoroughly, then there is no such thing as a problem.

Because the problem is really just acid or heat that melts away whatever protective covering covers your greatness and your personal competence.

With that mindset, you can achieve a lot of things.

On the other hand, if you insist on the world being perfect or else it’s unfair and cruel, then you’re going to have a rough road ahead of you.

What does it mean to dream of many babies crying?

If you find yourself in a nursery or in a room where there are lots of babies crying, different pitches, different volume levels, be very careful in your waking life.

Your subconscious is trying to communicate to you that you may be falling into the predictably tragic trap of the shiny object syndrome.

Imagine a person working on a project putting everything that she’s got into the project.

Things seem to be working well, she’s achieving her milestones, and she’s happy with how things are turning out.

Then after some time, a friend tells her about another new project that somebody else has started.

That other project seems so much more interesting.

It seems that it has a better return on effort and return on investment.

The people working on it seem to be so much happier and it seems that it creates some sort of dynamic atmosphere.

It doesn’t feel like work.

So the person in the story drops everything she’s doing and takes on that new project.

And pretty soon, she’s making some progress and before she knows it, another more seemingly interesting and rewarding project appears on the horizon.

So she repeats that process again.

She keeps doing this until, of course, it’s time to think about being put in a box and deposited six feet into the ground.

On her deathbed, she thinks back to the life she led.

What do you think she’ll find?

Take a wild guess.

That’s right, she will see a long trail of the carcasses of half-completed projects.

What she led was not a life of achievement and victory.

Instead, it was a life of unfinished business.

And I’m not just talking about business projects here.

These carcasses can be relationships, health and wellness programs, lifestyle initiatives, you name it.

I can guarantee you the final emotional state that she’s in before she gets put in the ground is one of remorse and guilt.

This is not the kind of life you want to live.

But the shiny object syndrome is very real.

All those babies that you hear in your dream, racing this cacophony of contradicting sounds that seem all over the place, they reflect your mindset and its confusion.

They reflect your tendency to fall into the shiny object syndrome.

What is the solution?

The antidote to all of this is to commit and get it done.

The flip side to that, which a lot of people overlook or actively avoid, is to fail quickly.

In other words, commit, pour everything you’ve got into it, take it to its logical conclusion, and if it fails for whatever reason despite your adjustments, workarounds, and alternatives, call it for what it is.

It is a lesson then moves on to the next.

That’s how you live a life of victory because a lot of successful people were not successful with the business that they’re known for.

They’re not successful for the sports accomplishment that they’re best known for.

They’re successful precisely because they kept trying in a methodical way.

They failed several times before.

Andrew Grove, the genius behind Intel computer chips, said (I’m paraphrasing here) “In my whole life, I’ve started 101 companies.

100 of them failed.

My 101st company is Intel.”

Failure is your friend.

There’s really no better way for me to say it.

I know you try to run away from it, but it brings so many lessons and most importantly, it prevents you from falling into the shiny object syndrome.

Because people who develop SOS jump from opportunity to opportunity not because they’re idiots, it’s not because they can’t get it together, it’s because they are afraid of failing.

So they’re always looking for this new project that has a guarantee that makes their fears go away.

But that fear won’t go away until you look at it straight in the eye and deal with it.

And a lot of the time, they will beat you.

But make it happen quickly, walk away with that lesson quickly.

That’s how you get over it.

Because this dream of hearing many babies cry will appear in your nighttime visions again and again until you get it.

What does it mean to dream of hearing a baby cry if you don’t have a child?

What does it mean to dream of hearing a baby cry if you don't have a child?

If you’re not pregnant and you don’t even have a child and you hear a baby cry in your dreams, your subconscious is telling you that you are opening up to the power of new beginnings.

But don’t fall in love with the beginning.

This is a common trap.

This is what leads a lot of people into the shiny object syndrome problem that I’ve described in the section above.

They get all excited about leasing a building.

They are excited about meeting someone new at a new restaurant.

They get excited about planning a new trip with a new girlfriend or boyfriend.

The beginning is awesome.

But for whatever project that you’re working on, and I’m talking about your relationship, your health, your business, your career or school, you have to go past the beginning.

When you don’t have a child and you hear a baby cry, your subconscious is telling you that there’s a part of you that is fixated on the new beginning.

You’re not really looking for new beginnings because you’re planning to take them to their fullest logical extension and achieve some sort of maturity with a project.

