The meaning of a bull in dream images

If you’ve seen a bull in dream images, you might think it made for a very interesting detail.

After all, most people don’t dream of bulls.

Seeing one in your dreams might add a little spice or a little bit of excitement.

But for the most part, you probably wouldn’t think much of it unless something happened to you and the bull.

As exotic as a bowl and dream images may seem to most people, especially in Western Europe and the United States, the fact remains that this is a fairly exotic type of dream.

People easily forget about it, especially if they had a dream featuring more traumatizing or scarier images following their bull dream.

The truth is, you need to pay attention to this very powerful symbol in your nighttime visions.

Your subconscious is trying to send you important messages regarding your daily life involving willpower, confidence, gender identity, fertility, and overall personal volition.

As you can well imagine by these very big and deep themes, seeing a ball in dream images is no small thing.

Ignore it at your own risk.

General meaning of a bull’s in dreams

General meaning of a bull's in dreams

If you see a bull in your dream, pay close attention to the context.

Is it in a farm setting or out in an open field?

Do you see a bowl in a bull ring?

Or do you see it in another context?

Context is everything when it comes to getting to the bottom of the meaning of bulls in your dream.

With that said, a bull generally represents the masculine side of power.

Masculine power involves planning, goal setting, taking, and obvious maneuvering.

It is upfront, bold, unapologetic, often offensive, and based primarily on power.

The feminine aspect of power involves interpersonal relationships.

If you pay close attention to the feminine “side of power,” it balances out masculine power and gives depth.

One cannot exist with the other unless, of course, everything leads to disaster.

Any imbalance usually leads to counterproductive or flat-out negative results.

Masculine and feminine power dynamics are no exception to this.

The following general meaning of bulls in dreams indicates once law level of confidence and willpower.

I’m talking about real confidence here, which is sustained over a long period and thrives in many different locations, contexts, and situations that can only build from competence.

Putting your ability to do things right the first time around sets the proper framework for your confidence.

Everything else is fake until you make it.

Everything else is a participation trophy.

The sad reality is that many people suffer from impostor syndrome nowadays precisely because success and respect are often given out as door prizes, you need to show up, and you will get a participation prize.

But when reality comes in and people have to compete over scarce resources, that’s when you see real confidence.


The world rewards competence.

The cream always rises to the top, you can only sustain your false level or inflated level of confidence in some eco chamber, but pretty soon, reality will catch up to you.

The reality rules never change, buy low, sell high, return on effort, return on investment.

What you reap is what you sow.

You know the basics.

You can develop something sustainable when you focus on building your confidence in competence.

Everything has a season.

But you can rest assured that regardless of what season it is, you will still come out ahead, you will still be able to put food on the table, and you will still be able to make it to the next day because your life and your confidence are built on competence.

The third general meaning of bulls in dreams indicates aggressiveness.

In our modern society, aggression is almost always frowned upon. It is seen as uncouth, insensitive, and, in many cases, downright offensive.

But as the saying goes, “the world rewards aggressiveness that comes from strength” by the same token, it ultimately punishes those who claim strength through aggressive displacement.

In reality, these are the actions of weak people.

For instance, if you’re a man, and the only way you can assert your “authority” and worthiness of “respect” from your female partner is by raising your voice or emotionally bullying her, or worse yet, resorting to physical threats or even physical abuse, you are a weak man.

The force of your logic and, most importantly, the fruits of your labor are so inadequate that you must resort to physical force to get respect from your female partner.

That is a weakness.

People usually view male aggressiveness.

And rightfully so, if the best you can do is raise your voice instead of letting your good work speak for yourself, there’s something wrong.

Either you have no work and no results to show for your bravado, or you couldn’t be bothered to try in the first place.

Maybe you’re lazy.

Maybe you’re so fearful of failure that you’ve let it seep into all areas of your life.

Whatever the case may be, bulls represent this very tenuous borderline between aggressiveness on one hand that can lead to companies being formed, careers being pioneered, relationships being built, and overcoming the struggles inherent in all of these to just empty displays of anger, resentment, frustration, and projections of personal failings.

