How to Dream Walk

Don’t let the title of this blog post trip you up. I’m not talking about dream walking where physically get up out of bed and walk around while being unconscious while being caught up in a dream. I’m not talking about somnambulism or sleepwalking.

Dream walking is very similar to the concept of lucid dreaming. When you practice dream walking, you are actually directing your body and the direction of your vision in your dream.

You are conscious of the direction you’re going, and by doing so, you are able to, at some level, direct, manage, and ultimately control your dream. If this sounds a lot like lucid dreaming, there is a tremendous amount of overlap between dream walking and lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming, on the other hand, is more comprehensive because it doesn’t just involve you walking. Your focus on lucid dreaming is actually controlling your dream world. It’s as if you are directing a movie and through disciplined lucid dreaming, you can pinpoint certain elements and make changes as well identify the general theme and direction of your dream.

Obviously, it requires a tremendous amount of discipline and practice to be able to do that. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to dream walk, what follows is a good practical guide in the basics of this type of lucid dreaming.

Practice Lucid Dreaming Before You Can Learn to Dream Walk

It’s important to be aware of how lucid dreams work and how to trigger them before you get into dream walking. This doesn’t mean that you have to master lucid dreaming.

Instead, for you to figure out how to dream walk, you must first know how to trigger dreams that you can control. This, of course, is the basic element of lucid dreaming. Once you are able to enter a state in your dream where you can control certain elements, you have learned enough of lucid dreaming for you to then switch over to dream walking.

It takes quite a bit of practice to truly master lucid dreaming. In fact, many people who are able to do it on a consistent basis have been at it for several years. This is definitely a skill set that you don’t stumble upon.

While some people have an inborn talent for it, it still takes time to perfect or master.

Thankfully, you don’t need to reach that level of proficiency for you to dream walk. You just need to know how to enter a lucid dreaming state and then you can start to dream walk.

The Big Difference Between Lucid Dreaming and Dream Walking

Low-level dream walking is as I described above. You basically just direct your dream’s mental camera so you can walk around and explore the space of your dream.

Lucid dreaming on the other hand is a very deep type of highly-controlled dreaming, but you remain in your own dream world.

The big difference that a lot of people focus on between the two is the fact that some people claim that dream walking enables you to walk into someone else’s dream.

Now, keep in mind that your ability to walk in someone else’s dream doesn’t mean that this is actually happening in reality. The only way to test this, of course, is when you are dreaming and then the other person is dreaming next to you, and then you walk into their dream.

That’s not what’s happening. Instead, when you practice dream walking, you get the impression and the dream experience of walking into someone else’s dream.

You’ve basically entered a psychic state where you are in a dream within a dream.

Lucid Dreams and Dream Walks Require Awareness

It goes without saying that lucid dreaming and dream walks involve an awareness that you are in a dream state. This enables you to assume some sort of control over your dream.

When you are in a dream walk state, you can control your mental camera to focus on the direction you’re going. You can control your body and you can explore. With lucid dreaming, depending on the level of proficiency you have, it can go from basic control to just mind-blowing control.

Both of these are of course quite different from normal dreams. You have to be in a deep sleep to achieve dream walking and lucid dreaming.

How deep should your sleep be?

You have to reach the REM stage. If you can’t achieve REM sleep, lucid dreaming and dream walking are completely off the table for you.

Why Do People Practice Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreamers report a deep level of relaxation before they fall asleep. They enter this physical, emotional, and mental state as a precursor to lucid dreaming.

When you practice lucid dreaming, you can trigger this deep relaxation state. A lot of boosters of this type of dreaming claim that this makes the time and effort required to practice lucid dreaming worth it.

I can’t say I disagree with them. I mean if you’ve been working 8–16 hours a day and it seems that the weight of the world is on your shoulders, normal relaxation probably isn’t going to do much good.

You need to enter a deep level of relaxation to get the edge off. This is especially true if you have a tough time dealing with stress and pressure.

It goes without saying that lucid dreaming and dream walking takes practice because to have vivid dreams, (and in the case of dream walking, entering into someone else’s dream,) is not something that most people can do. This takes quite a bit of practice and patience.