For example, you’re not pumped up about a new startup idea because you can’t wait to see this startup with barely any funding turned into a multibillion dollar company that employs thousands of people in the United States and beyond.

You’re not interested in that.

You’re not interested in taking it to its full, logical, full logical conclusion.

Instead, you’re in love with the beginning.

This is the part where everybody huddled around a dirty makeshift table.

Business plans are scribbled quickly on the back of napkins as people dig into their Chinese takeout boxes.

Ideas fly at a rate of 1000 miles per hour.

This is exhilarating.

I ought to know.

I’m a veteran of a couple of startups in California.

But as intoxicating as this new beginning is and how easy it is to romanticize the struggles in building a startup, you have to look past the beginning.

The beginning is a necessity.

It is not the goal in itself.

So if you’re dreaming of hearing a baby cry and you don’t have a child, be aware of the addiction to new beginnings.

Because there is such a thing as maturity.

Focus on the endpoint and the exit plan.

Anybody who has written any decent business plan knows that there’s always an exit plan or even a couple of them.

Get one, visualize it.

Because otherwise, you run the risk of falling in love at the beginning.

The start of a relationship, the start of being a parent, the start of a company, the start of a new job.

Whatever it is, stop falling in love with the new beginning.

If necessary, you should look forward to it.

But look past it.

Don’t idolize it.

It is not the end.

What does it mean to dream of nursing a crying baby?

What does it mean to dream of nursing a crying baby?

If your dream imagery focuses on a baby crying and then you’re picking up a formula bottle and gently feeding the kid, this indicates that your subconscious is detecting support from your family and friends.

This is a projection dream.

You’re not really the one who is in-charge here. You are not the one Soothing and nursing the baby.

Instead,YOU are the baby.

There’s a part of you that is still unformed and needs guidance.

Your family is there feeding you.

Your friends can be counted on.

But here’s the twist.

This interpretation is pretty straightforward if the form that this support takes is uniformly positive, because that’s what we expect.

We expect kind words from our mothers.

We expect firm loving guidance from our fathers.

We expect encouragement from our friends.

But what if it was the other way around?

What if your mother says to you, “You need to apply yourself. Other people have left you behind. What are you doing?”

Or your father says, “Son, things aren’t working out. I want you to step it up. I want you to take on a new direction. Because I know you’re capable of so much more.”

Or what if your friends say to you, “Dude, you’re wasting your time.”

It’s hard to feel encouraged in that environment, but that is also support.

You see, people can support you either proactively or reactively.

This is a fact that a lot of people don’t get.

Because when we watch Hollywood movies, we are bombarded with the proactive version of encouragement and support.

We see the stereotypical mother cuddling her kid and saying, “It will be okay despite the storm, despite this hardship, all these mean people around us, we’re gonna make it.”

Or we see the typical American football pep-rally with the coach in the locker room telling his players, “I know we’re getting beat. The other team is scoring touchdown after touchdown and we can’t seem to get shit done. But I believe in you.”

This is the kind of imagery that we’re used to when it comes to defining support from friends, family, and people with trust.

But when you see in your dreams you or somebody else nursing a crying baby, your subconscious is telling you to redefine your definition of support because there is the reactive side that you need to be mindful of.

What is the reactive side?

Few people talk about this because it’s unpleasant.

When somebody tells you you are an idiot or you’re a loser who’s not going to make it because you’re incapable of success.

You’re an incompetent person.

There are several ways to respond to that.

You can react with anger.

But let me tell you, all the fuck yous in the world are not going to cut it if deep down inside, you are all too eager to dismiss this person as just a hater.

Because at the end of the day, their words didn’t push you to do anything.

You just said, “Well, this person just doesn’t get it. He’s an idiot. Fuck him.”

Another way to respond is to say, “Oh, yeah, watch me.”

When I was going through graduate school, we had this program where your summer job basically determines if you will get to work in that field at all.

That’s how important your summer job is.

Of course, summer jobs were shit jobs because they’re internships that don’t pay anything.

But everybody was just running around like chickens with their heads cut-off because they knew how important that summer job was.

So when summer was around the corner, my friend, Jason, and I were hanging out and I told him I had to go to the library and use the printer there.

He said, “What for?”

“I’m gonna print out resumes and send them out to all the firms near where I live.”

Basically, I’m going to tell them, “If you need just extra bare hands, I’m here. You know, here’s my qualifications, you don’t have to pay me anything.”