Have you ever noticed that the guys who have the least to be proud of when it comes to life accomplishments and polished talents and skills are often the ones who are loudest in their demand to be respected and noticed?

That is not an accident.

That aggressive need is a desperate sign of their hollowness and spiritual laziness manifesting in wasted lives.

It may sound harsh, but the reality is harsh.

Many people live in artificial bubbles where they’re not judged based on reality metrics for the longest time.

But sooner or later, you’re going to have to leave that bubble, you’re going to leave college, you’re going to leave the university, you’re going to leave that politically correct job that you’re at, or you may have to leave the NGO that you work with.

And soon, you will be exposed to the harsh rays of profit or loss supply and demand.

It is a hostile world because you are judged solely by your last victory.

You have so much potential.

Sure, you’ve done great things in the past, but none of that is worth anything now.

Because at this very moment, you better perform, you better deliver.

And if you don’t, somebody else will.

And all that respect, adulation, ranking, and reputation go to that person.

To the victors, go the spoils.

That’s always been true today.

That was true yesterday and will continue to be true long into the future.

And many men who are very weak inside cannot handle this fact.

So they have weird flashes of aggression.

They often prefer sexual aggression, the worst kind of desperation.

Many men are threatened by the fact that the female partner is going up the corporate ladder faster and making more money than them, so they go on affairs.

They cheat behind their female partner’s back because that’s their way of reaffirming their “inner bull strength,” which isn’t strength.

That is a waste of aggressive power.

You could use that aggressive, all-natural power to build companies, build people’s lives, and improve the world through self-interested action that produces social goods.

I’m talking about founding a company providing a service for profit, that kind of thing.

But no, some men would rather focus on the shallow, immediate victory of sexual conquest.

Pretty sad.

Because you put on this earth to display such power to make everybody’s lives better, we all have that capacity.

But when we engage in emotional thinking and constantly find ourselves triggered and our sense of manhood threatened, we abuse this otherwise beautiful and potent internal power symbolized by the bull, doing things that we shouldn’t do.

What does it mean to dream of a bull fight?

What does it mean to dream of a bull fight?

I’ve got some bad news.

If you dream of watching a bullfight, you will probably not be booking a flight to Spain soon.

I know, bummer, right?

The truth is, most dreams are not prophetic.

Finding yourself in an exotic locale or doing something out of the ordinary in your dream doesn’t mean that somehow, you will do those things at some time.

Thank goodness for that.

Because how many times have you dreamed of being chased by zombies?

How many times have you dreamed of being bitten by bats or tortured by leeches, possibly even stalked and murdered?

These dreams can make anybody wake up in a cold sweat and possibly even scream.

Thank goodness, most dreams are not prophetic.

So while you may feel a little bit let down, you don’t get to see a bullfight in the flesh.

Your bull fight dream is still meaningful nonetheless.

It’s worth remembering and writing down.

The meaning of seeing a bullfight in your dream indicates a clash of male-type energy in your life.

Now, keep in mind that this is male-type energy.

So this means that women can be projecting this type of energy as well because the way power is displayed here is characterized as male, but it doesn’t necessarily have to come from male actors in your waking life.

These are people who are driven by ego.

At first, they might have believed they were to serve others or make organizations better.

Maybe they even believed in the team motto or mission and vision statement.

But sooner or later, they let their rank and, most importantly, their respect from other people get to their heads.

If you were to sit down with these people in your life, they would define themselves (and I’m talking about their complete identity here) based on their job, how much money they have, their social, economic status, educational attainment, and so on and so forth.

What is missing?

That’s right, their persona.

Because at the end of the day, you’re not a degree or a bank statement.

People will remember you based on how many people you helped and how many people you cost to smile.

I’m not saying that you should go out like some modern incarnation of Mother Teresa.

But I am saying that people judge us based on criteria that we are often clueless about.

I remember being friends with somebody from graduate school.

And I was working at a company several years after graduate school, and she was one of the project leads at our competition.

