The Meaning of Spider Bite Dreams

If spiders are not creepy enough for you, spider bite dreams can definitely give you the heebie-jeebies.

Most people just have this natural fear and disgust of the seemingly eight-legged creatures from hell.

If you’ve been bitten by one in your dreams, you probably have woken up in a cold panic, trying to figure out what your spider bite dreams mean.

Thankfully, it’s not as bad as you think.

But your subconscious is using this fairly disturbing image to draw your attention to certain issues that you may be overlooking in your daily waking life.

The General Meaning of Spider Bite Dreams

The General Meaning of Spider Bite Dreams

Spiders can represent the part of our consciousness that we can’t quite figure out.

Some call this intuition.

Others call it our personal connection to our inner chaos.

That might sound dramatic, but our inner chaos refers to the part of you that is unformed.

This is not negative at all!

For things that we can hear, see, touch, taste, and feel to materialize, they must come from somewhere.

For reality to take place and become fully manifested, it has to come from somewhere.

This is where this chaos comes in.

We’re all connected by the reality of the Possibilities, the Wonder that unites, the Uncreated, the Possible, and the Unformed.

A lot of your daily waking consciousness has turned away from this deep, internal source of truth.

You’re no longer trusting your gut feeling.

You’ve forgotten about your sense of intuition.

This is too bad because there are negative consequences playing out in your life.

You focus primarily on what you think should happen or what you should do, and you fail to factor in the part of your consciousness that you can’t quite articulate.

Another general meaning of spider bite dreams indicates bad news in areas involving effort.

For most people, this involves their work life.

But for others, this can involve that startup they’ve been trying to work on or their personal business dream.

Whatever the case may be, there is a blockage, if you will, in that aspect of your life.

No matter how hard you try, it seems that things just won’t pan out.

But you keep doing the same things over and over and are frustrated that the result that you desire has yet to materialize.

Another general meaning of spider bite dreams involves issues with a dominant female figure in your life.

This could be your mother, this could be an aunt, or this can be your grandmother.

Whatever the case may be, this is a dominant female figure.

On the one hand, this person could be nurturing, encouraging, and loving.

On the other hand, this person can also be manipulative and controlling and can often resort to emotional extortion.

And you’re sick of it!

But the interesting thing about how you’re dealing with this is that you’re not articulating it in your daily waking life.

Part of you is frustrated from time to time with the female, but you think that that is the extent of your mindset regarding her.

But in truth, it’s sinking into your subconscious and you’ve come to an internal point where things either are going to take a turn for the worst.

Or, they may dramatically improve.

But you need to be courageous because you don’t want to hurt this person’s feelings.

You feel that you owe this person a lot.

And this is what is making this whole situation so difficult for you.

You know what you need to do.

You need to confront this person.

You need to tell them that they have a certain toxic habit that is making you miserable or is bringing out the worst in you.

You can’t quite figure out how to say it so your conscious mind is basically just sweeping things under the rug.

You’re basically giving this person a lot of rope.

You are very forgiving when it comes to this person when in reality, you shouldn’t be as forgiving as you are.

Maybe by digging in your heels and standing on your rights, this person can actually learn to respect you for who you are, not who she wants you to be.

What Does It Mean to Get Bitten by a Spider on the Throat in Your Dream?

What Does It Mean to Get Bitten by a Spider on the Throat in Your Dream?

You have a tough time discussing uncomfortable truths.

This is especially true when it comes to females you love and respect in your life.

You know how much they mean to you, but you also know how miserable they can make you.

You confuse love and respect with passivity and unforgivable tolerance.

You have to understand that you are not allowing that person to grow and become a better version of themselves by becoming an emotional doormat.

If they have habits that rub you the wrong way constantly and consistently, it is your duty to them to speak up.

This doesn’t mean that you love them less.

This doesn’t mean that you’ve changed your mind about them.

This doesn’t mean that you no longer support them.

Stop giving yourself excuse after excuse.

This person has bad emotional habits and might even have personality disorders.

They’re not doing well.

In fact, they’re suffering internally, and you are part of their therapy if you speak up.

If you let them know just how toxic they can be, maybe they can do better.