It All Begins with Giving Yourself Permission to Relax

The first step that you need to focus on is to simply enter the right mind frame. You have to believe that you can be relaxed and that you’re worthy of entering a truly peaceful state.

This might seem straightforward, but a lot of people don’t even manage to get to this level. Deep down inside, they feel that they can’t relax.

There’s so many things that can get knocked loose. They’re worried sick so you have to have the right mind frame.

You have to believe that you can relax and that you have the power to achieve this state. Give yourself permission to enter this highly relaxed state so you can then drift off to sleep and then proceed to high REM sleep.

There is REM, which is rapid eye moment sleep, and then there’s high REM, which is an enhanced level of rapid eye movement sleep. And then from there, you can then achieve lucid dreaming.

Some people are predisposed to this. They are natural to deep levels of relaxation.

Most of us have to do things the hard way. It takes years to practice, and it’s often a very tricky process.

It may sound easy, but entering this kind of dream world requires quite a bit of discipline. After all, your subconscious and conscious mind have to be in the right state for dream walk self-hypnosis if you will, to work.

Achieving a State of Astral Projection

Astral projection involves the impression that our souls are leaving our bodies to travel into other realms in space and time. One common way of describing this is that you’re having an out-of-body experience.

This is not just a faint sensation of being lifted or your body feeling light. You actually feel that your soul has left your body, and you can observe your sleeping body. You enter a space where you can observe your physical body resting on the bed and be fully conscious of the space around you.

Astral projection is a great way to learn to dream walking. It is not an absolute necessity, but if you can achieve this dream state, it makes things easier for you because getting the impression that you are entering somehow somebody else’s dream requires a lot of practice.

So, if you learn astral projection and it comes easy to you, it makes entering that next level so much easier.

When you are in an astral projection state, it’s obvious that you are in a deep state of sleep. But at the same time, you are aware that you are dreaming and you can enter specific spaces.

And this is not much different from dream walking because if you are able to dream that you are sitting beside your sleeping body, it is not much of a stretch to dream that you can enter somebody else’s dream.

Can You Practice Astral Projection?

You can learn to enter a stage where it seems that you are leaving your body. But to trigger it on a continuous basis requires practice.

The first step of course is deep, physical relaxation before you sleep and having the proper frame of mind.

If you’re the type of person who needs external triggers to reach a deep level of sleep, you might want to consider lighting incense, taking a warm bath, or maybe exercising a few hours before going to sleep.

You might also want to study and review your sleep rituals to see what changes you can make to you properly relax — physically and mentally and emotionally — to the point that you can achieve deep sleep.

Why Should People Dream Walk?

There are many reasons people would want to dream walk, and ultimately, it’s personal.

But many people say that they want to walk into another person’s dream because they want to connect with others on a deep level. Basically, they want to know more about the life of that other person or they want to share in that other person’s dream world.

In other words, they are looking for a deeper level of interaction with that individual.

Usually, when people want to dream walk into somebody else’s dream, they are already attracted to that person. They could be their soul mate. That person could be their life partner or a very good friend.

Alternatively, it could also be somebody they know who is having a hard time, and maybe the person looking to dream walk has tried to help their friend financially, or physically and emotionally.

But it seems that they need a deeper level of support, and dream walking into that person’s inner dream world is a form of psychic support by a very good friend.

Whatever your reason for dream walking may be, be completely honest and open with that person because remember, this all takes place in your mind. So, the more you know about that person and the more you’re at ease you are with that person, the easier it would be for you to achieve a sense of dream walking.

But it’s important to understand that you have to practice open communication with that person. You don’t want to sense conflict signals from them, and this can actually interfere with your dream walk attempts.


Your subconscious picks up even the subtlest and faintest signal from the objective world.

And if you are trying to dream walk into the dream world of the person you know, you might have internal conflicts about it because you’re trying to break in. They didn’t give you permission.

You might think that this is absolutely necessary or you’re doing them a favor. But you best believe there’s going to be a part of you that is not completely at ease with that.

So, when you do try, this inner conflict you have may get in the way, and guess what. Just like with anything else in your dream world, it can get magnified.

And your attempts at dream walking into this person’s dreams and inner secrets might actually make an unexpected turn that you’re not prepared for.