When she saw my name being part of the executive team over a competitor, she started sharing her impression of me that I was a good guy, was reliable, and liked the fact that I did her small favors when she was down on her luck.

I forgot all about those things.

It came rushing back when this person with whom I had a fairly superficial professional relationship started reciting memories of forgotten times.

You are always judged based on what you repeatedly do.

Because a lot of people would judge themselves based on things that make them look good.

When you look at things that they’re most proud of, these are things that happen once in a while or once in a blue moon.

But people will always remember you and, by extension, develop a reputation based on what you repeatedly do.

No wonder an ancient Greek philosopher said we are what we repeatedly do.

And this woman said that I was very kind to her.

I forgot her already.

I’m sharing this with you not to blow my own horn but to let you zero in on the fact that you’re always doing something that you think people are not seeing.

But this is what you will be judged by.

So when you see a bullfight in your dream, there will be a clash of power based on these competing egos that have developed different reputations.

They either want the same thing or seem to be going in different directions.

Whatever the case may be, you are caught in the middle.

And if you are not all that sophisticated, it might even seem like a battle between good and evil.

But in reality, the world is gray.

Black and white make for great Hollywood scripts.

I’ll give you that.

But they make for lousy reflections of how life plays out in the real world.

Because human beings are mixtures of demons and saints.

That’s what we are today, what we were yesterday, and that’s what we will continue to be because nobody’s perfect.

And the more people insist on a perfect hero, the more they set up this black and white caricature of life.

The worst thing that you can do to interpret your bullfighting dream is to mistakenly assume that there are “good guys” possibly wearing white.

And then the “bad guys” possibly wear black, just like in those old cowboy movies, white hats, black hats, but life isn’t that way.

This brings me to the real meaning of the bullfight dream.

Your subconscious is trying to wake you up to the reality that there is no such thing as a binary morality except for religious truths.

Now when it comes to personal interpersonal truths, like in organizations, don’t be so quick to judge.

Be firm and the truth will bear you out

Be firm and the truth will bear you out

It’s very hard to be the first person to come into any emotional situation and insist on hearing everybody out.

Have you ever had a family fight, and you’re asked to pick sides?

People roll their eyes when you say you prefer to listen to all sides.

They think you’re pulling their leg, you have some agenda, or you’re wasting their time.

This is too bad because more people should go into situations looking to understand instead of trying to be understood.

You will find out more things and chances are you can come up with something more workable.

But if everything in your life is reduced to black and white or two camps opposed to each other, don’t be surprised why your decisions tend to be lousy, short-sighted, and shallow.

You put yourself in that situation.

A lot of this has to do with emotional thinking.

Because let’s face it, we live in a very complicated world, but we tend to simplify things.

I call it spiritual laziness.

Because when you reduce everything to black and white and flatten all the nuances and complexities of life to fit some preordained formula, you’re no closer to the truth.

Instead, you’re probably perpetrating an even worse lie.

Because people react and respond and live the way they do for a reason.

And in many cases, those reasons come from different sources.

And if you’re completely honest, you probably will see yourself in their situation even given the same backstory.

We’re not all that different.

Your bullfight dream is your subconscious attempt to break out of this binary thinking.

Don’t let your passion consume you

Don't let your passion consume you

How many times have you heard that you should follow your passion?

How many times have you heard that you should let your bliss be your guide through life?

Those sentiments make for great greeting cards, Facebook meme quotes, and viral social media messages.

But in reality, passion runs out.

You’re left holding an empty bag when you follow passion.

Because passion will not pay the rent, you know what will?

Take a wild guess.


It’s very easy to view passion as sexy.

Because you get inspired one day after watching the visionary stories of Steve Jobs, or Jeff Bezos quitting their jobs, or in the case of Steve Jobs dropping out of college, you get pumped up.

The dreamer in you is hyper-motivated.

But then reality sets in.

Like starting a new relationship, starting a business is a lot of fun.

At first, you have this hot idea and whip together a business plan in no time.

You get investors, so the whole investor outreach and negotiation negotiations and the different funding rounds make for fun times.