But right now, you are a part of this artificial reality that they find themselves in where everybody has to smile on their face and offer an encouraging word when in reality, this person is causing so much damage.

Open your mouth!

Let the truth come out!

You have it in your throat.

What Does It Mean to Get Bitten by a Spider on Your Back?

What Does It Mean to Get Bitten by a Spider on Your Back?

You have serious doubts about your ability to carry your own share of the burden of some group project.

Generally, this takes place in the context of work.

Everybody has a specific assignment that is part of a larger project.

You have doubts about your ability to pull through.

You’re worried about the deadline.

You’re worried about doing things right.

But in reality, you’re just giving yourself excuse after excuse not to try.

You’ve done this before.

Well, it may not be the exact thing or the exact project, but you’ve done bits and pieces of what is given to you.

You have to trust yourself more and allow yourself to get motivated by small signs of success.

This is what’s eating you up because you’re looking for big signs of achievement.

You have this one-time-big-time mentality.

But simply getting small stuff done on a day-to-day basis and constantly improving even by half a percent on a daily basis can go a long way.

So stop giving yourself excuses.

You have a spine.

You are able to carry this through if you want to.

Give yourself permission to succeed.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Spiders Coming Down From the Ceiling and Biting You?

What Does It Mean to Dream of Spiders Coming Down From the Ceiling and Biting You?

This is an indication that you are struggling with a tremendous amount of worries, and you have a habit of making things worse.

There is such a thing as a self-fulfilling prophecy and unfortunately, if you waste your imagination worrying about stuff that is yet to happen, you rob yourself of your ability to live in the present.

Focus on what you can control.

Focus on your center of control.

We all have a circle of control.

But believe it or not, it’s smaller than we care to realize.

You cannot change your government.

You cannot change the economy.

You cannot change other people’s minds.

You can control yourself!

Start there!

Start on your impact on other people and you’d be surprised as to how much of a say you actually have in your personal daily reality.

What Does It Mean to Dream of a Spider Bite on Your Torso?

What Does It Mean to Dream of a Spider Bite on Your Torso?

You’re afraid of confrontation.

This applies both to other people and to yourself.

You hang on to comforting lies that you know are not true.

You know that these are lies, but they are very comforting.

They give you a sense of purpose and meaning, but they are not based on fact.

You know what these lies are.

Unfortunately, the more you believe them, the stronger those invisible walls of your mental prison becomes.
And before you know it, you start to base your identity on these lies.

Base your life on the truth.

It’s perfectly okay to admit painful truths regarding the people you trust and love as well as yourself.

The worst form of lie you can ever believe is a lie you constantly tell yourself.

What Does It Mean to Dream Of Being Bit by a Spider on the Legs?

What Does It Mean to Dream Of Being Bit by a Spider on the Legs?

You have a tough time accepting the fact that your life is the result and your mindset is the cause.

Like most other people, you are quick and ready to point the finger at somebody else for how your life has turned out.

This could be the school you were bullied in when you were in junior high school.

Or, like in most cases, it could be your parents.

Maybe they didn’t love you enough.

Maybe at least one of them wasn’t physically around for much of the time.

Maybe they didn’t give you the right kind of attention.

Believe it or not, it can also swing the other way.

A lot of people still manage to find a way to blame their parents when they give them too much attention.

Imagine that!

The truth is that you are more capable than you give yourself credit for.

Whatever challenges that you are facing can be solved because you made it this far.

The problem is you’re wasting a tremendous amount of mental and spiritual and emotional energy pointing the finger at what has gone wrong in your life.

Take ownership!

Sure, nobody wanted to be abused.

Nobody wanted to be deprived.

Nobody wanted to be neglected.

But you’re here already.

Those things happened in the past.

Start changing how you respond to memories of the past so you can have a better present.

Because the future starts now!

Your decisions today will set the tone for what happens the next day and the day after that.

Take control of what you can have power over and that is today.

What Does It Mean to Dream Of Being Bitten by a Brown Spider?

What Does It Mean to Dream Of Being Bitten by a Brown Spider?

The color brown in this context involves repetition of a habitual nature.

In your relationships, there are certain issues that keep propping up.

Instead of trusting your intuition, you make things worse because you try to control your partner.