He said, “You’re wasting your time. You have to go through the right process.

We had a school-based interview system here and you failed all your interviews.

That’s it.

It’s the end.

I failed my interviews and I am under no delusion.”

That was Jason.

He basically accepted his summer unemployment with open arms.

To him, it was a foregone conclusion.

I wasn’t going down without a fight.

Basically, the whole system was telling me, “You can’t make it.”

And I’d said, “Watch me, I’ll prove you wrong.”

And I landed a job at a city government office that summer and it changed the trajectory of my career after graduate school.

Jason, on the other hand, remained unemployed.

He ended up working in a completely different field and to this day, he’s bitter.

He’s bitter about having gone through grad school, he’s bitter about the people that are in grad school.

I mean, I still love the guy.

He’s still my friend, but it is what it is.

You have to learn to spot encouragement wherever you can get it.

I chose to view my friend Jason’s otherwise toxic attitude as encouragement.

My response was, “Watch me, I’ll prove you wrong.”

At any given day, you are going to come across people that will tell you you don’t have what it takes.

You’re going to come across people who have a very low view of you.

The question is are you going to believe what they tell you?

Are you going to play into their assumptions?

Or are you going to definitely tell them, “Watch me, I will prove you wrong.”

Because dealing with reality takes one or two forms.

Either we go the Hollywood route, which is proactive where people are surrounding us telling us like the movie Rudy “You can do it.”

Or closer to reality, we face a chorus of people who’ve tried to do what we’re doing but failed.

In their minds, they’re saying, “If I can’t make it, no one can.”

So they’re giving out all these signals, some more outright negative than others.

Beware of people who are passive aggressive.

Regardless, it’s your choice.

Are you going to believe what they say or are you going to push back and say, “Watch me, I’ll do it. I’ll prove you wrong.”

What does it mean to dream of hearing a baby laugh?

What does it mean to dream of hearing a baby laugh?

One of the most awesome experiences you can ever have as a parent is hearing your baby coo and laugh after it’s been crying.

All these emotions wash over you from a sense of relief to a sense of humor.

It’s great but deep down inside, it’s all about celebrating the fact that your kid has gone over something that he or she was troubled about, something that’s enjoyable.

You are sharing that separate organism with its own separate ego’s joy.

If you have this type of dream, this indicates that you are waking up to your ability to share other people’s joy.

This is a very powerful dream image because a lot of people play a zero-sum game when it comes to their emotions.

Zero-sum mentality boils down the world and everything that’s good and made into a big pie.

And for their slice of the pie to get bigger, somebody else’s slice has to get smaller.

The truth is, there are many layers to the pie.

We’re not always competing for the same slice or even the same pie for that matter.

There is such a thing as expanding the pie or going down to a different layer of the pie.

Everybody can have their share.

But so many people think that for them to be happy, somebody has to be unhappy or for somebody to be happy, means that they’re less happy.

I know, weird, right

So when you hear a baby laugh in your dream after it’s been crying, your subconscious is telling you that you are breaking free from the emotional zero-sum game.

You can now freely share other people’s joy.

There’s nothing in it for you but it just feels good to realize that somebody else on this planet is happy and you don’t have to be related to them.

You don’t even have to be friends with them.

The fact that somebody else in this world is happy means you are happy.

This is a very powerful skill.

While I was dabbling in Buddhism many years back, one of the most powerful skills you could ever learn is to share other people’s joy because it means you will never ever get depressed.


There is no reason to because you can share other people’s victories.

That doesn’t mean you’re going to collect dividends or you’re going to be materially benefited.

The fact that you can just step out of yourself and your own personal drama with an open heart, share other people’s joy, and feel good for other people means that you will be able to get out from under depression or anxiety.

The root premise in all of this is that you understand that you’re not the center of the universe.

It’s not about you.

The reason why people get into such deep depression and enter a dangerous territory where they feel that the world would be better off without them is because they cannot escape the crushing gravity of self-centeredness.

I remember when one of my good friends in graduate school entered into a depression because of the low grades he’s been getting.

He went on and on about how miserable he felt and now this was just crushing him.

And the whole premise of him talking about his personal struggles was that he was the only one going through it.

The truth is whatever you’re going through, somebody else has gone through.

You are not unique in that way.

So take it in stride.

Understand that this too will pass and most importantly, learn to share other people’s joy because the more you fine-tune that skill, the harder it will be for you to stay within that deep gravity well of yourSelf.

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