There are a lot of emotional ups and downs.

There’s a lot of traveling.

But what happens next?

Your passion runs out.

Because this is when you have to put one foot in front of the other.

You have to put in the work day after day.

And it seems that nobody’s watching.

And you really can’t be forgiven for even concluding that nobody cares.

You started this business, and every day you’re worried about sales, so you have to scrounge up some sales, and you’re going to think about finding new suppliers and your stuff that’s breaking down the chain.

I could go on and on.

This is the nitty-gritty reality of life.

Everybody’s excited about that point where you meet somebody new. Her eyes are just laser beams that light up the whole room.

She is the woman I’ve been waiting for all my life, or He is the embodiment of your desires.

Have you ever had that kind of mindset?

Have you ever had that brush of emotions?

These all fall under the larger umbrella of passion.

The same goes for school.

Have a new baby.

Buy a new car.

But then the passion runs out.

Do you have a new baby?

Well, you have to change its diapers not once, not twice, but several times per day.

If you think it stinks now, it will not get any better.

Have you got a new relationship?

That’s great.

She looks awesome.

She looks like a champ.

Wait until you get to your first fight, then your 10th fight, then your 100 fight.

Do you see how this works?

Passion runs out.

Unfortunately, this is what people focus on.

And when you have bull dreams, your subconscious is trying to wake you up to embrace the real power of the bull.

The real power of the bull is not when it’s put in a bull ring and forced to put on a show.

The real power of the bull is in its ability to maintain its dignity and pride to live another day.

Maybe it’s a castrated bull, and you use it as a beast of burden.

Maybe it is a breeding bull that you use for siring herds.

Whatever the case may be, it has to be resilient and persistent enough to live day after day after day in captivity.

Quite a different picture from the passionate bull that we’ve all I’ve been led to believe because, but that’s life.

A company’s success is not in how hard its ideas are or how seemingly visionary its founders may appear.

The success and failure of a business boil down to its ability to execute, execute and execute.

I remember seeing an old picture of Jeff Bezos, the owner of, hunched over an old 1990s-era desktop computer and a spray-painted sign behind him on a tarp that spelled out Amazon.

That was his office.

Amazon nowadays is worth hundreds of billions of dollars with state-of-the-art office facilities.

But when you look at that picture, you can see the drive in the eyes of its founder, but you could also see how visibly tired he was.

That is the real face of passion.

It’s in finding the energy on a day-to-day grind, dealing with problems, and putting out one fire after another that truly determines your success in the long run.

This applies not just to business startups but also relationships.

Sure, when you meet somebody awesome, you can talk forever and ever, because this person is really smart and seems to share the same interest as you, it appears they get you.

And in terms of physical bonding, you have a lot of fun together.

But the problem is, what do you do after that?

It’s getting to know the person that takes work.

That’s when you will test your patience.

When you fight, you will have to confront yourself with a question, Is this relationship worth being in?

That’s when you need passion.

When you dream of bulls, your subconscious is also trying to communicate important truths regarding how you define and deal with elements of passion.

Here’s a hint, it isn’t the fuel for life; it is a byproduct, to be sure.

But if you want to sustain your good things, focus on competence.

Seriously, if you want to become a better lover, a better romantic partner, a better father, mother, authority figure, company, startup founder, worker, employee, consultant, freelancer, or whatever else, stop thinking in terms of passion.

Instead, start focusing on competence.

Competence is not just about aptitude.

It’s not just about figuring out what to do.

The bigger issue is, do you know why you do things?

Once you’ve figured that out, then the competence will kick in.

And the more competent you are, the more you will be able to see problems before they appear and deal with them accordingly.

You will also gain more confidence because it seems that you can do things effortlessly.

People don’t realize that you paid for that level of proficiency.

Your relationship that is rock solid today is paid for by all those fights, all those spilled tears, and anger.

Your successful business is paid for by all the problems you’ve solved in the past and the systems you built to address those problems.

Do you see how this works?

I’ve just described life.

And we all should do ourselves a big favor by focusing less on passion as sexiest the bull image may be.