How to Dream Walk

A Dream Walk Starts with Deep Sleep

Feel comfortable and set your intentions about who you want to visit. Be clear about your motivations.

This level of clarity will help you let go of your mental inhibitions and emotional hang-ups about dream walking. This also enables you to simply let go of your thoughts and enter a deep state of meditation in your dream.

To enter into a lucid dream, you have to enter a special state of consciousness where you’re both awake and asleep at the same time.

Obviously, to get to this stage, you have to be asleep first but there’s a sense of awakening after a certain amount of time. It’s as if a switch goes on and you realize: “I am in a dream, but I can control this dream. I’m conscious of what’s happening.”

To trigger this, you might want to try audible hypnosis. There are soothing sounds or nature sounds that you can download and play on your iPod or your phone.

Whatever the case may be, you need to experiment with different audio triggers that can help you identify the sound frequency that is most conducive to you achieving a deep level of sleep and awakened mental consciousness at the same time.

There are many offerings on YouTube that have different frequencies of sound in megahertz. You might want to experiment with these until you find one that helps you achieve a lucid dreaming state in the least amount of time possible.

Tips to Start Dream Walking

1. Keep a Journal

When you are dreaming, try to remember your dreams, and when you wake up, write them down in your journal.

They don’t have to be vivid, but of course, you need to start with the most detailed because they’re the ones that you can remember the most.

Take note of how your body feels after the dream. Write down to the tiniest details what happened in your dream.

Most importantly, focus on areas where you felt that you can control your dream.

Are there any predictable patterns or any triggers that tip you off to this “high-awareness portion” of your dream where you are aware that you are dreaming and you can control certain elements?

2. Practice Calm

In addition to keeping a journal, practice calm when you wake up. Remember this calmness because this is going to be your anchor when you go back to lucid dreaming.

Because if you don’t have an anchor of calmness and stillness, your lucid dreaming would feel forced, and chances are you won’t be able to make much progress because you’re forcing yourself.

Don’t push it. Start from a default position of calmness.

This means not expecting to achieve lucid dreaming or dream walking. Just be. Allow yourself to be.

3. Always Ask Yourself if You Are Dreaming

If you’re just starting out with lucid dreaming, you have to learn to remind yourself to ask, “Am I dreaming?”

You repeat this a lot, and just by sheer repetition, eventually, it will stick. And you will be able to identify the precise point in terms of your emotional and psychic where you have entered a dream state.

And if you then have a clear idea of what those inner signals are, eventually you can just stop asking yourself silently whether or not you are dreaming because you will be able to detect your entrance into that dream state internally.

4. When Starting Out, Be Audible About Your Intentions to Lucid Dream or Dream Walk

Do you remember the first time you read? You probably read out the letters of whatever it is you’re reading.

The same principle applies to lucid dreaming because when you read things out loud, you learn the principle behind the pronunciation. You learn the principle of how the sounds are strung together to make up words.

The same applies to your intentions when it comes to lucid dreaming. Before you fall asleep or before you respond to the auditory trigger or enter some sort of meditative mode, tell yourself that you will know that you are dreaming. Tell yourself that you are capable of knowing when you’re dreaming.

Remind yourself that you have the power and ability to not only enter this dream state but to control it.

5. Don’t Give Up on Lucid Dreaming

At first, it might seem like you’re just bumping your head against the wall because this seems so fantastical. Imagine trying to control your dreams. Imagine trying to direct your dream state and experience to the point that you feel that you can enter other people’s dreams.

But the good news is the more you practice, the better you will get at it. Another piece of good news is that in the typical span of an 8-hour night, you go through several dreams so you don’t have just one bite at the apple.

Steps to Dream Walking

The following steps to dream walk mental states are pretty straightforward. They do require you to make certain adjustments based on your personal preferences or circumstances.

Don’t be afraid to modify and do things out of order. Whatever the case may be, do what you need to do so you can dream walk.

* Be clear about your purpose and have a clear understanding of what you’re trying to do

* You should be in a clear and uninterrupted space where no one can disturb you.

* Think about the person you want to visit intently. Inform the individual that you will try to enter his or her dreams and focus on the person and the timing.

