The biblical meaning of insects in dreams

Biblical dream interpretation has been around for a very long time. Accordingly, there is such a thing as the biblical meaning of insects in dreams. Insects are no exceptions to the Bible’s interpretive powers.

In fact, the dream interpretations in the Bible speak volumes about the human condition, and classic human responses and coping mechanisms that are still applicable to this very day.

We as a species have been changed all that much and after thousands of years, it is no surprise to see that what the Bible says about insects and dreams applies to this very day.

If you are looking for the biblical meaning of insects and dreams, you are at the correct post.

The general meaning of insects in dreams

The general meaning of insects in dreams

Generally speaking, the Hebrew Bible mentioned insect infestations primarily as a manifestation of God’s justice.

When Pharaoh refused to let the Hebrews go, two of the 10 plagues that fell on Egypt involved insects: gnats, flies, and locusts.

For the longest time, the Bible speaks through the reality of insects to bring home a point.

In Exodus, God sent flies, lice, which can also be called gnats, and of course, locusts.

In this context, when your subconscious image focuses on locusts, you are realizing the consequences of your past decisions.

Most people find this uncomfortable.

We actually would prefer to live in a world where we are victims and things happen to us instead of the other way around.

We don’t want to live in a world where we are held to account for the decisions that we’ve made in the past.

Maybe we didn’t have time to research, maybe we were in a hurry, maybe we were under the influence of other people, but whatever the situation was, we made the call.

It’s on us.

And now we are reaping the benefits or suffering from the consequences.

This is a moment of truth and the Bible uses the overwhelming imagery of a locust infestation to highlight the justice that God represents.

As the Apostle Paul writes in First Corinthians, “God cannot be mocked. You reap what you sow”.

The law of cause and effect was in place yesterday, it continues to play out today and will always be in effect.

You cannot cheat that Lord just as you cannot escape the law of gravity.

Locusts in their terrifying form portrayed in the Bible, destroy everything.

An insect by itself doesn’t pose much trouble, you can actually crush an insect with one hand.

But if there’s a handful of them, it will take a little bit more effort on your part to control the insect infestation.

But can you imagine a field swarm by a cloud made up of millions of individual locusts?

The Bible uses this terrifying image of impending famine, deprivation, hunger, and possibly death, to bring home the point that there is justice in the universe.

This is needed, because many times in the Bible prophets have said, “How long Lord, will your people suffer?”

This is a common refrain, phrased in different words, mentioned at different times in the history of Israel as a people.

But this resonates to our very day.

How many times do you see injustice?

How often do you realize how much pain, suffering, and humiliation many people go through?

How many unjust relationships are out there in whatever form?

The world is crying out over the blood of innocents spilled by the unjust.

This is also part of the human condition.

So given this scenario, this shouldn’t come as a shock that there will be a time of reckoning, there will be a time when God delivers justice in a terrifying way.

Not that we didn’t see it coming, not that we could not make sense of the internal logic of that justice, but we’re surprised anyway.


Because we hang on to this lingering idea that maybe there is no God, maybe there are no consequences because there is no meaning.

Well, you can imagine that there is no gravity all you want.

But the moment you step off the roof of that 10-floor building, you will be reminded of the reality of gravity the same as you will painfully realize the power of universal justice.

This is what the locusts represent in the Bible.

That swarm you see on the horizon threatening to eat every living plant material in it cannot be intimidated, nor can it be contained.

Good luck trying to reason it away.

It’s not going to go away, it will come hard and fast until nothing is left.

What does it mean to kill insects in your dreams?

What does it mean to kill insects in your dreams?

Depending on the context, killing insects in your dreams may indicate a sense of futility.

It’s as if you’re changing the locks on a barn that has already burned down, or you are rearranging the deck chairs of a ship that is clearly going to sink.

As absurd as these scenarios may be, people do it all the time.

They say sorry when the damage has been done.

They make preparations when everything has already been lost.

I wish I could say that this is just foolishness, but people do this as a way of trying to control their environment.

They’re trying to make peace with themselves, they’re trying to lessen their guilt somehow or dampen the sheen.

But it’s a little too late.

When you are killing insects in your dreams, for example, the plagues of Egypt are raging, you’re not achieving much of anything.

When Moses called on the gnats to fall on the land, it doesn’t matter how many flies or lice you kill there will always be that threatening cloud, making life miserable.

Similarly, no matter how many grasshoppers turned locusts you destroy, no matter how efficient you are, that’s just going to be a drop in the bucket in terms of the magnitude of the challenge in front of you.

Your subconscious is telling you to stop going through this ritualistic approach.

Instead, dig deeper, and focus on the heart of the issue and the heart of the issue is “I cost this”.

I know it’s bitter and a lot of people would move heaven and hell not to take the blame.