But focus instead on what the bull truly represents in this context: competence.

What does it mean to see a fat bull in your dream?

What does it mean to see a fat bull in your dream?

You might find this image humorous when you see a fat bull in your dream.

On the one hand, you’re thinking; that maybe the bull would make for a great barbecue.

On the other hand, you may be thinking, “What the hell did this bull do that it’s gotten all fat and complacent?”

In reality, your subconscious is trying to show you this humorous image to bring home the fact that you cannot coast in life.

I know this is a depressing message for many people because we’ve been led to believe that we only need to try and focus and master up to a certain extent.

We’ve been led to believe that life is this piggy bank that we put coins of effort, focus, and sacrifice into it only up to a certain extent until the piggy bank is filled up.

After that point, we no longer have to try.

We no longer have to feed coins because we’re made.

Everything else will take care of itself.

As comforting as this idea may be, if you apply it to your relationships, career, and health and fitness, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

How come?

Well, just like refusing to go to the gym after you’ve worked out for several years, it might initially seem like not much is happening.

When you look at your muscles, they’re still trimmed, toned, and tough.

But as the weeks turn into months, you become flabbier.

The sharp edges of your musculature start to give way.

And when you try to live something, it takes much more effort.

This is because you become soft if you’re not putting strain and pressure on yourself.

This applies to your muscles and your mental, spiritual, and emotional muscles.

I know a lot of people complain on and on about how much stress they have.

But believe it or not, it is the stress that is making you effective.

It is keeping you in line.

The stress and fear of the negative consequences enable you to stay at the top of your game.

But the moment you believe that you can be forgiven for just coasting and don’t have to try, your life eventually starts to fall apart because you get weaker and weaker.

Think of your comfort zone. In the beginning, you have a fairly big circumference that makes up your comfort zone.

But if you refuse to push against your comfort zone by putting yourself in tough situations or trying to level up your understanding or skill level in many areas of your life, the walls of your comfort zone start to cave in.

Pretty soon, your comfort zone starts acting like a personal prison.

You can’t touch the walls because there are no physical walls, but it’s a prison nonetheless.

Because you have to trick yourself into thinking that there are certain things you can and cannot do, there are certain people who can’t, and I cannot be.

It is very debilitating.

When you see that image of a fat bull, your subconscious is trying to tell you you have a lot of power.

But you will waste all that power if you believe you can coast.

You have to challenge yourself.

You have to put yourself in tough situations, and you have to get through with the grind.

And if you understand that part, stop shying away from hard work.

You stop ducking hard decisions.

Because you understand that the more you do these, the tougher you become, and pretty soon, they become second nature.

You can do them in your sleep.

That’s the power of mastery.

What does it mean to be chased by a bull?

What does it mean to be chased by a bull?

For many people, this dream image symbolizes that they’re running away from tough challenges in their life.

They understand the power of the bull.

On a subconscious level, they fully get what the bull represents.

It represents the power to shape one’s reality.

It represents personal potency.

But there they are in their dream, being chased by the bull because they don’t want that kind of power because it means responsibility.

At the very least, that means staring one fear straight in the eye.

It also means not being lazy on an emotional and spiritual level.

Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where people have become lazy.

You don’t need to look far to see how society tends to reward.

That kind of laziness.

How often have you heard people say to you, “You’re perfect just the way you are”?

Or how about the idea that you only need to show up and people must give you respect?

Because that’s what life is about.

It’s all about including everybody, and everybody has to have respect, regardless of what they’ve done, where they’re from, or whatever they have achieved or not achieved.

How many times have you heard that or been exposed to variations of that?

I bet you’ve been exposed to it quite a bit because that’s the culture we live in today.

And unfortunately, I hate to be the one to say this; It’s making us weak because we’re avoiding things that build up confidence.

We apologize and apologize, but we don’t mean a word.

We duck confrontation.

Instead, we’d rather join the crowd and get an indecent dose of Schadenfreude when something bad happens to somebody else.

It plays out on social media almost every day.