* Meditate and think about the face and name of the person by using your mind’s eye or third eye.

* Align your energy with what you know about the other person’s energy level.

* Once you feel like falling asleep, hold on to the energies that have been arising within you and repeat a variation of the following affirmation. “I will enter this person’s dream.”

* Say their name. Be as specific as possible.

* Come up with a variation that you can remember and say effortlessly. Try to be aware of the point that you’ve entered a dream state.

* Once you wake up, ask the person if they dream something out of the ordinary.

Be prepared to practice over the long haul. In the beginning, you may want to skip asking the person if they’ve experienced changes in their dreams.

Focus more on your impression of entering their dreams, and once everything has become vivid to the point that it feels no different from your waking reality, then should you ask that person if anything has changed in their dream life.

Dream Example #1

Different unanticipated scenarios can happen in our dreams. And some people could show up at random. They could be people we knew or people we have no idea about at all. But how did these people be in our dreams? Could it be a coincidence? Or, they can walk on someone’s dream at will?

Are you familiar with the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants? By any chance, have you watched the episode where he went to Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and others’ dreams? What Spongebob did is a dream walking. I watched this episode when I was young. And it made me wonder if I can dream walk too in real life.

A dream walk is one’s ability to manipulate and incorporate someone’s dream.

I haven’t tried dream walk myself. My perception of dream walking before is to share the same fantasy with the other person. I tried to see if that is what it meant. I talked about my dream with them and, see their reaction.

I had this nightmare a long time ago, it happened at noontime, about three o’clock pm. I am with my two brothers and other friends. We decided to eat our favorite egg waffles and went to the store. After we had our snack, we head our way home.

On our way, we needed to cross a highway road. Trucks, buses, and cars passed by; One of my careless friends is not yet used to cross highways. As we are about to cross the road, a Coca-Cola truck ran over him. I screamed the moment it happened. I saw his head squashed.

I did not know what to do. I thought of calling an ambulance, but it’s hopeless. It will not save him. I am frightened because I thought it was real. I do not know how to tell his parents. And my last resort was to convince myself that it was a nightmare. I tried to awaken myself, and I was thankful as soon as I regain my consciousness.

That day, I told my friend about the dream. I observed his reaction. He was also frightened, but he was clueless about what I have dreamt. I guessed that dream walking does not work that way.

Dream walking is possible but also hard to practice. There are preparations and steps needed in being able to dream walk. Some took years to master the art of dream walking. And if learned, one can do it whenever they want to.

To dream walk, it needs physical and mental preparation. The process should take place where there are no distractions. One should have a purpose in mind for doing the act. The focus of the thoughts should be on the person that the dreams are about to take in.

One must be able to put himself to other’s point of view and how they feel at the moment. The goal of such preparations is to align the energy with each other, which will serve as a psychic bridge. These mental preparations seem hard. Note that you can only walk the dreams of those people that are sleeping.

That is why to increase the success of the act; the other must know the plan. The timing will synchronize, and the level of focus will increase.

During the process of meditation, one will fall asleep. But, one must still lock up to the other person’s point of view.

And the last step is to practice lucid dreaming. When a person is lucid dreaming, his body is aware that he is dreaming. Practicing this method will allow you to enter other’s dreams. Stating their name or any word that is meaningful to them can make the entry possible.

Trying to dream walk will not always be 100-percent successful. Having no experience doing it before will have a low chance of succeeding. To test if the attempt is successful, one can ask the other person about the dream you had. And if they are clueless about it, you need to practice or prepare more.

Dream walk can be fascinating. But still, one must do it at his own risk. The purpose must be beneficial for both. If one has no good goal to the other or both, do not consider doing the act at all.

Dream Example #2

There are two-person that co-existed in this world the INNOCENT and the BAD PSYCHOPATH. Doing what we do in everyday life expanded who is powerful and weak. There is an event in life the time judges to complete the cycle of time each timeline. The dictator is very savage to gain his power to his land as the landlord and the boy who suddenly caught in the middle of the day not knowing that day will be the end of the evil man in his time.