They will go out of their way and spend whatever they need to spend and definitely put it all the time needed to convince everybody that they’re the victim of the consequences of their actions.

A lot of people even go so far as to play moralistic comparisons, “Sure, I’m at fault, but I’m not as at fault as that other guy, or my sins, really can’t compare with the sense of other people. So why am I to blame?”

There are many different variations of this, but they are just empty rituals.

Again, just like rearranging the deck chairs of a sinking ship, stop it, and focus instead on owning the situation.

What does it mean to see flying insects in your dreams?

What does it mean to see flying insects in your dreams?

The insects presented in the Bible are almost all winged insects, but not all of them are presented as flying.

Some just appear and they irritate people while others fly from plant to plant in this devastating wide area.

If the main focus of your dream involves flying insects, this indicates the rapidity of consequences of your earlier actions.

It’s very easy to just look at this as a sign of total defeat, and not much else.

But the truth is just as there is such a thing as universal justice where there are resets after long periods of time when you feel that nothing is going to change, there is also creative destruction.

Imagine a forest when he was young, there’s still a lot of space, the canopy is in the stall but as the forest matures, the vegetation grows thick.

But light doesn’t reach the ground anymore because of the thick canopy up top.

Also, grasses no longer grow because of the many different layers of vegetation in that rich and lush environment.

Everything is green, it is teeming with life, both above ground and below ground.

But the problem is, there are other plants that couldn’t grow.

How can be?

The light has been blocked by the canopy.

This system has achieved some sort of equilibrium to the detriment of the wider diversity that the forest could be enjoying and give it some more time there is going to be a dominant species.

It turns out that a lot of the shrubs are one species, a lot of the trees are one species, and so on and so forth.

Then what happens?

That’s right, a forest fire.

In that instance, the order of things that one would think would continue to go on forever is upended, and what replaces it is a tremendous opportunity.

You can tell by looking at the scene because everything’s burned out.

The ground is charred, the trees are no more, and it looks like a total disaster.

This is what our human eyes are showing.

But the Bible teaches us that with great disaster, there’s also great renewal.

For the Jews to truly understand Yahweh, they had to be invaded by the Babylonians and carried off to captivity when they came back, they had the proper respect for God.

It purified, to say the least, their faith.

Maybe the same needs to happen to us because when we develop certain habits, and we live a certain lifestyle, we feel that things are not going to change.

And while we’re unhappy with certain areas, we have fallen into this mental routine, we’re no longer growing, we’re no longer challenging things, we’re no longer exploring, we just are.

A lot of the time it takes a disaster to shake the very foundations of the things that we assumed to be true for us to see the power of the universal truth of God in our lives.

That’s just one layer, there are many different layers of awareness that maybe we’ve been too lazy or just too distracted to pay much attention to.

These are not small stuff, either.

We’re talking about our relationships, we’re talking about our definition of love, and respect, and how we define our confidence among other things.

These are big life issues.

But here you are playing Playstation five, or just strolling around Facebook and operating within a very narrow range of your personal spiritual bandwidth.

Then comes the disaster.

So instead of fearing the total loss, understand that God is always in control and that the universe may be showing you something new, something that can lead to something better.

What does it mean, to dream about insects swarming your home?

What does it mean, to dream about insects swarming your home?

You are subjecting yourself to infectious ideas.

Normally, this is not a bad thing.

It’s a good idea to be open-minded, it’s a good idea to be well read, and it’s a good thing to open your mind to people from different perspectives.

After all, we come from different places, we have different experiences that we bring to the table.

But don’t let just anything fall in.

More importantly, be aware of what you choose to incorporate because attitudes are infectious.

If you find yourself slowly becoming less effective, is because you have picked up attitudes that you may not be fully aware of.

This is very easy to do in the age of social media.

You may be thinking that you’re just scrolling through your TikTok for your page and you’re being entertained, but you best believe TikTok is paying attention to your behavior.

And if it’s noticed that you watch certain themes a lot more than others, you are going to keep seeing those themes.

Unless you are clear about what you are absorbing, you ain’t starting to incorporate that.

You start using certain phrases, you start thinking about certain situations based on the assumptions of the content that you absorb through the internet.

I’m not saying that the internet is evil.

What I am saying is that blind consumption of Internet content can lead to unforeseen circumstances and the worst part is you choose to subject yourself to others.

This is why a little bit more mindfulness along with a clear understanding of biblical principles that you would like to incorporate in your life is necessary because the Bible can be a filter.

It can direct your paths.

It can be the means by which God plants this law into your heart and you become the Bible that everybody will see.

Remember, for many people, you are the only Bible that we’ll ever get to read.

So be careful about how you carry yourself because you will be held to account.

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