When a bull is chasing you, look at it for what it is, it’s an opportunity.

You have the opportunity to turn around, practice situational awareness and deal with the problem.

Is it going to be easy?

Of course not.

Because we’ve developed the habit of avoidance, we live in a day and age where people live with an 800-pound elephant in the middle of the room but live out their lives like everything’s normal.

If you live in that weird arrangement for a long enough period, you won’t even see the elephant.

That’s how powerful shared delusions are.

So what kind of delusions are you suffering from in your life?

Is it a time to look it straight in the eye and call it for what it is?

Because accepting reality is the first step.

And once you keep accepting reality and repeating the truth to yourself, eventually, something will get knocked loose, and before you know it, just like the famous allegory of Plato’s cave, you will realize that you’ve been looking at shadows the whole time.

There is such a thing as reality.

What does it mean to be charged by several bulls in your dream?

What does it mean to be charged by several bulls in your dream?

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being attacked by different bulls from different directions, this indicates that you have developed a certain sense of passivity regarding your life.

You are hardly alone.

If you were to interview the average person walking down your street, wherever you may be, chances are you will come across somebody who believes that they don’t have much control over their lives.

Read between the lines.

If you ask them enough questions, the narrative will appear that they are another face in the crowd.

They’re just going through the motions; they were born, grew up, got sick, got old, and died.

And everybody forgets when they get cremated or buried six feet in the ground.

And then the process repeats itself.

Of course, people will not articulate this way but read between the lines.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once famously wrote that most people live desperate, anonymous lives; we have resigned ourselves to being just a historical blip.

If you’ve ever gone through archives on YouTube where they played street scenes from the late 1800s, you can’t help but experience a weird mix of strange nostalgia and some glimmers of sadness.


Well, the logical side of your brain is telling you that all those people are dead.

There they are in their streetcars, minding their own business, talking with each other, bouncing their infant kid on their knee, shopping from stores, arguing, cleaning up the street, and so on.

Looks like not much has changed.

But do you recall those people?

Chances are, you won’t recognize any of them.

And this is where the nostalgia comes in.

Deep down inside, you realize that it will be you soon enough.

If it weren’t for that retrieved film footage, you wouldn’t even know those people existed.

Again, this could be you.

So when you see all these balls charging at you from different angles, your subconscious is trying to yell out this existential angst.

It’s trying to communicate that it’s trying to grasp it with its sense of meaning.

Why are you here?

Why are we going to be just another blip in history?

We appear in one second, and then just as quickly, we disappear in the next second.

We don’t even leave a trace, just like those people in those retro street scenes from 1900 Paris or 1910 San Francisco.

It is a question you have to ask yourself because it has a way of waking people up.

It’s one thing to know that you’re not going to rise to the prominence of a Teddy Roosevelt or a Barack Obama.

But you will leave an impact based on how you treat others, based on the joy, love, and happiness that is projected out of your life.

The best you could do for most of us is a well-lived life.

On the other hand, we can chase our tails, burn many bridges, keep ourselves busy, worry about everything and anything, become toxic, and then go out.

Which path would you rather follow?

Your life is significant.

I know that’s hard for some people to grasp because they insist they should be semi-famous or at least TikTok famous for feeling that they’ve “lived.”

But in reality, if you’re able to touch the life of at least one person for the better and make them smile and, at a very deep level, get them to realize that they’re not going through life alone, then the trip would have been worth it.

Because at the end of the day, we’re all going to be those faces in the crowd.

We’ll all be just bits and pieces of sand on a beach.

Sure, the bright shiny pieces you come across will be the Marilyn Monroe’s, Abraham Lincoln’s, Chairman Mao’s, Emperor Hirohito and Mark Twain’s of the world. But they wouldn’t shine so brightly if the gray mass of sand didn’t frame them.

And that’s where you and I come in.

The question is, did you live a life worth living?

Because we’re only here for a very short period.

And if we were to define the short stay in terms of who’s got the bigger car or who has more stuff, maybe we’re missing something in translation, or this case, missing something in transcription.

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