Unpredictably that day. The dictator takes a day off, his busy day with sorrow. The snowfalls in the winter sit of October, the suddenly knocks in his big door in hallways, spoken Sir. the flowers were ready as you ordered yesterday. The dictator grabbed his winter coat, run his day directly.

Hours after it passed, driving to the cooled sunrise. Arrive at the riverside garden. Landscape fortified with winter trees and flowers. Titan arum, rainbow gum eucalyptus, and winter jasmine. As they approach the riverside, the dictator told his company guards to stay aside by the convoyed vehicles, asking them to stay far from him behind.

He takes the flower basket, Starts to walk at a ramp upstream in the cooled frozen river. The dictator looks at the snowflakes slowly staggering while tears of frozen from an evil landlord. He walks along feeling the loss of the battle he wins single life he has taken tear were uncounted for being dropped suddenly.

He walks as far as the riversides. He has seen a treen of old branch trees falls at the side of the old one. Later a day in the cooled 5 A.M being in the side of that frozen river. He remembered the last breath of the person he lost most. All are asking why he always visited the place and even the landscape of a not-so-special venue.

The rumors continue as a year of visitation was numbered.

On that day, the dictator never expected a company. Such a vivid place under his leadership to change for no reason. The place expensively. In the shallow, a sudden voice raising innocently. Sir, why are you here? And what are you do doing? Sighting dictator putting basket flowers into the frozen river.

The soulless dictator replayed in a voice so loud, Come here.

Without thinking, the boy is driven, walk to take footstep from his hunting ancient. The boy never thinks of knowing the dictator who he must. Not a mile, the boy arrived at the place where the dictator was standing. The boy thinking, His father was sick, and hunting for fresh meat for food was his priority.

Before that night in dinner, they are putting up the last meat before the winter of October has started. Talking to his son, A sick father told the son that. You do not deserve this life. This life that I had, The life I have, is not for me for the giving. You deserve better than this.

Outside in snowed cooled night. A strange-looking guy is listening to all the exchange of thoughts. Even the boy never responds. Being mature mind, he listens to his old man’s words.

The man outside comes to bark into the conversations, invading the warm cabin in the early night. The suited in tactical was able to make a formal yet questionable proposal towards the father in the son.

On the other ways, the next day after. They’re looking forward to meeting the dictator in that cross-path frozen river. Thinking so, the who barge their house before that morning. He only remembered that the man is telling him, we can help your father if you help me. I will help to cure your father if you help me.

Get that person to talk to you and will do what it takes to stop this person from doing bad things like what he did to your father. Stop him doing bad things to others.

The conflict of decent and innocence cross overthinking finding only to cure his father, knowing the dictator is evil. The boy moved forward not to care about the unknown chapter of his young age. As he comes near the dictator, they start the unsolicited talks by the boy saying again, why are you here? And the dictator said as well, why are you here too? taking seriously, responding to the innocent boy.

The dictator starts his story by saying. My wife comes here every month when winter. one day, she never comes back home. The frozen river has taken her beautiful, fragile life. Distracted by the innocent image presence, a sudden crack coming from the frozen river breaks the silence.

As the chat spelled dictator and innocent boy, the tactical man came from the frozen river crack. Tactically the dictator yields move and stay behind me. Knowing his knowledge of the dictator for it was said that the dictator is full of evil. The boy stood to look when the dictator saw the boy’s eyes with unfeared and remembers suddenly, the eyes when the dictator made his first kill. It comes to his thought of the end of the line for me.

The dictator has spoken throw his mind. I never think my life will end where my beloved wife ended her. The man suited in tactical with no second act takes fire in suppressing two shuts in the head with a silenced handgun. He dragged the dictator into the water taken his body.

A while ago, hearing from the frozen riverside. The bodyguards run one hour and a half from a long time being. When they arrived, they only saw blood spotted over the ramp going to the frozen river. Middle of the troubled misfit, voice is heard, saying help then they saw a boy with bleeding eyes speculating that the wounds are from the bullet piercing the dictator.

So the boy has taken to rule the dictator’s land over the coming years. This boy changes the land ruled by the landlord as he remembered the man, saying. I can help you to cure your father and to end the evil man that has done this. The word that the broken young boy changes life and changes the life of the others that ruled upon the dictator.

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