You try to control your parent.

You try to control your friends.

This can get so intense that you can sometimes say things that you know are not true.

So it’s really important to understand that any kind of relationship, whether professional or personal, must be based on truth.

Interestingly enough, you are the first to notice if other people are being hypocritical.

If they’re not playing fair, you’re the first to notice.

You may not speak up, but you’ll definitely hold it up against them.

Well, you need to turn the mirror to yourself.

Focus on the truth.

Because if you look at your habits when it comes to portraying the truth, there may be certain issues.

Just as it can become habitual to try to hypnotize everybody else with our own version of our personal truth, it can also be a habit to seek after objective truth.

Please understand that the truth doesn’t care about your feelings.

It definitely doesn’t care about your self-worth.

But by basing your life around the truth, you live a better life because there’s no place to hide.

There’s nothing to pretend to, and there’s no one to become.

You just are.

What Does It Mean if a Spider Bit You in the Hand in Your Dream?

What Does It Mean if a Spider Bit You in the Hand in Your Dream?

You’re having a tough time trusting your ability to make things happen.

You’re under the impression that if you sacrifice, plan, and work hard towards a goal, then that goal almost always never comes to pass as you envisioned it.

Welcome to the club!

A lot of people think that for them to be victorious in life, the outcome has to match the dream that they had.

A lot of people are perfectionists on this level, and this is what throws people off.

If you’re completely honest with yourself, you probably have already achieved the big goal that you’ve been dreaming of all this time.

The problem is that you are so focused on a specific manifestation that you lost sight of the fact that on a functional level you’re already there.

How many times have you come across somebody who desires to be rich?

When you hear them talk, it’s as if they are a struggling, working-class person.

But when you pay close attention to what they actually do and the kind of life they actually live, they’re living the kind of lives with the matching amount of freedom that most people would kill for.

They don’t look at the price of the menu item.

They just look at the description of the meal.

They don’t penny-pinch when it comes to traveling, and they can travel at a moment’s notice.

But here they are feeling that they are struggling and that other people are better off than them.

Are you one of these people?

Focus on function.

Focus on results.

Don’t focus on the form.

And you’d be surprised as to how close you are to your actual dreams.

What Does It Mean to Dream Of Being Bitten by a Giant Spider?

What Does It Mean to Dream Of Being Bitten by a Giant Spider?

You have reached the point where you are thinking that your problems are so big that there’s really no way to surmount them.

They’re just so enormous and oppressive that you’ve come to the conclusion that there’s really no solution because they’re so big.

Try this experiment!

Put your palm right in front of your eye.

Chances are, it’s very dark because you’re covering your eye.

Hold your hand about an inch away from your face.

You probably can’t see much of anything because your hand is covering a lot of your field of vision.

Now hold your hand a foot away from your face, then your whole arm’s length.

All of a sudden, you can see the rest of the room!

And the farther away your hand is from your face, the more details you can see.

The same applies to our problems.

The more we focus up close on our problems, the bigger they seem to be.

This is not just a question of perspective.

This is a question of energy management because when you are so preoccupied with how seemingly big your challenges are, all your willpower and mental and emotional resources go there.

You’re drained!

And if you’re not careful, you burn out.

So when you dream of a giant spider biting you, you’re focusing on the size.

And most of the time if you’re like the average person, you’re blowing things out of proportion.

Do this instead: Chop up your problems.

Reduce them into the smallest pieces and then attack each piece.

You’d be surprised as to how quickly you can dock them out.

And if you do this day after day, week after week, it becomes a routine.

Not only is this a good thing because you’re knocking things out and getting closer and closer to your goal, but it’s also part of a healthy habit.

You may be running away and thinking:

“Oh, this is a big project.

It would take too much focus and too much time, and I’m so afraid that I will fail.

I’d rather kick the can down the road.”

Instead of doing that, you hit each small piece and it feels so good because it didn’t take up much of your time.

It didn’t take up much of your mental processing power so you take a bigger piece.

And if you take on pieces every single day, it becomes a habit.

Pretty soon, you get hooked to that sense of momentum because this is how you reconnect with your intuition.

Your intuition really is a channel to the part of you that is unformed and contains all the solutions.

This is where your imagination comes from.

You would be surprised or even shocked at how resourceful you can be if you allow yourself.

So start on a practical level by taking on small bite-sized pieces.

Solve those macro problems as they appear, and before you know it, things become a breeze.

Now compare this with how most people tackle their big challenges.

They take it on all at once so they have this behemoth in front of them.

It crushes them not because it’s impossible but because they became emotionally paralyzed in front of this big problem.

Do you see how this works?

Do you see how important it is to have perspective?

What Does It Mean to Dream of a Spider Biting You in the Face?

What Does It Mean to Dream of a Spider Biting You in the Face?

A lot of people are motivated by what they will get if they achieve their dreams.

For example, if you are thinking of starting a restaurant, you may be focused on the amount of money you would make and the kind of freedom that those funds would buy.

This is how most people think about their big goals.

But other people are more realistic because if all it took was for us to visualize how much better off we would be if our dreams materialize, most of us will be successful.

But we don’t operate that way.

Instead, many successful people achieve personal victory in life because they let their sense of shame, embarrassment, and humiliation push them forward.

I remember a good friend of mine posting on Facebook to our hundreds of other friends that she is going to go on a diet.

She showed pictures of her body at the time, and she said:

“I’m gonna lose this.

This is my personal announcement to the world.

If I fail, feel free to call me a pig.”

When I saw that post, I thought she is a genius because she knows that if she just kept writing a to-do list and grand plans about losing weight and kept it to herself, nothing will happen.

I ought to know because I’ve done this before.

But instead, she made a public statement.

Now everybody is on notice.

Everybody knows what she’s up to.

Of course, being friends, we’re gonna laugh at her face or rub it in.

In fact, a lot of the people on her friends list probably don’t even care.

But she made this public statement, and now there is something at stake.

She doesn’t want to be humiliated.

She doesn’t want to be embarrassed.

So what do you think happened next?

That’s right!

She gave her all.

In fact, she was more focused this time around than at any previous attempts at weight loss.

She has shed all that weight and then some.

She looks awesome now, and this is all possible because of fear, or at least the proper use of fear.

We all fear being humiliated.

We all fear disappointing those who respect us.

But instead of looking at fear as something we run away from or worse yet something that we are paralyzed by, we can use it.

So if you see a spider biting your hand in your dreams, this is an indication that your subconscious is worried about your personal capabilities.

It’s beginning to erode.

So focus on a motivator that can push you forward.

Ideally, we should be motivated by what we stand to gain.

We should be proactive, but this is not an ideal world.

Take what you can get.

And if you are motivated by the statement “you watch me,” then do it.

I remember in graduate school, everybody was getting ready for their summer jobs.

Me and a friend of mine still haven’t gotten summer jobs.

That graduate program operated in such a way that the quality of your job, as well as your career trajectory after graduation, is pretty much set by your summer job.

So whichever firm gives you an internship or a paid summer job, it will set the tone for the rest of your career.

That’s how high the stakes were.

For a variety of reasons, I still haven’t landed a job so I went to the school and printed out template letters that I customized.

I sent it to all the companies that were on my list.

I think I had about 250, and my friend, well-meaning and in his mind completely pragmatic, said to me:

“That’s not gonna work!

You’re just wasting your time.”

In frustration, I said: “Watch me!”

I wanted to prove him wrong and I did!

I landed an amazing job that summer, and he remained unemployed.

We’re still good friends to this very day, but I just wanted to share this with you to highlight the impact of motivation.

If you can’t motivate yourself to go after your goals because of personal desire, motivate yourself by the sense of loss, shame, embarrassment, and humiliation if you don’t make it.

Either way, get motivated.

To quote a famous statesman, “I don’t care if a cat is black or white. As long as it catches mice, that’s a good cat.”

The same goes for your motivation.

Because if you keep seeing spiders biting your hand, you’re basically telling yourself: “I don’t want to do this.”

Of course, you’ll frame it as “I can’t do this” but in reality, you don’t want to do it.

To paraphrase an old Filipino saying, if you want it you will find a way; if you don’t want it, you will always find an excuse.

So what’s your excuse?

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